Bible English. Authorized. 1910



"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the
last."-Revelations, 22, 13.

"The Bible is a book of faith, and a book of doctrine, and a book of mor-
als, and a book of religion, of special revelation from God."-Daniel Webster.

"It is a belief in the Bible, the fruits of deep meditation, which has
served me as the guide of my moral and literary life."—Goethe.

"The word unto the prophet spoken

Was writ on tablets yet unbroken."-Emerson.

"The Gospel possesses a secret virtue, a mysterious efficacy, a warmth
which penetrates and soothes the heart."-Napoleon.

"The grass withereth, the flower fadeth; but the word of our God shall
stand forever."-Isaiah, 40, 8.

Edited by

Prof. Charles F. Horne, M. S., Ph. D.

(Of the College of the City of New York)

With the Assistance of

Rev. Prof. Julius A. Bewer, Ph.D.

(Of Union Theological Seminary)

Published by

New York

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Nebuchadnezzar's Visi 1394 Judith Commands the At-
The Fiery Furnace
1396 tack

The Rescue.
1398 Esther

1468 The Madness of Nebu

The Wisdom of Solomon 1470 chadnezzar

1400 The Teaching of EcclesiasThe Writing on the Wall 1402 ticus

1472 Daniel Before Belshazzar 1403 The Book of Baruch

1474 The Destruction of Babylon 1404 Daniel Defends Susanna 1476 Daniel Detected at Prayer . 1406 Daniel Trappeth the Priests 1478 Daniel Cast to the Lions 1408 Habbacuc Brought to DanDaniel's Great Deliverance 1410

iel .

1480 The Vision of the Beasts 1412 The Prayer of Manasses 1482 The Vision of the Goat . 1414 The Death of Alexander 1484 Michael Battles for Judah . 1416 The Vision of Heliodorus 1486 The Sealing of Daniel's Vis The Revolt of Mattathias 1488 ions

1418 The Last of Seven Heroes 1490 Haggai Summons the People 1420 The Victor, Judas MaccaHaggai Promises the Tem


1492 ple's Grandeur 1422 Eleazar's Exploit

1494 Zechariah's First Vision 1424 The Triumph of the MaccaZechariah's Last Vision. 1426


1496 The Messiah Promised. 1428 Christ

1498 The Prophets' Teaching 1429 The Birth of John AnJoel Preacheth Repentance 1430 nounced

1500 Joel's “Day of the Lord" 1432 St. Matthew's Gospel

1501 Malachi Pleads with the

Zacharias Stricken

1502 Heedless

1434 Mary Enters the Temple . 1504 The Evil Priesthood · 1436 | The Espousal of Mary and The Promise of the Future 1438 Joseph

1506 Esdras Preacheth the Law 1440 The Annunciation to Mary. 1508 The Contest of the Three Mary Visits Elizabeth 1510 Guardsmen 1444 The Child John.

1512 Zerubbabel Pleads for Jeru

The Anxiety of Joseph . 1514 salem

1444 The Journey to Bethlehem 1516 Esdras Rejected by . His The Pæan of the Angels 1518 People

1446 The Worship of the ShepThe Good Deeds of Tobit 1448 herds

1520 Tobit Bids Tobias Good-by 1450


1522 Tobias Secures the Fish 1452 Following the Star

1524 Asmodeus Defeated.

1454 The Worship of the Magi 1526 Tobias Cures His Father


The Massacre at Bethlehem 1528 Raphael's Departure 1458 The Flight into Egypt 1530 Judith

1460 The Return to Nazareth 1532 Judith Before Holofernes 1462 The Childhood of Christ 1534 The Escape of Judith . 1464 Alleluja


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