Sub. He's a fortunate fellow, that I am sure Face. That's a secret, Nab.

Sub. And, on your stall, a puppet, with a vice, Face. Already, sir, have you found it! Look And a court-fucus to call city-dames. thee, Abel!

You shall deal much with minerals. Sub. And in right way towards riches

Drug. Sir, I have Face. Sir?

At home already.
Sub. This summer

Sub. Ay, I know, you have arsnike,
He will be of the clothing of his company, Vitriol, salt-tartre, argale, alkaly,
And next spring called to the scarlet, spend Cinoper : I know all. This fellow, captain,
what he can.

Will come, in time, to be a distiller,
Face. What, and so little beard?

And give a say (I will not say directly,
Sub. You must think,

But very fair) at the Philosopher's Stone.
He may have a receipt to make hair come : Face. Why, how now, Abel! is this true ?
But he'll be wise, preserve his youth, and fine Drug. Good captain,
for it;

What inust I give?
His fortune looks for him another way.

Face. Nay, I'll not counsel thee. Face. 'Slid, dostor, how canst thou know this Thou hear’st what wealth (he says spend what So soon?

thou canst) I am amazed at that!

Thou art like to come to. Sub. By a rule, captain,

Drug. I would give him a crown. In metaposcopy, which I do work by;

Face. A crown! and towards such a fortune ? A certain star in the forehead, which you see not. Heart, Your chesnut, or your olive-coloured face, Thou shalt rather give him thy shop. No gold Does never fail : and your long ear doth pro- about thee? mise.

Drug. Yes, I have a Portague, I have kept I knew it, by certain spots too, in his teeth,

this half year. And on the nail of his mercurial finger.

Face. Out on thee, Nab. 'Slight, there was Face. What finger's that?

such an offer! Sub. His little finger. Look,

'Shalt keep it no longer, I'll gi' it him for thee. You were born upon a Wednesday?

Drug. Will ye? Drug. Yes, indeed sir, and so I was.

Face. Doctor, Nab prays your worship to Sub. The thumb, in chiromancy, we give Ve- drink this, and swears nus;

He will appear more grateful, as your skill
The fore-finger, to Jove; the midst to Saturn; Does raise him in the world.
The ring, to Sol; the least, to Mercury;

Drug. I would intreat
Who was the lord, sir, of his horoscope,

Another favour of your worship. His house of life being Libra; which foreshewed Face. What is it, Nab? He should be a merchant, and should trade with Drug. But to look over, sir, my almanack, balance.

And cross out my ill days, that I may neither Face. Why this is strange? Is it not, hovest Bargain nor trust upon them. Nah?

Face. That he shall, Nab. Drug. Yes, very strange.

Leare it; it shall be done, 'gainst afternoon. Sub. There is a ship now, coming from Ormus, Sub. And a direction for his shelves. That shall yield him such a commodity

Face. Now, Nab, Of drugsCome hither, Abel ;

Art thou well pleased, Nab? This is the west, and this is the south.

Drug. Thank, sir, both your worships. (Looking at the plan. I am a made man.

[Erit. Drug. Yes, sir.

Face. Away. Sub. And those are your two sides?

Why, now you smoaky prosecutor of nature ! Drug. Aye, sir.

Now do you see, that something's to be done, Sub. Make me your door, then, south; your Beside your beech-coal, and your cor’sive wabroadside, west :

ters, And, on the east side of your shop, aloft, Your crosslets, crucibles, and cucurbites ? Write Mathlai, Tarınael, and Baraborat: You must have stuff brought home to you, to Upon the north-part, Rael, Velel, Thiel.

work on? They are the names of those mercurial spirits, And yet, you think, I am at no expence, That do fright flies from boxes.

In searching out these veins, then following them, Drug. Yes, sir.

Then trying them out. 'Fore God, my intelliSub. And

gence Beneath your threshold, bury me a loadstone, Costs me more money than my share oft comes to To draw in gallants, that wear spurs; the rest

In these rare works. They'll seem to follow.

Sub. You are pleasant, sir. How now?

| To one, that's with him. Enter Dol.

Sub. Face, go you, and shift. Face. What says my dainty Dolkin?

Dol, you must presently make ready too-
Dol. Yonder fishwife

Dol. Why, what's the matter?
Will not away. And there's your giantess, Sub. Oh, I did look for hin
The bawd of Lambeth.

With the sun's rising: marvel, he could sleep!
Sub. Heart, I cannot speak with them. This is the day I ain to perfect for him
Dol. Not afore night, I have told them, in a The Magisterium, our great-work, the stone;

And yield it, made, into his hands; of which Through the trunk, like one of your familiars. He has this month talked, as he were possessed. But I have spied sir Epicure Maminon.

Ile's in belief of chemistry so bold, Sab. Where?

If his dream last, he'll turn the age to gold. Dol. Coming along, at far end of the lane,

[Ereunt. Slow of his feet, but earnest of his tongue,




Give safety, valour, yea, and victory,

| To whom he will. In eight and twenty days, Enter Mammon and Surly.

I'll make an old man of fourscore a child. Mam. Come on, sir. Now you set your foot on shore

Mam. Nay, I mean, In noto orbe ; here's the rich Peru :

Restore his years, renew him, like an eagle, And there within, sir, are the golden mines, To the fifth age; make him get sons and daughGreat Solomon's Ophir ! He was sailing to't Three years, but we have reached it in ten Become stout Marses, and beget young cupids. months.

Sur. The decayed vestals of Drury-Lane would This is the day, wherein, to all my friends,

thank you,
I will pronounce the happy word, Be rich. | That keep the fire alive there.
This day you shall be spectatissimi,

Mam. 'Tis the secret
And have your punques, and punquetees, my Of Nature, naturized 'gainst all infections,

Cures all diseases coming of all causes;
And unto thee, I speak it first, Be rich. Face, | A month's grief in a day; a year's in twelve ;
Where is my Subtle, there! Within, ho!

And of what age soever, in a month. Face. [Within.] Sir, he'll come to you, by Past all the dozes of your drugging doctors. and by.

You're still incredulous ? Mam. That's his fire-drake,

Sur. Faith I have a humour,
His lungs, bis Zephirus; he, that puffs his coals, I would not willingly be gulled. Your stone
Till he firk Nature up in her own centre.

Cannot transmute me.
You are doubtful, sir. This night, I'll change Mam. Surly,
All that is metal, in my house, to gold.

Will you believe antiquity? Records?
And, early in the morning, will I send

I'll shew you a book, where Moses, and his sister, To all the plainbers, and the pewterers,

And Solomon, have written of the art; And buy their tin, and lead up; and to Loth | Aye, and a treatise penned by Adam,

Sur. How! For all the copper.

Mam. Of the philosopher's stone, and in high Sur. What, and turn that too?

Dutch. Man. Yes, and I'll purchase Devonshire and Sur. Did Adam, write, sir, in high Dutch ? Cornwall,

Mam. He did. And make them perfect Indies ! you admire now? Which proves it was the primitive tongue. How Sur. No, faith.

now? Mam. But when you see the effects of the great medicine,

Enter Face. You will believe me?

Do we succeed; Is our day come? and holds it? Sur. Yes, when I see it, I will.

Face. The evening will set red upon you, sir : Mam. Why,

You have colour for it, crimson : the red ferment Do you think, I fable with you? I assure you, Has done his office; three hours hence, prepare Ile that has once the flower of the sun,

you The perfect ruby, which we call Elixir,

To see projection.
Not only can do that, but by its virtue,

Mam. My Surly,
Can confer honour, love, respect, long life, | Again, I say to thee, aloud, be rich;



This day, thou shalt have ingots; and, to-mor- | My foot-boy shall eat pheasants, calvered salrow,

mons, Give lords the affront. Is it, my Zephirus, right? Knots, godwits, lampreys: I myself will have Blushes the bolt's-head?

The beards of barbels served instead of sallads ; Face. Like a wench with child, sir,

Oiled mushrooms, That were, but now, discovered to her master. Dressed with an exquisite and poignant sauce ; Mum. Excellent witty, Lungs ! My only care for which, I'll say unto my cook, there's gold, is,

Go forth, and be a knight. Where to get stuff enough now, to project on. Face. Sir, I'll go look This town will not half serve me.

A little, how it heightens.

[Erit. Face. No, sir? Buy

Mam. Do. My shirts The covering off o' churches,

I'll have of taffata-sarsnet, soft and light Mam. That's true.

As cob-webs; and for all my other raiment, Face. Yes,

It shall be such as might provoke the Persian, Let them stand bare, as do their auditory; Were he to teach the world riot anew, Or cap them new with shingles.

My gloves of fishes and birds-skins, perfumed Mam. No, good thatch :

With gums of paradise and eastern airThatch will lie light upon the raftors, Lungs. Sur. And do you think to bave the stone with Lungs, I will manumit thee from the furnace;

this? I will restore thee thy complexion, Puffe,

Mam. No, I do think to have all this with the Lost in the embers; and repair this brain, Hurt wi' the fume o' the metais.

Sur. Why, I have heard, he must be homa Face. I have blown, sir,

frugi, Hard for your worship; these bleared eyes A pious, holy, and religious man, Have waked, to read your several colours, sir; One free from mortal sin, a very virgin. Of the pale citron, the green lion, the crow, Mam. That makes it, sir; he is so. But I buy The peacock's tail , the plumed swan.

it. Mam. And lastly,

My venture brings it me. He, honest wretch, Thou hast descryed the flower ?

A notable, superstitious, good soul, Face. Yes, sir,

Has worn his knees bare, and his slippers bald, Mam. Where's master?

With prayer and fasting for it; and, sir, let him Face. At his prayers, sir : he,

Do it alone, for me, still

. Here he comes. Good man, he's doing his devotions,

Not a prophane word, afore him! 'tis poison.
For the success.
Mam. Lungs, I will set a period

To all thy labours: thou shalt be the master Good-morrow, father.
Of my seraglio.

Sub. Gentle son, good-morrow !
For I do mean

And to your friend there. What is he is with To have a list of wives and concubines,

you? Equal with Solomon, who had the stone

Mam. An heretic that I did bring along, Alike with me :

In hope, sir, to convert him. Thou art sure thou saw'st it, blood ?

Sub. Son, I doubt Face. Both blood and spirit, sir.

You are covetous, that thus you meet your time Mam. I will have all my beds blown up; not l' the just point : prevent your day, at morning! stuffed ;

This argues something, worthy of a fear Down is too hard.

Of importune, and carnal appetite; (Is it arrived at ruby?)

Take heed, you do not cause the blessing leare A wealthy citizen, or a rich lawyer,

you, Have a sublimed pure wife, unto that fellow With your ungoverned haste. I should be sorry I'll send a thousand pounds, to be my

cuckold. To see my labours, now e'en at perfection, Face. And shall I carry it?

Got by long watching, and large patience Mam. No, I'll have no bawds,

Not prosper, where my love and zeal hath placed But fathers and mothers. They will do it best,

them. Best of all others. And my flatterers

Which, in all my ends,
Shall be the pure, and gravest of divines, Have looked no way, but unto public good,
That I can get for money. My meet fools, To pious uses, and dear charity,
Eloquent burgesses.

Now grown a prodigy with men. Wherein We will be brave, Puffe, now we have the medi- If you, my son, should now prevaricate, cine.

And to your own particular lusts employ My meat shall all come in, in Indian shells. So great and catholic a bliss, be sure, Dishes of agate set in gold, and studded A curse will follow, yea, and overtake With emeralds, saphirs, hyacinths, and rubies, Your subtle, and most secret ways,

-Where I spy

Mam. I know, sir.

Sub. But I care not.
You shall not need to fear me. I but come, Let him e'en die; we have enough beside,
To have you to confute this gentleman.

In embrion. H has his whit shirt on
Sar. Who is,

Face. Yes, sir. Indeed, sir, somewhat costive of belief

He's ripe for inceration : he stands warm Toward your stone; would not be gulled. In his ash fire. I would not, you should let Sæb. Well, son.

Any die now, if I might counsel, sir, All, that I can convince him in, is this:

For luck's sake to the rest. It is not good. The work is done ; bright Sol is in his robe. Mam, Ile says right. We have a medicine of the triple soul;

Face. Nay, I know it, sir. Thanks be to Heaven,

Sur. Ay, are you bolted ? And make us worthy of it! Ulen Spigel ! I have seen the ill fortune. What is some three Face. (Within.) Anon, sir.

ounces Sub. Look well to the register,

Of fresh materials ? And let your heat still lessen by degrees,

Mam. Is't no more? To the Aludels.

Face. No more, sir, And bring me the complexion of glass B. Of gold, t'amalgame, with some six of mercury. Face. I will, sir.

Mam. Away, here's money. What will serve! Sur. What a brave language here is next to Face. Ask him, sir. canting!

Mam. How much? Sub. I have another work, you never saw, son, Sub. Give him nine pounds: you may give That three days since passed the philosopher's him ten. wheel,

Sur. Yes. Twenty, and be cozened; do. In the lent heat of Athanor; and is become Mam. There 'tis. Sulphur of Nature.

Sub. This needs not. But that you will have it so, Mam. But 'tis for me?

To see conclusions of all. Sub. What need you?

Go your ways. You have enough, in that is perfect.

Have you set the oil of Luna in Kemia? Mam. Oh, but

Face. Yes, sir. Sub. Why, this is covetous !

Sub. And the philosopher's vinegar? Mam. No, I assure you.

Face. Ay.

(Exit. I shall employ it all in pious uses,

Sur. We shall have a sallad. Founding of colleges and grammar schools,

Mam. When do you make projection? Marrying young virgins, building hospitals, Sub. Son, be not hasty. I exalt our medicine, And now and then a church.

By hanging him in balneo vaporoso, How now? What colour says it?

And giving him solution, then congeal him,

And then dissolve him, then again congeal hiin : Enter FACE.

For look, how oft I iterate the work, Face. The ground black, sir.

So many times I add unto his virtue. Mam. That's your crow's head?

Get you your stuff here against afternoon, Sar. Your cocks-comb's, is't not?

Your brass, your pewter, and your andirons. . Sub. No, 'tis not perfect, would it were the Mam. Not those of iron ? crow.

Sub. Yes, you may bring them too. The work wants something.

We'll change all metals. Sur. Oh, I looked for this.

Sur. I believe you in that. The hay's a pitching.

Mam. Then I may send my spits? Sub. Are you sure you loosed them

Sub. Yes, and your racks. In their own menstrue?

Sur. And dripping-pans, and pot-hangers, and Face. Yes, sir, and then married them

hooks, And put them in a bolt's head, nipped to diges- Shall he not? tion,

Sub. If he please. According as you bade me, when I set

Sur. To be an ass. The liquor of Mars to circulation,

Sub. How, sir ! In the same heat.

Mam. This gentleman you must bear withal. Sub. The process then was right?

| I told you, he had no faith. Face. Yes, by the token, sir, the retort brake, Sur. And little hope, sir; And what was saved was put into the pellicane, But much less charity, should I gull myself. And signed with Hermes seal.

Sub. Why, what have you observed, sir, in our art, Sub. I think 'twas so.

Seems so impossible? We shoold have a new amalgama.

Sur. But your whole work, no more. Sur. Oh, this ferret

That you should hatch gold in a furnace, sir, Is rank as any pole-cat!

As they do eggs in Egypt!

Sub. Sir, do you

Too scrupulous that way. It is his vice. Believe, that eggs are hatched so?

No, he's a rare physician, do him right; Sur. If I should ?

An excellent Paracelsian, and has done Sub. Why, I think that the greater miracle; Strange cure with mineral physic. He deals all No egg but differs from a chicken more

With spirits, he. He will not hear a word Than metals in themselves.

Of Galen, or his tedious recipes.
Sur. That cannot be.

Enter Face.
The egg's ordained by Nature to that end,
And is a chicken in potentia.

How now, Lungs?
Sub. The same we say of lead, and other me- Face. Softly, sir, speak softly. I meant

To have told your worship all. This must not Which would be gold, if they had time.

hear. Mam. And that

Mam. No, he will not be pulled ! let him alone. Our art doth further.

Face. You are very right, sir; she is a most Sub. Ay, for 'twere absurd

rare scholar, To think, that nature in the earth bred gold And is gone mad with studying Broughton's works. Perfect in the instant. Something went before. If you but name a word touching the Hebrew, There must be remote matter.

She falls into her fit, and will discourse
Sur. Ay, what is that?

So learnedly of genealogies,
Enter Doll.

As you would run mad too, to hear her, sir.

Mam. How might one do to have conference Sub. Marry, we say

with her, Lungs? God's precious-What do you mean? Go in, Face. Oh, divers have run mad upon the congood lady.

ference. Let me intreat you.-Where's this varlet ? I do not know, sir: I am sent in haste,

To fetch a viol.

[Erit. Enter Face,

Sur. Be not gulled, sir Mammon.
Face. Sir.

Mam. Wherein? Pray ye, be patient.
Sub. You very knave! Do you use me thus ? Sur. Yes, as you are,
Face. Wherein, sir?

And trust confederate knaves, and bawds, and Sub. Go in, and see, you traitor. Go.


[Exit Face. Mam. You are too foul, believe it. Mam. Who is it, sir? Sub. Nothing, sir. Nothing.

Enter Face.
Mam. What's the matter, good sir?

Come here, Ulen, one word.
I have not seen you thus distempered? Who is't? Face. I dare not, in good faith.
Sub. All arts have still had, sir, their adversa- Mam. Stay, knave.

Fuce. He is extreme angry, that you saw her, But ours the most ignorant. What now?


[Face returns. Mam. Drink that. (Gives him money.), What Face. 'Twas not my fault, sir; she would speak is she, when she's out of her fit.

Face. Oh, the most affablest creature, sir, so Sub. Would she, sir? Follow me.

merry !

(Exit SUBTLE. So pleasant! she'll mount you up, like quickMam. Stay, Lungs.

silver, Face. I dare not, sir.

Over the helm; and circulate, like oil, Mam. How ! Pray thee stay.

A very vegetal; discourse of state, Face. She's mad, sir, and sent hither

Of mathematics, bawdry, any thingMam. Stay, man, what is she?

Mam. Is she no ways accessible? No means, Face. A lord's sister, sir.

No trick to give a man a taste of her-witHe'll be mad too.

Or so? Mam. I warrant thee.

Sub. [Within.) Ulen! Why sent hither?

Face. I'll come to you again, sir. Erit. Face. Sir, to be cured.

Mam. Surly, I did not think one of your breedSur. Why, rascal ?

ing Face. Lo you. Here, sir. [He goes out. Would traduce personages of worth. Mam. 'Fore heaven, a bradamante, a brave Sur. Sir Epicure, piece.

Your friend to use : yet, still loth to be gulled. Sur. Heart, this is a bawdy-house ! I'll be burnt I do not like your philosophical bawds. else,

Their stone is enough to pay for,
Mam. Oh, by this light, no, do not wrong him. Without this bait.

Mam. 'Heart, you abuse yourself.

with you.

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