The Day, in Opposition to the Night. A State of
Truth, and Hope, and Knowledge. 1 Thess. v. 5. 8.
Darkness. Sin and Ignorance. Rom. xiii. 12.
Dew upon Herbs. The Blessing of Heaven, and the
Power of the Resurrection. Hos. xiv. 5. Isaiah
xxvi. 19.

Water. Purifying Grace of the Divine Spirit. 2
Kings v. 10. Psalm li. 2. John iii. 5.
Living Water.
Word of the Gospel. John iv. 10.
The Sea. The Gentile World. Isa. lx. 5.
Waves of the Sea. The rebellious Force and Turbu-
lence of the People. Psalm lxv. 7. Jude, 13.
Earth. The Natural Man. 1 Cor. xv. 47. Gen.

xviii. 27.



TREES. Men fruitful, and unfruitful. Psalm i. 3. Matt. iii. 10.


Christ, the

The Church. Psalm lxxx. 8. 14. Head and Root of the Church. John xv. 1. Growth of Plants. Resurrection and Glorification.

Hos. xiv. 7. John xii. 24. 1 Cor. xv. 36, &c. Isa. lxvi. 14. Growth in Grace. Isa. lv. 10. Planting. Placing in the Church, with Grace. Psalm xcii. 13. 1 Cor. iii. 6. 8. Isa. xli. 19.

to be nourished Matth. xv. 13.

Zech. xi. 2.

Cedars. Great Men.
Thorns and Briars. The Wicked, Perverse, and Un-
tractable. Numb. xxxiii. 55. 2 Sam. xxiii. 6.
Ezek. ii. 6. Luke vi. 44.

Fruit. Good Works. Matt. iii. 8.
Flower. An Emblem of Mortal Man.

Jam. i. 10, 11.

Jam. iii. 17.

Job xiv. 2.

Seed. Posterity. Gen. xvii. 7, 8.
Wild Olive. Man in a State of Nature. Rom. xi.


Cultivated Olive. Church of God. Rom. ii. 24.
Oil. The Spirit of God giving Power to Kings and
Priests, and Health to the Sick. Acts x. 38. Psal.
lxxxix. 20. Jam. v. 14.

Wine. Blood. Isa. Ixiii. 1, &c. Rev. xxiv. 20.
Luke xxii. 20. Gen. xlix. 11.

Grapes. Fruits of Righteousness. Isa. v. 2. Leaves. Words, the Service of the Lips, as distinguished from the Fruits of good Works. Matt. xxi. 19. See and consider, Psalm i. 3.

Chaff. Unprofitable worthless Men, to be driven away

with the Wind, or burned in the Fire.

Psalm i. 4.

Matt. iii. 12. Wormwood. A bitter evil-minded Person. Deut. xxix. 18. Heb. xii. 15.


BEAST. An evil brutish Man. 1 Cor. xv. 32. 2 Pet. ii. 12.

A Great Beast. An Heathen Kingdom, or Power of the Earth. Dan. vii. 17.

The Royal Character in the Messiah. Rev.
Prov. xx. 2.

v. 5.

Lion. A Persecutor, whether heathenish or diabolical. 1 Tim. iv. 17. 1 Pet. v. 8.

Ox, treading out Corn. A Minister of the Word. 1 Cor. ix. 9. 1 Tim. v. 18.

Dog. For his Vigilance, means a Watchman, to give
Notice of approaching Danger. Isa. lvi. 10.
Dogs. Unclean impudent Persons. Deut. xxiii. 18.
Rev. xxii. 15. Matt. vii. 6.


Wolf. A Thief, or religious Impostor, a Devourer of the Church. Luke x. 3. John x. 12.

Sheep under a Shepherd. The People under a King. Zech. xiii. 7. The Congregation under Christ.

Psalm c. 3.

Matt. xv. 24.

Serpent. The Devil. Rev. xii. 9. 2 Cor. xi. 3. Vipers. The Children of the Devil. Matt. iii. 7.

12. 34.

Evil Spirits.
Rev. xviii. 2.

Birds of the Air.

Matt. xiii. 4, com

Luke xiii. 32.

pare with 19. Fox. A cunning deceitful Person. Animals in the Cherubim. The Powers of God, and Attributes of Christ. Ezek. i. 28. Heb. ix. 5. The Lamb. The Messiah, suffering for the Sins of the World. Gen. xxii. 8. John i. 29. Rev. v.


Swine. Unclean ungodly People. 2 Pet. ii. 22. Matt. vii. 6. Deut. xiv. 8. Matt. viii. 31.


STONES. People of an hard Heart; the unbelieving Gentiles. Ezek. xxxvi. 26. Isa. v. 2. Matt. iii. 9. Compare Psalm lxxx. 8. with Isa. v. 2.

Clay in the Hands of the Potter.
of his Creator. Rom. ix. 21.
Earthen Vessel. Man's Body.
Dust and Ashes.

2 Cor. iv. 7.

Mortal sinful Man, under Death and Condemnation, as a Burnt Sacrifice. Gen. xviii. 27. Gen. iii. 19. Job xlii. 6. Mal. iv. 3. Salt. Such Doctrine as preserves the World from Corruption. Matt. v. 13. Col. iv. 6. Tit. ii. 7. Gold. Good Men bearing Trouble as Gold bears the Fire. Job xxiii. 10. 1 Pet. i. 7. Ezek. xiii. 9. Wise and pure Doctrine. Prov. xvi. 16. Rev. Image of Gold, Silver, Brass, and Iron. The four Monarchies or Kingdoms of the World. Dan. ii. 31-45.

iii. 18.

Man in the hands Isa. lxiv. 8.

Riches and Talents. Gifts and Graces from God. Matt. xxv. 15. Luke xvi. 11.

Rock. A Defence, a Place of Refuge. Isa. xvii.


Rock giving Water. Christ giving Grace to a thirsty World. 1 Cor. x. 4.


Origin of all
Rev. xvii. 4.


God the King of Kings, and Authority and Power. Matt. xxii. 2. 1 Tim. i. 17. Psalm xxiv. 8.

Master or Teacher. Christ. Matt. xxiii. 8. John

xiii. 13. Servants.

Christians who give themselves up to the

Service of God. Tit. i. 1. Rev. vii. 3. Gal. i.


A Slave, one who has no Property in himself, but is bought by another. Such are all Mankind, whom Christ hath redeemed.

1 Cor. vi. 20. Deut. vii.

8. Isa. lxi. 1.

A Captive. One under Sin and Satan. 2 Tim. ii. Rom. vii. 23.


A Father. God the Father Almighty, of whom we are the Children by Creation and Redemption. Mal. i. 6. ii. 10. Jer. xxxi. 9.

Brethren. Christians united by their Profession. Acts xxi. 7. 1 Cor. xv. 6.

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Two Brethren, the Elder, and the Younger. The Jew and Gentile. Gen. xxv. 23. Matt. xxi. 28. Luke xv. 11. 2 Kings iv. 1.

Eph. iii. 15.

Family. The Church of God.
A Bridegroom. Christ as the Spouse of the
Church. Mark ii. 19. Matth. ix. 25. Rev.
xxi. 9.

A Virgin. A Christian Church in its Purity. 2 Cor. xi. 2.

A Harlot, Whore, or Adultress. An Apostate Church, or City, with Heathen Corruptions. Isa. i. 21. Jer. iii. 6. Ezek. xxiii. 7. Rev. xvii. 5.

A Shepherd. Christ, the his Flock, the Church. Ezek. xxxiv. 23.


v. 4.

An Hireling. A false Minister, who careth not for the Sheep. John x. 12, 13.

Citizens. Members of the heavenly City, the Jerusalem that is above. Eph. ii. 19. Heb. xi. 10. xii. 22. ́

Leader and Keeper of
Psalm xxiii. 1. Isa. xl.
John x. 14. 1 Pet.

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