1 John iii. 15.
Luke iii. 14.
2 Cor. vii. 2.

Rom. xii. 19.

1 Cor. vi. 9. Rom. xiii. 13. 1 Thes. v. 22.

their masters as to the Lord, from him expecting their reward.

Keep us from murder, violence, and

all injury to our neighbour's life or Matt. v. 22, 39. health ; from malice, cursing, reviling, Rom. xii. 17.

and unadvised anger : let us not resist evil with evil, but forbear one another, and not give place to wrath. Eph. iv.2. Keep us from adultery, fornication,

and all uncleanness, and the occasions Matt. v. 27,28.

and appearances thereof: let us take

care, as becometh saints, that they be Eph. v. 3, 4, 5; not immodestly named among us; and

that no corrupt communication proceed 1 Pet. iii. 2, 3.

out of our mouths. Keep us from

chambering and wantonness, from lustful thoughts, and all immodest attire, behaviour, looks, and actions. Eph. iv. 28.

Keep us from theft and oppression, Psal. lxii. 10;

and any way wronging our neighbour

in his property and estate. Prov. xix.5; xii.

Keep us from false-witness-bearing, 17; x. 10.

lying, and deceiving : from slandering, Matt. vii. 1, 2. Psal. xv. 3;

backbiting, unjust, uncharitable censuring or reproaching; from all perverting

iv. 29.

Job xxxi. 1.

lxxiii. 8. 1 Thes. iv. 6.

lxxxii. 2.

Phil. ii. 21.
Matt. xxii. 39;

1 Pet. i. 22.

of justice, and wronging the reputation Lev. xix. 17.

Prov. xxiii. 6, of our neighbour; and from all consent

7,8. or desire of such wrongs. Keep us from envy, and from covet

Gal. v. 21, 26. ing any thing that is our neighbour's to Exod. xx. 17. his wrong, and from seeking our own, or drawing to ourselves, to the injury vii. 12. of his welfare ; but let us love our neighbours as ourselves, and do to others as we would they should do to us.

Teach us to love Christ and his holy Matt. xv. 40. image in his members, with a dear and

Matt. v. 44, 45, special love ; and to love our enemies, 46. and pray for them that hate and persecute us, and to do good to all as we are able, but especially to them of the household of faith.

Cause us with patience to submit to Psal. xxxix. 9. all the disposals of thy will, and wait Matt. xxvi. 30. thy end ; and to love the demonstra- Jas. v. 7, 8, 11. tions of thy holiness and justice, 2 Kings xx. 19.

Mal. iii. 13, 14. though grievous to the flesh: and keep us from impatient murmurings, and discontent, and arrogant reasonings against thy will.

Give us our daily bread, our neces- Luke xi. 13. sary sustentation and provision for thy Deut: xxviii. 45.

Gal. vi. 10.

Acts xxi. 14.

8, &c. Phil. ii. 27. Psal. cii. 24.

Rom. xiii. 14. service; and let us use it for thee, and Luke xii. 20.

not to satisfy the flesh: let us depend Eph. v. 16. John ix. 4. on thee, and trust thee for it in the lawful use of the means; and bless thou our labours, and give us the fruits of the earth in season, and such temperate weather as tendeth thereunto. Deut. xxviii. 6, Deliver us and all thy servants from

such wants, distresses, griefs, and sick

ness, as will unseasonably take us off Luke xii. 20.

thy service, and from untimely death : Eph. v. 16. John ix, 4.

and teach us to value and redeem our time, and work while it is day.

Keep us from gluttony, drunkenness, 1 Cor. ix. 25.

and all intemperance; from sloth and 1 Tim. v. 6, 13. Eph. iv. 28.

idleness ; from inordinate desires of Prov. xxi. 17; pleasures or abundance: but having xxiii. 4.

food and raiment, let us be therewith contented. 1 Tim. vi. 8, 9. Of thy abundant mercy, through the Psal. li. 1. 1 John i. 2.

sacrifice and merits of thy Son, accordHeb. viii. 12. ing to thy promise, forgive us all our Dan. ix. 6, 16. Jer. xiv. 7.

sins, and save us from thy deserved Psal. xxxi. 16; wrath and condemnation. Remember li. 11, 12, 19.

not, O Lord, our offences, nor the

Rom. xiii. 13.

Rom. viii. 1.

offences of our forefathers; but, though our iniquities testify against us, spare us and save us for thy mercy' sake. O let not our sin deprive us of thy Spirit, or of access unto thee, or communion with thee; or of thy favour or comfort, or the light of thy countenance, or of everlasting life.

Cause us to forgive from our hearts Matt. vi. 2,14,15. the injuries done against us, as we Rom. xii. 19.

Luke v. 28, 29; expect to be forgiven by thee the great- xxiv. 47. est debt. Keep us from all revengeful Acts vii. 60. desires and attempts. And do thou convert and pardon our enemies, slanderers, oppressors, persecutors, and others that have done us wrong.

Keep us from running upon tempt- Matt. xxvi. 41. ations ; suffer not the tempter, by subtlety or importunity, to corrupt our Job xxxi. I. judgments, wills, affections, or conver- Matt. xii. 36. sations. Cause us to maintain a diligent and constant watch over our 1 John ii. 13; thoughts and hearts, our senses and appetites, our words and actions ; and, 2 Tim. ii. 8. as faithful soldiers, by the conduct and strength of the Captain of our salvation, with the whole armour of God, to resist and overcome the world, the devil, and the flesh, unto the end.

Jas, iv. 7.
Prov. iv. 23.

Heb. ii. 10.
2 Tim. ii. 3.

Rom. viii. 13.

Rom. viii. 18.

Matt. vi. 13.
Rom. xvi. 20.

Prov. XXX. 8,9. Save us from the temptations of
1 John ii. 15, 16.

prosperity and adversity; let us not be
Rom. viii. 17.
Matt. xiii. 21, drawn from thee to sin by the plea-
22; viii. 24.

sures, profits, or honours of the world.

Strengthen us for sufferings ; let us
not forsake thee, or fall in time of trial. Help us
to deny ourselves, and take up our cross, and follow
Christ ; accounting the sufferings of this present
time unworthy to be compared with the glory to
be revealed.

Deliver us from the enmity and rage

of Satan and his instruments; and give
Psal. cxl. 1, 2,
3; xxxi. 8; not up thy servants, their souls or
xvii. 2, 12.

bodies, their peace or liberties, estates

or names, to their malicious wills :
but save us, and preserve us to thy heavenly

We ask all this of thee, O Lord ; for

thou art the universal King, holy and
Psal. lxxii. 4, 13. just, to whom it belongeth in righteous-
Jude 14, 15.

ness to judge the world, and save thy
Psal. lxii. 1 ;
people. All

power is thine, to execute
wrath upon thine enemies, and to deliver
Rom. xi. 36.

and glorify thy flock; and none is able
to resist thee. Of thee, and through

1 Tim. iv. 18.

1 Tim. i. 17.
Psal. cxlv. 17.
Acts xvii. 31.

2 Thes. i. 10.

cxlvii. 5.
Job ix. 4.

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