When, oh when shall Jesus' voice,
Bid me lay my armour down;
Free the object of his choice,
Give the palm branch and the crown.
Now, full oft my spirit faints,
Tired of war and changes too ;
But I trust to all my plaints,
Soon to bid a glad adieu.
Deign, dear Lord, by thy rich grace,
While I stay to nerve my soul,
Give fresh strength to run the race,
And my ev'ry fear control.


THE INVOLUNTARY BLESSING. See where the hireling prophet stands,

With dark malignant brow;
Frowning upon the chosen bands,

Which stud the plains below.
The withering curse, the potent spell,

Which Balak waits to hear ;
He vainly twists his tongue to tell,

For Israel's King is near.
Who shall describe the rage which stirred,

Great Zippor's greater Son; When he profusest blessings heard,

On those he wished undone.
The bribe was large,--uncounted gold, -

The heavier ban to buy ;
But Balaam utters bliss untold,

Pledged by the Lord most high,
" How goodly, Jacob, are thy tents,-

As gardens by the river; Salvation's star ariseth thence, And thou art blest for ever."



Their path, with his goodness

And mercies is strewed ; Thus daily they prove,

He does all for their good. He is their Protector,

Their Rock, and their Stay ;
He says he will lead them,

And in a right way:
Their strength like the eagle's,

Shall oft be renewed ;
His pow'r will protect thee,

'T is all for thy good. When leaving this desert,

Of sorrow and pain ;
Thou wilt soar to thy Jesus,

In glory to reign :
And then thy glad anthem,

Shall shout with the rest ;
Ali hath been for my good,

Thou didst all for the best.

E. H.

CHANGES AND WAR. When my Saviour whispers peace, Speaks to me with love divine; Bids the raging tempest cease, And assures me he is mine.When he tells me that his grace, Shall sufficient ever prove ; And I find a resting place, In his everlasting love.Then I joy in Jesus' name, With a firm reliance trust; Glorify him in the flame, And confess I am but dust. Cov'nant mercy swells my song, Cares and sorrows disappear ; Out of weakness I am strong, Banished is distressing fear. I can count all things but dross, Since my God is reconciled ; Prize chastisement, love the cross, Which doth prove I am a child. Tben no will is known but his, Guidance only I entreat ; And my highest, sweetest bliss, Is to lie at his dear feet. But when I his absence mourn, Though my mountain stood so strong; Quick my foes again return. Saying all I felt was wrong. When I turn my eyes within, Sad corruptions rise and swell; All I see is guilt and sin, Here then can the Saviour dwell? Thus I think, and heave the sigh, Ready from my hopes to part; Til the Spirit from on high, Sweetly re-assures my heart.

Psalm lxii. ll. Where the saints are sweetly shining,

On those happy plains above;
There my soul would be reclining,
Lost in wonder, full of love :

Nothing earthly,
Then my pleasures could remove.
Loud, in that celestial region,

Pure seraphic notes I 'll raise ;
No disease, or sin's contagion,
Then my spirit shall debase :

I shall praise him,
Praise him for his richest grace.
There for ever joyful dwelling,

Near the throne of endless light; Heaven's seraphic anthem swelling : Oh, I wish to take my flight :

Call me, Saviour, Call me from these shades of night.





"For there are Three that bear record in heaven, the FATHER, the WORD, and the

HOLY GHost: and these Three are One."-1 John v. 7. Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."-Jude 3. Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.”—1 Tim. iii. 6.

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JUNE, 1840.

A LETTER FROM REV. JAMES WELLS, and by hundreds : and calling upon

OF THE SURREY TABERNACLE, TO A me, in your letter, to rejoice in what MAN AMONG THIEVES,


call revivals in religion. I have Sir,

been through these delusions and I RECEIVED your letter, dated kæow well what they are, God forbid April 27, 1839, and I feel grieved to I should ever again turn to these begfind that you have passed from one garly elements. You, after your sin, delusion to another. You rightly call blasphemy and presumption, would, I the man, whose Sabellian and pre- . should have thought, have been the sumptuous doctrines you so eagerly last to have found any thing like rest received, before you left England for or satisfaction among the worshippers America, an ungodly professor. Well of Baal. That which you call the do I remember the way in which you outpourings of the Holy Spirit, is treated the great foundation of all nothing but the natural workings of gospel truth, the doctrine of the Tri- the conscience, and the effusions of nity; and although my earnest expos. human passion, by which men become tulations with you, did not bring you religious; and it is a religion which out of the callous state you were then God will despise (Psalm lxxiii. 20). in, yet you acknowledged that you Nothing can be pleasing to God, could not say any thing more against but that which is in, and by, and acthe doctrine of the Trinity : which cording to the person, the work and gave me some hope that the snare dignity of his dear Son;" What it would be broken, and that you

would man soweth that shall he also reap.' escape, and that I should find you The enemy is constantly sowing tares, with a broken heart and broken bones, and a fine crop he has in our day. sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed Never in this world were there more and in your right mind. But, alas, empty professors than in the present instead of this, I find you among day. Not that this shall make void duty-faith workmongers, exhorting the faith of God's elect, nor overturn every one to be a christian, to make the scriptures, but shall fulfil them; sure work for eternity; and that, by for we are assured that the time what you call protracted meetings, was to come, and surely it now is you are converting people by seores come, when they will not endure June, 1840.]


sound doctrine, but will, after their without the spirit is dead, so is faith own lusts, (that is, their own fleshly without works: yet a dead body may views of things which are spiritual,] be decorated with plenty of fineries, heap to themselves teachers having but, lo, there is no breath in it. Now not circumcised but itching ears; and mind, and mind it well too, that they shall turn away their ears from where there is a living faith, there the truth, and shall be turned unto will be an hunger and thirst for the fables, (that is, human inventions,] 2 love, salvation, and presence of God; Tim. iv.

throughout the soul there will be a I have, from my first acquaintance diffusion of the Saviour's name,

his with you, some lingering hope that glories will be seen, his fragrance as there may be some good thing in you the Rose of Sharon will be recognized, towards the Lord God of Israel, but the truths of the gospel become a I do, at the same time, stand most joyful sound, and the words of the solemnly in doubt of you: prejudice Lord sweet to the taste; there is a against you I have none, but some laying hold on eternal life, not merely degree of concern for your best in- what is called a religious life among terests I have, and shall, therefore, in men, but eternal life in Christ; there the feelings of friendship and freedom' will be a walking in the narrow way, state my reason for standing in doubt a way but few can find : absolute

election brought forth scripturally, Which is the way in which you makes Christ a way too narrow for treat the precepts of the gospel ? this those who are trying to take all the includes all my reasons for standing world with them. Now as the body in doubt of you: you sever the pre- without the spirit is dead, so faith cepts from the Holy Spirit, and, in a without these essential works of flippant sort of way, exhort Mr. L. breathing, circulation of the fluids, to let his light shine before men-to &c. is dead. These are the good watch and pray,--to put off the old works of faith, this is the faith that man,--to put on the new man,—not makes Christ the food and raiment to be conformed to this world, and of the soul, this is the faith that hows that Mr. L. is to make sure work for to the truth and sovereignty of God, eternity: these are the things to whether it be to sacrifice an Isaac, or which you exhort another, not one of to receive the spies of the promised which you do yourself.

of you.

land : these works are essential to It is your spiritual walk I have prove our election of God. Ornanow especially to do with, for if you ments may attract but it is the esare amiable as an angel before men, sentials that unite. Letione christian yet if you bring another gospel, among discover in another these essential whom does the Holy Ghost class you? works of faith, and an union of soul (Gal. i.) But, you say, let your light immediately takes place. These good shine before men. Now mind there works, which when beheld by those is a false light and there is a true who have spiritual discernment, lead light: the light which you hold forth their beholders to glorify God. The does not bring to view the unutter- ornamental have their place and tileir able deceitfulness of the heart; does use, but when, as in most cases they not shew up salvation to be in its are, substituted for the essentials, several departments the joint work of they are, when thus, used, or rather the Father, the Word, and the Holy abused, an offence to the Lord, they Ghost; but leaves room for boasting are brambles and briers, and he will taking the mere outworks of religion burn them up: for religion itself, --substituting orna- Your letter has a great deal about ments for essentials. As the body human doings, but the Father of

ture's eye.

lights, he who is the true light, that they, the true disciples, ready to reHoly Spirit, who is to his disciples ceive and go with their Lord. To the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, watch, therefore, scripturally, is with giving them a knowledge of the Fa- the light of truth to see that we rether and of Christ; this everlasting ceive not another gospel,—that we be light, which is above the brightness not entangled in the yoke of bondage, of the sun ; this light in which shone --that we have and do receive the forth the counsels of the Father, the truth of God by the Spirit of God,salvation of Christ, and essential ope- that we walk in fellowship with the rations of the Holy Spirit; this light Father and with his Son Jesus Christ, you do not shew forth: how then are -that we contend earnestly for the the children of light, who are to faith once delivered to the saints : judge you by your works of faith, to this adds unto faith virtue, (that is, feel

any union of soul, or real spiri- power,] faith gains power by embratual love to you: like the barren fig- cing an increase of God, and this tree, you may, by the foliage of gains knowledge, and knowledge morality, appear even lovely at a brings spiritual sobriety, [delivers distance, but alas no fruits; these we from the intoxicating cup of error,] know are the essentials.

Your ex

this temperance or sobriety brings horting a good man, that is a real patience, (that is, willingness to en. christian, is like an owl attempting dure hardness for the truth's sake,] to direct an eagle, or the pur-blind and this patience brings godliness mole attempting to guide the vul- into exercise : then comes brotherly

Therefore before you kindness, then comes true (not false) again exhort others to let their light charity. shine before men, I hope that you

If these things had been in you, yourself may be brought into the you would not have joined in the light. Some degree of light, it is systems of men, but you would have true, is to shine forth in ornamental watched against their intrusion, and works, but it is in and by the essen- have prayed for grace to enable you tial works of faith, that the light so to stand fast. shines as to be manifest that they are Again, you say put off the old man wrought in God, and thus to unite and put on the new man do


do one christian to another.

this? what do you do in your proAgain, you say Watch and pray, tracted meetings as you call them? but you appear to me to do neither. why you stir up the sympathies of Look after the externals of profession the flesh with long prayers and plenty and say prayers it seems you do, but of noise; the people become religious, in you what watching is there against as you say, by scores and hundreds. the intrusion of error, when you are This indeed would if they became imposed upon by nominal conversions, spiritually-minded, were brought to the effusions of fanaticism, and symp- thirst for a knowledge of their eternal toms of universal invitation, which election of God, this would indeed be are nothing but free-will in disguise; truly delightful; but the great yea yet not much in disguise either, and amen truths of the gospel do not and that you must know if you are become their strength, so that those not awfully bewitched. True disci. who do know the truth cannot have ples are commanded to take heed and any fellowship with these people: the beware of the leaven of the pharisees, old man is not put off, but is only --to beware of false prophets,—to be dressed up, white-washed, and gargirded with truth; that the light of nished. Eternal election is a yoke truth is to be, not smothered with which does not suit the neck of the human inventions, but burning, and old man, for when this yoke is put


spiritually and really on, the whole they had brought in several new gospel is put on; the old man is means of grace, the means appointed brought to light, arraigned, condem- by the Lord being insufficient and not ned, and put off. In this yoke the altogether suited to the taste of the believer is willing to labour, knowing public. And almost all the wise and he must not be yoked with the oppo- the learned men of this world agree, sers of the truth: he has put off the that these very high doctrines have a old man,

and put on the new man. tendency to keep men from coming to Do you do this? I fear not.

Christ, all men being so eager to leave Again, you say be not conformed all and follow him. These high docto this world. But what is your trines, though found in the Bible, present hypocritical pretension to must be kept back as much as possi. Heshly sanctity, but conformity to this ble: of course it is a great pity these world. This fleshly sanctity is the high doctrines should be in the Bible, cloak under which the bitter enemies and a greater pity still that a few and persecutors of the truth and narrow-minded beings should be alpeople of God have in all ages shel- ways preaching these doctrines, and tered themselves. By those who thus hindering the pious folks from make great pretensions to holiness, going to heaven in their own way; were prophets, apostles, and martyrs and although it is written that all persecuted and slain : and by whom those whose names are not found writwas the Prince of life put to death? ten in the book of life are to be cast by publicans and harlots, by notorious into the lake of fire, yet we must not idolators, by unlearned and ignorant talk of this book now, because it men? verily no, but by those who brings the dear creatures to nought, were righteous before men, by those swallows up all their efforts, exertions, who compassed sea and land to make pretensions, duties, and doctrines ; proselytes, made long prayers, or had, the fire of truth burns up the whole. as you call the meetings of your mo- The religious world is the world dern synagogues of Satan, protracted turned religious, for it is the world meetings; yes, they made long piay- still; they hated the truth before they ers, they were not born of fornication,

made any profession, and they hate it oh no, they had one Father even God; still : their conversion is not a conaye, and thought very highly too of version from falsehood to truth, but all the prophets, took care to garnish merely a transition from the inventheir sepulchres, and, if these pious tions of profanity to those of religious folks had lived in the days of these delusion. Professors thus begotten prophets, they would not have perse- and brought forth, are what the Holy cuted them: dear, loving, holy, meek, Ghost calls children of whoredoms. and pious creatures : but when Jesus (Hosea ii. 4.) appeared, he being so humble in cir

These are the people whom you are cumstanoes and so high in doctrine, bidding God speed, and if God should they were, of course, doing their God

open your eyes to see where you are, a great service, in getting rid, as soon you will be as willing to leave these as they could get an opportunity to old wives fables, and doctrines of dedo it piously, of such a very danger- vils, as was the prodigal to leave the ous man as was this Jesus of Naza. pig-trough, and as was David to leave reth, for he declared they were all Achish the king of Gath, and as were hypocrites together. Of course these the lepers to be cleansed. But alas, good folks were not conformed to this at present, as far as externals go you world, they had one Father even God; are conformed to this world ; the and besides they had made many laws whole body of free-willers, low Cal. in order to improve the laws of God: vinists, and hypocrites must applaud

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