Mississippi Territory. Funeral to-morrow. Committee appointed.

Resolved that the House wear mourning one month _black crape on the left arm. House auljourned to Monday.

Mar. 13, Saturday. Both blouses of Congress, and their respective officers, Heads of Departments, etc., formed a procession at the house where Mr. Hunter died-Six Buildings. Walked in procession to Georgetown. He was buried in the Yard by Mr. Balch's Meeting House. Crape for the arm provided and put on at the house.

Mar. 15, Monday. Extinguishing State balance.
Mar. 16, Tuesday. Internal taxes.
Mar. 17, Balnesday. Do.

Mar. 18, Thursday. Do. Much disorder. Yeas and nays taken many times.

Mar. 20, Saturday. Went to Georgetown. Mr. F. Dodge went with me to Mason's Island. The house well contrived for an airy, pleasant seat in the summer. Garden handsomely laid ont. The Gardener gave me a large quantity and variety of seeds. Had to walk back to the City. Rained very hard as I returned. Invited to dine with Judge Cranch, but it was so late, and being very wet and fatigued, did not go.

Mar. 21, Lord's Day. Attended worship in the IIall. Dr. Gant preached. “By the terrors of the Law we persuade men."

Tolerable sermon. Full assembly. Mar. 2.2, Jonday. Mr. Read, Judge Tenney, and myself, went to Mr. Holt's garden and collected a number of trees, magnolias, bignonias, Liriodendrons, etc., which Mr. Holt packed in straw. We also got two kinds of honeysuckles, medlar, filbert, crocuses, and monthly roses.

Mar. 24, Wednesday. Sent our trees on a schooner to Newburyport.

Mar. 25, Thursday. Passed the bill for repealing internal taxes.

Mar. 26, Friday. Went to Dr. Mitchell's.* We took a walk to examine fossils.

* Dr. Samuel Latham Mitchell was born on Long Island, 1763. After the close of the war, went to Edinburgh, and studied medicine and Mar. 27, Saturday. House sat late. Meeting of Coinmittee to inquire into Treasury Department.

Mar. 29, 30, 31. Business not very interesting. House sat very late.

April 1, Thursılay. Several bills passed. Weather pleasant.

Apr. 2, Fri. Committee on Treasury books inquired into some accounts exhibited. Agreed to go to the Offices tomorrow. Received a petition from Merchants of Newburyport, and presented it a few minutes after.

Apr. 3, Saturday. The committee on appropriation of money inet at the office of the Secretary of the Treasury, at half after ten.

Apr. 4, Lord's Day. Attended at the Hall. Mr. Parkinson preached.

Apr. 5, Monday. Mr, Griswold's motion, to inquire into the subject of the Corvette Beaxau, greatly embarrassed the majority. Spent the day. Conversed with Mr. Davis respecting the religious stir in Kentucky. His account is most astonishing.

April 7, Wednesday. Bill for erectiny N. W. Territory into a State passed committee of the whole. Never was a bill passed opposed to so many constitutional, just, and equitable principles. It tyrannizes. over every principle of liberty and freedom.

Apr. 8, Thursday. Spent on N. W. Territory State Bill. It is a most palpable violation of the Constitution.

Apr. 9, Friday. Dined at Georgetown, at Mr. Balch's. Our family, Dr. Smith, President of New Jersey College, and and some gentlemen of Georget wn. Judge Foster and myself walked home in the rain.

Apr. 10, Saturday. Spent the day with the Committee for inquiry into the application of money. At the Accountant's Offices.

Apr. 11, Lord's Day. Dr. Smith preached in the Hall, natural history. On his return, was appointed Profes-or of Chemistry and Natural History in Columbia College. Member of Congress from New York from 1801--1, and again from 1810-13. Senator from 1804-9. He died in New York, September 8, 1931.- Dict of Congress (Lanman).

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meeting. Preached to young people from first Psalm, first verse.

Apr. 13, Tuesday. Much engaged on sundry bills.

Apr. 14, Wednesday. On the bill providing for the Public Debt.

Apr. 15, Thursday. Passed the Bill.

Apr. 16, Friday. Mr. Read and I went to the Offices. At Mr. Cunningham's, and at Mr. Dalton's.

Apr. 17, Saturday. Attended the Committee of Investigation at Navy Department, Acct's Office, and at several other offices.

April 18, Lord's Day. Rainy. Attended worship in the Hall. Mr. McCormick preached.

Apr. 19, Monday. At Offices, and in the Hall.
Apr. 20, Tuesday. In the Hall. Many yeas and nays.

Apr. 21, Wednesday. Very busy in the Hall. Collected trees for my two tubs ; filled them with small trees and dirt. At Mr. Dalton's.

Apr. 22, Thursday. My Son arrived from the Western Country. Came just at sunset. Put up at the City Hotel.

Apr. 23, Friday. Attended to business, and in the Hall.

Apr. 24, Saturday. My Son went with me to Alexandria. We crossed the ferry at East Branch, and walked down on the east side of the Potomac. The buds of the trees have been a long time expanding. Many trees had a green appearance in March, but few have their leaves yet much out: The woods generally scarcely appear green. In New England they would have made more progress in one week. The weather has been dry, but rather cool-some days quite cold -and out winds through the month of April.

We crossed the Potomac at the ferry opposite to Alexandria. Went to a public house and dined, rambled over the city, and came up in Mr. Wheat's boat.

Apr. 25, Lord's Day. Very warm and clear. I could not prevail upon myself to hear Parkinson. Took Ephraim's horse, and spent the day in the woods toward Bladensburg.

Apr. 26, Monday. Attended Congress, and the Committee of Investigation.

Apr. 21, Tuesday. Attended Committee.

Apr. 28. Much business done. House disposed to press hard in order to adjourn. Committee together.

April 29, Thursday. Committee agreed on a Report—very bad—but we could not prevent it. Fine rain yesterday. Very dry, and waters low, before this rain.

Apr. 30, Friday. Attended the House. Members in confusion. Made a collection of old Documents. Went to Georgetown, and finished business there.

May 1, Saturday. Preparing for our journey home. Engaged stages. Packing up things. Yesterday engaged Smith's Intelligencer and Washington Federalist.

May 2, Lord's Day. Attended at the Hall. Mr. Parkinson preached, on Lot's leaving Sodom. “ Flee for thy life, look not back, nor tarry in all the plain," etc.

May 3, Monday. Call of the house at 10; just in as the call came to my name.

Did little business. Out at the call at 3. House adjourned, about 6 o'clock, to the first Monday in December.

May 4, Tuesday. At five o'clock took my leave of my son Ephraim, who set out for the Western Country. At the same time we started for Baltimore. Messrs. Foster, Griswold, Goddard, Davenport, Read, and myself, hired a stage for ourselves at $3 each, for Baltimore, and no other passengers to be admitted. Lodged at Evans', Baltimore. Mr. Harper waited on us, and we drank tea with him, and Mr. McHenry, at his house.

May 5. Wednesday. Went on board a packet, bound to head of Elk, for Frenchtown. Wind favorable down the Patapsco and into Chesapeake Bay, then small, and somewhat ahead ; rather calm some of the way. Arrived at Frenchtown between 10 and 11 at night; computed at 70 miles. Our passengers were 22 members of Congress, viz.: Messrs. Foster, Ellery, De Witt Clinton, and Olcott, of the Senate; Judge Foster, Tenney, Upham, Shepard, Hastings, Read, Williams, Griswold, Davenport, Goddard, Tillinghast, Stanton, Elmendorf, Thomas, Bailey, General Smith, Leib, and myself, of the House; and several other passengers. No bed was to be obtained at Frenchtown. We all sat up, or lay on the floor. I

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May 6, Thursday. At daylight set out in three stages. Traveled 18 miles to New Castle, on the Delaware, where we breakfasted. Went on board the packet for Philadelphia. Left General Shepard and Mr. Upham. Wind directly ahead. fresh breeze. Very pleasant prospects on both sides of the river, Arrived at Philadelphia at 4 P. M. Put up at Hardy's, in Market, between Third and Fourth streets, south. Good house, but very dear. Called on Mr. Mandeville.

May 7, Friday. Judge Tenney and I went to Peale's Nuseum. Viewed the skeleton of the mammoth. Much larger than I expected ; 11 feet high ; from the ends of the horns to the end of the tail, 29 feet; from end of the nose to the tail, 16 feet; 5 claws on the hind, and 4 on the fore feet (or 5 fore and 4 hind). Teeth appear carnivorous. Dined at Hardy's. Set out in the Stage with lessrs. Judge Foster, Tenney, Tillinghast, Stanton, Ellery, llastings, and Thomas, for New York. Arrived at Trenton, about sunset, and lodged.

May 8, Suturday. Breakfasted at Princeton. Dined at Elizabethtown, and arrived at New York at six. Put up at Mrs. Anthony's. Spent the evening with Captain Wm. Dodge. We put our baggage on board the packet for Providence.

May 9, Lord's Day. Went on board the Captain Currier, for Providence. Sailed about 11 o'clock. Colonel Hitchborn, General Hull, Dr. Eustis, a Miss Morton, Mrs. Benny, and Miss Ilull, daughter of General Hull, and several gentlemen, passengers; also Mr. Ellery, Mr. Tillinghast, Julge Foster, and Judge Temey. Passed Hell Gate at 12, high water. Becalmed in the Sound, and made little headway. Slept in the cabin, without taking off my clothes.

May 10, Monday. Made our course along the shore of Long Island. Wind rather ahead. Got abreast of New London at daybreak. Slept in my clothes.

May 11, Tuesilay. Small wind, nearly ahead. Arrived at the wharf in Newport at 11 o'clock P. M. Went on board a packet for Providence. Slept in my clothes. Small wind, and not fair-N.E.

May 12, Wednesday. Arrived at Providence at 8 in the

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