Untersuchungen über das Leben und die Dichtungen Alexander Montgomeries

W. Braumüller, 1896 - 160 pagina's

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Pagina 166 - Lastly, to the dominion of the tea-table I submit — but with proviso, that you exceed not in your province; but restrain yourself to native and simple teatable drinks, as tea, chocolate, and coffee...
Pagina 165 - Your bill of fare is something advanced in this latter account. Well, have I liberty to offer conditions - that when you are dwindled into a wife, I may not be beyond measure enlarged into a husband?
Pagina 38 - to amuse myself in a slow recovery from a fit of sickness.
Pagina 166 - Item, I article that you continue to like your own face, as long as I shall: and while it passes current with me, that you endeavour not to new coin it.
Pagina 79 - I have been [she walks about disordered] a very great rogue for your sake, and you reproach me with it; I am ready to be a rogue still, to do you service; and you are flinging conscience and honour in my face, to rebate my inclinations. How am I to behave myself? You know I am your creature, my life and fortune in your power; to disoblige you brings me certain ruin.
Pagina 134 - ... was subservient to my pleasure ; and my only pleasure was to please this lady : I have made many vain attempts ; and find at last that nothing but my ruin can effect it ; which, for that reason, I will sign to. Give me the paper. Ang. Generous Valentine ! [Aside. Buck. Here is the deed, sir. Val. But where is the bond, by which I am obliged to sign this ? Buck.
Pagina 147 - That it succeeded on the stage was almost beyond my expectation ; for but little of it was prepared for that general taste which seems now to be predominant in the palates of our audience.
Pagina 151 - He is a fool with a good memory, and some few scraps of other folks' wit. He is one whose conversation can never be approved, yet it is now and then to be endured. He has indeed one good quality, he is not exceptious; for he so passionately affects the reputation of understanding raillery, that he will construe an affront into a jest, and call downright rudeness and ill language satire and fire.
Pagina 115 - I shall get a fine reputation by coming to see fellows in a morning.
Pagina 165 - ... were proud of one another the first week, and ashamed of one another ever after. Let us never visit together, nor go to a play together, but let us be very strange and well bred.

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