The day, my dear sister, is truly pleased to give me such a spirit of awful and trying. As for myself, I prayer and sweet communion with am cast out by God's family, and God, that broke my heart; and, oh, fought against by servants from the amazing love that showed me the pulpit. Oh what a mercy to be found very heart of Jesus was set upon me worthy to suffer reproach for the Son for good, so that I care not for the of God's sake, and to have my name rage of men nor devils, for the Lord cast out as evil, for the blessing of will cause him to draw near to him ; God is upon such; then as David even him whom he hath chosen will says, “let them curse, but bless he cause to come near him. thou.”

My dear, I cannot enter into the I went home after hearing and particulars of your letter, neither your seeing some of the Lord's tempted dreams. But I believe it is certain, and tried family, who indeed cleave and the interpretation thereof sure, close to me at present; but I know therefore let it not trouble you, but not how long it may be, seeing every hold fast by faitn, the promise thy means is resorted to for to draw them God hath given thee; for let the from me, and even in this have they trouble be what it may, he will be succeeded with some that have been with you, and may God for ever bless brought out to a happy deliverance, you all the chief of sinners, through the mighty power of God, Chichester.

E. PARSONS. under my ministry. And although they have positively declared before

LETTER ON SPIRITUAL SUBJECTS FROM them that their burdens were taken

THE LATE REV. J. O'REILLY TO A off by God under me, yet some have told them to their face it was not so.

YOUNG LADY. The members of the church also are

My dear Miss S-. denied hearing me when there is any

During the last month, I ministry there. This looks too much urgently felt the obligation of writing like the ugly Pope's head. Oh, my to you, and in excuse for my omisdear sister, have you and your partner sion, I could detail a variety of trouin life, together with the little flock bles, labours and hindrances : our that meets at your house, a spark of lawsuit (for the meeting house) being love in your hearts left for the tried, now in a fair way of peaceable artempted, cast out, set at nought and rangement, the heaviest wave of my despised hay-trusser ? Blessed be present trouble is broken and disapGod I know you have.

pearing ; a slight illness has laid me O then may your prayers ascend to aside from the activity of labour for a a throne of grace for poor helpless me. time, and I shall therefore fill up I crave them as one of the blessings the present interval, by renewing of my covenant God in Jesus. But I our christian acquaintance. I was cannot say now that which I intended, thankful for your kind letter, and of that blessed communion with God happy to know that my letters through precious faith in Jesus at a to you in any degree contribute throne of grace. O, blessed privilege, to your comfort; gladly if you were I found it so this morning, being the still within my diocese, would I spend night before cast out by men, God in some of Monday hours with you, in infinite mercy was pleased to take me that peaceful converse, which becomes into heart communion with himself, those, with whom is “ the secret of and by faith in the righteousness of the Lord,” but that gratification is his dear Son to draw near to him like suspended for a time, and undoubtedAbraham of old : for being in the house ly it is wisely intended by “ Our of Mrs. —, we entered into our closet, Father,” in order that he might ever and there the Lord the Spirit was know that our safety and comforts


proceed from our “guide to glory," and true humility of soul, then we and not from our weary and wander. may expect to go on safely and prosing fellow travellers. I was glad to perously; but when men know not hear from Mrs. G. of your improving Christ, as the divinely appointed health, and with the rising year Saviour, and the divine Saviour of the trust you will encrease in strength, elect church of God, they are like an and be afforded time, to learn more of edifice, tottering because of the bad those holy services, which we know but foundation on which it rests, and can" in part ;" time, that patience may not be happy because they cannot be have its perfect rock, time, to be assu- secure. How bountifully are we kept red by happy experience here, that from the dangers into which unstable the rock of faith with power, is essen- . souls are betrayed, by self righteoustially different from the cunningly de- ness, and by the vain religious ambivised fables, which many follow and tion and curiosity so common in our applaud; time, to be strongly persua- day, and precious is the knowledge ded, that our own God, is able to that we shall be guided and preserved guide safely through all that is dark unto eternal life. In my ministry I and delusive, in this sinful world. am going on as usual, my hope is that The earnest and habitual exercise of good will be done, in the name and by patience is our great duty specially as the blessing of our God.

My wife we come near our journey's end : we and all our circle unite with me in should then have our minds as

kind and christian regards, much as possible raised from earth

I am my dear miss S. ly objects and fixed on heavenly

yours sincerely, things : for this end God gives his

Lisnaskea. gifts, his irrevocable gifts, and by the exercise of patience our souls prosper and our ways become smooth; my ardent prayer is that we may both encrease in this grace.

To my dear friends Lazarus, Mary I have often

thought that during a and Martha. short afflictive dispensation, our pa

Thomas the faithless sendeth gree. tience is like our travelling charges, .ting. Bethany was the town where adapted to our journey with all its they lived, and by interpretation it is expected casualties ; but we fail in the house of mourning, which cornot calculating what may


responds with the dwelling of my ry for adverse and unforeseen circum- dearest friends ; to this it pleased God stances : how blessed then must it be, in a happy hour, as it has proved, tho' to see the hand of our God providing bitter when passing over my head, to for us in dangers, which we could direct my wandering feet and I have neither foresee nor guard against, yet never repented it, nor shall I repent so it is, and we may confidently hope, it to

it to all eternity. Had it not been that as our day so shall our strength the house of mourning I had not been be. Respecting your case, you have admitted, and were it not so still, I much cause for gratitude, that you should not be so fond of visiting it. have been led in a plain path," Lazarus is often sick, but not of a whilst many stray aside into the wild sickness unto death, though he dies but mazes of false ways. I do sincerely for the glory of God; you are a beg. pray for you, that you may have such gar and this makes you a fit companfurther supplies of heavenly blessings, ion for me, and full of sores, unable to as may be needful for you whilst you work for our living through sore dissojourn here. You will find that when ease, which cleaves fast to us, to our we have the true knowledge of Christ, loins, and brings down our strength and




unfits us for the company of the sound her, her quietness and silence seem and whole, by reason of our corrup- to shew that she is determined to hold tions, which is offensive to them, fast what she has received ; much and very loathsome. So being cast affliction within is apt to shut the out of company, proving disgusting to mouth. The sorrowful spirit holds the sight of men, thro' our sores, converse within, the lips will move which run oftentimes and cease not; when the tongue gives no sound. and thro' the complaints in which we Many labour hard to wrest the good mourn, and make a noise, and are things from Mary, but none shall prewearisome to their ears, our compan- vail : she is first in the hand of himi ions most kind and tender, have been that is mighty to save, and then the the canine race, who have licked our next place is to sit at the feet and sores. Such we are accounted in the hear the words of eternal life which sight of the self-sufficient, and such are best heard in secret, and in silence. we prove to each other. When I have Such are my dear companions in tribeen afflicted, you have often alleviated bulation, such I love, and such I chemy sorrows by the tongue through rish with tenderest affection. I have soft words, and I believe I have in re. been now six weeks to day very turn, discovered a little of the life poorly, aud am so now with a long which runs from mine, for life as well journey before me with much labour, as death, is in the power of the tongue. these things seem to be against me, Relief is afforded thereby, but no but the psalmist says, “I was cast cure. After a little while this beggar upon thee from the womb,” had I not dies and wanders no more, from door these things I should stand upon my to door getting what he can ; but is own legs or lie upon my own belly, borne by the angels intoʻAbraham's bo- But upon God they cast me whether som, where no sorrowiug and sighing I will or not, I go away and leave a can find their way.

To this we look, sick wife, to carry an ailing tabernaand the prospect affords us at times cle, in which I must remember many some songs in the house of our pil. troubles, and having in prospect much grimage : there is my kind, my dear tribulation; these are hard trials for mother Martha, cumbered often about faith, but it must be tried to be promuch serving and in this I can join ved, and it must be proved that we with her, loving the Saviour we desire have rejoicing in ourselves alone, and to entertain him with our best, instead not in another; kind love to the happy of letting him entertain us, very desi. family though in the house of mournrous to please yet taking the wrong ing, ever yours, nethod, so that we get into fretting

Lewes. hrough disappointment, begin to look it those who manage such matters easier than we do ; dost thou not care hat she hath left me to serve alone, but

OF GRACE, WHEN THOSE DOCTRINES ven careful Martha comes at last o the Redeemer, I believe that thou irt the Christ that should come into he world. Then here we are no trangers ; afflictions make the house That the all-important, the allake thought for itself, and legal stri- precious doctrines of sovereign grace, ings must cease when death comes may, in a qualified sense, be received n at the door, then the resurrection by persons who are totally destitute ind the life is all in all ; and now for of the saving grace of those glorious ittle Mary who has chosen that good doctrines, is a fact too obvious to adjart which shall never be taken from mit of dispute. That these doctrines, July, 4181.]





however and by whatsoever kind of can compass it to the satisfaction of character received, can in themselves all, yet we have love enough to the have the least unholy tendency, is truth, with becoming confidence to another distinct and broad consider- suggest a few things in relation to ation.

the question before us. To form a scriptural and definite All divine truth having a God of conception on this engrossing subject, boundless holiness for its alone author, is it not highly desirable that the na- must in all its native elements have a ture of the doctrines in question, to- sacred tendency for its legitimate gether with the manner in which character. The correctness of this corrupt nature may operate upon sentiment can be triumphantly overthem, as sentimentally received merely, thrown only by the establishment be taken into grave and prayerful of the hypothesis, that the tendency consideration ?

of a thing may be the very reverse of In relation to the sacred doctrines its nature; which supposition is egrethemselves, it will, we presume, be giously preposterous. How tangibly granted by all who hold “ the truth absurd would be the insinuation that as it is in Jesus,” that they are a re- the burning atmosphere of the torrid vealed expression of the sovereign regions, has the most remote tendency will, mind, and purpose of the sacred to congeal any portion of the watery Three, in a covenant of mediation world into ice. Would not such an and salvation to the church, predes insinuation be regarded as an insuftinated to endless bliss and glory. ferable violation of good, plain, comThis granted we triumph in the be- mon sense ? Common sense could ļief, that all the fundamental decla- not, would not tolerate so gross a rations of grace originated in the misrepresentation of the real nature sovereign will, pleasure, and purpose and answerable tendency of things. of “ the God of all grace."

Thus' The writer of this paper frankly emanating from the immensely rich confesses that he is no logician, is love of Jehovah, we may, unquestion- therefore absolutely insufficient to ably, trace them all up to a God of reason accurately on principles of ineffable holiness, as their sublime, logic. Notwithstanding this grave and sole author.

disadvantage he feels a confidence in By a scale of scriptural gradation believing, that the direct tendency of like this, we arrive at something a thing, let that thing be good or vastly more than a conjectural know- bad, must necessarily harmonize with ledge of the precise nature of Bible its nature. Is not this an indisputable doctrines; yea, we come to know axiom? Is it not truism, with a with positive certainty that their es- witness ? It is presumed the answer sential characteristic is holiness from will be, must be, in the affirmative. and holiness to the Lord. Such If, then, we proceed on this distinct being the original fountain, such the and definite principle, how obvious it essential nature of the inspired doc- is, that truth and error must everlasttrines of grace, we beg holily to agi- tingly be different in all their charactate the vital question, how can any teristical elements; and retain an of these doctrines have the most re- uniform, unaltered, and unalterable mote tendency to generate unhal- tendency to their separate and approlowed consequences ?

priate ends. Hence error, be its apAware that this question under the proximity in form near to or remote management of some, assumed from the truth, is error only, and must tissue of perplexing modifications, consequently have a pernicious bearwe would say, if we have not pre- ing; while truth, be its discriminating fumption enough to believe that we glories ever so disrelished by the up


humbled mind, is truth purely, there and careful skulking places. Yes, fore must have a direct tendency to dear readers, the thing of which we effect and promote what is sacred. now speak, is as really, though not

If these remarks are correct, how so manifestly, to be seen in a studied lamentably has the truth contained concealment of these precious docin them heen opposed, and that too trines as in a more public avowal of by not a few of those who profess to hostility against them. be lovers of God? These, while all A very little acquaintance with the zeal in the cause of Christ, hesitate professing church, which by a hacknot to avow that the tendency of the neyed phrase is called the religious glorious doctrines of personal election world, will be more than sufficient to by sovereign love, particular redemp- convince us, that there are many who tion by atoning blood, effectual cal. say they believe the distinguishing ling by distinguishing grace, final doctrines of revelation, yet think it perseverance and certain glorification expedient to task all their energies to by omnipotent power graciously ex- keep, as much as possible, from ercised, is extremely dangerous. This public notice, the discriminating gloavowed dangerous tendency of the ries of these truths: the assigned doctrines of grace, is pregnant with reason for which frequently is, that something vastly worse than mere were they to preach, talk, or hear harmless mistakes ; for we discover much about God's everlasting love to its origin to be the existing moral his chosen people, salvation by soveenmity of the carnal mind against the reign grace alone, and the like, that unrivalled splendours of God's illimit- such a frequent prominency given to able sovereignty. Appalling thought! these truths, would not fail to neu

Such is the opposition of the proud tralise the contemplated end of their heart of the sinner against the sove- efforts in the cause of Christ : the reign acts of God, as the God of spe- consequence is, a manifestation of cial salvation, that it cannot brook zeal quite dissociated from an honest any display of distinguishing grace, proclamation of Bible peculiarities. no not even in the salvation of hell- These truly native peculiarities of the deserving sinners. Rather than brook truth, are with much care and no less with patience such rich, unconditi- enmity, concealed under an assumed onal manifestations of saving friend- impression, that the tendency of the ship, it will awfully libel the tendency doctrines of sovereign grace is very of these precious inspired doctrines, dangerous. through the medium of which Jeho- All this is as morally rotten as it is vah's gracious mind stands expressed. modishly specious. What is it all ?

The expression libel, may, by some, but to satirize the wisdom, love, and be considered as unhappy rather than sovereignty of God, in which these happy. But we have no wish to sub- precious revealed truths originated ; stitute a more gentle word in its and to defame the doctrines themplace; for does not the conduct in selves, even while they shine in the question amount to a most grave lam- sacred page with all the lustre of inpooning both of the character and spired glory. revelation of “the Lord of hosts ?” To conceal artfully what the Lord This kind of defaming the sacred ten- of hosts as the God of all grace has dency of Bible truths, demands not revealed clearly, is, certainly, a monexposure only, but appropriate re- strous kind of concealment, and is probation also.

not to be patiently endured by those We have intimated it demands ex- whose high privilege and noble duty posure ; so it most assuredly does. it is “ to contend for the faith once Truly it has both its different guises delivered to the saints."

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