or less of all the churches of Christ of Christ to his people manifested in in a time-state. They must, they this promise. He calls upon his dear have a right to expect and look for people to be faithful in their profestemptations from the devil, and per. sion of him, and in their cleaving secutions from evil men; it being a unto him; and to encourage them, declared truth that all that will live he gives them this glorious promise godiy in Christ Jesus shall suffer per which here lies before us, a crown of secution. And though, through the life to put upon their heads, to denote rich abounding mercy of God, his them everlasting conquerors. church in the present day has no out- The church of Christ here below ward persecution, yet the Lord's peo: is in a militant state ; without are ple are now, as well as in former fightings, within are fears: and there agés, engaged in a war with Satan, is no victory to be gained over her the world, and the flesh; and Satan spiritual foes, but by faith in the will be showing his spite and malice blood of the Lamb. We are not against them. But though they are

But though they are called to fight against the devil, the to expect this, and ought to be con- world, and the flesh, that we may tinually upon their guard, to watch gain heaven thereby! but we are his attacks, and to repel his tempta- called upon to fight, because our enetions, by taking unto themselves the mies molest us in our way heavenshield of faith; yet they ought not wards; and we fight against them to fear, because “ greater is he that because they are our Lord's enemies is in them, than he that is against likewise. Å poor drooping believer them,” Whatsoever assaults, trials, is often encouraged to fight on, in persecutions, or afflictions Satan may hopes and expectation of the glory be permitted to raise against the that is to be revealed. One of saints of God, the Lord will give them Christ's worthies, just upon the constrength according to their day; for clusion of the battle, cries out, I he has promised to them a daily as have fought a good fight, I have finwell as an eternal victory over Satan, ished my course, I have kept the sin, death, and hell, as far as they are faith, henceforth there is laid up for enabled to trust in him. This pro- me a crown of righteousness, which mise is a munition to the church, in the Lord, the righteous judge, shall spite of every foe, Fear thou not give me at that day : and not to me for I am with thee, be not dismayed only, but to all them that love his I am thy God: I will strengthen thee, appearing.” The crown of life is a yea I will help thee, yea I will uphold crown of righteousness; so called bethee with the right hand of my righ- cause it is the fruit of Christ's righteousness.” And the church of Christ teousness, which gives the saints a is bid not to fear any of those things title to heaven's glory. And it is which she may suffer, because all called a crown of life, because the things are working together for good saints in glory partake and enjoy fully to them that love God and are the everlasting life. Christ may be uncalled according to his purpose. derstood by this crown of life : for he The eye

of the Lord is fixed con- will be the everlasting life, as well as tinually upon his people ; his eyes everlasting righteousness of his peoand his heart are perpetually upon ple: he will be in heaven their crown, his church : and therefore, she being their ornament, and eternal glory. the object of Jehovah's love, and And as the top of heaven's bliss will the subject of his grace, she shall consist in beholding Christ's glory, be kept by the mighty power of God, according to his own prayer (John through faith, unto salvation. 17), “ Father, I will that they also,

And we may likewise take notice whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am ; that they may be- overcometh the persecutions and trihold my glory.” So the beholding

So the beholding als which are brought upon him for of Christ's glory, and the enjoyment the sake of Christ, and that overcoof Christ in heaven fully, may be meth the devil, and his snares and called a crown of life, as this will be stratagems, shall not be hurt of the life indeed.

second death. Perhaps a poor soul may be dis- A blessed promise this to support couraged from expecting this crown and encourage the saints, notwith. of life, because he finds himself ut- standing all opposition from without terly unworthy of so rich a blessing. and from within. A crown of life is But let such remember that the crown held out to excite our diligence, to of life is given, not merited; and that put us upon pressing on toward the such who long for the appearance of mark, and a promise of not being Christ, this crown will be put upon hurt by the second death.

By the their heads. Art thou longing for second death is designed eternal death. Christ's coming to deliver thee from a And this the Lord promises the overbody of sin and death! to remove comers they shall not be hurt of. thee from a sinful world! to place Now those unto whom the promise is thee infinitely beyond the reach of given, are such as as are called by Satan! thou hast thy interest in this divine grace, who appear to be truly promise; and it is but a very little one with Christ, who have embraced while before thou shalt have the ful- Christ by faith as their prophet, priest, filment of it: ere long thou shalt be and king, and who are depending presented before the presence of thy upon him as their Head, and are liheavenly Father's glory with exceed. ving upon him as members in him ing great joy, clothed in the everlast- their Head. Such prove themselves ing righteousness of Jesus, cleansed to be the Lord's by their confession in his most precious blood from every and profession of him, and by walking spot and stain of sin, and crowned as having Christ as an example. And with immortality and eternal glory. as they are here below exposed to And thou wilt be no sooner crowned, conflicts, with their own legal and unbut thou wilt take thy crown, and believing hearts, the temptations of cast it at the feet of the worthy Lamb, Satan, and the snares of evil men; crying, Thou art worthy; blessing, so this blessed promise is given them and honour, and glory, and power,

as a sheet anchor in a storm, as that be unto him that sitteth upon the which may serve to strengthen their throne, and unto the Lamb.

faith and encourage their hope. For This epistle is closed in this re- the saints of God, through their unmarkable manner, as was likewise belief, are not without their fears; the former, He that hath an ear let and Satan is always glad to distress him hear what the Spirit saith unto them, by persuading them that they the churches, He that overcometh, have nothing to expect from God. shall not be hurt of the second death.” Now here, in this promise, the Lord The Spirit of God here calls for our Jesus is pleased to assure them that most serious attention. He that hath they shall escape the wrath to come, an ear opened by divine grace, an ear and that they shall obtain eternal to hear the voice of Christ, and who glory. And one use of this promise is desirous to attend upon him for should be, to stir up the people of instruction, let him hear with atten- God in their zeal for his glory, and tion, and ponder with diligence, upon in their acting as the Lord's redeemed what the Spirit saith unto the chur- ones. Believers in Christ should me. ches, unto all the members of the ditate upon this promise, and adore visible church of Christ; he that the Promiser. What a transcendant

blessing, to be assured of eternal life, all yokes, my dear brother, that of and to have Christ's promise that we priestcraft is the worst. The galling shall not be hurt of the second death. yoke of our sins, when felt, makes us What a glorious provision has the cry for help; the yoke of the law believer in the covenant of grace! In makes us hasten our escape from the that well-ordered covenant his salva- wrath to come: but that of priesttion is secured, for his “ life is hid craft sets us down something, when with Christ in God.” He has a free we are ten times worse than nothing; and full pardon of all his sins-a robe it casts us into a deep sleep, and of righteousness to justify him from teaches us to hate the power and all things—God's love to comfort him those that contend for it; it keeps us -his strength to help him-his Spirit in the fear of man, and filling up our to sanctify him-and his grace to sup- places to gain applause. This cursed ply him. His enemies are conquered yoke had almost been fixed upon my for him by Jesus already, and he is call. neck at Kingston, but God brought ed to follow Christ to partake of his me forth of them all, and hated by spoils. And while he is fighting, he them all, and I saw afterwards what has the Lord's faithful word of pro- they all came to just nothing. You mise that his strength shall be equal will now trade with your God for to his day, and that he shall one day your own profit, and you will deal in be a crowned conqueror in heaven. nothing but what he has and will God's command is, “ Resist the de- apply to your heart, and be able at vil;” and his promise is, “and he the last day to give some account, shall flee from you.” May the Lord when he comes to inquire what every keep his people from giving place to one has gained by trading And go the devil, and may he support them wherever you will in the ways of God, under all oppression, and save them I know you will find that he teaches from being hurt by all oppressors, and all his children the same things : one may we be led to view the crown of heart and one way. The number of life which awaits us, and the deliver real saints will appear as small in ance wrought out for us in Christ, your eyes as they do in mine, for that we may go on always abounding your soul will find no joint, where in the work of the Lord. Amen. there is no sense of sin nor of deli

vering mercy. Your cords, your strait UNPUBLISHED LETTERS OF THE LATE

waistcoat, and your leather jacket,

were by no means hid from me ; but REV. W. HUNTINGTON TO A FRIEND.

I was fully persuaded that there was No. 8.-To, be Continued,

something working within which made

them sit uneasy: I knew that if that My dearly beloved Brother in Christ,

secret spark took fire, all these swadExcuse my answering your's dling bands would fly like tow. I 80 suddenly, but my heart is full. thank my God on thy behalf with all Your letter had a two-fold effect upon my heart and my soul. As sure as me; thankfulness to God for making you are born a most dreadful cloud your heart honest, and an encouraging is hanging over the land, the sword power to my faith to persevere in of war or pestilence will ride in tri. prayer: for as God liveth you have umph through our highly favoured seldom been left out of my poor island before you are aware. I wrote thread-bare petitions; not that I have this prophesy to Jenkins two months much confidence in my own prayers, ago, but hid him keep it secret, for I but I thought God would not bring know it will come. I have had for a people continually to my mind, if months past nothing before my eyes he intended no mercy to them. Of but pestilence, and my dreams by

August, 1840.).

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night have been on eternal life. So when we were in the loins of our last Sunday morning I preached upon father, and when we were far off from this approaching contagion, and I was God by wicked works. Yea, by this under such an impulse, agitation, and act of sovereign mercy, God made impression as I never felt before; and himself in Christ the eternal portion had I not composed myself to sleep of “ a number which no man can in the afternoon, I should not have number;" and they, by the same irobtained a frame to suit my evening's reversible act, became his portion : subject. The people were all thun- The Lord's portion is his people, derstruck, and when they went out Jacob is the lot of his inheritance;" they could not speak, but every soul and to Israel he says, “ I am their I believe gave credit to what I de- inheritance, I am their possession.” clared. And in the evening I was on Now as we are all “ born like the the better subject quite beyond my- wild ass's colt," and we

turn every self. I have lately travelled 240 one to his own way,” we of course miles, and God delivered three poor choose sin, slavery, the world and souls by my labours, and in all that death for our portion : but God's round I never saw one man threshing, counsel cannot be overthrown, we are until I came within forty miles of to“ dwell on high ;" the Holy Ghost home, though there seems the greatest therefore undertakes the business of plenty: oppression maketh a wise man shewing us our misery, nakedness, mad. Blessed be God my time is and sinfulness, and makes us so disshurt, and he is so good he will pro- satisfied with the infernal fetters of long it, for of late he hath indulged error, chains of iniquity, deluding me not a little. This text often oc- pleasures of the word, and the pathcurs, “ Let us fall into the hands of way of death, that we are glad to God, for his mercies are great, but by learn that help is laid upon one that no means into the hands of man.” I is mighty—that we are joint-heirs have long begged of God for submis- with one that is mighty—that we are şion and resignation to his sovereign redeemed by one that is mighty—and will, until the iniquity of the Amo- that our life is hid in one that is rites be full. Pray tender my real mighty. love to Mary, to your brother and All glory to the dear name of the sister, and His Excellency, and all Lamb that was slain. He has bafriends. And may the God of all nished the curse of the law, buried grace carry on and increase the root the sins of the people, removed the of the matter, which is so much bet. terrors of death, conquered the hosts ter, and productive of better fruit of hell, bruised the serpent's head, than the root of all evil. So prays, shut up the gates of death, opened dear brother, your's in the Lord, the gates of heaven, and cast up the

highway of justification for the redeemed to pass over. “ Happy is the

people who are in such a case; yea, THE DOCTRINE OF happy is that people whose God is

the Lord.” ELECTION is “ the old gate ” (Neh.


W, T. ii. 6) in the wall of salvation which encompasseth the Jerusalem that John come down from God out of

SONS, OF CHICHESTER, TO A FRIEND. heaven.” This precious act of elec

Letter 1.To be Continued. tion gave us a good standing-place, so that neither sın, death, nor the DEAR sister in the best and sweets devil could drive us into hell, even est of bonds, eternal and unalterable

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love, may grace, and mercy, and truth having the earnest, the inheritance is rest upon you, and all that love Jesus Come then, my dear companin heart and soul. Amen.

ion in the path of tribulation, let us I received your kind letter, and for a few moments leave the shop and thank

you for it; but know not whe- all our burdened cares and concerns ther I shall be able to answer it, as I at the foot of the mount, and ascend am so very ill in body, and have been by like precious faith with Abraham, these five days, so that my hand, to the top of mount Moriah, where which must soon moulder to dust, he was sweetly indulged to look fortrembles ;. but blessed be God, my ward to the day of Jesus Christ; and heart neither trembles at death, judg- this made him rejoice and be exceedment, nor an angry God; all is peace, ing glad : Abraham rejoice to see rest, and reconciliation through the my day; he saw it, and was glad.” precious blood of Jesus, so that I Let us then, my dear sister, intreat wonder not at your longing to have the ever-blessed Spirit to lead our done with this world, knowing your minds back to mount Calvary; for interest in the everlasting love of truly sensible am I, with you, that your God, the precious salvation of we cannot act one act of faith withJesus, and the sweet and heavenly out his almighty power. But oh, my witness of the ever-blessed Spirit in fellow traveller to the heavenly Canaan the enjoyment of it: love to cast out above, how sweet and humbling the all fear and torment, precious blood view, by faith to see our precious to wash away all guilt from the con- Jesus pouring out every drop of his science, and the ever-blessed Spirit to loving heart's blood to atone for our remove every scruple from our minds, awful crimes; and to hear his all. of our sonship, by bearing his power powerful voice reaching our hearts, ful witness in our hearts, and sweet- saying, “ It is finished;" the law is ly enabling us to cry Abba Father, fulfilled, justice is satisfied, and God and thereby sealing us up to the is turned away from all his wrath; day of eternal redemption. Come and love, even love without a change, then, my dear sister, arise with me, has flowed, does flow, and shall for and let us go hence by precious faith, ever flow unto the hearts of my dear for although the hand of God is heavy children, whom my father hath given upon me, his tender heart of love is me in love : and, says Christ, I in towards me, as you may see in love have laid down my life for them, Ephraim, when God chastised him that they may reign in eternal life with his hand, his bowels were trou- with me: and, saith Jesus,' my Spirit bled for him because he was his dear and word shall lead them thrvugh all son; therefore rather than give him the dark and trying paths that they up to himself and his pride, he will are called to walk in, and guide thema in love lay the rod upon him, to bring into all truth; and when they are him down humble at his blessed feet, mourning, he shall comfort them; and the place of his feet he makes when they are weak, he shall strengthglorious to us poor lost sinners; and en them; when they are sorrowful, having been at his blessed feet, I long he shall turn it unto joy; when they to be kept there, and to receive from are dark, he shall enlighten them ; his sweet and heavenly lips pardon, when they are sick, he shall heal them; peace, and love, together with the when they are wounded, he shall bind earnest, foretaste and joys of an eter- them up; when they are hereft of nal world above. For you must friends, he shall lead them to me as a know, my dear sister, that being so friend that loveth at all times; and much afflicted in so many ways, I die when they are earnestly longing for daily, longing for that rest which re- communion with me, he shall work mains for the people of God; and faith in their hearts, which shall bring

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