would come of it, the people were infatuated and understood her not; but now the Greeks are descended from the Trojan horse in broad day light, he must be worse than an idiot who cannot read their intentions in their actions, and will not provide for his own security. Lest we should forget the share the Presbyterians have had in the present troubles, our memories have very lately been refreshed by the production of Dr. Price. Whence do all these seditious pieces originate but from the Dissenters? Is not Dr. Price a Dissenter ? And what is the design of his pamphlet ? Is it not plainly calculated to make the government odious; to dispirit all Englishmen, by representing to them the desperate state of their affairs; and to justify the Americans in their rebellion, by shifting the cause from the principles of positive law, and the common rights of possession, by which only it must be tried, to those other visionary principles of Republican enthusiasts, who confound the freedom of human action with the authority of civil government, and make every nian his own king, pope, and chancellor, by the great charter of human nature, to be found among the archives of the moon, and interpreted by the Earl of S.

e, and

his Presbyterian secretaries ? Such is the plan of our Dissenters at home, who go on to insult the government without molestation, and have a noisy multitude always ready to magnify the wisdom of ever Dissenting orator ; while the loyal Church of England party are under oppression and persecution from the Dissenters abroad, and are obliged to fly over hither to the seat of government, for a little present peace and protection. But the worst part of our story is yet to come ; and a story it is which hath been taken up by Whigs and Dissenters as a ground for clamour, while but little hath been said by those who have most reason to complain : for that same government, which for so many years hath adopted the tender policy of obliging the Dissenters at the expence of its own friends in the Church of England, has made no scruple of extending its favour to popish episcopacy in the American colonies. In July 1766, a popish Bishop' went over from London to Quebec by permission of this government; and popery is now licensed by the crown of England in that part of the wor? ? where a protestant Bishop of the Church of England has never been tolerated! Hear o


Heavens, and give ear, O Earth! for neither the one nor the other was ever witness to such an instance of injustice and absurdity. Papists are licensed ; Presbyterians are obliged; where the religion of the crown and government is not tolerated ! Never let us wonder if strange effects arise from such unprecedented economy. It is therefore hoped by the best friends of both countries, that the charm which hath bound us will now at last be dissolved ; that the grievance under which the Church hath so long groaned, and for which the State is now suffering in common with it, may be redressed at a proper, that is, at the first opportunity! and then we shall have reason to expect some quietness and loyalty in the British colonies. God is not mocked; what a man soweih, that shall he also reap. Be wise now therefore, O ye Kings, be learned ye that are judges of the Earth : oppress not your friends out of favour to your enemies ; for

your friends may be lost by your neglect, but your enemies will never be gained by your

indulgence. All wise men have been long acquainted with this maxim; and it is now writ. ten in letters of blood, for all true Englishmen to read and consider. We who are of the


people can consider it only to lament it: they who are in power and authority may consider it to a better purpose : and may the author of all good give them grace and wisdom to do it effectually!









THE Protestant Dissenters having entered into a confederacy, in opposition to the present municipal laws, or laws by which persons hold offices of trust in this kingdom ; with such declarations as tend to abridge the freedom of voting in parliament, and disturb the public peace; we beg leave to offer a few observations on the principles they profess, and the measures they have adopted, as they have opened them to the public in their late Resolutions at Stowmarket. In the beginning of this

century, when

parties ran high, under the reigns of Queen Anne


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