neither as being lords over God's it, look into his inside, and there you heritage, but being ensamples to the shall see the bowels of Christ Jesus flock.” It is this that makes a teacher (Phil. i. 8). The bowels of Christ in season and out of season. This is Jesus, that often would have gathered it which makes him with pleasure Jerusalem as a hen gathereth her undergo all labours, even from the chickens. The bowels of Christ watching of one hour, to the impart- Jesus, that accounted the gain of ing of his soul or life. If you exhort souls to be his meat and drink, The a pastor to visit the sick, also to cim- bowels of Christ Jesus, that have in fort the weak-hearted, you invite him them the greatest love to the flock: but to two things; but if you

would for greater love hath no man, than give him love, you give him a spring he that layeth down his life for the and incentive that would move him flock.” These bowels were in Paul. to these and all other good acts, that And therefore no wonder if, having are for the real benefit of the church received the bowels of Christ, he by of God. But this love is taught by the Spirit of Christ walketh in the the highest teacher; for He is love in steps of Christ, while he walketh by the fountain, and all spiritual love, the same Spirit of Christ. beside himself, is a stream of this Behold here then the most excel. fountain. But, on the other side, lent way, even the way of love, which where this love is wanting, kind acts teacheth the teacher, and directs him are not done at all

, or they are done into all the ways of profiting his very coldly, and the doers of them fock. And this teaching is taught by are like the wheels of Pharaoh's cha- the highest teacher, whose name and riots in the Red Sea, they move very nature and very being is–Love: and heavily. They have not in them the by whom men are taught to love one affections of fathers, and therefore another. He it was that put an eartheir flocks appear to them in the nest care of the church into the heart shape of bastards, and not of sons. of Titus (2 Cor. viii. 16), and thereIf they give them any food, which fore he it was also that put the bowels they have picked up from the writings of love into him, from which issued of good men, their hearts go not with this care. And if thou hast the same it, neither do they care whether it bowels, thy flock will be thy children, does them good, or whether they grow and thou wilt be a father unto them. and profit by it or not. And though In their reigning thou shalt reign; perhaps one of these may act the part they will be thy joy and thy crown of a lover of the church, yet it will now, and thy great rejoicing in the only at last shew itself to be artificial, day of the Lord Jesus, Thou shalt that only being proportionably dura- come to him and say, Behold I and ble and serious which is natural. the children whom thou hast given Thereforę take such an one as Timo. me." And he shall say to thee, thy, that naturally (and not artifi- Well done good and faithful sercially) cares for the church (Phil. ii. vant; in that thou hast fed and loved 19, 20), and there is no artificial that these my lambs, thou hast loved me; is like-minded to him; for he takes enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." care not only of some party, but for Amen. the whole estate of the church. He When gathering clouds around I view, works not part of the Lord's work, And days are dark, and friends are few, and leaves the rest undone ; but the

On him I lean, who not in vain, whole work of the Lord, under the

Experienced every human pain :

He feels my griefs, allays my fears, power and teaching of the Holy And counts and treasures up my tears. Ghost, as St. Paul did (1 Cor, xvi. And Oh! when I have safely past 10). And if you will see the root of Through every conflict but the last,


W. C.





, still unchanging, watch beside is all my salvation : this Jesus is all My bed of death-for thou hast died :

my desire. This is indeed true blesThen lead to realms of cloudless day,

sedness. And wipe the latest tear away.

The generality of professors are most awfully disposed to neglect

Christ, and lay a great stress upon AN ORIGINAL LETTER FROM THE LATE things which do not concern the sal

vation of their souls. When the Holy Ghost is the teacher, he leads

to Christ, he exalts Christ, he reveals To the Editors.-- Dear Sire,

Christ, he takes of the things of If the following letter of the Christ and makes them known, he late S. Eyles Pierce to a friend, be glorifies Jesus in the word, and by it thought worthy of a place in the in our understandings; so that we “Spiritual Magazine and Zion's Cas- know him, believe on him, and have ket,” its insertion will oblige some of communion with him. Then we live your readers. It has never been pub. on him as our all in all; and live to lished.

bim in all; receiving out of his fulYour's, in christian love, ness every blessing of grace,

and Worthing.

many sweet foretastes of eternal glory.

Jesus is the glory of his people. The My good Friend,

knowledge of him is life everlasting. I verily thought you would And to enter spiritually into what the not have looked for a letter from me, Holy Ghost hath revealed concerning because all I know of Jesus, I have him in the written word, and to reput into your hand, and set before ceive into our minds, and give full you in my little book. so that you credit in our hearts to the record of may clearly see my forbearance in God concerning his Son, is the fruit writing was not designed as a slight. and effect of the supernatural teachLet then this suffice by way of an ing of the eternal Spirit ; he is the apology.

Anointing which teacheth all things I hope you are looking on Jesus, and leads into all truth. So, it is, and to none but him for salvation: God's own people are strangely incliand that you know his blood and ned to legality and unbelief. And righteousness is the whole of your truly it is the worst evil which besalvation : that the Father saved you longs to them. Yet there is no evil freely and fully through the redemp- they are less suspicious of, or any evil tion which is in Christ Jesus. I hope they fall more frequently into. So, it you see clearly God's word is a suffi- is, many of them are really pleased cient warrant for your believing in with hearing and reading great gospel Jesus, and trusting wholly on his truths, yet at the same time they are finished work; and that you see a more pleased with hearing and reading glory in Christ, which puts down şin the truths of God, than taken with and self, with all on earth and all in the reality of them, and believing heaven. It is a great matter, and of them as God's verity. vast importance in experience, to be- May you study Christ, meditate on lieve the virtue and efficacy of the his love, look off yourself to Christ. blood and righteousness of Christ Let nothing. keep you from closing Jesus, and to centre alone in him. with him. Let what your own expeTo be well pleased with him. To rience of yourself is, be a motive for see the everlasting perfection of his you to live out of yourself on Christ. finished work, and rest with content If you want encouragement for so and confidence thereon, saying. This doing, look into the blessed Bible, in it there is every encouragement to

be blessed with such an infinite trust in the Lord for ever, because, in salvation as the salvation of Christ him is everlasting strength.

Jesus, who assumed our nature, Remember the matter of impor- to raise man from his low and detance is not what you are, but what graded state, to such a high and noChrist is. He is Jah, the Saviour, ble standing as to be one with God self-existent, all-sufficient, suited ex- his heavenly Father, for Jesus saith, actly to your case. Not a wound “Father, I will that they may be one hath sin given but he can heal, not a with us as we are one, I in them and stain but his blood is all sufficient to thou in them.” Blessed will, for it cleanse from, not a sin but he can never was and never can be frustrapardon, not a want but he can supply, ted, for God's will is omnipotent. not a corruption but he can subdue, Oh blessed, infinite, boundless, and not a sorrow but he can turn it into incomprehensible love, it is past findjoy, not an enemy but he can conquer, ing out, for it is love eternal, love not a blessing but he can bestow: oh almighty. Oh I am lost in this bleshe is a precious, precious, precious sed sea of eternal love. For a being Jesus. Oh that you may be truly to be poor who is possessed by such alive to him. Oh that you may de- an eternal and ever-loving Father and pend simply on him. Look at him Saviour is impossible, as well might as set forth before you in the word, it be said that God was poor, as such and trust on him according to the an one who hath love for his Father, reason you have for so doing it; love for his Saviour, and love for his believe on him by it, hold communion Leader or Divine Teacher. Well with him in it, and learn to improve might that blessed love-full apostle it to his glory and your soul's good. John, say to his followers, “ Love one

May the Holy Ghost shine on what another,” for divine love is all and in I have written, and speak by it to you, all. True religion is love, and divine and make Jesus everlastingly precious love is true religion, and the man who to you.

is saved with such an infinite salvaMy respects to your beloved hus- tion as the love-salvation of Christ band, and the friend that was with Jesus, is a true christian, for he who you; may it be given unto her to loveth is of God, for “ God is love." believe on Jesus to her everlasting Jesus saith, of the true christian, salvation.

he “is bone of my bone, and flesh of I remain,

my flesh.” Yes, the child of God is Your friend in Christ Jesus, love-natured, for he is born of God, Truro, Sept. 3, 1798.

created anew in Christ; he thinketh no evil, is satisfied with all things,

loveth his enemies, is not puffed up, GOD DWELLETH IN us.”

hopeth all things. 1 John iv. 8,

Oh this blessed salvation is inex.

pressible, for it is love's salvation, for Love! What can be said of this the church is saved in the Lord with infinite and all-important subject, for an everlasting salvation, and is one it is incomprehensible. The apostle with God, exalted above all things, John saith (1 John iv. 8) God is love, that is, sin, or death, or hell. This and the soul that hath divine love is blessed love is high as eternity, deep of God, yea belongeth to God. Paul

as eternity: oh it is eternal love, it is saith he is not his own but Christ's. past finding out. This is the new or Oh what a blessed salvation hath Je- divine birth which Jesus declared to sus achieved, and is now achieving Nicodemus. It is the new stone spowithin the sons of men, for man to ken of in the Revelation, that none


E. D.


knoweth but those who are saved. salvation and redemption with great Blessed is the man who is love-born, delight, and thus, with the hand of love constituted, for he dwelleth in faith, to pluck of the Tree of Life, God and God in him; heaven is his

whose leaves are healing, refreshing, home and eternity his dwelling place. comforting, and strengthening to our He is not of the world but of God, poor souls : and it delights our inhis conversation is in heaven, his food

most hearts to be at the feet of our is from above: he is saved everlast- dear Lord, and to draw out of his ingly. Love divine is his contempla- never-failing fulness all our comfort, tion: love divine his hope.

“ In the multitude of my thoughts Oh, what can be said of divine within me, thy comforts delight my love! It can be felt and enjoyed, but

soul.” It is heaven upon earth to never, never fully declared, for it is hear his well known voice speaking incomprehensible. My pen faileth to peace and pardon, rest, joy, happiness make known the blessedness that is and love, through every part of the burning within my bosom, when I soul. “My sheep hear my voice, they realize the enjoyment of the same.

follow me;" with a willing mind, My God, King. Husband, Friend; my humble heart, and burning affections, infinite, eternal, inexpressible all; ó to high and heavenly things. Yea, divine Love! eternal Love! I must moreover, the happy and justified soul sink into nothingness, yea, cease to be,

takes its flight, on the wings of faith that Love may be all and in all. Hail and love, into the upper regions of blessed, infinite, and eternal Love ! eternal bliss, and longs to depart and

to be with Christ which is far better, Kingston.

when the blessed Spirit shews us the King in his beauty, and the land that

is afar off. SONS, OF CHICHESTER, TO A FRIEND. Oh, my dear friend, what am I that

I should be the happy instrument of Letter 4.-To be continued.

emptying the golden oil of his free, My very dear Sister in the path of unmerited grace, out of my poor tribulation, and in the best and surest earthen vessel, into the hearts of his bonds of covenant love : may grace,

dear children; and to pour forth, or mercy, and peace be with you, and pour out the wine of his eternal love!. your's, through our dear Lord and and that Jesus should deign to visit Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. us poor ungodly sinners, and be at

I received your kind letter with the head of the table, to feast our many thanks to that God who in- souls with the richest repast, even his clined your

heart to write to so un- blessed seif, as the bread that came worthy a sinner as myself, for it was an down from heaven, to give his life for unexpected mercy, as I did not look

not look the believing world. Surely when for it, until I had written again to we were together there was everyyou, the dear instrument, in his hand, thing our poor souls could wish for : of communicating comfort to his poor Jesus the altogether lovely, and chiefcast down, dejected servant. Oh, my est among ten thousand, to feast our dear sister, what am I that I should eyes ; the bread of life to strengthen be the highly honoured instrument in our hearts; and wine to cheer our setting forth the gospel table with desponding souls. And oh, amazing precious provision, even the Lord love that passes thought or sense, Jesus Christ with all his saving bene- that he should say to the like of us, fits; and that the ever-blessed Spirit “Eat, О friends; drink abundantly, should speak in me, and by me, to O beloved.” Come, my dear fellowyour heart, sv that you are enabled partaker of the same blessed provito sit under his shadowing wings of sion, Jesus calleth thee his own beloved, his delight, his portion, his fear but that she will teach her child special choice and peculiar care ; yea the language of Canaan, as she is a moreover, his joy. Cheer up, my citizen of that country, and has long tried companion to the same glorious, been used to the tongue, and is a heavenly country; Egypt is behind good scholar in it: therefore it is a us, and Canaan in front; a dark mercy indeed to have such a mother. night here to wade through but a Moreover, I shall look (as it is com. bright day in hope; a veil of tears mon for the child to do to my here, but a God of love to wipe them mother for counsel and advice, and away hereafter ; a wilderness of wild thank her for that already given; and beasts of prey to pass through, with I hope she will have a wise son, that mapy pricking thorns and briars, to may make glad her heart, and that affright, wound and pierce here, but she may not get weary in nursing, the land to which we are going is a feeding; comforting, admonishing, land of pure delight, pleasure, and and instructing her sơn; and above solid joy, not one barren spot in it, all, my mother, go to Him that is no nor barren heart, and is altogeth- indeed made of God unto us wisdom er fruitful, flowing with milk and for all, and do not forget thy poor honey, everlasting love, and flowing son who is shut up in his closet, very mercy, without the least intermission. ill. Again, you have a mother's But here I must stop, for « eye hath charge upon you, for my poor wife not seen, nor ear heard, nor heart declares you are her mother too, and conceived, the things God hath pre: she loves you as such, and thanks pared for them that love him;" but you for your sweet advice. Now « faith is the substance of things mind how you call yourself mother hoped for, the evidence of things not again, except you fullfil your office as seen,” so that we have them in hope, such, which I have no doubt you will, and see through a glass the promises if spared, in answer to this poor scribof God darkly : but when we get to ble. God for ever bless my mother ; our house above, we shall see face to and believe me to remain your's to face, and no more meet the Canaanite serve, for ever. And may the Lord the

E. PARSONS. Spirit give my dear mother in Israel much of the enjoyment of it here. Now as the mother in Israel has writ.


B ten to her son, she must expect that

BY REV. J. VINALL, AT JIREA CHAthe son will write to his mother; and

. PEL, LEWES. as it is natural for the child to suck

No. 6.—To be Continued. the mother's breasts, so the child often wishes to have a sip, otherwise

JER. iii. 22. Return, O backhe will not be quiet, and having been sliding children, and I will heal your satisfied with the breasts of her con

backslidings. Behold, we come unto solation, he will be often longing to Thee, for Thou art the Lord our God." milk out that he may be delighted This chapter contains an account with the abundance of her glory; and of the awful backslidings of ancient as it is the mother's place to feed Israel, in which the aboundings of and comfort the child, I shall be ex sin are set forth by the awful characpecting food and comfort from her as ters of a harlot, and that of a wife she is in possession of the same; and treacherously departing from her hus. not only so, but the mother is gener. band. And yet see the superaboundally the first that teaches the child a ings of the sovereign, discriminating, pure language, this also I shall expect and everlasting love of God, past from her; and I am not in the least finding out. But will this lead a re

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