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under a pretence of exalting Jesus, surrection, being made conformable in reality dishonours him. The plea- to his death. sure of the Holy Trinity is one ; and

Boston. God is pleased with nothing that is against his faithfulness.

Jesus was put to death in faithfulness. Why then so much ado about what we

A Letter from a Minister to a Daughter in know cannot be proved ; for I know

the Faith. not where this sentiment receives the least countenance in the Bible. With I would now, dear friend, speak regard to secret things ...

to you respecting your soul's concerns, forbidden to touch the seal.

saying, if sin is still your heavy burJehovah alone can estimate that den, Oh come to Jesus, the burden worth by which a church is redeemed bearer of his people, who well knows to God: and as eternal truth never the weight of your sins as well as the speaks of the work of Jesus, but in weight of all his people's, having had union with his triumphs, so neither

them on his own shoulders, for the Such speculation cannot

word of God says,

He bore our profit, but gives room to suspect that

sins in his own body on the tree.” something else is behind the scene;

His soul was sore amazed, and very and at all events it is calculated to heavy, when the law and justice of mislead those who are not skilled in God arrested him, as the Surety of the intricacy of the subject.

his people, and charged all our sins I conclude, by. observing that the upon him, in all their extensive guilt, subject treated of in these lines, bears pollution, and prevailings. Neither an awful aspect upon the lovers of men nor angels can tell what anguish self and sin. Legalists are cut off of spirit our Lord felt, when he said, here, for divine faithfulness will allow “ My soul is exceeding sorrowful, of no escape on law grounds. Found even unto death.” Oh, why did our wrapt up in thine own garments,

Lord bear this weight, this mighty eternal shame will be thy portion; load of sin in all its complicated vilefor sinner, dreaming of what some ness; not because there was any call a reconciled God,” thy heart is uncleanness in nature, or any unrighat enmity to the person and govern- teousness in his practice: no, he was ment of Jesus. Here faithfulness holy, harmless, separate from sinners will find thee under the curse, while and undefiled. And yet, in the inan eternal frown will be thy portion finity of his love and grace, he bore for ever and ever.

our iniquities; he was, he would be Whatever differences may be found

made sin for us: for us sinners, for amongst men, there is but one state us that were ungodly, for us that that admits into heaven:- Ye must were enemies 'unto him, for us that be born again,” says the Prince of were a mass of impurity, of contraLife. This is the true ground of a riety to his holy self, and of horrid gracious difference: this the spring enmity against him. Thus the Lamb of all spiritual action. So whatever of God suffered; put


own soul pretensions we may have, if unac- in our soul's stead—his own almighty quainted with this life, we are dead shoulder under our insupportable load, in sin. Of some, we read, that they that would have sunk us into eternal are twice dead; a still more awful perdition; and being made sin and a condition. Oh for the noble desire curse for us, he gave himself a sacri. of the apostle to be experimentally fice in our room, thereby making a felt in our souls: “ To know Jesus, full atonement, a full satisfaction to (by faith,) and the power of his re

divine justice: he finished transgres.


your back.

J. B. R.


sion, made an end of sin in himself, with you under your present burdens, and obtained eternal redemption for he will stretch forth the hand of bis us: he humbled himself to die on the almighty love and take them from off cross and to lie in the grave for us.

The Saviour can ease But it was not possible that death you ; he died to ease you, he lives to and the grave could hold this Suf- ease you, he delights to ease you, and ferer, this mighty Prisoner, this has promised to give you rest. mighty God, our Saviour! no, he May the Lord give you the grace rose by the power of his own eternal of faith, then all will be well. Godhead, and now sits on the right hand of the Father, to intercede for all he died, and give to them eternal life. God the Son, in our nature, rose from the dead as a triumphant conqueror over sin, Satan, death, and the grave.

PREACHED BY THE REV. ROBERT FAYLE, He ascended to heaven for us, and

Vicar of Wareham, Dorset. sits there, a Priest upon his throne,

As putting you in mind."-Rom. xv. 15. to save us to the uttermost.

Now, my dear friend, you see who MEMORY is one of the choice blesbore sin, whu gave satisfaction for sings that belong to the mind of man, sin, and who made an end of it in and is one of the great bestowments himself; who ever lives to save sin- of God to his creatures : but, like ners, ere he called you to come unto every other faculty of man, it has on him for salvation from sin. Hark it the taint of sin. This in itself is what he says," Come unto me, all

so obvious that I need not endeavour ye that labour and are heavy laden, to prove it. Witness, for instance, and I will give you rest.”


prone it is to retain that which are, according to your own account, is evil, and, on the other hand, how a labouring, heavy laden soul, under remiss and apt to forget that which the weight of sin, of its guilt and its is good. pollution; and this mighty load al- We find the apostle, in the second most crushes you into the earth, and epistle of Peter, when speaking of makes you fear, at times, that it will the fruits of the Spirit in believers, even crush you down into hell. But saying, “ He that lacketh these things what saith the Lord Christ,-Come is blind, and cannot see afar off; unto me. He says he will take the wherefore (he continueth) I will not burden off your back. Arise, he be negligent to put you in rememcalleth you, even you, as it were by brance of these things, though ye

Oh come cast your burdened know them, and be established in the soul down at Jesus' feet, shew him all present truth.” Yea, I think it meet, your trouble, tell him how they press so long as I am in this tabernacle, to you, as it were, even to death, even stir you up by putting you in rememto your eternal death. The Saviour brance. can have compassion, for

We may here be led to enquire,

What are the things which the aposHis heart is made of tenderness,

tle wishes to put them in rememHis bowels melt with love.

brance of ? His eyes are fitly set to look upon You will mark he was anxious to you in your miseries with infinitely bring to the mind of believers, as great mercies. He well knows your you find recorded in the eighth chapsorrows, remembering what he him- ter of the epistle from whence I have self felt under the weight of sin; and borrowed my text, God the Father's from an inexpressible fellow feeling electing love in the choice of his

Now you

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it is also,

people in Christ Jesus : .“ Whom Lord, so walk ye in lim,” Col. ii. 6. he did foreknow, them he also did Also of watchfulness (Matt. xxiv. 42). predestinate.” Here was the matter Your heart has need of watchfulness, of God's election. Here was one

for remember, it is “ deceitful above great point which the apostle would all things,” Jer. xvii. 9. Also of the put thein in mind of :- Knowing, tongue (Psalm xxxix. 1), and of the brethren beloved, your election of talent, that they be employed for God' God :” their creation in Christ (Matt. xxv. 15). Jesus unto good works, which God In the last place, I would earnestly had before ordained that they should enquire, What real part have you in walk in them.” Here then is the these things? This matter should be source of redeeming grace, and elect- heart-searching work among each and ing love.

all of us

it should form the subject In the first place it is the special of deep solicitude and enquiry. province of God the Holy Ghost to What we have now been meditating bring those things to remembrance : on, affords a blessed subject of recol

He shall bring all things to your lection from day to day. These gloremembrance,” John xiv. 26. And rious truths established in the mind,

a subordinate point of keeping out the mere chaff and refuse view, one great office of the minis- of the day, habitually desirous of retering servants of God to put them taining gospel truth, it will bear to in mind also, as is perceived by the be renewed again and again. example of St. Paul, which we are May God the Holy Ghost granow considering

ciously put us constantly in mind of Secondly. It is also the christian's these blessed realities, and may his privilege to bear these things in re- divine unction rest upon his own most membrance :- .“ We will remember glorious truth. (saith the church, in the book of Wareham. Canticles) thy love more than wine.” These good old truths are always welcome and new to the sincere be

TIST MINISTER, liever, for “as new-born babes” they desire the “ sincere milk of the word,” From One who acknowledges the Mystery of 1 Peter ii. 2. It is no part of the Christ, in justification of his conduct in christian character to be longing for

refusing to preach for those ministers who

countenance the Human Pre-existerian novelty. Oh that we may each have

tradition. these glorious gospel truths ingrafted newly upon our minds.

Take one

Dear Sir, other instance for your comfort into

THERE is but one faith, and consideration :-the indwelling of the as ynu are a partaker of that like Holy Ghost in the soul of a regene- precious faith, may you follow Paul rated child of God :—“ Know ye not as he followed Christ; see his denunthat

ye are the temple of God, and ciations, &c. upon them that troubled that the Spirit of God dwelleth in the churches of Galatia: which episa you?" I Cor. iii. 16.

tle we might suppose was never read There are other matters of christian in these days of liberality, or what is duties of which the apostle puts the called of a good spirit. church of God in remembrance. Thus

What I find written in the Holy while we speak of a believer's happi. Scriptures against the traditions of ness and safety in his eternal security the Pharisees, doth certainly apply to in Christ, we should also remind him all the human pre-existerians. And of his walk and conversation :-“ As it ought to be remembered, that all ve have received Christ Jesus our the Pharisees were human pre-exist

May, 1841.]

J. J.



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erians: and like our modern human understanding, and his affections ; pre-existerians in doctrine, they did and the Holy Spirit withdrew all his not make their bread entirely of influences from him ! And is such a leaven ; but they mixed leaven with fabulous Christ “the Christ of God?" their bread; for it is by mixing error Surely, the Papists have a better with truth, or truth with error, that Chrisi than the human pre-existerians! unstable souls are beguiled.

Nevertheless, I believe it could be The condemnatory opinion which shewn that the Papist's Christ is not you, in common with other Baptist ' the Christ of God.” For if they Ministers, have formed of my con- believed in our Lord Jesus Christ, duct, is founded in the ignorance of they would not believe in purgatory, the cause : which ignorance I believe &c. You must be aware that as far has produced that lukewarm spirit as a mere profession of faith is entiwhich now prevails in the Baptist tled to regard, the Papists

acknowchurches respecting the human pre- ledge the mystery of God, and of the existerian heresy. If the human pre- Father, and of Christ,”—but which existerians are right, follow them : the human pre-existerians do not acbut if not, every one who hath the knowledge: and if we may judge of banner given him, ought to display it the creed of the human pre-existbecause of the truth. I hope the erians by their Verses on the Sonship Lord will ever preserve me from of Christ, we must confess they have being yea and nay in such an impor- treated our Lord as a liar, and have tant matter, as the Eternity of the ridiculed his testimony in Matthew Person of Christ, that Eternal Life xi. 27 as an absurdity! In this reswhich was with the Father and was pect has any infidel done more ? manifested in the flesh. (1 John i. 2; By their fruits, our Lord saith, we Heb. i. 10, 11, 12; vii. 3 ; xiii. 8.) shall know professors. And I believe Some of the Baptist Ministers

no man truly reveres God, who does make an excuse for countenancing not revere his word ! Allow me to the human pre-existerian preachers, add, that Mr. Romaine and Mr. Serle by saying, the human pre-existerians observes, “ Reason intruding into acknowledge the Godhead of Christ. things which are not revealed, is But allow me to ask, Do not the Atheism in fair disguise.”—“ When Papists acknowledge the Godhead of men would be wise above what is Christ? And is that acknowledge written, they are never wise in what ment a sufficient authority for Baptist is written.' And another eminent Ministers to countenance Popery ? Minister of the Gospel said, Allow me to ask, do the Papists or who are wise above what is written, the human pre-existerians believe in are fools below wbat is written." “ the Christ of God?” Will their I shall conclude this short defence acknowledgement of the Deity of of my conduct with the words of their Christs, make either of their Joshua, If it seem evil unto you to Christs to be our LORD? The hu. serve the true Lord (Eth Jehovah), man pre-existerians admit that their choose you this day whom ye will Christ had no real existence until the

serve ; whether the gods which your beginning of time ! They say, he fathers served that were on the other was the first creature that was crea- side of the flood, or the gods of the ted. As such he must have been Amorites, in whose land ye dwell : under the law of his Maker ; and as but as for me and my house, we will such he must have been obedient and serve the true Jehovah (Eth Jehohave fulfilled the law for himself; and vah).” Jer. xxiv. 15. therefore, he could never fulfil it for others. They say, when their Christ became incarnate he lost his will, his James St. Buckingham Gate.

“ Men





be lost for ever, that I should be a disgrace to the christian name, that

I should be a cast out from all decent The Outlines of a Sermon Delivered at

society, and a prey to poverty, and Soho Chapel, on Lord's Day, March 14,

my latter days spent in a prison, and 1841, Occasioned by the Death of the Rev. prove a worthless vagabond. But George Comb.

now my captivity is turned, and I can

sing that " Jehovah is my Shepherd, Of Hampstead.

I shall not want, he maketh me to lie down in green pastures.

Here I can It may be well to notice, that a repose on my Shepherd's arm, on his Funeral Sermon had been preached loving heart, on his faithfulness, on on the previous Lord's Day, by the his cheering and refreshing promises, Rev. John Foreman ; but so many of on his ever-flowing fulness, on the the members and seat-holders not relation he stands in to me, and in being able to obtain admittance, the the sweet belief that wbere he is I church concluded it best to have a shall be to rest with him for ever. second Sermon, as likewise that an “ He maketh me to lie down in green account of the last few days of their pastures. He leadeth me beside the beloved Pastor's earthly existence still waters.” The soul comforting, might be read, which was omitted in quickening', refreshing streams of his the former Sermon.

gospel. The gracious words that The text selected may be found in drop from his lips often restore my that sweet and well-known Psalm soul after despondency. The applixxiii. 4,,“ Yea, though I walk through cations of pardoning mercy, the kind the valley of the shadow of death, I and constant answers to many prayers, will fear no evil, for thou art with the sprinklings of Jesus' blood upon me: thy rod and thy staff they com- my conscience, the mount Pisgah

There are but a very few prospects, and earnests of heaven inbelievers in Christ but have often, dulged me, do often restore my soul. yea very often read and recurred to But our text opens up a rich mine this most savoury portion; it so enters of mercy, and we may extract this into and describes the pleasures and doctrine from the words,—That the the pains often experienced by the presence of God is a source of great humble christian. The sweet singer comfort to saints at all times, and of Israel begins in the holy confidence under every circumstance, when enof one who found the Lord near and joyed. And the words present upon dear to him: “The Lord is my Shep- the face of them three prominent herd.” His fears had now all fled. subjects : He had left the hospital of hope, and First. We have a part of the path now felt the freedom of faith. “ The described that every pilgrim bound to Lord is my Shepherd.” I not only Mount Zion above has to walk in. hope that he stands in this endearing“ Yea, though I walk through the relation to me, but I have a full per- valley of the shadow of cleath." suasion of it. I dare not doubt it. Secondly. The faith and the conI have often called my union relation- fidence of the christian expressed. ship to him into question, but now I “I will fear no evil, for thou art with cannot; and I am fully persuaded me: thy rod and thy staff they comthat such is his love to me, his inter

fort me.” est in me, and his care over me, that Thirdly. The crosses and the “ I shall not want.” Frequently I comforts of a faithful minister set have been overwhelmed with most forth. He very often has to walk distressing doubts that my soul would through the valley, or rather is very

fort me.

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