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Yet do not think our bard would bribe your choice; Blame if he fail, applaud if he fucceed;
He trutts that faireit judge, the public voice. When you're most just, you then are

** Friends None thould pursue a trade which is unfit,

indeed!" And of all quacks the worst's a quack in wit

The idea of exposing a dangerous considerable addre's, and require no character, whose aim is to prey upon small share of dramatic ingenuity. mankind, merits the attention of a When held forth in such colours, they dramatic writer. In defiance of the may almost command success. vigilant exertions of private affociation The authors of the FRIEND and public justice, we meet with these Need, seem to have paid particular pests of society but too frequently in attention to this opinion, and have our metropolis:

in fome measure succeeded. The play, “ Safe from the bar, the pulpit, and the throne, however, has not a sufficient degree of “ And aw'd, if aw'd, by ridicule alone!'' humour, or strength of comic character, They are, therefore, fair game for thea- to ensure popularity. trical sportsmen.

The Epilogue, which is the producSuch exhibitions, however, be it re- tion of the Manager's fertile pen, was membered, should be managed with spoken by

MRS. BU L K L E Y. WOMAN, of all who feel the hour of need, Made her as fine as hands, or gold, could make Wants molt, most rarely finds, a friend indeed!

her Doom'd in each sex, alas! by turns to prove Built her a coach-a grand one!-in Long-acre ! Faise, hollow friendship, and insidious love. Marg'ry's good fortunes all on me depend; Hogarth, on whom—sweet humour's darling child! I ruind her--and am her only friend." At once Minerva and Thalia (mil'd;

Happy the high-born fair, whose ample dower Whose pencil'd satire Vice and Folly (mote, Pours in her wealthy lap a golden Mower! Who many a comedy on canvas wrote ;

While many a friend -fincere, no doubt--surWith coat tuck'd up, straw hat, and linen gown, rounds Draws honest Marg'ry just arriv'd in town: Her thousand charms-and hundred thousand With ruddy health and innocence she glows,

pounds. Fresh as the morn, and blooming like the role: But she, who pines in want, whose early bloom In the inn-yard a hag, who ready stands, Deceit would canker, or distress consume; Lays on the harmless maid her harpy hands : Let jealous fears her ev'ry step attend, roo well the beldam knows the treach'rous art, And mark the flatterer from the real friend! To tempt and to corrupt, the female heart; He who with gold would bribe her into vice, Too soon to ruin the decoys her prey,

Buys but her honour at a dearer price! “ Then casts her like a loathsome weed away." Not generous, but prodigal and vain;

“ Pooh! pooh! (cries Citpup) this is all a lie! A bolom traitor! cruel, not humane! Poets and painters will make free-Oh fie! But he, whose virtuous hand her wants supplies, Poor souls! they love to bounce, and think they And wipes the tears of anguish from her eyes; rally,

Who rears o'ercharg'd with grief, her drooping Nothing but truth and honour in 'Change-alley! head, Plump Marg'ry at a monstrous premium went- And summons Hymen to the genial bed; Prodigious interest -almost cent. per cent! Let love and gratitude his merits plead, I found her poor, not bleft with half a crown; And lodge him in her heart a FRIEND INDEED! Stampt her my own, and brought her upod town

The characters were as follow: Sir J. Howard,


Mr. Wewitzer. Archly, Mr. Palmer. Steward,

Mr. Usher. Trusty, Mr. Williames. Emma Howard,

Mrs. Incbbald. Regan, Mr. Baddely. Lydia,

Mrs. Bulkley. Citpup, Mr. Edwin. Sulan,

Mrs. Norris. When this Comedy is published, we great part of their force, because the Thall examine the plot and characters, in author has facrisced too largely at our Literary Review. At present we the shrine of Sentiment, and their limust content ourselves, with observing bations seem calculated rather to restrain that the Comedy possesses many points censure than to command applause. of humour. There, however, lose

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Mr. Parfonso

Loxd. Mag. July 1783.




FRIDAY, June 13.

in Huntingdoníhire, was struck dead by the T Middleton colliery, seven men and two lightening. A young woman at Hilton, and

boys lost their lives by some foul or a lad at Needingworth, in company with the stagnated air unsuspectedly lodging in some part former, was ftruck down by the lightening, bus of the workings, which it being neceilary to recovered. open to let off some water, the foul air took fire At Stilton the rain was fo violent, that the at the workmen's candle, though at a great waters rose to the height of four feet perpendidistance, and caused a small explosion or two, by cular in some of the inn yards, and great quanwhich four of the above men were killed; the tities of hay from the meadows were carried other five had no marks of fire or violence about

away by the flood. them, but were fuffocated by endeavouring to As the company from Woolwich were land. escape through the fulphurous itife or damp letting at Billingsgate stairs, out of the sword. behind. Eight men made their escape, but bearer's barge, Mr. Ayres, one of the citywith great difficulty.

watcrmen, by some accident fell into the SATURDAY, 21,

Thames, and was drowned. This day a gentleman had his pocket picked of

THURSDAY, 26. a pocket book, near the Bank, containing three An express from Plymouth arrived at the bank notes to the amount of 1371. and a draft Adinirally, with advice of a part of Lord Hood's upon a bunker for upwards of 81.

fieet from Jamaica being come into the Sound, MONDAY, 23.

and that the remainder had patied on for SpirA falh of lighuing, which was instantly head, with a fair wind, where they were exfollowed by a moit tremendous clap of thunder, pected to arrive this day. Itruck Mr. Norton's house, near the gravel pits, Prince William Henry was on board the at Hinkley, in Leicestershire. The chimneys Barfleur, and two of the king's coaches with were entirely demo.ilhed to the ridge-trees, the attendants fet off yesterday to convey his royal soof in a great meafure untiled, the windows highness to town. thivered to pieces, and much of the lead melted,

FRIDAY, 27. Mr. Norton himself was in one of the chambers; Last night the house of Charles Causton, Esq. but neither he, nor any one in the house, re- of Highgate, was broke open and robbed of a ceived the Icait hurt. In the adjoining dwelling, quantity of plate and a pocket-book, containing belonging to Mr. Craven, both himself, his á bank' note, and several papers of value ; and maid-Servant, and Mr. Smith, a relation, with on Saturday last the same house was again broke three children, fuffered to violent an electrick into, and robbed of different kinds of apparel. thock, as to throw them down, and cause a This day, about two o'clock, his Royal numbness in their limbs, which continued for Highness Prince William Henry arrived at fome time, and yet the building received no Windfor: a messenger was immediately defurther damage than the breaking of a few spatched to the king, at St. James's, acquaintpanes of glatoo

ing his majesty with his arrival. TUESDAY, 24.

Early this morning a black servant belonging The fervant of Mr. Clemenfone of the House to a gentleman near Kingsland met two of the of Commons, was flung from his master's horse patrole on the Kingiland-road, and mistaking near Richmond, and expired in a few hours them for suspected persons rathly fired a blundera aiter.

buss, which severely wounded one or the patrole. Mr. Bigglestaffe, a wine and brandy merchant The black was immediately pursued, and the in the strand, going down the river with his same day committed to Clerkenweil-prilon. porter in a boat, in shooting the middle arch of

SATURDAY, 28. London Bridge, the boat rising with the swell of The king has been pleated to approve of Peter the eddy frightened the porter so much, that he Anker, Esq. to be coniul-general for his Danish got up from his feat, and shifting to the same mejetty in the kingdom of Great-Britain. fide on which his matter was, overturned it, by This day the Lords Commiftioners of the which both were drowned.

Great Seal appointed Mr. Nares, son of Mr. WEDNESDAY, 25.

Justice Nares to be Secretary of Briefs. A violeni storin of thunder and lightening Birmingham, June 28. A few days ago, as happened at Fenitanton, near Cambridge, and three labourers were cleaning a pit at Meriden, that neighbourhood. A fire ball fell on a barn in this county, they found near 200 guineas of belonging to Mr. Hipwell of Fenitanton, to Charles the Second. The impreflion on both which it fet fire, and the flames were initantly lides was very perfect, and they weigh more communicated to the house of a poor weaver at than the present current coin of George the some yards uistance, whose whole property, to- Third. The poor men have large families, and gether with a quantity of cloth belonging to his were prudent enough to keep the discovery secret employers, was consumed. Six dweiling-houses, till they had got the whole out, and then divided with several barns, outhouses, &c. were de- it equally. stroved, and a labouring man, going into a

MONDAY, 30. Atable to bring out a horse, received a violent Early this morning the house of Mr. Brooks, kick, of which he died instantly. A daughter pawnbroker, in Tooley-street, in the Borough, of the Rev. Mr. Ceanwell, of Abbot's Ripton, was broke open, and robbed of bank notes and

calh 5

Oi two

cath to the amount of near 50l. besides near Loughborough several children were knocked
thirty gold and siiver watches, and several other down.
articles of value.

At Sherrington, near Warminster, eighteen
In the evening the Earl of Sandwich and sheep were ftruck dead; they were just folded,
Lord Rodney, in the carriage of the former, and the shepherd, happily for him, had been
were stopped in White-Horse-itreet, Piccadilly, driven from his Hock, by the severity of the
by two footpads, and robbed: from Lord Sanda storm, a few minutes before the cataltrophe
wich they took his watch, and the money from happened.
both, amounting to ten or twelve guineas each. At Birmingham a storm of rain, attended with

Sime evening the new born son of his excel- the most vivid lightening, and more dreadful and lency Baron Nolcken was christened at his tremendous thunder than has ever been rememhorile in Soho-square, by the Right Rev. the bered, did considerable damage in this and the Lord Bishop of Lincolo. Their majesties, we adjacent counties. The lightening entering the are intormed, did him the honour of being howe of Mr. White, of Barr, forced out the sponsors, Lord Eflex representing the king, and windows, and broke the glass into innumerable Lady Weymouth the queen.

pieces, melted the spout which conveyed the TUESDAY, July 1.

water from the top of the house, and did some Thomas Wooldridge, Esq. appeared at the injury to other parts of the building. The court of aldermen, and demanded his feat as windmill in Cradley field, belonging to Mr. alderinan of Bridge Ward Within, but the Eaton, was much shivered, and the wood-work lord-mayor informed him, that, at the carneft scattered to a considerable distance. request of the ward, the court had thought young men in the mill at the time this hapa pro er to fuperfede him, and another was elected pened one was ftruck down, and remained tome at a wardmate held for that purpose; to which time apparently without life; the other was Mr. Wooldridge replyed, that he should apply to forcibly thrown several yards, and rendered for a the Court of King's-Bench, and then withdrew. few moments insensible, but received no material

Same day was held at Guildhall a court of hurt.-At Hinckley, the roof of one of the lieutenancy for the city of London, for the houses was torn off, and the windows of ano:her election of a clerk to the said court, in the room totally broken. A cow was killed in a field at of Mr. Smith, deceased, when Mr. William Perry-hill; and in the farther parts of the Wood, of St. Mary Axe, was declared duely county we understand the lightening proved fatal elected.

to eight cows and two men. The question " Whether chapels are rateable At Yarmouth much damage was done by the to the poor?" was argued in the court of king's- thunder itorm amongst the shipping which lay in bench, and determined in the affirmative. that road, and also a great deal of damage on

Between eight and nine o'clock George Foote, shore. Part of a flock of theep within five miles Esq. was attacked by two footpads on Larktield- of that town was struck dead by the lightening. heath, near Malling, and robbed of his gold At nne, in Norfolk, several chimnies were watch, and' what money he had about him: thrown down, and the people much hurt; three the offenders being pursued, and overtaken at men who were at work in the fields were ftruck Boital, made a defperate resistance, till one of dead by the lightening, as were some sheep and them was run through the body by a man who cows; and a farm-house within a mile of the had a soldier's bayonet fastened to a stick, on town was burnt down. which he immediately dropped down dead. The At Pool a cow was struck dead, and five tons other made his escape. The coroner's inquest of hay in a stack were burnt. have fince sat on the body, and brought in their

THURSDAY, 3. verdi&t-Juftifiable Humicide.

Early this morning, at Swaffham in Norfolk, Ac Witney, in Oxfordihire, there was a most a man was heard calling for assistance in a well tremendous itorm or lightening, thunder and rain: which is upwards of leventy feet deep; the a man and woman were leverally itruck dead in bucket was immediately let down, on which he the tields; near Iilip a horse was killed by the faltened, and was draivn a considerable way up, lightening, and in Oxford, which was only vi- but before he could reach the top of the well, fited by the skirts of the storm, the streets were he fell from the bucket, and was drowned. suddenly inundated.

At Upton, near Southwalsham, a lad about WEDNESDAY, 2.

twelve years of age, riding on an ass without a At Wanstead, in Huntingdonshire, in a terri- bridle, the ass went between the fails of the mill, ble storm of thunder and lightening, a ball of which struck the lad on the head, and fractured fire falling on the school-hould killed three his skull, so that he soon after expired. children, and dangerously hurt several others;

SATURDAY, 5. and it was with diificulty the school-house was This week was finiihed the celebrated tower prevented frou being burit down; lame other at Brizlces, built by his grace the Duke of damage was done in the town.

Northumberland: the foundation of this tower At Slearord in Yorkshire a barn and hay- was laid near five years ago, upon the top of a stack were fit on fre, and a horie killca; ncar lofty hill, within two miles of Alnwick. The the lordship of Burrowby, by Grantham, leven whole height of the tower is ninety feet. There theep were killed; in Croxton park, a mare and is an ascent by winding stairs to an open gala a cow were killed; in a park near Mansfield, lery, which is very near the top of it, and imme.' John Renshaw, farmer, ot Selfton, and his diately below the beacon, from whence is one of herle, were both struck dead;' at Knighton, the most extensive and commanding prospects in near Leicetter, two cows grafing in a paiture, the kingdom. The elegance of the design does were killed, and a hay-itak let on fre; and at honour to the taste and magnificence of the



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noble owner; and the masterly manner in which

THURSDAY, 10. the workmanship is executed does equal credit to This evening at Leeds there was a dreadful the abilities and, ingenuity of the undertakers storm of thunder and lightening, which conemployed on this beautiful piece of masonry. tipued from ten o'clock till one in the morning i

This day, at Deal, one John was killed the peals of thunder were very loud and aweful, by the bursting of an old swivel gun which he and the flashes of lightening uncommonly vivid. had loaded with a great quantity of powder, and The lightening struck the spire of Methley rammed full of stones.

church, and considerably damaged it. A horte At the George inn, at Corsham, Wilts, some was struck dead by the lightening at Lazencroft, words arising between a weaver and a woman two others at Birttal, and a cow at Bierley, near with whom he cohabited, he beat her, in an Bradford. At Shire-green, near Sheffield, adjacent field, so unmercifully, that the expired laith was set on fire and entirely consumed. A on the spot.

horse in Dytch-lane, and another in SheffieldThis day's gazette contains his majesty's order park were killed; and much other mischiet done in council, dated July 2, directing that pitch, in various parts of this county. tar, turpentine, hemp, fax, masts, yards, At Birmingham a fock of fixteen Meep were bowsprits, ftaves, heading, boards, thingles, and found upon the Clent hills, killed by the all other species of lumber; horses, neat cattle, lightening. A farmer riding in a park near Theep, hogs, poultry, and all other species of Mansfield was struck dead, together with his live stock and live provisions; peas, beans, po- horse. At Knighton, near Leiceiter, two cows tatoes, wheat, flour, bread, biscuit, rice, oats, were killed, and a hay-Itack set on fire. The barley, and all other species of grain, being the steeple of the church at Wimeswould was greatly growth or production of any

of the United States damaged, and a large door shivered to pie:es. of America, may (until further order) be im- In a bara near Braisford, of ninetcen Theep that ported by British subjects in British-built thips, were driven therein for shelter, ten were killed. owned by his majesty's subjects, and navigated As Mr. Timothy Oxley, merchant, in Wakeaccording to law, froin any port of the United field, was riding a young horfe on the road near States of America to any of his majesty's Weft- New Miller Dam, he met a stage-coach with India islands; and that rum, sugar, melalles, several passengers on the roof, driving very fast coffee, cocoa nuts, ginger, and pimento, may down the hill, at which his horse took fright, (until further order) be exported by British subjects plunged, and unfortimately threw him under the in British-built Thips, owned by his majesty's carriage, and one of the wheels went over his subjects, and navigated according to law, from body. He languished till four the next morning, any of his majesty's Welt-India illands, to any when he expired. port or place within the said United States,

FRIDAY, II. upon payment of the same duties on exportation, Two men went into the queen's head, the and subject to the like rules, regulations, fecu- corner of Clerkenwell-green and Turnmillrities, and restrictions, as the same articles by ftreet, and called for some liquor, which being law are, or may be subject and liable to, if ex- brought, one of the fellows seiled the landlady, ported to any British colony or plantation in and threatened to murther her if the gave the America.

least alarm, the other, at the fame tiine, ran up SUNDAY, 6.

ftairs, and fole a canvas baz, containing twenty-
This morning between fix and seven o'clock, two guineas, some hall-crowns and a dollar,
while the maid-fervant was sweeping before the together with a silver watch, which was banging
outward door, a thief Nipped into the house of at the head of the bed. This robbery was com-
Mr. Grey, at No. 4, Billiter-Square, and car- mitted in less than two minutes, and the villains
ried of plate, and other effects, to the value of escaped with their boot.
near gol.

The Beer noop, which was sunk with the

Royal George, and lay close along-lide her, was This day, as a gentleinan of Hackney was re- raised six fathom from the ground, and towed to turning from Chigwell with his wife and a considerable distance. The method of prodaughter, a fine girl of three years of age, the ceeding was as follows:-Mr. Tracey and his latter leaning against the coach-door, it unfortu- affiitants went down in a diving beil, and nately burst open, by which accident the young faftened large cables round her fides from item lady fell with great force against the stump of a to itern, it being impofiible to get them under tree, and her ikull was fractured so that the died her keel, from the great quantity of sand colsoon after she was conveyed home,

lected about her; there cables were drawn TUESDAY, 8.

through rings in such a direction that the A man and woman were killed by the greater the force exerted, the tighter and more lightening; the former at Windermere-water, firmly they adhered to her; the swell of the and the latter at llawxihcad, in Westmorland, bow,' fides, and itern of the veilel preventing WEDNESDAY, 9.

the cables from flipping upwards. After every Lieutenant Bourne received judgement in thing was made as secure as pullible betyr, th: the Court of King's Bench for the atjault on Sir cables were then made fait to two large lighters James Wallace, and also for a libel; for the at the lowest ebb of the tide; as the tide rose first offense to be impriioned in the King's Bench the floop rose also, to the height of fix fathom two years, and to give fecurity for his good beha- from the bottom, the surface of the water being visur for seven years, himseli in 1000l. and two eight fathom above her. A very trong hawler furecies in 500!. cach, and for the libel gol. fine. was then tied to one of the lighters, and the end A vuit mumbur of officers, both naval and mili- of it fent on board the Orpheus frigate, and by tary, were present during the judge inent. the purchase or force of her capftern the whole


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machinery was put in motion, and dragged to a

Frrday, 18. great length.

Came on, before Lord Mansfield and a special SATURDAY, 12.

jury, at Westminster-hall, the tryal of Charles This morning two young men, about nineteen Bembridge, Esq. for several trespasses, frauduyears of age, were taken up drowned near the lently and corruptly committed by him, as .acstairs on the west side of Blackfriars-bridge.-- countant in the office of the paymaster of his They had been bathing together on Friday even- majesty's forces. ing, and being rapidly fucked under water by After a hearing of five hours Lord Mansfield the draft of the barges, were loft, though sur- summed up the evidence, and having withrounded by numbers of people, who were unable drawn for twenty minutes, the jurymen brought to afford them the least allittance.

in heir verdict -Guilty. SUNDAY, 13.

Sentence stands over till next term, when it Lieut. Foliot, of the Baracoota cutter, arrived is expected there will be a motion in arrest of with despatches from his Excellency Sir Roger judgement. Curtis, Knt. his majesty's ambaffadour to the James Whithed, Esq. having vacated his seat emperour of Morocco, dated Gibraltar, June 14, for Cirencetter, in Gloucestershire, Lord Apsley in which he gives an account, that the former was this day elected member for that borough. treaties of friendihip and commerce had been re- This day, finally ended the court-martial newed and confirmed, and that additional arti- (which was held on board the Irresistible guardcles, for the better regulation of the commerce ihip at Chatham) upon the twelve seamen, for between the two nations were concluded and mutiny on board the Raisonnable, commanded by figned at Salice on the 24th of May lait.

Lord Harvey, when seven of them were conIn the afternoon as a waterman, his brother, demned to be hanged, three to receive 300 lalhes and two fons, were failing in a boat off Chelsea, each from ship to thip, and two acquitted. the boat oreriet, by which accident the water

SATURDAY, 19. man and one of his sons were drowned; the other Late this evening advices were received by the fon swam to the thore, and the brother catched Fox packet, which failed from Bengal the 17th hold of the keel of the boat, and held by it till of February last, that peace had been concluded he got allittance.

with the Marattas; that Heider Ali died in the John Annereau, Esq. being on a party of month of December last; and that his successor, pleasure with some more gentlemen in Lea river, Tippou-Saib, appeared more pacifically inclined he unfortunately fell out of the boat, and was towards the English than his father, having pera drowned.

mitted such as were prisoners in the towns taken During divine service, a house in Cannon- by him to have a free communication with the street was entered by picklock keys, and robbed presidency at Madras, to be better supplied with of clothes, linen, plate, and cath to the amount neceifaries, and to have egress and regress: that of upwards of sol. The family were gone to Monf. Suffrein, after watering his fleet at Achin, church, and when they returned, found the had crossed over the bay of Bengal to Gangam, door fart as it was left.

with nine fail of the line and two frigates, where MONDAY, 14.

he captured the Coventry frigate and the BlandAt Portsmouth a boat, belonging to the ford East-Indiaman: that the Medea frigate had Bustier, was overset in a squall of wind, by retaken the Chafer Noop of war, on her way which accident five men and a boy were from Trincomale with despatches from M. Bully drowned.

to M. Suftrein, by which it appeared, that the TUESDAY, 15.

rest of the French fleet was in great distress from Mr. Bustard was elected member of parlia- a violent dysentery, having loft a number of men, ment for Truro, in the room of the late Mr. and was unable to join M. Suffrein as soon as Rolewame.

intended; and that M. Suffrein remained only a This night, about ten o'clock, a fire broke few days on the coast, and it was supposed had out at a sugar-baker's, in Wellclofe-square, returned to Trincomale, leaving two frigates to Ratcliff-highway, which consumed the lame, cruise from Ganjam to Ballasore-road, which with a of sugars, and damaged fome had captured a number of vessels bound to Madras buildings adjoining.

with rice. WEDNESDAY, 16.

This day came on in the Court of King's This morning, about one o'clock, a fire broke Bench, before Earl Mansfield and a special jury, ou at the ship atehouse, near the King's brew- the indictment against Christopher Atkinson, house, Ett-Smithfield, which consumed the Esq. late cornfactor to his Majesty's victualling fam., with the stock in trade and furniture; board, and member of parliament for Heydon, in there being no water to be had for some time, Yorkshire, for wilful and corrupt perjury. the flames loon communicated to other houses, After a tryal, which lasted seven hours,, t and burnt down nine more, a range of ware- jury withdrew for a few minutes, and returned hoiles, &c. and Mr. Wyatt, a huilder and their verdict--Guilty. timber-merchant's workshop, with timber to a Sentence, as usual in such cases, was postponed very great value, and did other considerable da- till the ensuing term, Mr. Atkinson giving bail mage to the adjacent houles.

for his appearance. Same night Prince Carditto was stopped in

SUNDAY, 20. Hanover-square by two footpads, who robbed This night the roof of an old house in Shore. bim of seventeen guineas and his watch, and at ditch was beat in by the lightening, by which a the fame time robbed his scrvant of about twelve poor man, his wife, and one child, who lodged thillings.

in the garret, were killed.



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