61, 63, and 65 West Fourth Street,




Alzog (Jchn, D.D.) A Manual of Uni- (over 7,400 items) of Books and Pam

versal Church History. Translated by phlets relating to America. 8vo. PaRev. T. J. Pabisch and Rev. T. S. Byrne. per.

30 3 vols. Svo

10 50 Bibliotheca Americana. Supplement. Andre (Major). The Cow Chase; an IIe- 1887. roick Poem. 8vo. Paper

75 Biddle (Horace P.) Elements of KnowlAntrim (J.) The History of Champaign elye.


1 00 and Lngan Counties, Ohio, from their Biddle (Horace P.) Last Poem. PorFirst Settlement. 12mo.

1 50

1 50 Baby's Record. Arranged for a Record Biddle (Horace P.) Prose Miscellanies. of the Baby's Lile. Small 4to. 1 25


1 00 Ballard (Julia P.) Insect Lives: or, Born Bouquet (H.) The Expedition of against

in Prison. Illustiated. Sq. 12mo. 1 00 the Ohio Indians in 1764, etc. With Bassler (S. S.) The Weather: A Practical Preface by Francis Parkliam, Jr. 8vo. Guide to its Changes. Showing Signal

$3.00. Large paper.

6 00 Service System, and How to Fore- Brunner (A. A.) Elementary and Protell Local Weather. Illustrated. 8vo.

nouncing French Reader. Smo. 60 Paper.


Brunner (A. A.) The Gender of French Bell (Thomas J.) History of the Cincin- Verbs Simplified. 18mo.

25 nati Water Works. Plates. 8vo. 75

Buck (Dr. J. D.) The Nature and Aim of Benner (Samuel, Ohio Farmer). Theosophy. Sg. 24mo. Paper.

Prophecies in Future Ups and Downs Buck (Dr. J. D.) The Secret Doctrine of in Prices. What Years to make Money

the Ancient Mysteries. Sq. 24mo. Paon Pig-Iron, Hogs, Corn, and Provisions.

per. Third edition, giving the results for 1876-1884, and Prophecies" to 1900. Burt (Rev. N. C., D.D.) The Far East; 24mo. 1881.

1 00 or, Letters from Egypt, Palestine, etc. Illustrated. lemo.

1 50 Bible in the Public Schools. Records,

The WashingtonArguments, etc., in the Case of Minor Butterfield (C. W.) vs. Board of Education of Cincinnati.

Crawford Letters; being the correspond8vo.

2 00 ence between George Washington and

William Crawford, concerning Western Arguments in Fayor of the Use of the

Lands 8vo.

1 00 Bible. Separate. Paper.

50 Arguments Against the Use of the Bible. Butterfield (C. W.) The Discovery of the Separate. Paper.

50 North-west, in 1634, by John Nicolet, with

a Sketch of his Life. 12mo. Bibliotheca Americana. 1886. Being a

1 00 priced catalogue of a large Collection Carr (Lucien). The Mounds of the Mis



25 50

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Lite in Kentuckt Pre-Historic Remains of Kentucky. Edited, with Notes and a Biographic With 7 heliotype plates. 4to. Pa

Sketch by his Son, Hon. Chas. D. Drake, per.

2 50

8vo. $3.00. Large paper.
Clark (Col. George Rogers). Sketches of DuBreuil (A.) Vineyard Culture lo

his Campaign in the Illinois in 1778–9. proved and (heapened. Edited by Dr.
With an Introduction by Hon. Henry J. A. Warder. 12mo.
Pirtle, and an Appendix. 8vo. $2.00. Durrett (Reuben T.) John Filson, ths
Large paper.

4 00

First Historian of Kentucky, an account
Coffin (Levi). The Reminiscences of Levi of His Life and Writings, prepared from

Coffin, the Reputed President of the original sources. 4to. Paper.
Underground Railroad. A Brief History Ellard (Virginia G.) Grandma's Christ.
of the Labors of a Lifetime in behalf of
the Slave. With Stories of Fugitive Everts (Orpheus, M.D.) What Shall we

mas Day. Illustrated. Sq. 12mo. lu Slaves, etc. etc 12mo.

2 00

Do With the Drunkard? A Rational Collier (Peter). Sorghum: Its Culture

View of the Wee of Brain Stimulants. and Manufacture Economically Con- 8vo. Paper.

30 sidered, and as a Source of Sugar

, Syrup Family Expense Book. A Printed de and Fodder. Illustrated. 8vo. Constitution of the United States, etc.

count Book, with Appropriate Column:

and Headings for Keeping a Complete The Declaration of Independence, July Record of Family Expenses. 12mo. 50 4, 1776; the Articles of Confederation, July 9, 1778; the Constitution of the Finley (I. J.) and Putnam (R.) Pionee United States, September 17, 1787; the

Record and Reminiscences of the Early Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitu

Settlers and Settlement of Ross County

Ohio. 8vo. tion, and Index; Washington's Farewell Address, September 7, 1796. 8vo. Pa- Fletcher (Wm. B., M.D.) Cholera: Its per.

25 Characteristics, Ilistory, Treatment, etc. Cook (W.) Synopsis of Chess Openings.

Svo. Paper.
A Tabulated Analysis. From the third Force (M. F.) Some Observations on the
English edition. Edited by J. W. Miller, Letters of Amerigo Vespucci

. Chess Editor of the Cincinnati Commer


Paper. cial Gazette. 8vo.

2 00

Force (M. F.) Some Early Notices of the Cornwell (H. G.) Consultation Chart of

Indians of Ohio. To What Race did the the Eye-Symptoms and Eye-Complica- Mound Builders Belong? 8vo. Pas tions of General Diseases. 14x20 inches.

30 Mounted on Roller.

50 Craig (N. B.) The Olden Time. А

Freeman (Ellen). Manual of the French Monthly Publication, devoted to the

Verb, Preservation of Documents of Early His Course. 16mo. Paper. tory, etc. Originally published at Pitts. Gallagher (Wm. D.) Miami Woods burg, in 1846-47. 2 vols. 8vo. 10 00

Golden Wedding, and other Poems Currie (James). Principles and Practice of

12mo. Common School Education. 12mo. 1 00 Garman (Samuel). On the Reptiles and Davis (W. J.) Kentucky Fossil Corals.

Batrachians of North America. Part I. A Monograph of the Polypi of the

Ophidia. With 9 full page plates. 416. Silurian and Devonian Formations. Paper. Illustrated with 139 Artotype plates, Grimke (F.) Considerations on the Miss representing 900 specimens. 2 vols. 4to.

25 00

8vo. DeBeck (David, M.D.) Hard Chancre of Griswold (W.) Kansas : Her Resources

the Eyelids and Conjunctiva. Colored plate. Svo. Paper.

and Developments; or, The Kansas 50

Pilot. 8vo. Paper. ive Croquet 24mo Paper.

25 Doisy (A. J.) Reminiscences of Army

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accompany every French

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ture and Tendency of Free Institutions,

2 50


Devereux (Mrs.) How to Play Progress Hall (James). Legends of those


Sketches Illustrative of the Habits, Or
cupations, Privations, Adventures, and

voiy, VI, UKULCITES 01 Distory, Lie, an(1 estry Designed to attord Information Manners in the West. 12mo. 2 00

concerning the Planting and Care of Hanover (M. D.) A Practical Treatise on

Forest Trees for Ornament and Profit; the Law of Horses, embracing the Law and giving Suggestions upon the Creation of Bargain, Sale, and Warranty of Horses

and Care of Woodlands, with the View and other Live Stock; the Rule as to of securing the greatest Benefit for the Unsoundness and Vice, and the Responsi

longest Time. Particularly adapted to bility of the Proprietors of Livery, Auc

the Wants and Conditions of the United tion, and Sale Stables, Innkeepers,

States. Illustrated. 12mo.

2 00 Veterinary Surgeons and Farriers, Car- Hough (Franklin B., Editor). The Ameririers, etc. 8vo.

4 00 can Journal of Forestry. Devoted to the Hart (Prof. J. M.) A Syllabus of Anglo

Interest of Forest Tree Planting, the Saxon Literature, 8vo. Paper.


Formation and Care of Woodlands and Hassaurek (F.) The Secret of the Andes.

Ornamental Plantations generally, and

to the Various Economics therein conA Romance. 12mo.

1 50

cerned. Oct., 1882-Sept., ,1883. 8vo. The Same in German. 8vo. Paper, 50c.; Cloth.

3 00 cloth,

1 00 Housekeeping in the Blue Grass. A New Hassaurek (F.) Four Years among Span- and Practical Cook Book. By Ladies ish Americans Third edition. 12mo. of the Presbyterian Church, Paris, Ky.

1 50
12mo. 17th thousand.

1 50 Hatch (Col. W. S.) A Chapter in the Iris- Hovey (Horace C.) Celebrated American tory of the War of 1812, in the North

Caverns, especially Mammoth, Wyandot, west, embracing the Surrender of the

and Luray; together with Historical, Northwestern Army and Fort, at Detroit,

Scientific, and Descriptive Notices of August 16, 1913, etc. 18mo.

1 25

Caves anal Grottoes in other Lands. Hayes (Rutherford B.) The Life, Public Maps and illustrations. 8vo. 2 00

Services, and Select Speeches of. Ed- Hovey (Horace C). Illustrated Guide to ited by J. Q. Howard. 12mo. Paper, 75c.; Manmoth Cave. Svo. Paper. 25 cloth

1 25

Howe (H.) Historical Collections of Ohio. Hazen (Gen. W. B.) Our Darren Lands.

Containing a Collection of the most InThe Interior of the United States, West

teresting Facts, Traditions, Biographical of the One Ilundredth Meridian, and

Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., relating to its East of the Sierra Nevada. Paper Local and General History. 8vo.

6 00 50

Hubbard (Clara B.) Merry Songs and Henshall (Dr. James A) Book of the Games for the Use of the Kindergarten. Black Bass: Comprising its complete Sci- 410.

2 00 entific and Life History, together with a Practical Treatise on Angling and Fl1- Hunt (W. E.) Historical Collections of

Coshocton County, Ohio. 8vo. 3 00 fishing, and a full description of Tools, Tackle, and Implements. Illustrated. Huston (R. G.) Journey in Honduras, and 1:mo.

3 00 Jottings by the way. Interoceanic Railway. 8yo. Paper.

50 Henshall (Dr. James A.) Camping and

Cruising in Florida. An Account of Two Irwin (Will. T.) How to Play Progressive Winters passed in Cruising round the

Euchre. Pocket size.

25 Coast of Florida, as Viewed from the Jackson (John D., M.D.) The Black Arts Stanıdpoint of an Angler, a Sportsman, a

in Medicine, with an Anniversary AdYachtsman, a Naturalist, and a Physician.

dress. Edited by Dr. L. S. McMurty. Illustrated. 12mo.

1 50

1 00 Hayward (S. Frances). Elocution for Busy People. 18mo. Paper.

50 Jasper (T.) The Birds of North America.

Colored Plates, drawn from Nature, with Horton (S. Dana). Silver and Gold and

Descriptive and Scientific Letterpress. their Relation to the Problem of Resump- In 40 parts, $1.00 each; or, 2 vols., royal tion. 8vo.

1 50
4to., half morocco, $50.00; full morocco,

60 00 Horton (S. Dana). The Monetary Situation. 8yo. Paper.

THE SAME. Popular portion only, with

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Explained and Applied to Familiar Ob- Shorthand Dictionary. The same as the jects. Ilustrated. limo.

1 00 above, but printed on writing paper, leerKentucky Geological Survey Publica

ing out the Shorthand Forms, and giving tions. See pages 11 and 12.

blank lines opposite each word, for the

purpose of enabling writers of any sistem King (John). A Commentary on the Law of Shorthand to put upon record, for conand True Construction of the Federal

venient reference, the peculiar wordConstitution. 8vo.

2 50

forms they employ. 12mo. Klippart (J. H.) The Principles and Longley (Elias). Compend of PhonograPractice of Land Drainage; a Brief His.

phy, presenting a Table of all Alphabetitory of Underdraining; a Detailed Exam

cal Combinations, Hooks, Circles

, Loira ination of its Operation and Advantages;

etc., at one view; also, Complete Lists of a Description of the Various Kinds of

Word-signs and Contracted Word-forma, Drains, with Practical Directions for

with Rules for Contracted Woris for the their Construction; the Manufacture of

use of Writers of all Styles of PhovogtaDrain Tile, etc. One hundred engrav- phy. 12mo. Paper.

3 ings. 32mo. Second edition. 1 75

Longley (Elias). The Phonographic Reader Law (J.) Colonial History of Vincennes,

and ifriter, containing Reading ExerIndiana, under the French, British, and

cises, with Translations on opposite pagez American Governments. lno. 1 00

which form Writing Exercises. 12m0. 35 Lloyd (J. U.) The Chemistry of Medi- Longley (Elias). Writing Exercises. For cines. Illustrated. mo. Cloth, $2.75;

raining speed in Phonou." phy, the Eversheep,

3 23

cises are printed continuous to the lines Lloyd (J. U.) Pharmaceutical Prepara- on whien they are to be written, and are

tions; Elixirs, their History, Formula interspersed with Word-signs, Phrases

and Methods of Preparation, 12mo. 1 25 and Sentences, beginning with the fin Lloyd (J. U. & C. G.) Drugs and Medi- lesson. 32 pages. Paper.

15 cines of North America. A Quarterly, McBride (J.) Pioneer Biographer devoted to the Historical and Scientific Sketches of the Lives of some of the Discussion of the Botany, Pharmacy, Early Settlers of Butler County, Onin. ? Chemistry and Therapeutics of the Med vols. Svo. $6.50. Large paper. Imp. ical Plants of North America, their Svo. Constituents, Produets, and Sophistica- McLaughlin (M. Louise). China Painttions. Illustrated. Royal Svo. ያ Per an

ing. A Practical Manual for the line of 1 00

Amateurs in the Decoration of Hard Por-
Vol. 1. Cloth.

3 50
celain. Sq. 12mo. Boards.

3 Longley (Elias).

Eclectic Manual of McLaughlin (M. Louise). Pottery Dea Phonography. A Complete Guide to the

ration: being a Practical Manual of ls: Acquisition of Pitman's Phonetic Short

derglaize Painting. Sq. 12mo. Boris hand, with or without a Master.

A new and carefully revised edition. 12mo. Stiíf paper binding, 65c.; cloth,

75 McLaughlin (M. Louise), Suggestions for

China Painters, Sq. 12m. Bourls
Longley (Elias). The Reporter's Guide

Designed for Students in any Style of MacLean (J. P.) The Mound Builders
Phonography; in which are formulated,
for the tirst time in any work of the kind, and an Investigation into the Archalupy
Rules for the Contraction of Words, Prin- of Butler County, Ohio. Illustrated

ciples of Phrasing, and Methods of Ab-
breviation. Abundantly illustrated. MacLean (J. P.) A Manual of the Ara

2 00 tiquity of Man. Illustrated. 1mo. 16 Longley (Elias). American Phonographic MacLean (J. P.) Mastodon, Mammoth,

Dictionary, exhibiting the correct and Man, Illustrated. 12mo,
actual Shorthand Forms for all the Use MacLean (J. P.) The Worship of the Re
ful Words in the English language, about ciprocal Principles of Nature among the
50,000 in number, and, in addition, many Ancient Hebrews. 12mo. Paper. 5

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Marshall Family (The); or, a Chronolog- Early Catholic Missions in Kentucky;

ical Chart of the Descendants of John the Society of Jesus; the Sisterhood of Marshall and Elizabeth Markham, his Loretto, etc. Ry Rt. Rev. C. P. Maes. wife. Sketches of Individuals, and No- 8vo.

2 50 tices of Families connected with them. Nichols (G. W.) The Cincinnati Organ, By Wm. M. Paxton. Portrait. 8vo. 2 50 The Chart, separately,

with a Brief Description of the Cincinnati Music Hall, 12mo. Paper.

25 May (Col. J.) Journal and Letters of, Ohio Valley Historical Miscellanies. I.

relative to Two Journeys to the Ohio Memorandums of a Tour made by Josiah Country, 1788 and 1789. 8vo. 2 00

Espy, in the State of Ohio, and KenMedical Questions Submitted to the Grad- tucky, and Indian Territory, in 1805.

uating Classes of the Medical College of II. Two Western Campaigns in the War Ohio, from 1871 to the present time.

of 1812-13. 1. Expedition of Capt. H. 8vo. Paper.

50 Brush, with Supplies for General Hull. Mettenheimer (H. J.) Safety Book-keep

2. Expedition of Gov. Meigs, for the reing. Being a Complete Exposition of

lief of Fort Meigs. By Samuel WillBook-keepers' Frauds—how Committed,

iams. III. The Leatherwood God. An how Discovered, how Prevented; with Account of the Appearance and Pretenother suggestions of Value to Merchants

sions of J. C. Dylks in Eastern Ohio, in and Book-keepers in the Management of

1828. By R. H. Taneyhill. 1 vol. 8vo.

1 00 Accounts. 18mo. Cloth.

$2.50. Large paper.

5 00 Minor (T. C., M. D.) Athothis: A Satire Osborn (Prof. H. S.) Ancient Egypt in on Modern Medicine. 12mo. 1 25 the Light of Modern Discoveries. Illus

trated. 12mo.

1 25 Minor (T. C., M. D.) Child-bed Fever,

Erysipelas, and Puerperal Fever, with a Paddack (J. R.) Tabular Book-keeping. Short Account of both Diseases. A System of keeping Accounts by Tabu8vo.

2 00 lation, greatly simplifying the work and reducing the labor. 4to.

3 00 Minor (T. C., M. D.) Scarlatina Statistics of the United States. 8vo. Paper.

50 | Park (Colonel Horace). Amateur Bycicle Morgan (Appleton). The Shakespearean

Repairing; or, Every Rider his own Repairer. 24mo.

25 Myth; or, William Shakespeare and Circumstantial Evidence. Second edition. Park (Colonel Horace). The Sportsman's 12mo.

2 00

Hand-Book of Field Sports, Camping,

Hunting, and Fishing. ismo. 1 00 Morgan (Appleton). Some Shakespearean Commentators. 12m Paper.

75 Phisterer (Captain Frederick). The Na

tional Guardsman: On Guard and KinMulertt (Hugo). The Goldfish, and its

dred Duties. 24mo. Leather.

75 Systematic Culture with a View to Profit. 12mo.

1 00 Physicians' Pocket Case Record Prescription Book.

35 Murdoch (James E.) The Stage; or, Recollections of Actors and Acting from an

Physician's General Ledger. Half Rus

4 00 Experience of Fifty Years. A Series of Dramatic Sketches. 12mo.

2 00 Piatt (John J.) Penciled Fly-Leaves. A Naf-Neff Family. A Chronicle, together

Book of Essays in Town and Country.
Sq. 16mo.

1 00 with a little Romance regarding Rudolf and Jacob Näf, of Frankford, Pennsyl- | Piatt (John J.). At the Holy Well, with vania, and their Descendants, including a Handful of New Verses. 12mo. 1 00 an Account of the Neffs in Switzerland Piatt (S. M. B.) Child's-World Ballads. and America. Coat of Arms, etc. By

Three Little Emigrants: a Romance of Elizabeth Clifford Neff. Small 4to. 4 00

Cork Harbour, 1884, etc. 12mio. $1.00; Name and Address Book. A Blank Book, parchment.

1 25 with Printed Headings and Alphabetical Piatt (John J. and S. M. B.) The ChilMarginal Index, for Recording the

dren Out-of-Doors. A Book of Verse. Names and Addresses of Professional, Commercial, and Family Correspondents.

By Two in One House. 16mo, 1 25 8vo.

1 00 Poole (W.F.) Anti-Slavery Opinions be


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