The student remarked that it was a tification is a continual subject with name given to those who denied that him. the moral law was a rule of life. In I am now to define the difference calling his attention however to the between confidence in God and bope Greek, he wrs forced to admit that in him. I think if there be any difthe apostle Paul and also every be- ference it is not in nature but in deliever must be an antinomian in the

When the Spirit of life and Greek sense of the term. He then light shines into a man's heart, he shifted his ground, and said that the gives him such a discovery of its evil, moral law was the rule of the belie- deceitfulness and pollution, that he ver's conduct. Then Sir, I replied, feels himself without hope and withwhat business have you riding on this out God in the world; he feels himcoach to-day, being the seventh or self only fit for hell, and believes that sabbath day? if the law is the rule of his damnation would be just. This life we are violating it. He answered, if continued would sink him in absowe believe the precepts of the gospel lute despair, but for some relief afare the rule of conduct. I replied, forded from the declarations of the so do we. He bowed assent and said gospel, which produce a gleam of no more on the subject. I wish peo- hope that there may yet be mercy for ple would read their Bibles : him. Now though this may be very chapter this morning was Exod. xxxv. faint, owing to the indistinct views in the 2nd verse it says Six days he has of the fulness and freeness of shall work be done, but on the se- the blessings proclaimed, yet the Lord venth day there shall be to you an supports him by means of the little holy day, a sabbath of rest to the hope he has, and though it is the Lord: whosoever doeth work therein day of small things it is not to be shall be put to death. Ye shall kin- despised. It is the beginning of the dle no fire throughout your habitation path of the just which shineth more on the sabbath day.” Tremendous and more unto the perfect day. There must the case be of those who like is but little knowledge of Christ, conthe Galatian make themselves debtors sequently faith is but weak, and of to the whole law (chap. v. 3), and course nothing like confidence; there while they assert that the moral law is however no confidence in the flesh, is God's unchanging rule, dare to so that though he may be exercised change what they call the sabbath with many doubts concerning his state from the seventh day to the first, and his character, a spiritual observer and on that day light their fires or do may see much that is hopeful. The any thing else that suits them: yea, little hope he has arises from what he employ their poor gas labourers to has heard of the mercy of God in slave like negroes, to produce a bril. Christ, which he in measure believes, liant light in their chapels, whilst He cannot say with the author you they are preaching against the awful mention, that he knows that he is profanation of the sabbath, and call saved, though a time will come, when this piety! But I am getting warm, he will see that in his present state I shall therefore for the present dis- he was the subject of salvation, and miss the two subjects suggested by that of God, and a partaker of that your letter, neither of which are spiritual and eternal life which shall among the foolish questions mentioned never be extinguished. He loves the in Paul's epistle to Titus, as you in- Lord and desires to walk according timate; for he wrote two epistles to his will; yet, as he cannot do the principally on the law, and a third on things which he would, he questions the ceremonial law, which I have found if he can have any love to him, he it very profitable to read. And sanc- gives so little proof of it, at least he

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think so.

There are nevertheless have them, and their hopes may be many evidences of it; but we will not encouraged when those feelings are attempt to comfort him with these, described; but after all, their hopes we must still preach the gospel to are unscriplural. So that while ! him : all other comfort is like giving would beg of the Lord that I may gin to young animals which they say descend to the weakest of Christ's stints their growth. We must set flock, I dread the idea of persuading forth Jesus in his person, blood, right- every professor that he is a child of eousness and grace; and as the Holy God, when I solemnly believe that Ghost, whose office it is, takes of the greatest part of what is called the the things of Christ and shews them religious world are deceiving themunto him, (and no one else can,) he selves, having a name to live while will grow in the knowledge of him. they are dead. Do not think this unThus his faith will grow exceedingly, charitable, for I can say that it occaand arrive to boldness and access sions continual sorrow in my heart, with confidence by the faith of him: my conscience bearing me witness in thus the God of hope will fill him the Holy Ghost. Nor do I know a with all joy and peace in believing, single individual for whose salvation and he will abound in, hope through I would not lay down my life, if rethe power of the Holy Ghost. There quired. I hope I abhor bitterness of is a clear and beautiful description of spirić Lecause of difference of opinion : this confidence in 2 Cor v. 5, 6, 7, yet I know that the anxious enquiry

Now He that hath wrought us for of every quickened soul will be, Am I the self same thing is God, who also born again? And if a man can be hath giren to us the earnest of the satisfied without the Spirit bearing Spirit. Therefore we are always witness with his spirit that he is a confident, knowing that while we are child of God, while he is endeavourat home in the body we are absent ing to persuade himself into a good from the Lord; for we walk by faith opinion of his state on every slight not by sight."

ground that presents itself, rottenness And now, my dear brother, I hope will be found at the root of his proI have made a scriptural distinction fession, and the blossom thereof will between hope and confidence. If go up as dust (Isa v. 24). But I am Mr. B-had said that every person persuaded better things of you who knows that he believes in Christ, though I thus speak. May the God knows that he is saved, I should not of hope fill you with all joy and peace have objected to the expression; for in believing, that you may abound in the scriptures not only say that all hope, through the power of the Holy believers shall be saved, but also that Ghost (Rom xv. 13). they are saved, 1 Cor xv. 2; Eph ii. I am your's in the Lord 8. It is also said “ He that believeth on me hath everlasting life,” John

Is passed from death unto life," John v. 24;

Is born of God.” So that he is a partaker of a present

BY REV. J. VINALL, AT JIREH CHAsalvation. And he that has only a PEL, LEWES. hope will never rest satisfied till he

No. 2.-To be continued, knows for himself that he is passed from death unto life. Natural men Gen. xlv. 27, 28.--The history of seem to have some sort of hope, but Joseph is striking, but when we can they rest there; they have been told get at the mystery, it is sucking at that such and such feelings are evi- the breasts of Zion's consolation. dences of grace, and they think they Joseph was a type of the Saviour ;

J. R.

vi. 47;


famine, - real' necessity,-- made his and read the account of the prodigal brethren go to him : so it is with the son, it is just the same. Although soul; real necessity,--an aching void, my dear hearers I wish to be tender -makes a poor sinner go to the Sa- I must be faithful, “. Regard not your viour. The brethren thought Joseph staff.” Oh how prove to regard the “ spake roughly to them :” so does stuff, any thing but the things of the poor sinner who


to the throne God; think of them; all hell is up of

grace and cannot get all he wants. in arms; Satan drives or tries to draw We are verily guilty :" and does the heart away. not the Lord constrain the sinner to Joseph tells them to go and fetch acknowledge he is guilty. They their father and little ones, and come carry money with them :" how like and be near him: so it is with our the sinner: man cannot think grace spiritual Joseph, he likes his family comes free: the money is returned,

near him.

Joseph spake kindly to and what they have is free. How them, he did not upbraid them for Judah comes forward voluntarily to their former bickerings and strife; for be bound for Benjamin the beloved, when the heart is thus broken, a few is a type of the Saviour, and his wil words will enter and pierce through, lingness to be bound and let the poor more than an hundred stripes into the sinner go, and himself answer all de back of a fool When our blessed mands. The steward means a minis- Lord asked Peter three times “ Lovest ter of the gospel, he knew the heart thou me,” Peter was grieved, and said of Joseph, the love of Joseph, and “ Lord thou knowest all things, thou the way of Joseph; and he told them knowest that I love thee.” Whilst the God of their father gave them we are at the feet of Jesus,-at the treasure in their sacks. Joseph did foot of the cross,--no fear of strife not reprove them for their sins in and contention. selling him, &c.: neither does the Jacob although a consistent, humSaviour when he overcomes the sinner ble, lively character, trace him through with his love, upbraid him for his sins, life; yet could not believe without wanderings, &c. When the blessed sight: Abraham is an instance of Jesus overcomes the sinner, he gives faith without seeing; yet both real them a kiss, a token of love : Joseph and living faith. Moses and the Iskissed his brethren and gave them raelites are an instance of both at the each a change of raiment: so the Red Sea. Look at Rahab and Caleb, Saviour clothes the poor sinner with both instances of strong faith. I his imputed righteousness.

might speak of David, Habakkuk, It is said after that his brethren Micah, and many more.

When Matalked with him.” You know, some ry Magdalen told the disciples she of you, what is means,-a commu- had seen the Lord, the words seemed ning with the Saviour: what is here as idle tales; and when the disciples spoken of is the union that takes told Thomas they had seen the Lord, place between the Lord and the poor he would not believe until he had sinner, the same as the church speaks seen him. The brethren told their of, My beloved is mine, and I am father Joseph was alive, yet would be his ;" " Thou art my Hephzibah;' not believe until he had seen the “ I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, waggons. So it is often with a poor my soul shall be joyful in my God, soul; although after having had sweet for he hath clothed me with the gar- manifestations, yet has much fainting ments of salvation, he hath covered when fresh trials come on, and the me with the robe of righteousness," Lord hides his face. Three things &c.

will revive the soul: first, answers Bring it to the New Testament, to prayer: second, communion', which

led us.

is a step further, as when Abraham or whether the discerning reader will talked with the Lord,--a humble bold- not perceive that though you battle ness; the nearer the soul gets to the bravely with your superabundant gift Lord, the more humility and love are of words, and declaim eloquently and found:-“I that am dust and ashes;” in many parts excellently upon what third, the promises being applied to are however false deductions from the soul, and the blessed Spirit bring- what I have written ; I say it remains ing to remembrance the way he hath to be seen whether the discerning

And at such times we often reader will not perceive, that all this liave a clearer sight and feeling of the cloud of dust is raised that you may Lord's mercies and deliverances than with the appearance of triumph rewhen we passed through them. Three treat from a position you find to be things will make a poor sinner say, untenable, and hide an opinion you even on his death-bed, It is enough. begin to be ashamed at having propo. First. Jesus is exalted. Second. He gated. reigns. Third. He loves me. First. I have but little to say in reply to Is he exalted ? then he will exalt the your's ; indeed I should not have resinner whom he loves. Second. He plied at all, but that I would not have reigns: Jesus has conquered sin, hell, you nor the readers of the Magazine death, and the grave, and all things; conceive my views upon the subject and blessed be his dear name, says

to have been at all affected even by the soul, he has conquered my rebel the loud vituperations of an incensed will, so that I can say with the Poet, polemic.

You are my superior in controversy: " Reign o'er us as King, Accomplish thy will,”' &c.

I presumed this before, I acknowledge it now.

You have read my remarks, “ And now he lives and reigns above,

not with an ingenuous mind open to And lives and reigns for me."

conviction, but with a pre-determinaThird. He loves me: here it is all: tion to fight for your own opinion : love when enjoyed will make the soul you sought therefore with eagle eye say It is enough: it is enough in life, for every paragraph which, by a false for he“ satisfieth the longing soul:" gloss or a false inference, could be it is enough in death, for “ I shall be made to seem untrue, and bringing satisfied when I awake in thy like these false deductions alongside of ness.”

self-evident truths, you condemn, and Lewes.

ask the reader likewise to condemn,

what I have never asserted. This JOSHUA's

will gain for you praise as an acute disputant, but it will be at the expense of being regarded as an honest






I as

FRIEND GA]:-Your remarks on My task is now to prove this; my Defence of Family Prayer are when I have done it my citadel remains precisely what I looked for.

uninvaded. When I have shewn that sumed, what is now evident, that Gad the army you have defeated did not is the signature of one who has not consist of my soldiers, you have to now like his present opponent for the begin the war so far as it concerns me first time entered the arena of con- over again, and till you have done troversy. I assumed that your brow this I remain master of the field. had often been staded by the wreath You begin your piece by asserting of victory : it remains to be seen that family prayer, which I fancied whether your Opinion of Family was the main subject of the discussion, Prayer will add another laurel to it, you shall not again introduce; your business is simply to punish and ex- to your representation the labourer pose Joshua: of course for his pre

and his wife have no prayer: you sumption in daring to oppose you. meant perhaps to insert it in some An enviable feeling truly! And the corner of your picture but you forgot first sentence which, as with the claws it. If however you can point out of a vulture, you tear in pieces, is that where prayer is specified as one of the wherein I have said the believer's features, do so, I shall be glad to see it. obedience, being influenced by the If not, go quarrel with your own porJove of God reigning in his heart, is trait not with me. as the chariots of Amminadib. Is Your next paragraph is unworthy this contrary to scripture and expe- of a man professing godliness; it is rience? David says, “ I will run the false anı splenetic, and will gain you way of thy commandments when thou no fame. It is false, for I have never shalt enlarge my heart;” nor is this said that those who do not have family at all inconsistent with the darkness, prayer are not children of God. I bondage, and spiritual distress which have never assumed the judgment the writer has in his measure found seat; that is the prerogative of God: to be in the way to the kingdom. but I can only know the children of Your long paragraph therefore upon Gud by the fruits they manifest, and this is irrelavent, because nothing of I still regard that special attention to it was by me denied.

a man's own house, which involves You next object to my saying that family prayer as one bright characprayer is the believer's daily suste- teristic evidence of a saint. You nance : it is yper-criticism, but per- should remember that what is formahaps you rightly object to the phrase- lity in a hypocrite is no formality in ology: just as it I had said a man lives a believer, although in its regularity by the sweat of his brow; neverthe. it may be form. The man haring less few would imagine I meant his the form of godliness without the perspiration constituted his actual power is a pharisee and a hypocrite ; nourishment, it would be presumed but he who has the form of godliness that I meant he lived upon the food with divine life animating it is no obtained by his labour. So when I counterfeit but a true saint. Hyposay prayer is the believer's sustenance, crites may for carnal reasons neglect most tould know that I meant as not to assemble themselves together, prayer is the channel through which but shall the child of God disregard God has been pleased to convey pur- the practice because hopocrites are posed blessings, the believer is daily mindful of it. Mark the consistency found waiting at the pool in hope of of Gad: he falsely rails at me here the blessing needed. Your laboured for presuming to judge who are the distinction therefore is unnecessary, true children of God; and a little because erery one knew it before. further on he rails at me again because

I quoted the words from the epistle I say that where I see a bended knee to Timothy from memory: I did not I may hope there is a feeling heart: inteni to misplace the words, nor do this is railing at me because according I conceive the sense at all altered by to his own sliewing I will not presune it. You however upon this attribute to judge. I have said also that your to me a morire, and expose a senti- paragrap) is splenetic: I differ from ment, both of which I disclaim. Let you,

and therefore you compare me those who advocate the sentiments to Judas: poor Gad, the old Adam you oppose answer you, it concerns rose uppermost here indeed. not me.

I repeat that the minister who I hare referred again to the February dwells only on the grand doctrines of number, and I repeat that according the gospel deisers bat balf his mes

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