manner is such, I fear the weaklings Hearing the devil is roaring around are terrified; I would that he made it you, I thought I would drop you a his study to preach a full and free line. Rejoice, my brother, in that gospel, instead of adhering to the you are counted worthy to suffer manners, and to me, anti-scriptural shame for his name. This is a badge conduct of men; but enough about of honour indeed. I do rejoice with this matter, a great many of the you. I have it no less than yourself ; people have left the chapel, and was three anonymous letters I have re. there not a prospect of a speedy relief, ceived, written in the most abusive it would be soon deserted. I under- language. I rejuice in it, yet the stand Mr. S.- has written to offer Lord's work goes on marvellously. his services for the month of February, The devil roars, but the chosen heriwhich I also understand are accepted; tage feed and rejoice; all 's well. I trust he will be instrumental in ma- I have a volume to tell


had 1 king way for your immediate return time; but stand and your foes defy. amongst us, We hope to enjoy some Fear not, thou worm, Jacob, there is of the dainties and savoury matters a sharp threshing instrument for you, he is in the habit of bringing before and none can stand before it. Spare the people of God, and hope it will be not the Agags of the day; "they shall a time of refreshing to them general. speak all manner of evil against you, ly ; but as the camps of Israel are falsely, for my

name's sake." ever infested with thieves and other I hear you have had death in your disreputable characters, as the temple house. I feel for dear Mrs. Eof old was, I hope the whip of small though she could expect (no other; cords will come with him, and that tell her these providences have a he may use it wisely under the voice. The creature says, lean not Spirit's teachings, that they may be on us; we have no happiness to be. driven out of their close places. stow.

I now beg to ank you very sin- But to return : fear not the storm, cerely for your kind solicitude for your Captain fights the battles, you R-.; she is one of the purchase of have only to shout victory. the Redeemer's precious blood, and Love, unchangeable love, immuthe devil knows it, and is not unac- table love, grace, faithfulness and quainted with her weaknesses and blood, doth support the church of the infirmities, and coward-like brings all first-born ; 'tis an everlasting subject his power against her, poor dear of eternal blessedness; the electing weakling as she is, to cast her down love of God the Father ; the betrothfrom her excellency; he knows her ing, redeeming love of God the Son; enjoyments have arisen very high, and the anointing, regenerating, renewing now that the Lord has permitted love of God the Holy Ghost. My weakness of body, and nervous debil. soul, dwell on the glorious theme ! ity to be experienced, devil-like he May my brother's mind catch the pushes hard at her. But the promise sacred flame, and be led up into the is unalterably settled, "I will see you heights, depths, lengths and breadths again,” and “your heart shall re- of this immortal subject, until king. joice." I remain, yours very, affec- doms, men, and all sublunary things, tionately in the bonds of truth

appear not worth a thought. Brighton.

Write me by the earliest post, and tell me how thy soul prospers. Sweet

Jesus be with you, and all that love My very dear brother in

him in sincerity. Amen. covenant love,

So prays ever your's in the rock I do hail you in his adored of

W. G.


ages, name, your best friend and mine.

W. B.



Such is the way, but when he gains

The way to heaven! 'tis up the hill,

Steep difficulty's rough ascent;
And prickly thorns, and dangers still

Line the strait path the patriarchs went. Oh, think not, young disciple, thou

Wilt, wiser, find a velvet road; Anguish and toil will blanch the brow,

Of all who tread the way to God. The way to heaven! 't is mid the gloom,

Dark tribulation's mantling cloud ; And pilgrims to yon heavenly home,

Must face full many a tempest loud. On all whose face towards Zion turns,

Whose footsteps walk the narrow path; The world with indignation burns,

And Satan showers his wildest wrath. The way to heaven! 't is in the vale,

Humiliation's vale of thorn ; Where slander's fabricated tale

Will bring you many a glance of scorn. Privation, dread of shivering want,

Reproach, desertion, and despair ; With countless fears the pathway haunt ;

The worst of all the road is there! The way to heaven! bereavement waits

Affection's tenderest ties to rend; And every step to Zion's gates,

We mourn some loved departed friend. Yet in bereavement's hour of grief,

In anguish, slander, toil, or care; The saint enjoys a sweet relief,

Earth cannot hinder, cannot share.

The way to heaven! 't is through the wave,

The cold, bleak, sable tide of death ; But he who shields through life, will save

When the grey pilgrim yields his breath. Yea, though he die beneath a shed,

While pain and misery strive to scare ; Kind angels shall sustain his head,

And Christ himself speak comfort there. The way to heaven! 'tis quickly learned,

For self-denial points the road; And all along, by faith discerned,

Are emblems of a Saviour's blood. Expect the snare, the hurt, the frown,

And these by prayer alone repel ; For he who seeks Emanuel's crown

Must bear Emanuel's cross as well.

Admission through the pearly door, All the long catalogue of pains

The saint will ne'er remember more. Corroding grief, and deep distress,

The soul will leave within the tomb, And robed in glory's splendid dress,

Bask in the bliss of heaven her home.


I am shut up and I cannot come forth,

&c.—Psa. Ixxxviii. 8, 9.

Dear Lord, how strange thy children feel
At times, when at thy throne they kneel ;
Their hearts feel hard to all that 's good,
Yet still they long for living food.

Desires they have to see thy face;
They fain would all thy leadings trace ;
But still “ shut up,” they cannot find
One drop of love to cheer the mind.

In thine own house, in thine own ways,
They strive to find some inward peace ;
Do what they will there seems no hope,
And they are like a spring shut up.'
Where once thy grace was much reveal'd
Now it appears

a fountain sealed ;
“ They walk in darkness—have no light,"
But still they know thy dealing 's right.

Though thus shut up they mourn and grieve,
And trust that thou wilt soon relieve;
And by thy Spirit's aid rely
On Christ to bring salvation nigh.
They daily cry to thee their King,
That thou wouldst ope' that secret spring,
From which their joys again shall flow,
And they thy glorious goodness know.

Oft in thy mercy thou dost hear,
And answer, too, their earnest prayer ;
'Tis then they feel fresh springs arise,
And faith soars upward to the skies.

The fountain's seal for them is broke,
By Him who can't his word revoke ;
Whose promises, for ever firm,
Shall bear his own through ev'ry storm.

Then suddenly new doubts ariseI fear I ne'er shall win the prize; Then all is darkness, and I fear The yawning gulph of black despair. Great God, if still thou hold'st me fast, 'Tis all of grace from first to last.

Afresh the streams of love divine
They drink, and find them choicest wine;
Refreshed, their march again pursue,
And find each spring is open'd too.
Each promise then appears more sweet ;
In ev'ry prayer they comfort meet ;
Along their road they move with joy,
For nought can e'er their souls destroy.
Then they rejoice in love divine ;
Then in his glory richly sbine.
They scorn the world's deceitful toys,
And up to heaven they raise their voice.
Their songs of heartfelt praise they tune,
And with their Jesus they commune.
He speaks to them in accents mild,
Calls each his “ his dove, his undefild.

Sometimes I hear the gospel sound, And hope that treasure I have found; I search God's precious book, but see No promise suitable to me.

I read the sweet experience given
Of precious saints, now gone to heaven ;
But still my heart is hard as steel
I want these precious truths to feel.

“ To him who lov'd us," then they sing,
And wash'd us clean, all praise we bring;
To him our praise and love is due,
He hath for us made all things new.


I want to know I have a part Within the dear Redeemer's heart; The book of life I want to see Contains the name of worthless me.


Lord, give me faith, though vile and base,
To trust thee where I cannot trace;
I feel if mercy hold me fast
'Tis all of grace from first to last.

Let me not murmur at thy stay,
Thou art the life, the truth, the way;
But if my soul defer'd must be
Oh keep me looking still to thee.

Salvation, Lord, is thine to give ; Speak but the word my soul shall live ; Thou dawning star, thou rising sun, Thou righteous, just, and holy One !

SALVATION ALL OF GRACE. What joyful tidings truth declare ; Salvation sweet salute my ear; But not the sound, though sweet it be, Can charm a wretch so vile as me. I want the substance, not the sound, To feel I stand on solid ground; I want its power applied to heal The wounds of sin which now I feel. I want my hope fix'd sure and firm By faith, on God's almighty arm. On sovereign grace-on nothing lessMy trembling soul would anchor cast. For if I'm sav'd I must confess 'Tis all of grace from first to last. Death and corruption live within ; My purest thoughts are full of sin. No righteousness wherein to trust, I'm nothing else but sintul dust; My strength is weakness, and my heart Doth always act the traitor's part. Sometimes I charge it not to move, But then, alas, 'tis sure to rove; Anon with love I want it fed, But then 'tis lifeless, cold, and dead. Oh wretch, if mercy hold thee fast, 'Tis all of grace from first to last. Sometimes I feel a lifting up, And then I have a little hope.

On thine unalterable love
My trembling soul her anchor cast;
And if I reach thy courts above,
I sing free grace from first to last.

J. E. C.

ETERNAL SECURITY. Shall sheep of Christ be lost,

While God Jehovah lives? Impossible! in it I'll boast,

Eternal life he gives. Satan, that wolf of hell,

Can't make one sheep his prey;
For Jesus' pow'r secures them well,

To everlasting day.
This Shepherd sure will keep

Them safe for evermore;
Nor need a feeble, helpless sheep
E’er dread old Satan's power.


Trust my poor soul shall live to prove Its interest in a Saviour's love.




“For there are Three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the

Holy Ghost; and these Three are One."-1 John v. 7. Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.-Jude 3. “ Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."'--1 Tim. iii. 6.

AUGUST, 1841.



God's peculiAR CARE OF HIS CHURCH, seen the law so exceeding broad,

cursing every one that continueth not in all things written in the book

of the law to do them (Gal. iii. 10), " Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salva- and if he goes back to his sins, then tion of the Lord.—Exod. xiv. 13.

falls into the hands of the devil, and They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testi

all his spiritual enemies, who war mony."- Rev. xii. 11.

against the soul as with swords and

spears : and the terror of the AlOur glorious Redeemer having res- mighty drinks up his spirits. Thus cued his church out of the hands of the poor sinner is in the utmost disher temporal enemies, and drowned tress; continually flying forward and the Egyptians in the Red Sea, is cer- backward in his imaginations, like tainly a glorious type of the spiritual Noah's dove, over the troubled wadeliverance of the church, by the ters of God's displeasure, and can blood of Christ, to be seen by the eye find no rest for the sole of his foot, of faith in all believers, who are come until he comes to Christ, the true from the Egyptian bondage of sin, gospel ark (Gen. viii. 9). Until then and have travelled through the wil. he feels the pangs of the new birth, derness, and horror of conviction ; and wanteth strength to bring forth apprehensive they could not escape (Isa. lxvi. 9). He is in sorrow as a for their life by the way of the Ten woman in travail, and like sinking Commandments, higher than Baal- Peter, cries out, Lord ! save or I zephon's Mount, and broad as the perish,” Matt. xiv. 30. sea, and the terrors of hell behind, Thus when Israel cried unto the when they saw the Lord their salva- Lord in their distress, Moses bid them tion a present help in time of trou- " stand still and see the salvation of ble. In such straits was God's Israel the Lord : the Egyptians (said he) of old, they saw they could not pass whom you have seen to day, you over the Red Sea, and if they went shall see them no more for ever. back, there were all their enemies, The Lord shall fight for you, and ye sword in hand, ready to slay them, shall hold your peace.” Then Moses so that they were sore afraid. made intercession with God (doubt

Thus it is with a sinner who has less with groanings which could not August, 1841.]


be uttered, Rom. viii. 26). And the grave, and dried the mourners tears ; Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore he will compassionate the mourning criest thou unto me? speak-unto the sinner, and bid him “ Fear not, but children of Israel that they go for- stand still, believe and see the salvaward : but lift thou up thy rod, and tion of God. For the Egyptians (or stretch out thine hand over the sea sins) which you have seen (and were (for man's extremity is God's oppor sore afraid of) to day, you shall see tanity). And they were all safely them no more for ever. For the Lord led through the Red Sea, and the will fight for you, and ye shall hold waters were a wall unto them on the your peace.” Then said the Lord right hand and on the left. And the unto Moses (and now unto Jesus), Egyptians pursued, and went in after “Wherefore criest thou unto me? them into the midst of the sea. And (God speaks now in Christ to man's the waters returned, and covered all heart as he did then to Moses ;) speak the host of Pharaoh, that were in unto the people (to the Israel of God) pursuit after them, there remained not that they go forward. And lift thou up so much as one of them. And Israel thy (shepherd's) rod, (thy word made saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea effectual by the Spirit, with which shore. And Israel saw the great work thou dost rule, comfort, and guide the which the Lord did upon the Egypt. redeemed race,) and stretch forth thy ians; and the people feared the Lord, (glorious) arm, (display the banner of and believed the Lord, and his ser- thy love,) and lead the van through vant Moses (Exod. xiv).

the Red Sea (of thy sufferings, thine So when the soul, conscious of agony and bloody sweat, thy cross guilt, is apprehensive of falling a prey and passion : and let the noble army to that frightful enemy, the great red of martyrs march boldly on, surdragon, more terrible than Pharaoh rounded by the heavenly cloud before and his host, following him with all and behind, and conducted by an unthe curses of God's law, which ap. erring guide-the Leader of Israel pear as so many glittering weapons whose arm brings forth salvation). formed for his destruction; then the Thus the spiritual Israelites, who cry is, I am undone, I have destroyed by faith commit their souls to his my poor soul for ever! For when conduct, through the Red Sea of his sin reviveth the sinner dieth (Rom. blood to the promised inheritance, vii. 9). For he is led to see he is a escape from the hands of all their sinner by original and actual trans- enemies, and from all the demands of gressions: he finds God's wrathful the law, and sing the triumphant andispleasure and fiery indignation burn them. ing within him, whereby sin appears Thus he gently leads them that are exceeding sinful. And the trembling with young--those in whose hearts sinner, convinced of the absolute want Christ is formed, or the heavenly seed of a Saviour, will esteem Christ ex, rooted. ceeding precious, and in his extremity . He transplants them from the state will cry mightily to God; and he of nature to a state of grace. And who heareth the prayer of the poor as Israel was not brought back to and the destitute will attend to their bondage again, so we receive not the cry. And Jesus, our great deliverer, spirit of bondage again to fear, but who is always attentive to the good the Spirit of adoption to cry Abba of his church, and zealous for his Father! The God that brings to the Father's glory, in the days of his birth, gives strength to bring forth flesh groaned in spirit (John xi. 33) (Isa. lxvi. 9). And those whom he to his Father in heaven, and with his brings forth, and sets as a city on a voice called dead Lazarus from the hill, he will preserve for ever.

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