Blockchain Economics and Financial Market Innovation: Financial Innovations in the Digital Age

Umit Hacioglu
Springer Nature, 3 dec. 2019 - 563 pagina's

This book discusses various aspects of blockchains in economic systems and investment strategies in crypto markets. It first addresses the topic from a conceptual and theoretical point of view, and then analyzes it from an assessment and investment angle. Further, it examines the opportunities and limitations of the taxation of crypto currency, as well as the political implications, such as regulation of speculation with crypto currencies. The book is intended for academicians and students in the fields of economics and finance.


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About the Editor
Blockchain Economics and Financial Market Innovation
CryptoCurrency Investment Strategies and CryptoMarkets
Economic and Financial Assessment of CryptoCurrencies
Crypto Currency Taxation in Emerging Markets
Related Subjects Political Agenda for Crypto Markets

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Over de auteur (2019)

Umit Hacioglu is an associate professor of finance at the School of Business, Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey. He received his PhD in Finance and Banking. Corporate finance and business strategy are the main pillars of his interdisciplinary research. He is the executive editor of the "Journal of Research in Business and Social Science" (IJRBS) and “International Journal of Business Ecosystem and Strategy” (IJBES). He is executive director of Bussecon International Academy and a chair of the "Society for the Study of Business and Finance" (SSBF), Istanbul.

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