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delivered in the course of his ordinary pastoral ministrations. He at once agreed to a request so urgently presented and accordingly began to write a short introductory essay to be prefixed to the sermon; but the subject so enlarged, unexpectedly, under his hand, that the result has been the substance of four little volumes. His original design was accordingly abandoned.

The following treatise is, therefore, but introductory. The other three volumes,-it is intended, will appear in regular order. The second will be a scriptural demonstration of Man's responsibility under the Reign of Grace -including the work of the Spirit; the third, —the glorious adaptations of the Everlasting Gospel ; the fourth,—the grand essential principles of the Everlasting Gospel, systematically arranged-commencing with the existence of God before all worlds.



To the Fountain of all Goodness—without

whose blessing every effort for the glory of Jesus is in vain—the Author most earnestly commends this little effort to promote His cause on earth. If any one derives from it benefit to his own soul,—the only return which is reasonably demanded of him-is fervent, believing prayer, that this and every subsequent spiritual effort of the Author, whether in preaching or writing, may be crowned with the favour,—the effective smile of the Lordthe Giver of life.

E. C.

Ryton, April, 1848.

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The Individual Superscription - the Gospel Pronouns-Absolute

Directness-Gospel to every Creature-Illustrations of Principle
- Misconceptions- Individual Message-EMMANUEL, GOD WITH
vs—Divinity of Christ-the Lord our Righteousness-Brother-
hood of Christ- Made under the Law-our Kinsman Redeemer
-the Great Conflict-Christ our Neighbour-Christ made under
the Law- Legal Consequences -- the Great Sign - Universal
Relationship-Joseph the Brother--the Saviour-Lo, here is

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The Great Foundation--Superstructure of Holiness-Fatal Delusion

-the Awful Trial--Value of Trial- Digging deep-Present Sal-
vation-Neutralizing Error-Resisting the Light-no Salvation
against the Will--the Great First Lesson-the Samaritan Woman
- Absolute Freeness of Salvation Great Antecedent Truthg-

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