and con,

swer to J. H., on Church Communion. das to partake of the supper. I am I have no desire for controversy on a decidedly opposed to an indiscrimisubject, which is so much


nate way of admitting persons to the hut being a particular baptist, I begin table, yet I dare not keep back one by saying that the words “ mixed that hath followed Christ in the recommunion is an ambiguous term, generation, or that can speak, in ever and decidedly unscriptural; we have so feeble language, of the dealings of the words mixed in scripture, but not God with him, expressing, thereby, mixed communion (see Exod. xii. 38; their desires after Christ and his great Num. xi. 4; Neh. xiii. 3), for com- salvation. munion can only be in unity, or the W.F. speaks of some perusing the strict bond of union. The eternal sacred scriptures superficially, &c.; Spirit is very plain on the subject, this, to me, savours a little of Moab, shewing that things that may mix, or for it is the Holy Ghost that teaches are mixed do not produce communion the church all things, and guides them (see 2 Cor. vi. 14--18). But will into all truth. Such do not simply W. F. deny, that all Israel did not peruse, but search the scriptures daily eat of the Lord's passover before they to see where these things are so ; but were baptized unto Moses in the cloud not to quibhle about words. I will and in the sea : and did they not, suppose W. F. peruses the scriptures also, all eat of the manna, and drink solidly, which is the antithesis of suof the water from the rock ? the Holy perficially, and from his knowledge of Ghost saith they did, but with many the scriptures let him answer the folof them God was not well pleased lowing queries, and this by chapter (see 1 Cor. x). Now as these things and verse; that is, where, when, and happened unto them for ensamples, who Christ baptized with water; also, and they are written for our admoni- why or wherefore the apostles, to sion, upon whom the ends of the whom the solemn injunction was giworld are come, I hope W. F, will ven, to baptize in the name of the not charge God foolishly, that such Father, and of the Son, and of the things were in the visible church, Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe neither limit the Holy One of Israel, all things whatsoever he commanded for permitting the tares to remain them; that they themselves did not with the wheat until the harvest. attend to this, nor do as they were I think, if the Lord were to open his commanded, and yet the Lord was eyes, as he did the prophet's servant, with them, confirming their ministry to see things as they are, he would both with signs and wonders. And see and know that there are some I think I do not err, in saying, that tares among the wheat, in his strict W. F. will find it difficult to point baptist church, though they have en- out from scripture, that the apostles tered by the door of water to the ever preached baptism, or baptized table. And as it was in the days of any in the name of the Father, Son, old, so it is now, and I believe there and Holy Ghost. I, in love, desire ever will be, a mixed multitude with W. F. to explain these things in his the professing visible church; and answers, on scriptural ground, with many such will and do partake of the that readiness he manifested in en. emblems, but never had nor will have deavouring to answer J. H. communion with the Lord God of The next thing I desire him to Israel upon the mercy seat.

explain (for it needeth that we bapI wonder that the strict baptists do tis should have our foundation clear not rail openly against God, which in and fixed, that our opponents cannot a certain sense they do, for sending overthrow it or our statement) is, why Balaam to preach, and admitting Ju. he calls those,, brethren, that have not

been baptized ; and from whence he being come, the Lord was pleased to gets his authority to preach in their recover me. Since which time I have pulpits, and will not permit them to been in Cornwall, and preached thirsit with him at the ordinance of the teen times successively, and adminis. Lord's supper. If they are bretliren, tered the Lord's Supper. And

on my certainly they are of the household return to Chard, I preached in Devonof God, consequently they have a shire twelve times in one week : so right and title to all the immunities good has the Lord been to me. On of the children; unless baptism be a my coming to Chard, my time being meritorious act, and so we haptists come to return to London, I stayed obtain this one privilege, for our per. but four days, and set off for London ; sonal sect, and thus have one more so that I could not accept of your blessing than others, that have not kindness. Yet should I ever be admerited it. Think these things over mitted to come your way,

I most soberly, W. F. and the Lord give assuredly will if the Lord please. thee understanding in all things. I love you for the Lord's sake, and

I say, with David, how good and am well pleased with your views of how pleasant it is for brethren to the truths of the everlasting gospel. dwell together in unity; for without If it were the good pleasure of the union there cannot be communion. Lord, I should most heartily rejoice I have thought, from observation, if every one who preaches had the that the greatest confusion in chur. same views with ourselves. But our ches, hath been, and is now, by kin- Lord says, Unto you it is given to dling the fire of contention about know the mysteries of the kingdom water as the only door to church fel- of God, but unto them it is not lowship, &c. But God is not the given.” author of confusion. I doubt not It becomes us then to fall into but W. F. hath had sorrow of heart, nothingness, whilst we at the same and disquietude of mind, from the time admire and adore the sovereignty unscriptural acts of some of his hap- of the divine majesty in the revelas tized ones, who have passed the scru- tion of his grace towards us, in the tiny of himself and his deacons, and person of our Lord Jesus Christ. It through the water at the table, unless seems to me to be the more expreshe hath more than his Master had, sive of his grace, that in the present that is a pure church.

day in the which we live, and whilst I write in love, for the truth's sake. errors and heresies of all sorts abound,

we should be favoured with the true knowledge of Christ, and be led to

the Bible for our creed, and submit Dated from the Tabernacle,

ourselves to the scriptures of truth Remote from Creed Lane, July, 1841. for the same; whilst every one around

us starts up with some new thing

which ariseth out of their own heart, UNPUBLISHED LETTER

and which cometh not from the word of the Lord : neither hath it a • Thus

saith the Lord,” to enforce it. My dear brother in the Lord Jesus

I am as much and as truly despised Christ, even Jesus our Head and Hope,

for my testimony of and concerning I received your letter, but the Lord Jesus Christ, as you are, or was not at Chard at the time it came. can possibly be Yet I am content I had been taken very ill at Dunks- to be a fool for Christ's sake. I well, and expected to have been re- would not for ten thousand worlds moved to glory. But the time not have any other object, or subject for





for ever.


life and salvation, but the person and My friend, you are not the only finished salvation of the Lord Jesus one who is dis-esteemed for Christ's Christ, who is God over all blessed sake. Indeed you are not. You Amen.

only feel for yourself; and experience He is my foundation on whom I in your own mind the truth of what trust, and with whom I trust my the apostle asserts when he says, everlasting all. He is my object and Yea, and all that will live godly in subject for everlasting life and salva- Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." tion. The blood and righteousness The children of the bondwoman and of the Lord Jesus Christ is my ever

the children of the freewoman did lasting perfection. I would have self never yet agree. I most assuredly in all its shapes and workings ever- go on very quietly, notwithstanding lastingly renounced. I would it all the insult and contempt I conshould be wholly renounced, despised, tinually meet with, and various oppotrampled on, and rejected as nothing sitions from various quarters ; one worth.

reason for which is this, I am fully Ever since I have been a public ob- persuaded of the truth of this old and server of the religious world, and re- common saying, “ what can't be ligious people, so called, I have per- cured must be endured." ceived a good deal of something with I know I am aged. Time will them all, which they themselves have soon end with me. Death is within vastly admired, which had nothing to It stares me continually in the do with Christ, nor with themselves face. I am not afraid of it. God's either, but as it served to feed vain will is immutable. His love is ever. pride and self-sufficiency. And this lasting. His covenant immoveable. is so far from being abated, that I His mercy is from everlasting to conceive it is continually increasing; everlasting. I am in Christ : what insomuch as all these very religious I am in him I shall be for evermore. ones, throughout the whole nation, The thoughts of creatures concernare altogether swallowed up with na- ing myself give me no concern ; it tural religion, and the gospel neu- is God's views and thoughts of me tralized. As for the supernatural my everlasting all depends upon. It gospel, and that supernatural know- is not even my own thoughts of myledge of Christ produced in the minds self are of the least consequence in of real saints thereby, there is no this great business ; I therefore wilplace scarce for its reception. It hath lingly leave the whole of my eternal at present scarce a friend. So that case and state to the Lord's own such as live in Christ, and preach sovereign will. And whilst I am in Christ, they are so diminished, as the body, I want nothing but to have they are scarce to be found. Nay, if my eye fixed on Jesus. I find, and you do not find it so I really do. have for many years past, it is what

Amongst some of these, who would I know of him keeps up my mind and of all things be thought to be very fixes it on him alone with real conknowing in gospel matters, and on tent. He being my centre, what the the side of truth, yet if it by any people think or say of me, or what means clashes with their outward re. even saints may think or say of me, spect amongst men, they will not does not, as it may be they would stand


for the truth, nor for such as have it should, disturb my peace. preach it. But even these will be I really am glad I am not much amongst the very first class of those respected and thought of; it will yield who shall speak and behave disre. me no sorrow in the article of death. spectfully towards those who are the No: it will not. My good friend, real friends of truth.

you cannot have a more glorious per


son to exalt than Christ, who is the thereby a solemn confession of our Son of the living God; who is one in faith in the Holy Trinity. the incomprehensible Jehovah, with I really do wish you were led to the Father and the Spirit. The great this institution, as also to the other, God. The living God. The true as I really think you and your friends, God. The only wise God. In in the Lord Jesus Christ, should not whom dwelleth all the fulness of the live in the neglect in these most preGodhead. Who is over all God bles. cious ordinances. It is but for you sed for ever. Amen. Who is God to be baptized, and you then can and man in one Christ.

baptize such of your friends as see You can never have a greater sub. into the nature, use, end, and design ject to set before the people, than this of that institution. What though it salvation. You can never be better made a great noise amongst carnal employed than in speaking of him men ? you would not be more insultand in speaking for him. Whilst ed than you have already been. You you are setting forth his everlasting must not consult flesh and blood. righteousness, his most precious and Our Lord says, Whosoever, therefore eternally efficacious sacrifice, bis shall be ashamed of me, and of my bowels of mercy, the love of his heart, words, in this adulterous and sinful his unsearchable riches, his inexhaus- generation, of him also shall the Son tible fulness, with the testimony of of Man be ashamed, when he cometh the divine Father concerning him, in the glory of his father, with the and the delight the Holy Ghost takes holy angels. in him, you are honouring our Lord I do not, by any means, design to to the uttermost.

suggest you are ashamed of Christ. You are also setting before the I write but to impress upon you the people God's salvation. And I am importance of the ordinance of bapsure you have then such real fellow- tism; receive the whole in love, and ship with Christ as is heaven upon cover all with the mantle of love. earth.

May the Lord Christ be with your I do wish you, and the people with spirit, and bless you in every one of you who are of one heart and one your attempts to shew forth his praise. soul, would give yourselves up to the And I heartily wish the Lord's people Lord, and to each other by the will of with you every spiritual gift, grace, God, and become a body to Christ, and blessing. and have and enjoy together and May you have most blessed increaamongst yourselves the ordinances sing knowledge of the Father's ever. of Christ, baptism and the supper. lasting love to the elect in Christ. There is no need of any one to be May you be favoured with more called in on such an occasion. I glorious, high, scriptural, and exalted could wish you were led by the Holy apprehensions of the person and salSpirit to consider the ordinance of vation of the Lord Jesus Christ,-of baptism, which is a most solemn me- his love to his church, of his union, morial of the overwhelming sorrows, interest, and relation to his church,suffering, bloody sweat, and of the of what he hath done for her, -- of Lord and Saviour having been im- his delight in her,--and of her commersed and baptized in his own blood; pleteness, perfection, and blessedness of his death, burial, and resurrection; in him. and in the knowledge and faith of May you have most blessed and which we are baptized. in water, in clear perceptions, from the word of the name of the Father, and of the grace, concerning the personality, Son, and of the Holy Ghost: making work and office of the Holy Ghost,

And may




in the economy of grace.

I hear the pestilence has visited you be thereby led to worship the your town, but you'are spared. Why Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost is this, and others cut off ? Even so, as the one incomprehensible Jehovah. Father; we can say no more. But Blessing the Father for his love, the should it remove us, we have nothing Son for his salvation, and the Holy to fear; refugees in Christ are always Ghost for his revealing Christ in you, safe; and a moment brings us to our forming Christ in your renewed mind, God to join the enraptured choir. and for his taking of the things of Israel is safe under the covert of his Christ and shewing the same to you, wings in life, in death, and to and for his shedding abroad the love eternity. of God the Father in your heart. old Adam, in consequence of the

May you have most blessed com- pestilence which walketh in darkness, munion with the Holy Trinity in your and has made rapid strides in our soul, in your contemplations of their land, has been putting on his religilove to you, and interest in you. ous garment everywhere. But it is

I am now in London, you have my too thin, too contracted, too short, address. My christian love to your and of a bad texture. But we know spouse.

of no robe but his nuptial garment, I remain,

and have declared before God ard Your's in the Lord Jesus.

man we will mention none else. All
beside is dung and dross.
Let me hear from you soon,

and how you get on in this uneven world, and when it is well with you remem

ber your ever sincere friend in the To my very dear friend,


Yeovil, Sweet Immanuel be with you, with all the unctious blessings of his rich anointings. I hail and Fragment from Elisha Coles.-Our greet you in his exalted name, who faith, or act of believing, cannot be is Jehovah's elect, in whom his soul the matter of justification, for that it delighteth, the greatest miracle, yea is an imperfect thing, and so cannot the firm standing miracle of the be reckoned in the place of perfect Father's richest grace; whose person, righteousness : for it must be a righfulness, blood and righteousness, Je- teousness perfectly perfect that justihovah the Spirit is constantly testify- fies, as it was a sin perfectly sinful ing of to the church; the bride, the that condemned. This righteousness Lamb's wife; by whose teaching she also must be our own in a way

of comprehends somewhat of that great right, (as Adam's sin also was) though mystery, never to be fully explored, performed in the person of another

. of God, and of the Father, and of Christ and Adam being parallels in Christ, in whom are hid all the trea: their headship, the imputation of one's sures of wisdom and of knowledge. guiltiness and the other's righteous

How are you and your dear pastor ? ness are righteously applied to their You know I highly respect him, as a respective seeds. And this was a vessel of mercy fore-ordained to glory, main end of God's putting those be and as one of those with whom I have would justify into Christ; “ That he had fellowship. You both are often being made sin and a curse for them, in my mind, but are never forgotten they might be made the righteousby your

Lord. “O larael,” saith he, ness of God in him; and so God · thou shalt never be forgotten of might be just in justifying them.”me."

Rom. iii, 24, 25, 26.



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