Arms and Equipment of the Civil War

Courier Corporation, 2 avr. 2004 - 160 pages
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The first military conflict to use iron-clad gunboats, metallic cartridges, and submarines, the Civil War also introduced such inventions as the telegraph and military balloon, utilized by the Signal Corps. This comprehensive referencebrings a fresh perspective to wartime victories and defeats, with vivid descriptions of how the war was fought and what materiel was available to armies and navies of the Union and the Confederacy.
Profusely illustrated with hundreds of the author's own drawings, Jack Coggins's remarkable encyclopedia of military hardware and technology also describes such equipment as pontoon bridges, corduroy roads, "excelsior" percussion grenades, "freak guns," siege artillery, mines, and submarine torpedoes. Offering a new view on how military resources decided the outcome not only of battles, but of the war as well, the text also includes on-the-scene comments by Union and Confederate soldiers about equipment and camp life in general.
A must-have book for every Civil War enthusiast and for readers interested in the development of weaponry.

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Arms and Equipment of the Civil War

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Coggins's 1962 primer provides an illustrated overview of the weaponry used during the Civil War, from the rifles and side arms carried by soldiers to canons and even entire naval vessels. There is ... Consulter l'avis complet

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