Schizophrenia and the Family: A Practitioner's Guide to Psychoeducation and Management

Guilford Press, 12 mai 1986 - 365 pages
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Of all mental health disorders, schizophrenia remains the most pervasive, bewildering, and resistant to treatment. In addition to its profound effect on the patient, the illness can be equally devastating to the family, a problem that is compounded by the family's frequent role as provider of primary care. Psychoeducation systematically takes into account the family's role in providing care, and the importance of supporting this system, which in turn supports the patient. It is a method of care that remains focused on the family while making use of biological, psychological, and vocational interventions. SCHIZOPHRENIA IN THE FAMILY represents the first treatment manual based on the psychoeducational model. In conjunction with maintenance chemotherapy, psychoeducation reduces the emotional intensity of the patient's environment and creates a sense of continuous care. Using illustrative case examples, this "how-to-do-it' manual demonstrates methods to: * Increase treatment compliance * Sustain patients in the community * Gradually integrate patients into familial, social, and vocational roles. Specifically, they explain how to develop a productive treatment alliance with the patient and the family, and how to share with them concrete knowledge about the illness as well as management techniques for handling its difficulties. They provide recommendations for managing the critical, early outpatient phase of treatment and suggest methods for promoting the ability to work and socialize outside the home. Additionally, they describe how to conduct the final stages of treatment, when patients may be moving into maintenance sessions, other treatment methods, or toward termination. The book concludes with a helpful chapter on training issues and the application of the psychoeducational model to other mental health systems.

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Background and Rationale
Connecting with Families
The Survival Skills Workshop
The First Year Out
Social and Vocational Rehabilitation
The Final Stages of Treatment

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Page 349 - The effect of sex, marriage, and age at first admission on the hospitalization of schizophrenics during two years following discharge.

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