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Our divine Redeemer “ must reign “ till he hath put all his enemies under 6.his feet,” and the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death ; but the final victory over it is reserved to the day of the manifestation of the sons of God, --to the day of our Lord's second coming, when he, who once appeared in the humble form of a servant, shall be revealed in his own and his Father's glory, attended with ten thousand times ten thousand of the armies of heaven, vested with the awful character of the Judge of men,-to that day when the thrones will be set, and the books

opened; when the grave will give back its prisoners, and the ransomed of the Lord shall return with singing unto Zion. Then, on the dawn of that everlasting day, at the sound of the last trumpet, shall the bodies of the saints who slept in the dust revive, and be raised up again, refined, purified, and immortal. What a great and glorious change will then take place on the body of the Christian? “ It was sown in corruption, it will be " raised in incorruption. It was sown in

dishonour, it will be raised in glory.


“ It was sown in weakness, it will be 66 « raised in power.

It was sown a natu“ ral body, it will be raised a spiritual body.”

66 It will be fashioned even “ like unto the glorious body of the Re“ deemer,” free from all the seeds of sin and corruption, of disease and infirmity of every kind, being rendered a fit habitation for a soul made perfect in holi

Then shall the servants of Jesus, who have been faithful unto death, receive a crown of life; yea, a crown of glory shall be put upon their heads that shall never fade away. Here, however, language fails me, and the mind, stretched to the utmost, sinks back under the weight of glory inconceivable.

Join together, my brethren, the little you have now heard, and say if the Lord Jesus be not every way worthy of the honourable appellation given to him in my text; and does not this glorious Person, this almighty Saviour and Leader, claim your highest esteem, gratitude, and love ? To the men of the world, who are content only with the good things of this life, and feel no need of a divine friend and saviour, the blessed

Jesus, we acknowledge, can have no attractions ; but to you who regard yourselves as strangers and pilgrims here, who require a heavenly guide to conduct you through the snares and dangers with which you are surrounded, and who, if in this life only you had hope, would be of all men the most misera-, ble ; to you,

the Son of God must be in-, finitely precious, and you will doubtless embrace with joy the generous Friend of man, who is the Author and Finisher of your faith. Though unbelievers should ridicule and despise him, yet it is unnecessary to caution you to guard against them ; for if you indeed believe that Jesus is the Christ, the ridicule, contempt, and reproach, which infidelity may throw on him, and on his gospel, will only serve to confirm your faith, and increase your attachment to him, "" who

66 6 is the

way, the truth, and the life.” Christians, can you think of Christ without any grateful emotion ? Can you meditate on the glory and grace of the Redeemer ? Can you recollect the circumstances of his abasement, sufferings, and death, and contemplate the blessings bestowed on you in consequence of his mediation; and not be constrained to

; judge with the apostle, that if “ one died “ for all, then were all dead; and that he “ died for all, that they who live should “not henceforth live unto themselves, “ but unto him who died for them and

rose again ?" And here, let me remind you, in conclusion, that as your souls

, and bodies, your powers and faculties, your time and talents of right belong to Christ, so are you thereby laid under the strongest obligations to employ all in his service, and to consecrate all to his glory. Can you be so ungrateful as to alienate from 'him what is his due, by denying to him the supreme affection of your hearts, and the uniform obedience of your lives ; especially when you

consider that he demands this from you, for your sakes, not for his own. His glory and bliss are independent of

services. But your happiness is intimately, inseparably, necessarily, connected with obedience to his will. No longer then conform to the maxims, nor indulge in the pleasures of a world lying in wickedness; but be eager to know, and careful to practise what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Testify your gratitude for the distinguished honours and privileges conferred upon you by walking worthy of the Lord unto all well pleasing, shewing forth by your words and actions, the praises of him who has called you out of darkness unto his marvellous light. Never forget that saying of your Saviour, “ Herein is my father glorified, that you “ bear much fruit." Study then more and more to “ let your light so shine “ before men, that others seeing your

your services.

good works may be led to glorify your Father who is in heaven."

Endeavour to live in all things as the disciples of Jesus, to keep his holy precepts, and imitate his glorious example. Thus justify your profession--thus fight the good fight of faith, and adorn the doctrines of the gospel; “ looking unto « Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your “ faith ; who, for the joy that was set 6 before him, endured the cross, despis

ing the shame, and is now set down at “ the right hand of the throne of God.”

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