The accompanying sketch presents a front view of the College now in course of
erection near Bradford, Yorkshire; and connected with it is an outline of the ground-
plan. The following table of references to this latter will render it sufficiently intel-
ligible :-
A Dining Hall.

I Studies.
B Lecture Room.

J Kitchen.
CC Class Rooms.

K Scullery.
D Professors' Room.

L Wash-house, 2 D Entrance Hall.

M Laundry.
E Tutors' and Carriage Entrance.

N Stable Yard and Kitchen Court. · FF Students' Entrances.

(0 W.C. G Principal Staircase.

PP Lavatories. HH Students' Staircases.

The Terrace in front is 60 feet wide. Orer the Entrance Hall and Class Rooms is the Library, a noble apartment, 39 by 26 feet, and 20 feet high ; while over it, and con. sequently detached from every other part, are the Sick Rooms. For convenience and comfort, as well as economy of every kind, the internal arrangements cannot, it is believed, be excelled. The exterior, with its ample Terrace, has a most commanding appearance, especially as seen from the valley beneath; and so judiciously placed is the building itself-on the edge of an eminence nearly 200 feet high-that from erery Study, and every Dormitory, there is a full unobstructed outlook, not only on a large portion of the undulating sweep below, embracing rail, river, and canal, but also on the exquisitely beautiful scenery around.

Owing mainly to a want of adequate means, the Students' apartments will not be carried out to the contemplated extent at present; but the enlargement, whenever required, can be made, as will be apparent from an inspection of the ground-plan, with the utmost ease, and without enhancing the expense beyond what would be incurred in effecting it now.

The cost of the whole undertaking, inclusive of the land—which is freehold, and measures rather more than seven acres, surrounded by plantations and boundary walls— will not, it is confidently expected, exceed £10,000. Hitherto the contracts have been most punctually observed on both sides ; and hence the estimate specified may be fairly relied on. Already £7,000 have been either contributed, or promised, and mainly by kind friends in the Northern Counties. To meet the remainder of the outlay, there are the existing premises (however, of comparatively very little value, and, in view of possibly unforeseen and unavoidable contingencies, better not taken into account), and the support of those other numerous kind friends in different parts of the kingdom, not yet solicited, but willing it is earnestly hoped to co-operate in a movement absolutely necessary, and promising, under the blessing of the Almighty Redeemer, to yield the richest fruit to the Denomination, and through it to the Church and to the world at large. To these friends accordingly an urgent appeal is now made. Especially are they requested to bear in mind that the College has nothing beyond its annual income never more than sufficient with the most rigid economy to meet its ordinary expenditure; that it is therefore indispensable to its thorough efficiency, if not its very existence, it should enter its new home free from pecuniary incumbrance; and such being the case, that intended assistance rendered promptly will become proportionately valuable. More particularly are those beloved and honoured brethren, heretofore enjoying the advantages of the College, entreated to use on its behalf whatever measure of influence they possess within their respective spheres, and thus obtain for their Alma Mater in moving to her new locality and abode the assistance sho so greatly requires.

Contributions will be gratefully received at Messrs. Glyn & Co.'s, Lombard Street, London, in connection with the COMMERCIAL BANKING COMPANY, Market Street, Bradford; by the latter Bankers ; by the Treasurers to the Building Fund, Dr. Acwortu, THOMAS AKED, and WILLIAM STEAD, Esqs., Bradford; or by the Rev. HENRY Dowson, Hon. Secretary, Bradford.

It is fully expected the premises will be ready for occupancy the latter end of August, or the beginning of September next.

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RECOGNITION AND ORDINATION part in the meeting, which was composed SERVICES.

of members of all religious denominations, LLANGWM, NEAR USK.-The Rev. D. y. including the Established Church. Phillips, late of Pontypool College, was recognised as pastor of the church here on ANNIVERSARY AND OPENING Monday, February 14th. The Revs. Dr.

Thomas, G. Thomas, R. Griffiths, T. R.
Evans, Reeves, and Preece, took part in the

REGENT STREET, LAMBETH.-A meeting very interesting services.

has been held in this place, at which, after ÉITCHIN, HERTS.-A meeting, to wel. tea, the Rev. R. B. Lancaster, the pastor, come the Rev. G. Short, B.A., as pastor of gave a very interesting lecture on the the church at Salem Chapel, was held on Venerable Bede. In the course of the Wednesday, February 8th. ‘Mr. Hainworth meeting it was resolved to make an effort occupied the chair ; addresses were deli- to liquidate a debt of about £50, which yet vered by the Rev. Messrs. Cornford, Hands, remains on the chapel. Jukes, Spencer, Gould, Griffiths, and G.

CANTERBURY.--On Wednesday, March Short; by the deacons of the church, by 2nd, a meeting was held with a view of Blyth Foster, Esq., and by D. Lloyd, Esq., helping the cause of chapel and church of Hitchin. Letters of apology for absence

extension in connection with the Baptist were presented from several ministers. Mr. denomination in this city. It was urged in Short enters upon his new sphere of labour favour of a new chapel and school-room, with encouraging indications of comfort and

that the present building was too small, success.

that there was no possibility of enlargeSTOURBRIDGE.—The Rev. W. Varlev, /ment on the same site, that there was no late of South Africa, has been recognised as accommodation for the Sunday school, and the pastor of the church here. The Revs. that the ecclesiastical position of the city 8. Packer, J. Richards, D. Jeavons, and J. demanded a more appropriate chapel. It Bailey, addressed the meeting, which was is proposed to raise one million pence, onelarge, influential, and enthusiastic.

fourth of which the church and congregation will raise among themselves.

FALMOUTH.-On the 9th inst. the annual PRESENTATIONS AND TESTI. meeting of the congregation was held in the MONIALS.

school-room ; J. Freeman, Esq., presided. BOXMOOR. - On Friday, March 11th,

P. Gutheridge, Esq., made a very satisfaca meeting was held here in order to take

tory financial statement, reporting the proleave of the Rev. B. Pratten. Several

gress made during the year in clearing off ministers took part in the service, and a

the debt. The Rev. J. Walcot, the pastor, valuable microscope was presented to Mr. suggested that slips of paper be handed Pratten as a token of affection and grati

opsti: round the room, which, when returned, tude.

contained promises sufficient to clear off CHESHAM.--A meeting, to celebrate the

the debt within the ensuing twelvemonth. 25th anniversary of the Rev. W. Payne,

Several ministers of the town and neighwas held in this place. Great cordiality

bourhood spoke. and affectionate feeling were expressed, and

| WELLINGTON STREET, LUTON. – The a purse containing £25 was presented to

anniversary services of this place were held the pastor.

on March 13th. The collections were BEWDLEY.- On the 7th inst. a meeting

liberal and the congregation large. On the was held in this place to express the affec

following day a public meeting was held, at tion and regard felt by the people for their

which between 400 and 500 persons were

present. The reports were of a most enwas presented to him.

couraging character, and the meeting, which WOTTON-UNDER-EDGE. - The Rev. J.) was addressed by many ministers and genWatts, for thirty years the esteemed pastor

ortlemen, was marked by great cordiality. of this church, being about to remove to Ashdon, Essex, was, on the 14th inst., invited to a tea-meeting, called to express the

MINISTERIAL CHANGES. respect felt for him and gratitude for his The Rev. S. Borton Brown, B.A., of faithful labours. Many persons were pre- Redruth, Cornwall, has informed the Bapsent from the surrounding districts. After tist church in that town that he will resign tea a purse of money and a very splendid the pastorate in the course of this month. silver inkstand were presented to him. -The Rev. W. H. Bonner has accepted an Ministers from Bristol, Cheltenham, and invitation to the pastorate of the church Stroud, besides those from the more imme- meeting in Trinity Chapel, Trinity Street, diate neighbourhood, were present, and took Southwark. - The Rev. Alfred Ibberson,


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