There is a joy that worldlings cannot know,
Which reigns midst sorrow in the christian's Why, dearest Lord, hast thou withdrawn,

And hid thyself from me ?
There is a peace the world can ne'er bestow, My sickly soul in darkness mourns,
That soothes the tumult of his heart to rest :

And panteth after thee.
And bids him, e'en in tribulation's waters,
Rejoice and sing with Zion's sons and daugh- Why am I tossed with doubts and fears,

In all the way I go?

A wanderer in this world of tears, For he's an interest in the court of heaven, A


And his petitions are accepted there ;
All earthly helps, perchance, are wholly riven, Why am I left to grope my way,
But on the Lord he still may rest his care: Nor see thy guiding hand ?
Oh! 't is a sweet relief, and never failing, My soul is filled with sore dismay,
To rest on Him when dangers are assailing. And I am at a stand.

prey to

Thrice blest the christian, oft despised, forgot, Why doth my Jesus hide his face,
By those who hate his Master's sacred name;

And seem to frown on me?
Yet poor, despised, his Lord forgets him not, A feeble worm, without his grace
But visits, comforts, kindles to a flame

I'm lost eternally.
His languid graces, raises his devotion,
And gives a joy, a peace that 's more than Why, Holy Spirit, tell me why,

Thy warmth I cannot feel?

But cold, indifferent am I,
And he can feel a Father reigns above,

With heart more hard than steel.
And rules the nations by his high behest,
Appointing all events ; yes, 't is his love Why, great Jehovah, is it thus ?
Ordains both weal and woe, as he sees best : Still let me urge the plea:
And as he ponders, oft his heart is rising, Thy worm is humbled in the dust,
In grateful praise for all his kind chastising. Without a glimpse of thee.

In griefs he can rejoice :- :-a little time Great Sovereign, bid thy worm be still,

And where he cannot trace, And pain will be exchanged for endless plea

Let him submissive wait thy will, sure; Thus cannot, would not murmur or repine

And trust thy promised grace. Though thorns bestrew his path; his heart's best treasure

Disperse the clouds that intervene, None can take from him, though while here If 't is thy gracious will; a stranger,

And let thy smiling face be seen, Ile daily meets temptations, snares, and dan- From Zion's boly hill. ger.

And while this darksome night shall last, The Canaanite will never be expelled,

Thy goodness still display ; While this side Jordan he is called to stay :

Support, protect, and hold me fast,
Yet by his Captain every foe is quelled,

Till thine appointed day.
When he is present, all must sculk away :
And while He deigns to come, his strength Thy love 's unalterable I know,

Nor will I e'er despair ;
Still will he venture on, “ faint yet pursu-

But humbly at thy footstool throw

My care, and leave it there.

J. E. C.





Give me the priest these graces shall possess : Again let us join in the worship of God, Of an ambassador the just address; May the Spirit propitious be nigh ;

A father's tenderness; a shepherd's care; May we imitate those who with patience A leader's courage, which the cross can bear; have trod,

A ruler's awe; a watchman's wakeful eye; In His footsteps who's seated on high. A pilot's skill, the helm in storms to ply;

A fisher's patience; and a labourer's toil; May the cares we have left at the foot of A guide's dexterity to disembroil ; the hill,

A prophet's inspiration from above; Never dare to intrade in this place;

A teacher's knowledge; and a Saviour's love. So that free from distraction, and quiet and

Hampstead. still, We may feast on His treasures of grace,


of the sun,

A distinguishing priv'lege we ought to admire,

GO TO THY GRAVE, OLD YEAR. Thus to meet without being afraid ; We have nothing to fear from the torture

Go to thy unknown grave, old year, or fire,

With all thy sorrows go ; Let us trust to the Spirit's kind aid. Thy mantle is stained with many a tear

Thy rough hand forced to flow : May our cold hearts be warmed by the rays

Thou hast withered many a golden flower

Which laughed in the pride of spring, And the seed which is sown grow and thrive;

And burst the bright promise of many an hour And wherever the work of his grace is begun,

With disappointment's sting. Be maintained and preserved alive,

Go to thy unknown grave, old year,

With all thy pleasures go; We are now at a feast, at the banquet of wine,

Some sunshine rays the gloom to cheer, Where the willing and needy may come; Thou didst on all bestow; Were there any demand, it could never be

Thy deserts contained some spots of green, mine,

Where silvery streams did roll, For I could not pay e'en the least sum.

And amid thy storms some hopes serene

Did calm the troubled soul.
There's the kid and the calf ready killed
and prepared,

Go to thy unknown grave, old year,
And the table is spread for the guests ; We do not ask thy stay,
For the Spirit, and bride, and the word hath

For thine exit brings a step more near declared,

The realms of a cloudless day: 'Tis for all who are sick and distressed.

Thy sorrows should teach the soul to aspire

To yonder glad abode,
But we must have a garment in which to And thy fleeting joys inflame desire

For endless bliss with God.
Friends of Ilim who provided the feast;
If we have none there's one which is spot- Go to thy unknown grave, old year,
less and clear,

And as the future come,
And no more for the great than the least. May brighter and clearer to faith appear

Our mansion past the tomb : Are you sick ? here is health : have you He who commissioned Time to shake wounds ? here's a balm :

Thy periods from his wing, Are you lame? here are feet, rise and walk : Calls by thy death-knell man to awake, Are you weak ? here's the strength of an And seek the Saviour-King.

almighty arm : Are you dumb? you may here learn to talk. Go to thy unknown grave, old year, —

Impatient travellers we,Are you poor? here are riches, all riches Ye are each but a lingering charioteer: exceeding :

We long our Lord to see, Are you hungry? here's bread and to spare:

Oh, till we shall reach the appointed goal,

And till we shall soar to heaven, Are you guilty ? here's pardon, for Jesus is pleading ;

Speed ! speed ! and then by the raptured soul All his wounds are still open to prayer.

Shall abundant thanks be given.






“For there are Three that bear record in heaveri, the" FATHER, the Word, and the

Holy Ghost:. and these Three are One."--" John v. 7. Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." --Jude 3. " Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."'-1 Tim. iii, 6.


THE EXPERIENCED MINISTER DISTIN- sitting simply at his feet, that we may GUISHED FROM THE HIRELING. be made wise unto salvation, through

faith which is in Christ Jesus: by the ** Feed the flock of God which is among you; taking the oversight thereof, not by operation of the Holy Spirit. When constraint, but willingly; not for filthy Christ Jesus ascended up on high,

and received from his Father all evening on other on heritage, but being power both in heaven and in earth, ensamples to the flock.'_1 Pet. v. 2, 3.

he undertook the building of his own Beware of false prophets, u hich come church. And for the perfecting of to you in sheep's clothing, but inwdrdly this holy building he sent down grace they ai e ravening wolves.—Matt. vii. 15.

and gifts unto men, by which they THE salvation of God, revealed in were made able and skilful builders. the word of truth, proceeds upon The gifts which Christ gave, are this plan, which renders all glory to those that should perfect the saints, the free, sovereign, and unmerited fulfil the work of the ministry, and grace and mercy of Jehovah in cove- edify the body of Christ. A spirinant, and imparts all the benefits to tual and divine life and light is given poor, lost man, freely by his grace, in an eminent and more than ordiindependent of any act of the crea- nary, measure, to those that are turė; until grace is consummated in enabled and taught from above to be glory: Persons may, indeed, by in- spiritual teachers. God, who comdustry and natural abilities, make manded light to shine out of darkthemselves' masters of the doctrines ness, shines into their hearts, to give of the gospel, and have much to say the light of the knowledge of the for and against different schemes and glory of God in the face of Jesus systems of sentiments ; but all the Christ.' They receive light, that while the heart remains untouched. they may turn others from darkness For that which influences them is to light, and shew them the way of pride atid covétousness, and God de- peace, which by this light they have clares a covetous man to be an idola- discovered. They have a Urim from ter. (Eph. v. 5).

on high; and a spiritual light and The first lesson in the school of sight, by which they become eyes to Christ is to become a little child, the blind, and light to them that sit

February, 1841.]


in darkness. The Great Shepherd of states of soul, so especially in the souls never sends out from his school case of a broken spirit, experimental the blind to lead the blind, that both teachers have the advantage. For may fall into the ditcb; but he makes such an one looks back to God's them burning and shining lights, leading his own soul, and there reads that they which see them may not what God has taught him in his own only rejoice in their light, but be led experience, and from thence he tells to the enjoyment of the supreme and the distressed soul both the cross sovereign light, Christ Jesus, in the which she endures and the joy set vision of whom is perfect blessedness. before her. He talks with the soul And he that hath this light, hath the in her own language, having thokey of knowledge, by which, under roughly learned it in this high school the Spirit's power and teaching, he of experience. And when the grieved can open the mysteries of salvation, soul hears the teacher speaking this and discover the counsels of God, language, she is revived. Yea, when and see the mind of Christ, and find she hears him speak so truly of the out wonders in God's law. They are grief, she believes it is possible that baptized with that fire, which not there may be truth in his comforts. only kindleth light in the souls of his Yea, it is no small comfort to the messengers, but makes his ministers distressed soul, by such infallible and a flame of fire. And being thus evident descriptions, to find and hear kindled from above, with holy Barna- one that hathbeen in the same dis.. bas, they are good men, full of faith tress wherein she is now afflicted; and of the Holy Ghost. There is a for one of their greatest terrors arises great difference between an experi. from hence, that none was ever in enced captain and one that is not. their case, and that the Almighty For if the great Captain of our sal. hath singled them out from all the vation learned experimental obedience world, to be the very marks for his by the things which he suffered, and arrows. by his sufferings, experimentally tasted Besides, when these men bring and known, knows how to take due consolations for tribulations, they notice, consideration, and compassion bring sure and sound ones; for they on those that suffer; how much more bring every one of them with a proadvantage is added to his under- batum. They can name the man captains by their experience in the that was cured by them, and say with christian warfare? A heavenly teacher the Psalmist, “ This poor man cried (with St. Paul) having run the chris- unto the Lord, and thus was heard, tian race, through honour and dis- comforted, and healed.” With St, honour; “ through evil and good re- Paul, “ they comfort others with the port; as unknown, and yet well very same consolations wherewith known; as dying, and yet alive; as themselves have been comforted of sorrowful, and yet always rejoicing;. God.” Thus this skill of experias having nothing, and yet possessing mental divinity, gives an advantage all things." Such an one, when he of knowledge, and not of knowledge meets with souls in the same path of only, but of confidence to the teacher ; honour or dishonour, and the other for he speaks what he knows. And, things incident to a christian's life, on the other side, it gives an advantage he can directly, out of his own ex- of trust and comfort to the hearer. perience, draw forth lessons of direc- But the inexperienced man, when tion, reproof, or consolation : yea, he comes to a soul set on the rack of out of his experience, he can almost a tortured conscience, and there utforetell events, and the issues of tering the fearful expressions of a temptation. And indeed, as in other terrific mind ; this distressed soul is à barbarian to him, and he is a bar. and this wisdom is justified and in barian to her. She speaks what he high estimation of all her children. understands not, and he cannot speak There is a gift of love infused by to her in a language which she can God into the heart of a teacher, by comfortably understand. But this which he is taught of God to love teacher is often of the same opinion his flock; and this love inflameth, concerning this troubled soul, which constraineth, and teacheth him to Christ's carnal kinsmen had concerne teach. In St. Paul we see deep iming him, " They sent out to lay hold pressions and powerful expressions of on him, saying, he is beside himself," this love. Yea, we see him as a man Mark iü. And no wonder, for they all on fire with this love; so that for never saw sin in its true colour; the love of souls, weariness and they were never upon Mount Sinai ;' watching, hunger and thirst, cold neither have they heard the thunders and nakedness, perils and persecuand lightnings of the law against tions are all but as stubble in his way sin; and therefore they are not like (2 Cor. xi. 23), and the fire of love, Moses, who did quake and tremble. which hath eaten him up, consumes This quaking and trembling is so them also, and turns them into nostrange to them, that they ask with thing. He feeds his sheep sometimes wonder of these amazed souls, Why at his own cost. He might call him. did ye skip as lambs, and tremble as self a labourer, and so might plead little lambs ? To whom it may be for the wages due to his work; but answered, It was at the presence of he calls himself a father, that thence God on Sinai.

he may fetch a reason for providing Again, on the other side, when the for his children. Yea, he doth not time is come, when God calls out express his love only under this title “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people," of a father, (though that character if there is no balm in their Gilead, well stamped on a pastor, with the there is no oil of joy in their lamps. affections belonging to it, would make They have not had the foregoing tri- him actively and industriously careful bulations, nor the following consola- for the good of the flock,) but he tions. Therefore if they would give descends into lowliness, and (as it consolations. they must be borrowed were) the fondness of a nurse (1 ones, (like the axe of the young pro- Thess. ii. 7). He softly handles and phet,) and not the very same with dandles, as a nurse her children. which themselves have been comforted He speaks encouraging and plain of God. Yea, for want of experi. language to them, when he sees they ence, they know not the crisis of a are not gone beyond milk, nor come soul, nor when the soul is upon a to the digestion of stronger meat (1 turn, and is come to the season of Cor. ii. 1, 2). And he is so fervently receiving consolation. They know not affectionate to them, that he is willing the hour of our Saviour, when he is to have imparted to them, not the ready to turn the water of tears into gospel of God only, but his own the wine of consolation. And therefore soul. And he tells them the reason, such an one often makes mistakes in because they were dear unto him. holding out restoratives to a soul not Hence we learn, that it is the dearpurged from the love of sin, when it ness of the flock which is the mainwere more fit to weep with them spring that sets all to work, and not that weep, and, by that agreement in the fleece, as it does thousands in the weeping, to draw the mourning soul present day. Hence he says, “I seek to second agreement, even to rejoice not your's, but you.” Thus it is with him that rejoiceth. For this is with those who impart the gospel the wisdom of a spiritual teacher, willingly, “not by constraint, not for experimentally taught from above; filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;

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