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Pagina 313 - Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?
Pagina 64 - I thought this monster banish'd from your train : But you would raise him to support your throne, And now he claims your empire as his own ; Or tell me, tyrants, have you both agreed That where one reigns, the other shall succeed...
Pagina 9 - But still the charge they bring will be unjustly brought. These effects have not been caused by the gospel, but by the system raised upon it. Not by the revelations of God, but by the inventions of men.
Pagina 454 - For Taste does not wholly depend upon the natural Strength and acquired Improvement of the Intellectual Powers; nor wholly upon a fine Construction of the Organs of the Body; nor wholly upon the intermediate Powers of the Imagination; but upon an Union of them all happily blended, without too great a Prevalency in either.
Pagina 3 - It may sound oddly, but it is true in many cases, to say, that if men had learned less, their way to knowledge would be shorter and easier. It is indeed shorter and easier to proceed from ignorance to knowledge, than from error. They who are in the last, must unlearn before they can learn to any good purpose; and the first part of this double task is not in many respects the least difficult, for which reason it is seldom undertaken.
Pagina 497 - ... of continuous bodies that are to be separated, or from the weights of bodies to be raised, the excess of the force remaining, after all those resistances are overcome, will produce an acceleration of motion proportional thereto, as well in the parts of the machine as in the resisting body.
Pagina 497 - For on this principle depends the mechanism or contrivance of mechanical engines, used to draw or raise heavy bodies, or overcome any other force. The whole design of these being to give such a velocity to the power in respect of the weight, as that the momentum of the power may exceed the momentum of the weight. For, if machines are so contrived that the velocities of the agent and...
Pagina 76 - I can discover no political evil in suffering bullies, sharpers, and rakes, to rid the world of each other by a method of their own ; where the law hath not been able to find an expedient.
Pagina 73 - You have had some capital frolics, my Lord," Dean Swift is reported to have said to the bragging youth, "and let me recommend one to you. Take a frolic to be virtuous : take my word for it, that one will do you more honour than all the other
Pagina 291 - He must recommend them only from ratinnal consideratinns, vi2. the beauty and comely proportions of virtue, and its advantages in the present life, without any regard to a future state of more extended self.interest. 3. His authorities must be drawn from heathen writers, none, or as few as possible, from Scripture. 4. He must be very unacceptable to the common people.

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