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Pagina 80 - Let him that is a true-born gentleman, And stands upon the honour of his birth, If he suppose that I have pleaded truth, From off this brier pluck a white rose with me. Som. Let him that is no coward nor no flatterer, But dare maintain the party of the truth, Pluck a red rose from off this thorn with me.
Pagina 62 - Ah, what a life were this ! how sweet ! how lovely ! Gives not the hawthorn bush a sweeter shade To shepherds, looking on their silly sheep, Than doth a rich embroider'd canopy To kings, that fear their subjects
Pagina 94 - To die on the hills of his own fresh breeze ; And back to the gates of his father's hall, It hath led the weeping prodigal. Yes ! when thy heart in its pride would stray From the pure first loves of its youth away ; When the sullying breath of the world would come O'er the flowers it brought from its childhood's home ; Think thou again of the woody glade, And the sound by the rustling ivy made, Think of the tree at thy father's door, And the kindly spell shall have power once more ! ROMAN GIRL'S...
Pagina 76 - Into some backward corner of the brain; Yet, in our very souls, we feel amain The close of Troilus and Cressid sweet. Hence, pageant history! hence, gilded cheat! Swart planet in the universe of deeds! Wide sea, that one continuous murmur breeds Along the pebbled shore of memory!
Pagina xiv - LONE Flower, hemmed in with snows and white as they But hardier far, once more I see thee bend Thy forehead, as if fearful to offend, Like an unbidden guest. Though day by day, Storms, sallying from the mountain-tops, waylay The rising sun, and on...
Pagina xiv - Though day by day, Storms, sallying from the mountain-tops, way-lay The rising sun, and on the plains descend; Yet art thou welcome, welcome as a friend Whose zeal outruns his promise ! Blue-eyed May Shall soon behold this border thickly set With bright jonquils, their odours lavishing On the soft west- wind and his frolic peers; Nor will I then thy modest grace forget, Chaste Snow-drop, venturous harbinger of Spring, And pensive monitor of fleeting years ! VII COMPOSED A FEW DAYS AFTER THE FOREGOING.
Pagina 80 - Will I upon thy party wear this rose: And here I prophesy, — This brawl to-day, Grown to this faction, in the Temple garden, Shall send, between the red rose and the white, A thousand souls to death and deadly night.
Pagina 148 - This quality in the honey has been referred by Pliny and others to the poisonous nature of the rhododendron, which abounds in those parts ; but from inquiries which we have made at Dropmore and other spots abounding with this shrub, we cannot learn that any difference is...

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