they cared not whether God heard flesh striving against the Spirit, there them or not, like cold suitors who are will be also the Spirit striving against indifferent whether they succeed or the flesh, which will not permit him no. Not that a christian is always to live in the unrestrained indulgence alike in prayer, but as the Spirit is of any besetting sin, any favourite pleased to help his infirmities: the lust, upon the false hope that because Spirit must enliven and pour into us, he outwardly breaketh not out into before we can breathe or pour out many sins this one will be overlooked from our hearts unto the Lord. The and forgiven. wind must blow that the spice may IX. This brings us to the ninth flow out. Sometimes our affections mark whereby a man may know that seem like Pharaoh's chariots, the Christ is his, which is self-denial. If wheels seem taken off, and we move any man follow me he must deny heavily; and sometimes we are like hiaiself and take up his cross and Elisha, and in a chariot of fire and follow me. Faith destroys not obehorses of fire our affections seem to dience, but makes us to yield the ascend even into heaven.

only gospel obedience. Thus it was VIII. Another evidence of our with Paul, “ Lord, what wilt thou saving acquaintance with Christ is, have me to do ?” As if he had said, when our wills are brought into sub. I am willing to be anything, do anyjection to the will of God, when like thing, suffer anything, I am wholly the Psalmist we can say “ I have thine. And thus it was with the respect to all thy commandments.” Prodigal, “ Make me as one of thine Suppose a woman should say to her hired servants.” And the Psalmist, husband I love you better than a “ Let him do with me as seemeth hundred and a thousand men, only I good in his eyes.” And this discolove one man better than you,' were vers many that think they have put she not an adulteress? So if a soul on Christ, and are deceived; because could say I would willingly renounce their faith works not obedience, but every sin but this particular one; I rebellion. They say " To us a child would without repining accede to is born,” but they pluck the governevery dispensation of God concerning ment off his shoulders; living in conme but this one; I would bow to all stant rebellion against God, acting God's attributes but the gospel de- according to the law of their own scription of his boundless sovereignty; minds, and walking after the stubI cannot reconcile the doctrine of bornness of their own hearts. They election with my view of the infinite are content that Christ should rule mercy of God. Aye, but if you are them so far as his pleasure and his a child of God you shall do this, and will pleaseth them; but if it dislikes you shall adore him as much for them, Christ may deny himself if he election as for salvation, shouting please, for they will not stoop to his with the Poet,

will. They say “ We have no king

but Cæsar,” none shall rule us but 'Twas the same love that spread the feast, our own wills. Who is the Lord Which sweetly forced me in ;

that he should rule over us? Where Else I had still refused to taste, And perished in my sin.”

Christ is not Lord he will be no

Saviour. You shall be brought to say “ He X. Another sign of a supernatural hath led me by a right way to the knowledge of Christ is, when all i city of habitation.” And although man's actions are done with a view to while in this time-state the believer the glory of God. When he is more will always be as the Shulamite, ha- grieved at God's dishonour than his ving the company of two armies, the own, and content to be abased that

God may be glorified. The will is joys as are passing understanding and now raised abore nature, and looks at unspeakable and glorious: the soul, a higher principle, even the glory of for the time, being with Paul rather God. Thus did Joseph, “ It is not in heaven than on earth. Though in me, God shall give Pharaoh an here he hath but a taste, yet the fulanswer.” And Daniel, “ God revealeth ness thereof are the joys of heaven secrets : but as for me, this secret is itself. For the kingdom of heaven is not revealed me for my wisdom, that righteousness and peace and joy in I have more than others.” And the the Holy Ghost. But how shall I disciples when they healed the lame know that it is the Spirit of God man, told the people who were gazing that beareth witness to me, and that at them " Why look ye so earnestly it is not a delusion of the devil? I at us, as though by our own power answer, first, God usually sends this and holiness we had made this man voice when the soul is mourning and walk.” Nature never prompts this : full of heaviness, as we give wine to nature cannot rise above nature. those that are of a heavy heart. Therefore this may be taken as an “ Blessed are they that mourn for undoubted mark, that wherever this they shall be comforted.” And likeis manifest in a man, there the Spirit wise this witness is sent either when of God hath been at work.

they are waiting upon God in his XI. The eleventh and last sign of ordinances to find Christ, as Mary the saving knowledge of Christ which waited at the sepulchre to see him; I shall mention is, the witness of the

or when they are wrestling with God Spirit. “ The Spirit itself beareth in prayer, as Cornelius was when witness with our spirits that we are God sent his angel to him. So likethe children of God.” Some make wise Daniel, “ Whilst I was praying this the only work to prove our in- and confessing my sins, and presentterest in Christ, and deny all signs ing my supplications before the Lord; from the fruits of the Spirit: but yea, whilst I was speaking, the angel this were to deny the fruit growing Gabriel said to me,“ o Daniel, thou upon the tree to be a sign that the art greatly beloved.” Moreover, the tree is alive, and our Saviour tells us Spirit witnesseth always according to that a tree is known by its fruits. the word, and that by discovering the The witness of the Spirit may be promises in the word to our conconsidered in a two-fold view. 1. sciences, persuading us that they beThe Spirit persuades my conscience long to us. This witness of the that I am a child of God.

There is Spirit always fills the heart with as it were a secret voice speaking to love and thankfulness to God, and our hearts and saying as Christ said makes a man more watchful and dilito the leper, “ Be of good cheer thy gent to walk in answerable obedience. sins are forgiven thee. 2. This wit

By our rejoicing which I have in ness of the Spirit further consists in Christ Jesus I die daily,” and, saith an inward ravishing joy and comfort St. Paul, “ the love of Christ conwhich the Spirit works and leaves straineth us." But, on the contrary, with this assurance. This is that if thy fancied assurance makes thee hidden manna which the man that bold and presumptuous, to walk in feels it in himself cannot express to sinful courses, and more remiss and others, which is called the Lord's careless in thy walking with God, supper

with us, and cheering us with thou mayest fear it is not a testimony flagons of wine.

And hence the of the Spirit, but a delusion of the Spirit is called the Holy Ghost, the devil. Again, this witness of the Comforter, for he fills the heart some- Spirit hath always its own witness, times by this testimony with such even a secret manifestation to the




conscience that it is the Spirit of God and not a delusion.

There are likewise signs of weak assurance that Christ is our's :

Who Departed this Life at Uckfield, on earnestly to long after Christ as he is

Tuesday, March 30, 1841. exhibited; they would fain believe, and grieve because they cannot; they AFTAR grievous afflictions of mind mourn under their sin and make con- and soul for twenty years, and for science of their ways, and though the last twelve years of body also, they cannot believe, yet they dare she was convinced of her lost and not willingly sin against God. These perishing condition, both by nature have some degrees of a true and and practice, about the year 1821, saving knowledge of Christ, and are while teacher to the children of the not to be discouraged, because Christ Established Church Schools in that hath promised not to “ quench the place; but finding her soul drawn smoking flax, nor break the bruised out to hunger and thirst for the reed;” and he hath pronounced thern Bread of Life, she was constrained, blessed who mourn, who are poor in as opportunity offered, to attend at spirit, and hunger and thirst after the chapel at Five-Ash Down, about righteousness. Therefore trust firmly a mile from Uckfield, where she was upon these promises, live and die enabled to hear the pure unadultewith them, saying, if I can perish rated word of God—of the sinner's with these marks I am content to recovery by grace, which comes alone perish.

by the Holy Ghost, convincing him There are likewise signs of strong of sin, and finally leading him to an assurance that Christ is our's: as all-sufficient Saviour for pardon, and when a man can hang upon God peace, and righteousness. without comfort or apprehension of About two years after this she was favour, nay, when the Lord seems to confined to her bed, which she was smite him with great afflictions; when seldom able to leave, and during the he is filled with ravishing joy and last two years of her life never but peace in believing more than he can once, and then she was taken out express; when he can contemn the and lifted in again, being quite unworld as vain and dead in compa- able to remove herself. Her temptarison of Christ, having the moon tions at this period were exceeding under his feet; holy admiration and violent, and her bodily afflictions very unspeakable thankfulness to God for great, but her view of herself as a Christ, as Judas, (not Iscariot,) sinner was almost overwhelming;

Lord, why dost thou shew thyself to her earnest desire after a manifestaus, and not to the world ?" so he tion of the atonement of the Lord continally wondereth why God should Jesus to her own soul perhaps was bestow Christ upon him, and let pass never seen so conspicuously in any so many thousands better than him. person, and for that length of time self; a longing for death that we as was found in her. She was visimight be with Christ, and an earnest ted occasionally, during this afflictive desire of the coming of Christ, as dispensation, by the Rev. H. Fowler, Paul did, I desire to be dissolved late of Gower Street Chapel, Lonand to be with Christ.”

don, and the Rev. James Funnell, And many other signs may be both of whom are now in glory; brought to this purpose, but all can- likewise by the Rev. Mr. Sloper, not find these marks: yet those who Mr. Pilcher, and others ; can have the greater comfort. though they, one and all, felt a close

union to her, and she to them, it was

yet al

J. W.



not the Lord's good pleasure to break of the ordinance of the Lord's supher bonds, or to proclaim a happy per, administered at Lewes, by the liberty to her captived soul, which she Rev. John Vinall, on the fourth of earnestly desired above the whole April, 1841. world.

Lewes. She has remarked, that such was her unbelief, that if Christ Jesus was to reveal himself unto her she could not believe. The enemy, also, laid

A Letter to the Editors from Rev. William hard at her respecting election: when Allen, of Cave Adullam, Stepney. she said, “If I am not elected I cannot be saved.” She was reduced to a

Messrs Editors-Dear Sirs, mere skeleton, but such was her de

You inserted my letter in sire for the truth, that although the your March number, and placed at word of God pierced her through, the head of it, “ Are the doctrines of yet her delight was in hearing it read, grace dangerous,” which my letter in conversing with the family of God, never implied, and then in your note and in requesting them to pray for ask why the writer did not give his her; and perhaps few had more of own thoughts on the subject, and my the prayers of the Lord's dear ser- brother J. E. C. enquires " What vants and private christians offered could have been my motive for asking up in their behalf than herself. They such a question ?" it appears to me felt fully satisfied themselves she was that neither yourselves or J. E. C. a child of God, but this would not understood the motive or import of comfort her, she could not rest upon that letter; I did not intend to put this, she required an experimental it in the form of a question, but a revelation of the same to her own favour, simply to state in a few words soul.

what effects we do and may expect to On Tuesday afternoon, the day on see in those who receive these prewhich she died, about six o'clock, cious doctrines in an unhumbled she said to a friend, Now what do mind. Now as I am inclined to think you think of my hope?”


had some idea I wished to enter answered, “ It is on the Lord Jesus into controversy, and was a little Christ.” Her reply was, “I fear it.” upon the catch, and


brother J. E. She then cried fervently to the Lord C. conveying some idea that I am to remove her unbelief, and then said one of those Calvinist Arminian “ Christ Jesus, come speedily!" On preachers, — Calvinist in name but taking leave of her, her friend said, Arminian in creed, -I feel myself “ Should the Lord manifest himself bound for your satisfaction, and to to you, and you have not strength put an end to any controversy on a to speak or to lift up your hand, lift subject which is so plain as to make up your finger.” Soon after 10 ministers of Christ's gospel groan o'clock she was observed to put out before God, both in public and priher hand, she then gently raised it, vate, and what they too frequent see and waving her finger, said (as it is in and hear of the conduct of many believed),

“ He is come. Her hus- of their hearers who receive these band, fearing she might feel the cold, precious doctrines in the head, and replaced it, but she lifted it up again, who believe them as a doctrinal truth. repeating, though hardly to be heard, I say, again, I feel myself bound to “ He is come;" and then closing her give you a straight-forward reason own eyes departed in sweet peace. for my sending the letter, which I

Her remains were carried to the did not expect ever to see in print. grave by devout men, after receiving The reason was, as I had in part

She was

stated in my letter, one of our dea. constrains them to deny ungodliness cons (whose character and conduct I and worldly lusts, and to live soberly, must confess is what the word of God righteously, and godly in this present says a deacon must be, 1 Tim. iii) world (Titus ii. 12). said in his prayer,

Let these high What my brother J. E. C. has said and blessed doctrines have a con- in reference to the doctrines of God's straining and humbling effect upon grace, and on the effects they do and our hearts and lives.' Now the must have upon the minds of those young man who signed a seeker who receive them in the love of them, after truth,” felt very angry at the I do most heartily agree with. But expression used by this deacon, and I must think my brother, in suppusing stated his disapprobation of the same me to be one of the mongrel breed, to me: I endeavoured to explain its has lost sight of the inquiry, What efmeaning, and gave him freely my own fects we do and may expect to see in views on the subject, as to the effects those who receive (mark, receive ) we too frequently see these precious those precious doctrines in an undoctrines have upon men who receive humbled mind. Cain, Sodom, and them without grace. As I before others to whom J. E. C. refers did said, I hope he is a gracious young never receive these doctrines, on the man, but we know from experience contrary they hated those who preathat young christians run too fast, and ched them. But the persons referred speak before they think; so seeing to by my deacon in his prayer, and he had applied to you, and your an- I refer to the same in my letter, do swer giving him some encouragement receive them, and talk loudly and to foster himself with the idea that largely about them. the doctrines of God's word do not Now as I have taken up so much produce those effects in the unhum- of your pages, I will say nothing of bled mind that are dishonouring to those glorious doctrines which hold God, and which are distressing to the me, and the love of their precious real church of God, that we so fre, Author that constrains me to preach quently have to lament over, as we and contend for them, which I consifind that which is a savour of life to der far better than my holding them some is a savour of death to others; in an unhumbled mind; but I shall I then said, we must make a distinc- consider what it is to receive them in tion between the glorious luminary in a two-fold sense, and then shew and the effects produced, as we should their different effects. both see and smell a different effect There is a receiving of them in a in the rose and lily, to which God's natural and speculative sense; and people are compared, and that of the there is a receiving of them in a spidunghill, which is not too filthy to ritual and special sense both by the set forth a doctrinal professor without teaching and life-giving power of God grace in his heart.

the Holy Ghost, as the effect of the You then ask, Why does not the Father's love, the dying and doing of writer of this letter give his thoughts? the Son of the Father, to those to I answer, I did not ask the favour for whom it must and shall be given. my own information, but in hope you To receive the doctrines of grace would have taken the meaning of my in a natural and speculative sense, is plain statement, and have dropped a to receive them, in the letter, as re: few words on your cover that might, vealed in God's word, and to be sa, under God's blessing, have been use. tisfied of them and with them as ful to “ seeker after truth,” and any being a Bible truth, without any of others who need a little more of the their constraining, humbling, sin-sublove of the Christ, which teaches and duing, flesh-mortifying, and Christ

May, 1841.]



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