REV. W. WATTS always bore the evident impress of

love to souls; and like the live coal

which touched the lips of the proThis venerable and well known phet, it warmed, and subdued, and clergyman expired on Monday, the humbled, and comforted. Who shall 14th of December last, at the advan- count the number of those to whom ced

age of eighty-five years; and was his ministry has been made useful : interred on Saturday, the 26th of arresting some, it may have been, in December, in Bunhill Fields burial the broad road to destruction; pointground.

ing others, whose faces were ZionThe Rev. W. Watts Wilkinson was ward, to Him who is emphatically born in the year 1755, of dissenting the way, the truth, and the life: and parents, but having always, it would comforting and strengthening others appear, a decided partiality to the in dark and dreary moments when National Church, and a great desire Satan, or the world, or our own corfor the ministerial office, he was, in rupt natures, seemed almost to have 1776, matriculated at Worcester Col- attained the ascendency: few there lege, Oxford. In 1780 he obtained are, indeed, who cannot remember the Sunday Afternoon lectureship of some moment when he was made a St. Mary, Aldermary; and, some blessing to their souls, for he was time afterwards, the Chaplaincy of the indeed a father in Israel. Amid the Haberdashers' Alms Houses, Hox- scenes of business, or perhaps while ton, and the rich Tuesday Morn- on a visit to the metropolis, it was an ing lectureship of St. Bartholomew, engagement, by most ever to be reby the Bank. At the time of the membered, to be present at the Tueserection of the new Alms Houses at day Morning lecture; deeply in this Hoxton he vacated the Chaplaincy, respect will his loss be felt. Our but the two Lectureships he retained wishes rather than our expectations until his decease. The last sermon would express a hope that one likehe preached at St. Mary's Church, minded may be appointed his succeswas on September the 7th, thus clo

The hearts of all are in the sing a ministerial labour, which had hands of our God, and though conbeen extended over the almost unex- trary to all present probability, it ampled period of sixty-one years. may be that he will so order it.

Of very retired habits, and posses- The Rev. Henry Vallance, the essed of but slender natural endow- teemed assistant of the deceased, dements, this revered clergyman, by livered a funeral sermon for him at the simple force of a most amiable the church of St. Mary's, Aldermary, and delightful deportment, joined to on Sunday the 27th of December, a very winning and persuasive mode did likewise the Rev. Mr. Harding, at of address, and a most patriarchal Blackfriars’; and on Tuesday Mornpersonal appearance, has secured an ing, at St. Margaret's Church, Lothabiding place in the dearest affections bury, there was a funeral sermon of all who love the Lord Jesus Christ. preached by the Rev. W. Borrows, A sentence from his lips, attended as minister of St. Paul's Clapham. it always was with pathos and feeling The Rev. Mr. Wilkinson has left, indescribable, reached the heart of we are informed, nine children, three the hearer, and was often, by the di- of whom are clergymen of the Estavine blessing, more beneficial in its blished Church. He has also one results, than a whole sermon deliver- grandson a clergyman. ed by other and more talented indi- We hope soon to have the pleasure viduals. It came from the heart; it of perusing, aud introducing to the



notice of our readers, a biographical Every man must walk alone that he memoir of this highly honored and may walk with God. distinguished man.

I have often thought how attentive

must good men of old have been to REPLY TO w, w.'s SECOND QUERY.

catch every whisper of God to their

souls. You may observe he generally Messrs. Editors,

kept them aloot from all flesh. Noah With reference to W.W.'s had no company, and God said to second query, I beg leave to remark Noah, and Noah knew the voice. that man is not condemned because Abraham was secluded from cities, he “ rejects the gospel,” but because and society, and had sweet converse he rejects God, who shines into his

with God: he was alone when the natural conscience (Prov. i. 24; John

best of all

company visited him. iii. 19; Rom. i. 28), and in that ma

Isaac walked out at eventide to menifestation of himself, is invariably ditate in the field, and there God rejected by fallen man.

Much error

shewed him his wife. Thus, when arises from our overlooking the fact his salvation was to come, Jacob that the gospel finds us “condemned wandered alone to Padan-aram, and already."-" If our gospel be hid, it

was separate all the years he was is hid to them that are lost.” 2 Cor.

there; but God was with him in the iv. 3.

way. Joseph fed his father's flock I remain,

with his brethren, but he must be Messrs. Editors,


away into a strange land, and One whose sole trust is in the be in prison, to have communion with

heaven. mercy of Him who translates his

Moses must go from the children from a state of condemna- busy scenes of Egypt into the wil. tion to a state of justification :—the derness, and when alone, the God of free conferring of the latter, presup

his fathers met with him. Joshua poses the taking away of the former.

was alone when he met the captain of Col. i. 13.

the Lord's host. David was alone, a shepherd's boy, when Samuel sent for him to anoint him: and Samuel

himself was alone when the Lord REV. W. J. BROOK, OF BRIGHTON, called to him. Elijah was alone at

the brook Cherith, and at mount HoNo. 1.-To be continued.

reb, and at the great controversy with

all Israel. The time would fail me My dear Friend,

to tell of all. Our Lord Christ was THERE is one universal voice much alone whole nights, and somethat cries aloud in animate and inan- times days, forty at one time; at last imate creatures, in events and cir- all forsook him and fied. Paul was cumstances good and bad : to catch alone when all forsook him.

And this voice is our wisdom. But there John was alone in the Isle of Patmos is one universal din and uproar also, when he saw the visions of God. which often drowns this still small In solitude the voice was heard. voice; and as our ears are in them. All was hushed without, and the selves very gross, this voice does not heart was musing within. And that easily penetrate. But how remarka- which is the greatest misery to a carble doth God deal to bring us to lis. nal man, is to a spiritual man the ten : he pulls away our senses from greatest privilege,--retirement from this miserable scene of confusion and all! Nathaniel was perceptible to no disorder, and brings us into the cham- eyes but His that are in every place, ber or closet of our own hearts. - beholding the evil and good. And I



may add, that my dear friend, on the of Egypt, and Jacob his father mabed of sickness, found that solitude naging Laban's concerns by night ard was no burden nor grief, the Father day; so was Moses at the head of of all mercies being richly with him, 600,000 men; so was David, so was as the best companion and friend. Daniel ; yet they all walked with The exhortation is, “ Commune with God, and watched close his goings thy own heart upon your bed, and be forth in their hearts, and in their still.” The tumultuous raging of ways. heart corruption, and rising of the It is now Saturday noon. I have soul, must go down : “ Be still, and some of the household of faith, who know that I am God.” In the holy are looking to me as a means for toof holies there was no sound : the morrow; and I am looking for someblood of sprinkling was on the mercy thing to fall round about our tents. seat, and before the mercy seat, and If it be a little thing, as small as the all was hushed; this flowed out upon hoar frost on the ground, it will do, the people waiting without. The and the people will say it is manna, blessing runs thus,-" The Lord lift and we shall say in return, “ This is up his countenance upon thee, and the bread which the Lord hath given give thee peace.” And when the ark you to eat.” I have at present no rested he said, “ Return, O Lord, stock in hand, no text; but I have a unto the many thousands of Israel.”

measure of quietness under God, and The woman at Simon's house was at I am secluded from all company, the foot of the mercy seat quietly waiting in faith for a supply for the waiting for the salvation of the Lord, people. and lo a voice said, “ Go in peace, May you be favoured, my dear thy faith hath saved thee.” The friend, to find sweet communion with promise is, “ Thou wilt keep him in our triune God. Delight thyself in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the Lord, and he shall give thee the thee :" "her mind was stayed, and desires of thy heart; for “ I am thy peace flowed in like a river. It was shield, and exceeding great reward,” here David found himself when he saith God himself. God for ever thus speaks, " Shew us thy mercy, bless thee. O Lord, and grant us thy salvation. I will hear what God the Lord will speak, for he will speak peace unto his people, and unto his saints."

BY REV. J. VINALL, AT JIREJI CHA How much our Lord speaks of se

PEL, LEWES. crecy, in opposition to the public and

No. 5,-- To be continued. ostentatious parade of the Pharisees. That made him urge

watchfulness. Joel iii. 16.---- But the Lord will That caused Paul to say, Watch be the hope of His people, and the thou in all things ;” and Peter, “ Be strength of the Children of Israel.” sober, be vigilant.” But how can we The Lord's people are a poor and watch, if our eyes, our ears, and our afflicted people, if not outwardly poor, thoughts are drawn round about the they know what poverty of spirit is. whole world. There is but one thing, “I will also leave in the midst of and but one spot that must be fixed thee an aftlicted and poor people, and upon by all. But you may say, I am they shall trust in the name of the much engaged with the needful con- Lord.” “I have chosen thee in the cerns of this life : true, and so was furnace of affliction." Abraham with his gold and silver, The Lord's people are a praying peomuch cattle, inen servants and maid ple,“ They shall cailupon me. “They fervants; so was Joseph at the head shall be my people, and I will be their

W. J. B.


God.” Do not some of you know what make your calling and election sure, it is to cry unto the Lord in secret: it is to examine yourselves, to prove your not saying the Lord's prayer, nor going own selves, compare spiritual things in your closet and shutting the door, with spiritual, then you will have reand using the same prayer as the pub- joicing in yourselves, and not in anolican, this you may do, because you ther.” “ Hold fast that which thou read he was justified, and the Lord hast received; be thou faithful unto bids you go alone &c; the child of God death, and the Lord will give thee a prays from his heart. It is to hear crown of life.” Some of you may the Holy Spirit prompting us to secret not have had strong convictions, or prayer. Sometimes you may go great terrors, Sometimes when the burdened, yet cannot get utterance, Lord begins to work in the soul, the so as to feel prayer a delight, a privi- poor sinner is restless, uneasy, feels lege, yet how sweet when we can pour an aching void, is not satisfied that all out all the burdens of the soul before is right: people may have convicthe Lord.

tions and wear off, but when the Lord The Lord's people are a willing peo- begins a work He will not let the sinple. Thy people shall be willing in ner tarry in the plain, the law enters the day of thy power.” Are they the heart, working wrath, discovers willing by nature ? No, for the poor the depravity of the heart, which besinner who has followed the vanities fore the poor sinner was ignorant of. of this world, to be brought willing to Sometimes such a soul has his case renounce them and follow the Lord described under the word, which is a is not an easy thing, not only willing little encouragement, or a little liberty to separate from the world, but willing in prayer, now and then a promise, for the Lord to rule over them, to be then a little hope rises in this valley their king, willing to be nothing, and of Achor, or trouble, the Lord opens the Lord to be exalted.

a door of hope, the Lord is the author The Lord's people are a righteous of hope, the foundation of hope, and people. Are they better than others the object. He is this door and opens by nature ? No, and when the Lord it. One look of the Lord to the sin. discovers to them their state as sin- ner is enough, the Lord's mercy meetners, and the depravity of their hearts, ing with the sinner's vileness overthey view themselves the vilest, the comes, melts, and humbles him; permost unworthy, of all God's creatures. haps you will say, this soul will never They are brought to renounce all their be satisfied, oh no! now the sinner own righteousness, good works, pray- feels himself the chiefest of all siners and all, and fall down at the Lord's ners, the vilest of the vile, the most feet : this alone is God's work, for it unworthy, and like the poor prodigal is contrary to nature, and no easy I am not worthy to be called thy son, thing, for the poor sinner to be this soul will say with David “I had brought to acknowledge himself guilty, rather be a door-keeper in the house vile, and naked ; then the Lord clothes of the Lord, than to dwell in the tents the poor

sinner with His righteous- of wickedness :” now the poor sinness, the sinner is righteous in the ner's mouth is opened, “This people sight of the Lord. · Blessed is he have I formed for myself, they shall whose iniquity is forgiven, whose sin shew forth my praise." clothed is covered. Blessed is the man unto with the Lord's righteousness, “ I will whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity, call them my people, and they shall and in whose spirit there is no guile.” say Thou art my God.” It is all

How happy for those of you who through I will and they shall; thus are enabled

" to work out your own the Lord is the hope of his people, I salvation with fear and trembling, to have nothing more now, and never

shall have, than when I first knew my he found Ziglag burnt, his wives and interest to ground my hope upon, but children taken captive; he wept till the sin-atoning blood of the Mediator, he had no power to weep, and was and the Lord's mercy, love, and free greatly distressed, when he went over grace.

the brook Besor, He weakened my The Lord is the strength of His strength by the way;” and Peter, people, their rock, their fortress, and after he denied liis Lord, and cursed the lifter up of their head. He is their before a servant girl, never more had strength in seeking Him, and will be had his strength recluced than that their strength all through; the poor time, and most likely never forgot it. sinner is apt to think when he is Paul, after being in the third heaven, brought out of Egypt, and passed least he should be exalted above ineathrough the Red Sea, there would not sure, had a thorn in the filesh, â inesbe so much trouble, but we need be- senger of Satan to buifet him, for this ing emptied, for if left to ourselves we he besought the Lord thrice that it soon get independent, self-sufficient, might depart from him, but the Lord leaning on something or other, and said to him “My grace is sufficient not deriving all our strength from the for thee, for my strength is made perLord, not only once or twice, but often fect in weakness : most gladly thereneed emptying, having our strength fore will I rather glory in my infirmireduced by the way. Many ways the ties, that the power of Christ may Lord empties or reduces, it is through rest upon me; therefore I take pleamuch tribulation we enter the king- sure in necessities, in persecutions, in dom, no merit in tribulation itself, distresses, for Christ's sake; for when but it is the way the Lord has ap- I am weak, then am I strong.” As pointed for his children. Sometimes if the Lord had said to Paul, all the outward trials, the oppression of the revelations and enjoyments you have enemy, the evils of the heart, or a had in themselves will not save you, keen hunger and thirst and not obtain- but rest on my everlasting love, mering, hungry and thirsty their soul cy, and strength. Although we may faints within them. I believe David be cast down, yet not destroyed; faint, never more had his strength reduced yet pursuing. than after he went to Achish, who Lewes. gave him Ziglag, when David returned



Vox Veritatis; or, the Voice of Truth. the dangerous and unscriptural doc

This Work is earnestly recommended trines of the Romish church, in which to the candid perusal of the members the author was brought up and eduof the Church of Rome in particular, cated purposely for the priesthood; and will, it is hoped, be found to and it is also in defence of the Procontain sentiments which comport testant faith, which he has embraced, with the views and experience of all and in which he now ministers. Bible Christians, By J. E. Cullen. Mr. C. commences with a defence Second Edition, Considerably En of the Holy Scriptures, and deprecates larged. 8vo. pp. 362. Palmer and with becoming warmth the efforts of Son.

the Papacy to withhold them from the This work is designed to expose laity, imposing on the credulous their January, 1841.]


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