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Embellished with COPPER-PLATES, Satirical, Political, and

Scientifical, from ORIGINAL DESIGNS.



Members of the University of OXFORD.



Printed for the AUTHORS, and fold by S. BLADON, at No. 28, an

J. Coote, at No. 16, in Pater-nofter-row, London ; Mefl. Fletcn
and Hodgson, at Cambridge: Mr. SMITH, at Dublin; and Mr. Et
AINCTON, ar Yorke


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Contin Halliday HS.520 77323 v.6-11

The Oxford

Magazine; For JANUARY, 1771.



THE CENSOR. NUMBEŘ VIII. T is generally acknowledged, that guard against all irregularities in our tional prosperity and opulence, arising ther to wound their delicacy, to trans from extensive and profitable commerce, grefs against the rules of virtue and are visible in all parts of this kingdom; lobriety, they are appointed to patro and are become very alarming in the ca- nize and enforce, or to deprive us of pital. Irreligion, luxury, venality, li- their good opinion. centiousness, prodigality and lewdness, Instead of confining themselves to the are the capital vices

complained of. To habit, company, and conversation procheck the progress of these grand un- per to their stations--we have now derminers of the very basis and founda- PRIESTS, who stalk abroad, and fretion of civil government should be the quent most public places of diversions chief bugnefs of our divines and legisa. in all forts of masquerades-JUDGES tors. The former should act in the ca- who make no feruple to quit the bench, pacity of the religious, grand inqueft of to be themselves the carriers of their the nation, and present every public ill-gotten doucears to market, to lit vice, dangerous to the state, at the foot down in the temples of money-changers, of the throne ; from whence, it hould and to practice the meanest arts of come recommended to the latter, in the Stock-jobbers-SENATORS, who dem ftrongest terms, that falutary laws populate villages by, knocking down might be made and enforced to pre- small cottages, and letting their lands vent the deftruction of this tate, from to wealthy, engrossing farmers, while the same causes, as brought on the they spare no cost or pains to propadownfall of ancient empires and re- gate the breed of race-horsese REpublics.

PRESENTATIVES of the people, who But such serious and regular advances know the odds at every point of the towards a general reformation of man- game at whist, yet are filent through ners, can never be expected, while ignorance, when a tax is propoled those particular orders of men amongst which in its consequences may ruin us, from whom we look for, at least an whole colonies, and to which, if they external deportment, suitable to the understood political arithmetic, they facred aud' folemn characters with would never give an afsenting vote which they are invested, endeavour in MAGISTRATES, who are in league their dress, and public demeanour to with wms and gamblers, and gain deceive and misicad our judgment, by their daily subsiitance by nocturnal ina throwing off those distinctions in the dulgences to riot, luft, and fraudthe one, and that grave, sedate turn of in fine, an innumerable holt of trademind and conversation in the other, men and mechanics, the would-be fine which were designed to point them out gentlemen of the town, who ape their to us, as objects of conitant veneration superiors, and politely turn the frugaaudi esteem; and to put us on the lity, sobriety, induitry, and Impli

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