The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Lambeth, and the Archiepiscopal Palace: Including Biographical Sketches ...

J. Nichols and son, 1826 - 458 pagina's

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Pagina 173 - These villeins, belonging principally to lords of manors, were either villeins regardant, that is, annexed to the manor or land; or else they were in gross, or at large, that is, annexed to the person of the lord, and transferable by deed from one owner to another (e).
Pagina 360 - ... the side-table in the dining-room was supplied with a large fountain, and the glasses stood under little streams of water. His coach had a moveable kitchen, with clockwork machinery, with which he could make soup, broil steaks, or roast a joint of meat.
Pagina 350 - Kennington, alighted from their horses, and entered the hall on foot; which done, the prince, his mother, and the lords, came out of the chamber into the hall, whom the...
Pagina 426 - Wherefore they are directed to avoid the realm, and not to return under pain of imprisonment, and forfeiture of their goods and chattels : and, upon their trials for any felony which they may have committed, they shall not be entitled to a jury de medietate lingufE.
Pagina 142 - Art and Nature through, As by their choice collections may appear Of what is rare in Land, in Sea, in Air, Whilst they (as Homer's Iliad in a nut) A world of Wonders in one closet shut. These famous Antiquarians that had been Both gardeners to the Rose and Lily Queen, Transplanted now themselves sleep here ; and when Angels shall with their trumpets waken men, And fire shall purge the world, these hence shall rise, And change this garden for a Paradise.
Pagina 428 - French, a speech compact thirty years since of English and a great number of odd words of their own devising, without all order or reason ; and yet, such is it as none but themselves are able to understand. The first deviser thereof was hanged by the neck — a just reward no doubt for his deserts, and a common end to all of that profession.
Pagina 288 - Width of the bridge within the balustrades ... 42 Width of pavement, or footway, on each side ... 7 Width of road for horses and carriages • . . 28 Span of each arch...
Pagina 426 - outlandish people, calling themselves Egyptians, using no craft nor feat of merchandize, who have come into this realm, and gone from shire to shire, and place to place, in great company, and used great, subtil, and crafty means to deceive the people...
Pagina 406 - ... it occasionally. The palms of their hands, in consequence of holding tight to the rail, were in every instance hardened, in many horny, in some blistered, and discharging water.
Pagina 173 - ... purloined from him, might be claimed and recovered by action, like beasts, or other chattels. They held indeed small portions of land, by way : of sustaining themselves and families, but it was at the mere will of the lord, who ° might dispossess them whenever he pleased ; ; and it was upon villein services, that is, to carry out dung, to hedge and ditch the lord's demesnes, and any other the meanest offices, and their services were not only base, but uncertain both as to their time and quantity.

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