THE LUCUBRATIONS OF Isaac Bickerstaff Esq, Volume 4

Printed: And to be deliver'd to Subscribers, by Charles Lillie, Perfumer, at the Corner of Beauford-Buildings in the Strand, 1711

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Pagina 277 - We were stunned with these confused noises, but did not hear a single word till about half an hour after; which I ascribed to the harsh and obdurate sounds of that language, which wanted more time than ours to melt and become audible. 'After having here met with a very hearty welcome, we went to the cabin of the French, who, to make amends for their three weeks...
Pagina 325 - ... shall lie upon the table as an hour-glass is often placed near the pulpit,) to measure out the length of a discourse. I shall be willing to allow a man one round of my watch ; that is, a whole minute to speak in ; but if he exceeds that time, it shall be lawful for any of the company to look upon the watch, or to call him down to order.
Pagina 207 - ... author, where he will find the criticisms placed in the latter end of his book, that is, after the finest odes and satires in the Latin tongue. A modern, whose name I shall not mention, because I would not make a silly paper sell, was born a critic and an examiner, and, like one of the race of the serpent's teeth, came into the world with a sword in his hand. His works put me in mind of the story that is told of...
Pagina 338 - ... maliciousness. Thy creatures have been my books, but thy scriptures much more. I have sought thee in the courts, fields, and gardens, but I have found thee in thy temples.
Pagina 170 - King will bamboozl' us agen, which causes many Speculations. The ° Jacks and others of that Kidney are very uppish, and alert upon't, as you may see by their °Phizz's - Will Hazzard has got the °Hipps, having lost to the Tune of Five Hundrd Pound, tho he understands Play very well, no body better.
Pagina 338 - Thee, that it might have the first and the latter rain, and that it might stretch her branches to the seas, and to the floods. The state and bread of the poor and oppressed have been precious in mine eyes; I have hated all cruelty and hardness of heart; I have (though in a despised weed) procured the good of all men.
Pagina 167 - If ever I should want such a fry of little authors to attend me, I shall think my paper in a very decaying condition. . They are like ivy about an oak, which adorns the tree at the same time that it eats into it ; or like a great man's equipage, that do honour to the person on whom they feed. For my part, when I...
Pagina 14 - Among the passengers there were two women of fashion, who, seeing themselves in such a disconsolate condition, begged of their husbands not to leave them. One of them chose rather to die with his wife, than to forsake her ; the other, though he was moved with the utmost compassion for his wife, told her ' that for the good of their children, it was better one of them should live, than both perish.
Pagina 320 - For my own part, I value an hour in the morning as much as common libertines do an hour at midnight. When I find myself awakened into being, and perceive my life renewed within me, and at the same time see the whole face of nature recovered out of the dark uncomfortable state in which it lay for several hours, my heart overflows with such secret sentiments of joy and gratitude, as are a kind of implicit praise to the great Author of nature. The mind in these early seasons of the day is...
Pagina 147 - ... and gives such airs to the countenance, as are not to be imagined but by those that have tried it. The meanest sort of the thing is admired by most gentlemen and ladies; but this far more, as by far it exceeds it, to the gaining among all a more than common esteem. It is sold, in neat flint bottles fit for the pocket, only at the Golden Key in Wharton's Court near Holborn Bars, for three shillings and sixpence, with directions.

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