a larger measure of the outpouring of is his and he made it,' has aided me by the Holy Spirit on the sons of the ocean, his grace, during other three months, that those of them who are still in spi- to labour among that important class of ritual darkness may be made light in my fellow-creatures who go down to the Lord.

the sea in ships, that do business in Your agent has also held five meet. great waters; who see the works of ings in the sixth station, all of which the Lord, and his glory in the deep.' were well attended ; and such were the And it is most pleasing to observe, that expressions of gratitude of masters and the efforts now made to evangelize men, and their earnest desire for more sailors are not in vain in the Lord. For such visits among them, that it greatly Bethel ships are continually increasing encourages to perseverance in this in number; and praying captains, work and labour of love.

mates, and men, are multiplying. I am led to conceive, that, were The assistance rendered me in the christians on shore to witness our meet- devotional departments of divine worings on board ship, even if they went ship, both by captains and men, of late, with hearts frozen (as it were) in the in particular, has been most encoucause of seamen, they would return raging to my mind. with them dissolved in love towards During the last quarter I have visited the cause, and to the eternal interest of upwards of 800 ships, in the Docks, at those who see the wonders of the Lord Billingsgate wharfs, and in the stream, in the mighty deep.

and distributed several thousands of A pious friend accompanied me from tracts in various languages,—with the shore recently, who said he was not pamphlets and magazines, which were aware that such a work was going on thankfully received, and in most inamong seamen, and expressed himself

stances carefully read. Foreign sailors much gratified with what he had seen seem to be very fond of reading these and heard. May the number of true con- messengers of christian knowledge in verts among our seamen be daily increa- their own languages. As I cannot consed that angels and saints may have cause verse with them on subjects pertainto rejoice together in the decrease of ing to the salvation of their immortal satan's kingdom, and in the enlargement souls in their own tongue, as I do with of the Redeemer's !

the English and Welsh, it gives me A master of a vessel said to me one great pleasure in being able to supply evening, he had long been serving sin Germans, Frenchmen, Spaniards, etc. and Satan, though conscience often ac- with tracts in their own languages, escused him; but of late he had, by the pecially if such contain something conhelp of divine grace, been enabled to cerning Jesus and Calvary. leave the devil's service, and enter that Since my last report, I have held of Immanuel; and he hoped, by con- thirty-four meetings for prayer and tinued help of the Almighty, that he preaching among seamen afloat and on should hold on to the end. He also shore. By these means of grace, stated that some of his crew had joined about 980 of the sons of the ocean have him in pursuit of the heavenly Canaan. had the privilege of listening to the May they all safely arrive at that de- sound of the gospel; and it is hoped lightful land, and unite in ascriptions that by these christian exercises some of praise to Him who is king of that lasting and saving impressions were country, for ever and ever. Amen. made. I have been able to engage fifty

ships for the Agents, seven of which Welsh A gent. Mr. J. T. ROWLAND. had never before entertained a Bethel That God, of whom it is said — The sea preacher.

I have also on Lord's-day afternoons held several meetings on board salt ships, in Billingsgate dock, to very numerous assemblies ; many of the fishermen are glad to avail themselves of these opportunities of hearing the gospel

I rejoice to find the work of conversion gradually proceeding among those, who were once considered as outcasts of society. I find now some praying characters among them.My heart has been gladdened in listening to some of them, when pouring out their hearts in prayer unto God. Several ladies and gentlemen, (and there are generally many at this time of the day on the Custom-house walk) come on board, so that I have seen the decks crowded with sailors, fishermen, and visitors from the quay. Many of the

latter have expressed themselves much pleased with these exercises.

Almost every Sunday evening I preach at one of the sailors' lodging houses in Vine Yard, Tooley-street. Sometimes from thirty to forty sailors and lodging-house keepers attend, some of whom I have seen deeply affected under the word. I have reason to believe that much good has been done even in this abandoned neighbourhood. Many English as well as Welsh sailors having for some time back attended this meeting, I have been obliged to preach in both languages, as I have to do very often afloat.

I continue to visit the other sailors' lodging-houses in this neighbourhood, and find them much as I have described in former reports, in a most wretched condition.


We have the deepest solicitude for the supply of all our provincial ports with devoted and efficient agents. They have long presented a most inviting field of exertion, and would well repay any amount of labour that might be expended on it. May we, therefore, be permitted to suggest to christians in general, located in our various provincial ports, the desirableness of forming local associations, and conducting, under their own direction, such efforts as may bear more immediately on our seamen. Let but the pious of all denominations, forgetting their respective peculiarities and distinctions, unite their energies, and in the spirit of that gospel which breathes "good-will to man,' provide for the salvation of the poor sailor. It is a department of service in which all may be employed. The one simple object to be followed and attained, is to make the sailor a christian. Generous design ! and worthy of the zeal of those who profess to be the disciples and representatives of that incarnate One, who went about doing good.'


(Extract from the last Quarterly Report of Mr. Williams, the Society's Agent.]

I rejoice to hear of the success with that such exertions were necessary in which the Rev. Mr. Adey's exertions in order to call the attention of the lead. Ireland were crowned. I always thought ing men of the christian church in this country to the cause of sailors. And bours of the agent or agents which now l* feel happy that this has been shall be employed. And if I ever can done. I think it impossible for any be of any help, in any way, to the cause christian after reading your printed let- of sailors, even among the English, I ter, to be cold or indifferent with res- shall always consider it my duty and pect to the eternal interests of seamen. pleasure so to do. Certainly it would be well to give this The sailor's cause in the Welsh lanletter a wide circulation.

guage is obviously on the increase in I am also glad to hear that the Com- this port. Our new Bethel is encouramittee purpose, that something more gingly attended by them every Lord'sefficient shall be done for English sea- day, and we hope that numbers of them men in Dublin ; although I am to un- will be saved through the gospel which derstand my service will not be required. they hear. Still it is, and shall, I trust, be my de- Our total abstinence pledge was sire and prayer, that the blessing of signed by fifteen seamen in our last God may abundantly accompany the la- meeting.


We have much pleasure in announcing the formation of a new Auxiliary at the above place, and that the following gentlemen have kindly consented to act as the officers and committee :

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Treasurer,-Thomas BAGNALL, Esq. Joint Secretaries,-Messrs. Joseph BRETTELL, and Peter HARRIES.

Under such direction, we have no doubt as to the success of this new Association. May it greatly strengthen and prosper under the divine benediction !

Printed by J. W. Maddox, Bermondsey, Southwark.

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