Wild sports of the West, by the author of 'Stories of Waterloo'.


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Pagina 295 - A rainbow can only occur when the clouds containing or depositing the rain, are opposite to the sun ; and in the evening the rainbow is in the east, and in the morning in the west ; and as our heavy rains, in this climate, are usually brought by the westerly wind, a rainbow in the west indicates that the bad weather is on the road, by the wind, to us ; whereas the rainbow in the east, proves that the rain in these clouds is passing from us.
Pagina 315 - A worthy baronet, remarkable for his benevolent views and active spirit, has propagated a story of this kind, and he seems to claim for his native country the honour of possessing this extraordinary animal : but the mermaid of Caithness was certainly a gentleman, who happened to be travelling on that wild shore, and who was seen bathing by' some young ladies at so great a distance, that not only genus but gender was mistaken. I am acquainted with him, and have had the story from his own mouth. He...
Pagina 290 - Li ii , here's a Means, if thou cans't hit it right ; Take gum of Life, fine Beat, and laid to soak In Oyle, well drawn from that which kills the Oak : Fish where thou wilt, thou shalt have Sport thy fill, When Twenty fail, Thou shalt be sure to kill. Probation. It's perfect and good, .If well understood : Else not to be told For Silver or Gold. RR" Sir JOHN HAWKINS attributes these Initials to the R.
Pagina 301 - Bedfordshire ; the next morning, a large pike was caught, which with difficulty was got out. It appeared that a pike of three and a half pounds weight was first caught, which was afterwards swallowed by another, weighing thirteen pounds and a half, and both were taken.
Pagina 149 - Russia duck (which, as well as swanskin, should be previously wetted and dried, to prevent shrinking), a loose over-all frock coat, and a hood; or a cap, with a flap behind, similar to a coalheaver's hat, and dress them as follows:— Take three quarts of linseed oil, and boil them till reduced to two quarts and a half, the doing which will require about three hours; and when the oil is sufficiently boiled, it will burn a feather. (The addition of some...
Pagina 67 - Daily the seal went out to fish, and after providing for his own wants, frequently brought in a salmon or a turbot to his master. His delight in summer was to bask in the sun, and in winter to lie before the fire, or, if permitted, creep into the large oven, which at that time formed the regular appendage of an Irish kitchen. For four years the seal had been thus domesticated, when, unfortunately, a disease called in...
Pagina 292 - These fish were in good season, even at this late period, and had no spots, but were coloured red and brown, mottled like tortoiseshell, only with smaller bars. I have in July, likewise, fished in Loch Con, near Ballina, and in Loch Melvin, near Ballyshannon.
Pagina 294 - I have generally observed a coppery or yellow sunset to foretel rain; but, as an indication of wet weather approaching, nothing is more certain than a halo round the moon, which is produced by the precipitated water ; and the larger the circle, the nearer the clouds, and consequently the more ready to fall.
Pagina 294 - ... the moon, which is produced by the precipitated water ; and the larger the circle the nearer the clouds, and consequently the more ready to fall. The old proverb is often correct : A rainbow in the morning is the shepherd's warning ; A rainbow at night is the shepherd's delight.
Pagina 54 - In order to enter the bell, it is raised about three or four feet above the surface of the water ; and the boat, in which the persons who propose descending are seated, is brought immediately under it; the bell is then lowered, so as to enable them to step upon the...

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