continued only for a limited period, the

blessings of the gospel shall be extend66 ed to the most distant corners of the 66 habitable world ; they shall extend” from “ sea to sea, and from the river to 66 the ends of the earth.” In


that are passed, many have embraced the invitation ; and generations yet unborn shall share in its blessings. The promises of God respecting the 'enlargement of the Redeemer's kingdom shall all be fulfilled in their season, and multitudes of all people, kindreds, and tongues, shall continue to be added to the Church while sun and moon endure, till at length “ the knowledge of the Lord 66 shall fill the earth, as the waters cover “ the sea ;” « and men shall be blessed 66 in him ; all nations shall call him bless66 ed.” What a mighty encouragement is this to all of you, my brethren, instantly to comply with this gracious invitation! Let not the powerful feeling of your multiplied and highly aggravated sins deter you

from looking unto Christ. This is the

character of the

persons to whom his most tender and pathetic

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invitations are addressed.

66 Come unto me, all ye

all ye that labour and are heavy la“ den, and I will give you rest. "


Thus have I endeavoured to urge you to look to Jesus, because the object is most glorious; because it is the command of one whom we cannot, without the blackest ingratitude, disobey ; because salvation is the inestimable prize; because the duty is in itself easy and delightful; and because the way is free and open to all.

What more, my friends, added to enforce these powerful considerations ? Though we were to expatiate ever so fully, “ in the enticing words of

“ “ man's wisdom;" yet it is the Spirit of God alone that can render them effectual.

Let me again remind you, that th is no way of coming to the Father but by Jesus Christ. What then must become of those who seek salvation in ways of their own devising ? Consider what would have become of the wounded Israelites, had they refused to make use of the remedy provided for them! When bidden to look at the brazen serpent for

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a cure, had they said, No! we will try some other means of procuring relief; we will go to the physicians; we will have recourse to medicines; what must have been the consequence? They would certainly have died ; for the remedy which they would thus refuse was the only one which Infinite Wisdom had

provided, and which alone could heal their deadly wounds. Sin has given to every one of us the most deadly of all wounds, infinitely more dangerous than the bite of the fiery serpents,—a wound which no art, nor wisdom, nor labour of our own can heal. Christ alone can heal it, and it is only by looking to him that we can obtain a cure.

At present you may refuse to comply with this duty; you may turn away your eyes from the Saviour now ; you may confine


attention for a time to the objects of this world : but there is a day fast approaching when you must look to Jesus: “ For behold your King co“ meth!” Even they who would willingly hide themselves in the dens and caves of the earth must behold the Ancient of days arrayed in all the terrors of vindictive justice. They must hear his

voice pronounce the eternal doom; and then at last they must obey. O! then, let me, as a worker together with God, beseech you, brethren, by the riches of divine mercy; by the love of Christ; by the value of your never-dying souls; by the hope of glory; by the weeping and gnashing of teeth that await the wicked and slothful servant, to prefer the wiser part, to obey the voice of Jesus while it is yet all gentleness and love,—and to look to him while his countenance beams with pity and affection to man. Let not the Lord spread out his hand all the day long unto a rebellious people, Let him not say


“ I called, but ye

refused.” Close with his offers, and accept his gracious invitations. Think, if

you continue to disregard them, how it will aggravate your condemnation, and enhance your everlasting remorse, that such invitations were addressed to you, but scorned ;-such a salvation ;

provided by heaven, but neglected. O! then, “ Kiss ye the son, lest he be an66

, gry, and ye perish from the way, 66 when his wrath is kindled but a little. 6 Blessed are all they that put their “ trust in him." Amen.








While he yet spake, behold a bright cloud overshadowed them : and, behold, a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased ; hear ye him.


HESE words were spoken on a very remarkable occasion. Our blessed Lord having taken his three favourite disciples, Peter, James, and John, into a high mountain to pray, (to Mount Tabor, a beautiful hill in the land of Galilee,) was transfigured before them: His face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as snow.


of his divine glory burst forth through the veil of his human nature with a dazzling and amazing lustre ; and he displayed on

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