let the house of thy servant be blessed deed, to have a spiritual view and for ever.”

perception of the Lord's blessing. It was so in the instance before us. He has blessed you, and that to a David went in and 'sat before the great degree: look on yourself, wife, Lord, and said, (verse 18,) Who am child, house, friends : what blessings! I, O Lord God, and what is my house, how great, how many, all flowing that thou hast brought me hitherto ? from the love of God, and God is And this was yet a small thing in thy love, and he hath bestowed himself sight, O Lord God; but thou hast upon you.

He saith,

I am the spoken of thy servant's house for a Lord thy God, I will be thy God.” great while to come; and is this the I have given my Son for you, I have manner of man, O Lord God ? And given my Son unto you, with him I what can David say more unto thee, freely give you all things; take him, for thou, Lord God, knowest thy ser- live on him, receive him into your vant ? For thy name's sake, and ac- heart, live on him for salvation: I am cording to thine own heart hast thou your sun and your shield, I have given done all these great things, to make you grace and I will give glory, I will thy servant know them.' And he withhold no good from you, for I will concludes saying, “ And now, O Lord rejoice over you to do you good, with God, thou art that God, and thy my whole heart and with my whole words be true, and thou hast promised soul. this goodness unto thy servant. Mr. S., receive what the Lord God Therefore now let it please thee to (or hath spoken, believe it to be spoken as it is in the margin, be thou pleased to you, and rest on his own faithful. and] bless the house of thy servant, ress and immutability to make you that it may continue for ever before blessed, in making you the happy thee : for thou, O Lord God, hast partaker of all the grace and good spoken it, and with thy blessing let contained in it.

0 how great the house of thy servant be blessed his goodness." And it is an unspeakfor ever.” Here is such a sense of able blessing in the morning of life God's blessing resting on the mind, to be thus under the Lord's manifesthat he is very importunate for the tative blessing. May you have a blessing of the Holy Trinity to rest greater sight and sense of the Lord's on him and his house for ever. It is blessing to you and your's every day. more or less so with all the true and Sanctify the Lord God in your heart; spiritual Israel of God; indeed it is set the Lord always before you ; a part of the blessedness and the maintain family worship morning and effect of being partakers of it, to evening; perfume your house with desire an abiding sense of it may his praise; live as seeing him who is rest on our , minds. To have the invisible. Look at Jesus as he shines savour of Christ and heavenly truth forth in his word; believe him to be rest on us, abide with us, so as for what he is there declared to be; live us to find and say

"O how sweet are on him for every purpose of life and his words to our souls,” is the

prayer godliness. May the Lord give you of all the Lord's called ones. I

some glorious views of his blessing. would herein again interest myself May he give you to see that he has on your behalf. As you have a relish called you to inherit his blessing. of, a spiritual palate to taste, and have May his Spirit shew you

that experienced the savour of Christ and an heir of God and joint-heir with salvation,


it go on and increase Jesus Christ. To be the blessed of more and more, until you come to the God of heaven—to be blessed by Christ's everlasting kingdom. It is the Lord—to have him to bless you a blessing, yea it is to be blessed in

continually to have his eye on you

you are




for good-his heart immutably fixed their bread and their water, and take

- he himself saying, “ I will never sickness away from the midst of turn away from you from doing you them. Bless them holy Father with good”-what things are these! My an enlarged knowledge and enjoyGod, look on Mr. S., give him proper ment of thy love. Bless them holy views hereof, inspire his mind with Jesus with spiritual believing views thy Spirit, fill his heart with thy of thy precious, precious, precious truth, his mind with thy love, his salvation; do thou dwell in their mouth with thy praise. Let the hearts by faith; may they comprehouse of thy servant be blessed for hend with all saints the heights, and

depths, and breadths, and lengths of Thus Sir I present you with my thy love which passeth knowledge. consecration of your house; I wish it Holy Spirit do thou dwell in them was more complete, but love hides a and fill them with all the fulness of multitude of faults, and you must God. Even so, Father, Son, and never expect a friend without them, Holy Ghost, do thou bless the house nor a continuation of even real friend of thy servants for ever. Amen, ship if you are not disposed to pardon amen, and amen. them in their failings: Christ's friendship only is perfectly free from every shadow of weakness and infirmity. I wish you a long and happy life on earth, spent in a close intimacy with

In a Letter to a Friend, by the Rev.

Joseph Irons. Christ, in pouring out your whole heart before him, in exercising your

Dear Sir, utmost confidence on him. May he

Your letter should have had often visit you, bless your habitation, an earlier reply, but for the constant and every one under your roof. May demands upon my time, which have your countenance shine as Moses' left me no leisure until now. did when the Sun of Righteousness The subject of your inquiry has had shone on him, and admitted him often come before me, it being the to an immediate interview with his common hacknied subterfuge of those glorious majesty. May you enjoy so semi-papists generally known by the much of it in your private and public name of arminians, who all seem as accesses to the throne of grace, as familiar with the usual perversion of may give you to say, “ It is good for the 22nd chap. of Matthew, as if me to draw nigh unto God.”

they had been drilled in the school of I remain, your's in the Lord, jesuitism at Rome.

It is a strong SAMUEL EYLES PIERCE. proof of the weakness of a theologiO thou most blessed and incom- cal argument, when its advocates are prehensible Jehovah, Father, Son, and driven to one or two isolated texts, Holy Ghost, thou God of all grace, wrested from their connection as a the God of the families of thy peo- forlorn refuge, and still worse, when ple, look down upon and bless with those texts are of necessity perverted thy covenant love and presence Mr. to afford them an intrenchment at and Mrs. S. and the child thou hast all : and this is always the case with given them. Take them under thy the poor carnal-minded freewillers. own care; make them truly blessed, The parable recorded in the above happy and holy. Let the blessing of chapter, of the marriage feast, exlife everlasting be theirs. With thy plains itself if we only observe its blessing do thou bless their persons, scope, and compare one part of its their habitation, their friends, ser- phraseology with another. Take a vants, and all their concerns. Bless connected view of the first and last


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verses of it: “ The kingdom of hea- like the last order which the Master ven is like unto a certain king, who gave before his ascension, “ Go ye made a marriage for his son,” ver. 2; into all the world, and preach the

For many are called but few cho gospel to every creature,” Mark xvi. sen,” ver. 14. Now keep these two 15; and in executing this commisend links of the chain in your two sion there are no conditions menhands, then all the intermediate links tioned, no qualifications required, for of the parable will be found in unison the servants gathered together all, with them. The kingdom of heaven many as they found both bad and then means the gospel dispensation, good in man's esteem, moral or imor the visible church of Christ upon moral; and so it is to this day, earth : now make the proclamation Christ's servants wish to gather in which the king's servants are com- the means of grace all they can find, manded to make, “ All things are however bad, and preach to the very ready;" here is no arminianish, no worst the one grand truth, “ that half-way provision ! no telling of poor Christ Jesus came into the world to sinners that God has done his part, if save sinners.” But in all this there they will but do their's ! but all is not one word about offers and things are ready,” all that law and overtures, it was and is a simple projustice require, and all that poor con- clamation of the fact that all things vinced sinners need, and all in are ready,”- —a full, free, finished salChrist.Then observe a fair speci- vation, of God, in Christ, and by the men of human free-will,“ They would Holy Ghost. not come,” ver. 3: this of course Now all these guests (save one) describes literally the conduct of the were furnished with a wedding garJews in their rejection of Christ; ment, which it was customary for the but in them we see a full-length por- bridegroom to provide, and present trait of what every child of Adam is to every guest, and having that garin a spiritual sense, while left to the ment on there was no question asked decision of natural free-will. More- how bad or how good they were in over, free-willers are not content with themselves; the bridegroom's robe rejecting Christ themselves, but we was the bridegroom's sanction, and see in ver. 6, they turn persecutors all who had it on were welcome of those who receive him, and espe- guests.

But there seems to have cially of his faithful servants who are been one arminian there (ver. 11), determined to proclaim, All things who was too proud to accept of the . are ready.If you read the history bridegroom's garment (imputed righof the church, you will see that the teousness), and ventured to meet the whole list of persecutors with scarcely king in his own linsey-woolsey filthy a single exception have been free- rags, and the fatal consequences are willers;

can it be reasonably recorded by the Holy Ghost as hoped that in the coming persecution, warning to all self-righteous freewhich is rapidly advancing upon the willers who should afterwards be true church of God, the modern free- daring enough to reject the imputed willers will be less cruel than their righteousness of Christ the heavenly ancestors, for the carnal mind is still Bridegroom, and venture to trust in enmity against God, and will vent creature merit. that enmity as soon as it can.

Now that this is the express design The second commission given to of the Son of God in the whole pathe servants in the parable (ver. 9), rable, is manifest from his own words send them to the gentiles with the by way of inference summing up all same message, “All things are ready,” with For many are called but few to bid them to the marriage, which is are chosen,” that is, many hear the

March, 1840.]




to come in.''

outward proclamation of the gospel, figure of him, in whom are hid all but few are chosen of God in Christ the treasures of wisdom and knowto eternal salvation.

ledge. His wealth, power, and The servants call

into places

dominion were only figurative of the of worship, and into visible profession glory that excelleth-while the buildof christianity, but the Bridegrooming of the Temple reminds us of him gives the wedding garment to those of whom the Father declared, he only whom he hath chosen. And shall build the Temple, and shall this is the key to the whole parable: bear the glory. His speaking in the servants make the public procla- Proverbs, a figure of him who spake mation that “ all things are ready,” in Parables—while his heart glowed and this proclamation is to every with love to the church, an emblem, creature, and the Master gives impu- though but a faint one, of him whose ted righteousness to as many as he love is from everlasting to everlasting. hath chosen to eternal life.

Led by the Spirit to understand the Before I lay down my pen I would secret of the Lord, though couched just remiud you that free-willers are in metaphor, there is not a syllable very fond of jumbling detached texts but hath a great treasure at the bottogether, and hence they generally tom—it holds forth to our wondering steal a phrase from Luke xiv. 23. to view, the glories of his Person, with add to this parable, “ Compel them the love of his heart ; the power of

But it may fairly be his arm, and the wisdom of his infinasked, did ever any human efforts ite mind-in fact we may write upon compel one sinner to come to Christ? it this motto—" The unsearchable and it may be triumphantly asserted riches of Christ."

In this chapter, that no sinner ever did or could come out of which the text is taken, the to Christ, spiritually and savingly, Redeemer, viewing his spouse comuntil compelled by omnipotent grace. plete in himself, highly commends

May the Holy Ghost deliver you, her spiritual beauty, in ten particulars dear Sir, from all these Egyptian —and this same honour have all the task-masters who are always urging saints. He commends her ministers, impossibilities upon the true Israel of her affections, the actings of faith on God, and may the Son of God make himself, and her outward conversayou

free that you may be free indeed, tion—" How beautiful are thy feet is the prayer of your's to serve in the with shoes,” the preparation of the gospel of Christ, and through grace gospel of peacc. Then he commends the Lord's freeman,"

the holy principles from which she

walked, as precious jewels, the eyes Camberwell, Feb. 1840.

of faith, the spiritual bond of union, the covenant head, the fulness of grace communicated to her, the ex

cellency and fruitfulness of a gospel I said I will go up to the Palm Tree; ministry: all these are intimated in I will take hold of the boughs thereof." the connection. Then the kind Re-Song. vii. 8.

deemer adds, Thy stature is like a The divine Book out of which this Palm tree;" to shew her regal matext is selected, was composed by jesty and greatness—while her breasts Solomon, under the immediate influ- set forth the ordinances of the gospel ences of the blessed Spirit, who set then makes use of the resolution in up this character as a figure of the the text, I said I will go up to the true Solomon, the Lord Jesus—his Palm tree; I will take hold of the very name (Peaceable) shews him to boughs thereof.' As this song

is be the Prince of Peace in the char- designed to set forth the mutual love acter of Solomon we have a striking of Christ and the church, the holy




Spirit has given the same name to of this subject arises from the account both, to point out the eternal union naturalists give us of this tree—first, and happy communion between them; it is tall, straight, and upright; it that without any violence to the con- grows so, though many weights may nection the passage will apply to be on it; it bears much fruit, of a both the one and the other ; in this delicious taste, and beautiful aspect; view we shall first, point out, the the vital force or sap, is not in its spiritual Palm tree--Secondly, the root, like other trees, but in its top, resolution, I will go up—Thirdly, the which if lopped off it becomes barren ; design, take hold of the boughs its leaf is always green; it is a tree thereof.—This subject will appear which never rots; it is long lived, clear and very precious to the believer, and always bears fruit; it flourishes under the idea of that inseparable best in sunny places, and is generally union which took place in eternity; used at feasts, as a token of victory this is made known to us in time, and joy. This was used at the feast when we are put in posession of the of Tabernacles; and when our Lord same spirit that was on our elect made his triumphal entry into Jeruhead, typified by the holy anointing salem they cut down branches of oil, poured on the head of the High Palm treesan emblem of his future Priest. To this union of Christ and victory and triumph. In these views the believer, the Psalmist alludes, of the Palm tree do we not see a when he says, “ Behold how good variety of very interesting circumand pleasant a thing it is for brethren stances, justly applicable to our Lord, to dwell together in unity.” This and his church? which as they are makes us one spirit with him ; nor one, we shall consider them together. shall this union ever be dissolved— The metaphors, in references to God “who shall separate us from the love our Saviour, among many other ideas, of Christ?” By virtue of this union, fairly includes the following : First, we having the same nature or spirit, His essential and eternal divinity, as bear the same name, I will go up the most high God, Secondly, in the to the Palm tree.” Christ is so called Eternity of his existence. Thirdly, the righteous shall flourish as the in the mediatorial fulness of his Palm tree; and in the verse preced- grace. Fourthly, in the benefits of his ing the text the church is called, Cross. Fifthly, in the progress of his " This thy stature is like to the Palm kingdom. And sixthly, in the victories tree.” This metaphor, SO well he has obtained. With the believer's known, is taken to represent Christ interest in him. and his church. In Solomon's Temple First, in his essential and eternal there was carved on the walls of the divinity, as the most high God. house, round about, and on the doors This is one of his glorious titles. of the oracle, Palm trees, to shew us which reveal him God over all, and that none but saints can have admit. blessed for ever. This is he whom tance there. In Ezekiel's Temple, we admire and adore. While Arians, which he saw in vision, were Palm human Pre-existarians, and Socin. trees and a Cherubma Cherub and a ians deny this grand fundamental Palm tree engraved on the walls- truth, angels bow before him, and which some have supposed to point worship him as God over all

, without out that the elect redeemed were to enquiring into his mode of existing; fill up the places of the fallen : but I but fools rush in, where angels fear humbly conceive it to represent the to tread! This term includes all his guardianship of angels, who are min- divine perfections—for in him all the istering spirits, sent forth to the heirs fulness of the Godhead dwells, bodily of salvation. But the leading feature or substantially. It shews he is


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