THE SPECIAL EFFORT. THE COMMITTEE have the satisfaction of reporting, that their APPEAL for Funds to enable them to send forth EVANGELISTS to labour for a limited time has been cheerfully and liberally responded to by many of the friends of Evangelical truth. They indulge the confident expectation that others, who have not yet forwarded their contributions, will still take part in the good work. Ministerial brethren have also cheerfully consented to undertake the service to which they have been invited. The Rev. Dr. Evans, of Scarborough, has spent some time in Belfast, Coleraine, and other places, where his labours have been very acceptable. The Rev. F. WILLS is engaged at Coleraine and Londonderry. The Rev. JOHN LEWIS, of Houghton Regis, is assisting Mr. Carson in Tubermore and its neighbourhood. Mr. LYND, an Irish convert, is engaged with Mr. EccLEs at Banbridge. Other brethren will soon go forth on the same errand. Reports of their labours will be given, and will, doubtless, be read with interest by the friends of Ireland.

"AN INCIDENT IN THE REVIVALS." MY DEAR SIR, -I send you the follow, On the river the little boat upset, and the ing sketch of an Incident in the Revivals, crew of thirteen were thrown into the water. which may, perhaps, interest some of the Nine of them were drowned, and four readers of the “Chronicle." At an even- saved; he was one of the four. This ciring prayer-meeting, in our house of worship cumstance made a deep impression on his at Belfast, it was related by the Rev. Mr. mind, and he promised to give bis spared Bowden, of Leeds, as nearly as possible in life to Christ. His Christian relations and the words I have given.

friends hoped he was truly changed, but Yours truly,

his goodness was like the morning cloud

R. M, HENRY. and early dew. He became the companion The Rev. C. J. Middleditch.

of fools, and learned their ways; casting off all restraint, he became a habitual

drunkard. With two sisters he emigrated An instance of the grace of God, which to America ; but a change of country made came before me in the neighbourhood of no change in his conduct, except that perC , whilst visiting there, gave great joy haps he pursued the downward course with to my heart. The subject of it was one more rapidity. His own statement is, “I whom I had known, and of whom I was a stopped at nothing; I fell into all kinds of companion in my boyish days. We had wickedness; I fought against God and my often gone to the same Sabbath school and own conscience; and, though it was to the the same sanctuary in company. Deprived grief of my dear sisters, whom in the midst by death of both his parents in early life, of all I loved dearly, I had no power to he was placed under the care of his oldest stay my course, on, on, headlong to my brother, a member ofthe Independent church, destruction.” Hie sisters at last requested and a true Christian, whose influence was him to return to his native country, in the used and whose prayers constantly ascended hope that it might be for his good. He for the conversion to God of all his brothers consented, and arrived in the early part of and sisters. The one of whom I speak had this year; but the heart with which he been in early life the subject of a great tem- had left was still unchanged. He soon beporal deliverance. When a boy, with gan his old ways. “I drank,” he says, twelve other lads, he went one Lord's day " and fought against God and man. My into a little boat to cross a river which ran brother advised me, and tried all he could near his own house, in order to have a to win me, but I counted him my greatest Sabbath day's pleasure on the other side. I enemy.'


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During all this time he was miserable ; ! Words were insufficient to give full vent his conscience would at times wake up, to the feelings of his heart. He leaped, he and speak in language loud as thunder, danced for very joy. What happiness to his and so miserable was he under its appeals dear brother, who, year after year, had been and forebodings, that at last he resolved to praying for him, weeping for him, wrestling take away his life; and in order to give his with God for him, now to see him saved! Christian brother all the pain he could, There was a public meeting in a field determined that he would write, and leave near his brother's house some two days the note for him to find, informing him of after his conversion, and among the speakers the fact, and where his body would be was seen this man. One of Mrs. — 's found. He intended to throw himself into relatives was present, and gave me a dethe river at the same place from which in scription of the scene. What a sight! His early life God had rescued him. He went Christian relations and friends were all into C , which is three miles from his bathed in tears, and many were looking on brother's, and, in order to prepare himself with wonder. During his address, he said, for the fulfilment of his hellish resolution, “ I am not able to say much, for my head he told me he drank whisky all day; but is dizzy. I have not slept a wink since ; it seemed as if all the whisky in the town but I just want to tell you that I have would not make him drunk. He left town served my master long and faithfully, and in the evening, I believe, with the letter for that he is a bad master, and gires bad his brother in his pocket. But the Lord wages. And I want to tell you that I did had mercy on him.

not wish to leave him-I am no runaway, When a short distance from the town, I am no deserter ; no, I had no notion of and alone, his sins, as with a lightning leaving him, till I was pressed, yes, till I flash, all came up before his mind. He was pressed. The struggle was great ; I stopped, and in the horrors of his imagina- fell between their hands. O what misery! tion he saw the ground open, and the pit At the very mouth of the pit; on the very ready to receive his black and guilty soul. brink of hell. But oh, the blessed Jesus He stepped aside to escape the precipice had hold of me, and I got hold of him, and before him. Hell, in all its horrors, was by his grace I will never let him go; and I present to his view. He fell to the ground want you all to pray for me-to pray for in despair ; reason fled for a season-he - that he may never let me go, and knows not how long. By some of the that I may be as faithful a servant to my “converts” he was found on the wayside, new Master as I have been to my old one." and taken back again to town. When This took place some two months before reason returned, his misery was such as an my visit to C- He heard of my being awakened sinner, or a lost soul, only can in the place, and came to hear me preach. understand. But, blessed be God, in his At the close of the service, he requested an case it was the precursor of mercy. He interview with me. Being very anxious to was not yet in hell, but on the land of have a little conversation with him, I hope. His sickness was not unto death. arranged for a time to meet him, when he During two days and nights this misery gave me the account of his conversion continued, and his case and prospects even which I have just stated. He had read God's grew darker and darker. God seemed to word since that time, and there he had seen his convicted soul to be laughing at his that all believers were commanded to be calamities, and mocking now that his fear baptized, as a public profession of their had come. He dreaded to pray, and yet faith in Christ; and, believing that sprink. could not refrain.

ling in infancy is not Christian baptism, he A little tract was put into his hands by asked me if I would baptize him. On the his sister-in-law, “ Jesus, Justice, and the evidence of his faith, given by his conversaSinner." A ray of hope beamed upon his tion and conduct, I could not refuse him despairing soul; the light increased, and the privilege of that ordinance of Christ; at last he exclaimed, “ Jesus, I surrender; and in the Baptist chapel that evening, bedo with me as thou wilt. If I perish, I fore a large congregation, he put on Christ will perish trusting to thy blood." The by baptism. invitations and assurances of the Scriptures It was, indeed, a solemn and, I hope, a were then clear and plain to him, and he profitable service. I addressed him, as he was enabled to rejoice in a sin.pardoning descended the steps of the baptistry, with God. Emerging like the sun in a tropical the words, “Ye were as a firebrand plucked clime, from darkness into sudden day, lie out of the burning." And may the same burst forth in songs of ecstatic joy, such as power that has plucked him out, hold him those only know who hare been spatched up, until he shall be presented faultless from the brink of hell, and made subjects before the throne with exceeding joy. of God's great salvation.

DESTITUTION. Banbridge, Nov. 9, 1859. clothing, or in the shape of blankets,-oh, do MY DEAR BROTHER,- The winter is send me some! of the privations here I setting in soon and severely ; my congrega. never before had even a specimen. In tion is emphatically poor; how to manage haste, I hardly know, as employers, and all the

Yours in Jesus, gratefully, wealth about here, are ranged against me.

W. S. ECCLES. The hats and caps will be of great service, Rev. C. J. Middleditch. but, dear brother, anything in the way of

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Received since the foregoing List was prepared for Press.

£ 8. d. i Luton, by Rev. T. Hands

. 2 17 6 Gutteridge, R., Esq. . . Leeds, Great George Street, Collection

Horsey, Thomas, Esq. at Lord's Supper, by Rev. Dr. Brewer, 1 2 0 Maynard, Mr. R. . . . Gover, Mrs. . .

. 1 1 0 T. I, H., Clipstone . . .

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Further Contributions in aid of the Special Fund, and those for general
purposes, are unavoidably deferred on account of the Secretary's absence from

The thanks of the Committee are presented to Mrs. Hassell, for a parcel of
children's clothing.

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Contributions in behalf of the general purposes of the Baptist Irish Society, or in aid
of the special efforts for RATHMINES and BELFAST, will be thankfully received by the
Treasurer, Thomas PEWTRESS, Esq.; or the Secretary, the Rev. CHARLES JAMES
MIDDLEDITCH, at the Mission House, 33, Moorgate Street, E.C.; or the London
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Road, S.; and by the Baptist Ministers in any of our principal towns.




Baptist Missionary Society.

Formed 1792. OBJECT :-“ The diffusion of the knowledge of the religion of Jesus (hrist throughout the whole world, beyond the British Isles, by the preaching of the gospel, the translation and publication of the Holy Scriptures, and the establishment of schools."

INCOME, year ending March, 1859. i . . . . . £26,513 1 3 EXPENDITURE . . . . . .

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540 1 6
Treasurer, Sir SAMUEL MORTON Peto, Bart.

Accountant, Rev. Thomas SMITH.

Committee. Acworth, Rev. James, LL.D., Bradford | Leechman, Rev. J., LL.D., Hammersmith Aldis, Rev. John, Reading

Manning, Rev. Samuel, Frome Allen, Joseph H., Esq., Aston Clinton Middleditch, Rev. C. J., Holloway Benham, John Lee, Esq., London

Mursell, Rev. James P., Leicester Birrell, Rev. Charles M., Liverpool

Newman, Rev. Thomas F., Shortwood Brock, Rev. William, Bloomsbury

Pewtress, Thomas, Esq., Camberwell Brown, Rev. J. J., Birmingham

Pritchard, Rev. J., Llangollen Brown, Rev. J. T., Northampton

Robinson, Rev. William, Cambridge Burchell, Rev. William F., Rochdale

Russell, Rev. Joshua, Blackheath Cartwright, Richard, Esq., London

Smith, W. L., Esq., St. Albans Chown, Rev. J. P., Bradford

Stevenson, George, Esq., Blackheath Dowson, Rev. Henry, Bradford

Stovel, Rev. Charles, London Evans, Rev. Benjamin, Scarborough

Tucker, Rev. F., B.A., London Gotch, Rev. F. W., LL.D., Bristol

Vince, Rev. C., Birmingham Harris, Richard, Esq., Leicester

Watson, William H., Esq., London Haycroft, Rev. N., M.A., Bristol

Webb, Rev. James, Ípswich Heaton, W., Esq., London

Wheeler, Rev. T. A., Norwich Landels, Rev. William, Regent's Park Wliliams, Rev. Benjamin, Finsbury

Honorary Members of Committee. Angas, The Hon. G. F., Adelaide

| Kelsall, Henry, Esq., Rochdale Angus, Rev. Joseph, D.D., Regent's Park Marshman, John, Esq., London Bickham, Thomas, Esq., Manchester Müller, Professor, Amsterdam Brawn, Rev. Samuel, Loughton

Rees, W., Esq., Haverfordwest Foster, George, Esq., Sabden

Sheppard, John, Esq., Frome Godwin, Rev. Benj., D.D., Rawden, Leeds Sherring, 'R. B., Esq., Bristol Hinton, Rev. J. H., M.A., London

Steane, Rev. E., D.D., Camberwell
Hoby, Rev. James, D.D., Twickenham / Winter, Rev. Thomas, Bristol
Auditors, Messrs. STEPHEN GREEN, SAMUEL BLIGN, GILBERT Bright, and

Baptist Mission House, 33, Moorgate Street, London.


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