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I repeat, that unless the force under Col. Fullar- some length in this day's general orders, both of ton does come nearer to co-operate, and to take off their conduct on the 13th, and in the action of some part of the heavy duty that now talls to our this day. I thall have the honour of transmitting Thare, this army will, in a very thort time, be to your lordship, &c. a copy, together with every melled to nothing through ficknels and other paper of any confequence which you have not accidents.

hitherto been furnished with, owing to the unCamp Soxıb of Cuddalore, June 15. 1783. certainty of conveyance since we loit light of the Letter to the Seleet Committee at Madras, contain. Admiral.

ing the particulars of the repulse of the French I pray your lordship, &c. to forward the means on the 25th of June, 1783.

of conveyance by tea to us for the detachment IT is with great additional satisfaction of 200 Hanoverians, with the recruits and re that I give you the account of the repulte the covered men of his Majesty's and the Comenemy met with in a sortie they made early this pany's troops, together with money, rice, and morning.

We have taken their commanding horle grain, our only dependence for all those officer, Chevalier de Damas, Colonel (Maitre things being upon you. de Camp) of the regiment of Aquitaine; like- Camp before Cuddalore, June 25, 1783. wise a captain and a lieutenant. There is a Return of ordnance taken from ibe enemy in :be major, a captain, and two subalterns killed.

pofts near Cuddalore, June 13, 1783. The prisoners are about 150. I don't know how

On the Bandipallum bills. many of the enemy have been killed or carryed Brass guns serviceable mounted, and may be off wounded, but this I know, that it was a used on the posts, 2 four and halt pounders. complete route. Our loss is Major Cotgrove, In the entrenchments from Bandipollum hills Lieut. Grueber of the Bengal detachment, and and Brickmyre's poit, iron guns lerviceable, i Lieut. Ochterlony miting, Capt. Williamson the carriages damaged, and cannot be used, wounded, and about 20 rank and file killed or I nine-pounder, 1 leur-pounder. wounded.

Brass guns terviceabte mounted, and may be : Upon the return of the French feet, and our's used, i four and half pounder, 2 two and not appearing, I was sure they would take every half ditto. occation to annoy us: we were prepared for it, as

In Brickmyre's post. they have found to their experience. From what Iron guns serviceable mounted, and may be used I can collect of the prisoners, the troops engag- againt the fort, 2 eighteen-pounders, i nine ed were of the best fort, the regiment of Aqui. ditto, i five ditto. taine and other old corps, besides voluntiers Brass guns serviceable mounted, and may be used, from all the other corps, and two battalions of I nine-pounder. sepoys. Their principal impreffion seems to have Ditto cannot be used, I'twelve-pounder. been directed to the right of our parallel, but Between Brickmyre's poff and Cuddalore. they had no idea of our having completed a re- Brass guns serviceable mounted, and may be used, doubt there, which, with the two guns, galled 3 three-pounders. them very severely. Our people behaved won- Ammunition tumbrils, 8. dertully well, and the sepoys mixed their's with

Carts for ihot, 4. the French bayonets: nothing could exceed their (Signed) W. ELLIOT, Lieut. Col. Iteadinels. Colonel Gordon commanded in the

Commanding the Artillery. trenches with Lieutenant-Colonel Cathcart and Return of the killed, wounded, and miffing, in Major Cotgrove; only one half of the grenadiers the attack of the French udianced pofos, were with the out-iying pickets, but Major lines, and redondis before Cuddalore, in the Moore with the other hali were instantly on the 1315 of June 1783, of the army under bis ground from their advanced camp, and they Excelency Nlajor-General -James Stuart, comproved an excellent support to the parallel on the m.inder in chief of bis Majesty's and the Comright.

pany's troops. From the character of Monf. Suffrein, and

His Majesty's troops: the intinite superiority of the prefent means on if Battalion, 73d regiment, killed, Capt. Alex. the part of the French, now that we are left Mackenzie, 5 ferjeants, and 20 rank and tile. to ourselves, I expect a daily vitit of this fort Wounded and prituners, the Hon. Capt. James from them, and thail be prepared to give them a Lindsay, Lieut. Sirnon Mackenzie, Jun, and fimilar reception; but I cannot too often repeat, Lieut. James Trail. Wour.ded, Capt. John that the leverity of the duty both on otticers and Hamilton, Licutenants Charles Gorry, Damen is become almost insupportable.

vid Raynier, John Sinclair, James Dancan, As to my own uneasinets of mind, considering and George Sutherland, 5 lerjeants, 2 drummany things which I need not detail to you, and mers, and 75 rank and ble. Milling 6 rank that it is now nine days tince our feet and provi- and hile, fion tips left us, and having no certainty of 78th Regiment. Killed, Capt. George MacCol. Fuilarton's movements towards me, in con- kenzie, and 9 rank and tile. Wounded, fequence of my order of the 16th instant; Ildy Licutenants Patrick Crane and Malcolm Macthat, on the whole of thele confiderations, my pherson, 2 lerjeants, and 28 rank and file. mind is upon the rack without a moment's rest. Milling i serjeant, and i rank and file.

The iteady undaunted valour of this army ront Regiment. Killed, Lieutenants W. R. my prelent relource in the midst of turrounding Eisden, John Morr, Jcha Branthwayte, and dificulties, if the Admiral does not soon appear. Charles Rof, 2 tejcants, 2 drummers, and The high idea I entertain of the meritot the 38 rank and tile.

Wounded and prisoners, anay bis led me to express my sentiments at Capt. S. G. Cole, and Lieut. John M'Gila

lowray, 141 being able to recover himself, and the only fervant Return of the killed, woundert, and missing, in that ileptin the house being gone to bed, he lay out



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Lowray. Wounded, Capt. P. Beatty, Lieu- Artillery. I rank and file killed; I rank and file tenants A. Ingram, John Napier, and Mungo wounded. Noble, 5 ferjeants, 2 drummers, and 48 5th battalion sepoys. 10 rank and file wounded. rank and file.

GENERAL ABSTRACT. Detachments of the 15th and 16th regiment of

Officers. Non-commiffiones Hanoverians in one regiment. Killed, Major

rank and file. Varenius, Capt. Bruntwick, Lieut. Rluir

His Majesty's troops, mand, and Ensign Muller, 2 ferjeants, and killed, 60 ran' and file. Wounded, Captains Drocgi, Ditto wounded, Schamhorts, Weitern hagen, and Zelle. Lieu- Company's troops, Eutenants Brandt, Notto, V. Hennubar. En

ropeans, killed, figns Gerber, Jambart, Bert, Werniche, and Ditto wounded, Aujutant Chevalier, i ferjeant, 2 drummers, Natives killed,

9 and 141 rank and ale.

Ditto wounded,


30 J. GRATTAN, Adj. Gen.

Bengal trcops.

J. RICHARDSON, Dep. Adj. General

. Wounded, Colonel Thomas D. Pearse. Artillery. Killed, 2 bombardiers, i matrofs, and

DEATHS. 8 lalcars. Wounded, Lieut. E. Brown, and Lieut. Fireworker Egihaw, i serjeant, i bom- N Nov. at Scarborough, the Rev. Sidney Swibardier, i gunner, 2 matroises, 2 Tyrangs, I ney, D. D. F. R. and A. SS. --Lately in

tinda!, i colfob, golandaure, and 20 lalcars. America, Jonathan Trumbull, Esq. late gover12 h regiment of repoys. Killed, i ferjeant, i nour of Connecticut. -Dec. 2. The lady of

Lubedar, I jemidar, and I rank and file. Wound- Henry Hawley, Esq. in child birth. Al Ba. ed, I drummer, and 22 rank and file.

row by, in the west-riding of Yorkshire, aged 13th regiment of lepoys. Killed, one subedar, 75, George Lloyd, Esq. F. R. S.-MadeI jemidar, and 3 rark and file. Wounded, moiselle of France, aged seven years and three Lieut. I'lumer, Enlign Franklin, i subedar, I

months. -Sir John Mitchell, Bart. of Shetdruminer, and 3-4 rank and tile.

land. -7. Mrs. M•Dermoi, wife of Thomas 25th regiment of lepoys. Killed, Capt. Durie, M.Dermot, Esq. of Cattle-Main, in the county 1 ferjeant, 2 subedars, and 6 rank and file. of Roscommon, Ireland, Lieutenant Colonel of Wounded, Lieut. R. Colebrooke, i serjeant,

the Roscommon Rangers.

-8. Mr. Weaver, Jemidar, and 31 rank and file.

Page of the back-stairs to the Queen -- At Coaft troops.

Bithops-Court, in the isle of Mann, the Right Killed, Capt. Walter Douglas, deputy adjutant- Rev. Father in God, George Mason, D. D. Lord

general, and Lieut. Peter Campbell, aide-du- Bilhop of Sodor and Man. 10. At Bath, the camnr.

Right Hon. Lady Dorothea Inglis, widow of Sir Total of killed, wounded, and missing, 962. Adam Inglis, Bart. of Cromand in Scotland.N. B.-Of the European grenadiers, King's and At Hoddeidon, Herts, in the 70th year o! his age,

Company's, contuting of 5 captains, 17 lu- the Rev. Dr. Jones.-- In the 74th year of his age, balterns, and 336 non-commifiioned rank and Sir Robert Smyth, Bart. of İstield, in Suilex, and file, under the command of the Hon. Lieut. Bury St. Edmunds, in Suffolk.- --11.jn Litchie Col. Cathcart, and included above in their field-itreet, Lady Sharp, wife of Sir Alexander respective regiments.

Sharp, Bart.—At Norton-by-Galby, in Leiccia Officers. Non-commillion terihire, aged 85, William Fortrey, Elg. His death

rank and file. was occationed by the tollowing accident: about Killed,

36 three weeks ago, as he was going into his garden Wounded,

betore he went to bed, he fell down the fight Milling,

6 of stone steps in the front of his house, and not Total 12

che ripulse of the enemy, in their attack on ibe all night, and was found in the morning by the Rerrencimenis, in the morning of the 25th of fervant, but not quite dead, and from that time Jure, 1783. Camp Scurb of Cuddalori, languished to the above period. Among other June 25, 1983.

marks of his muniticence he rebuilt the church His Majesty's troops.

0. Galby, to which he gave beils : he allu buill, ift battalion, 73d regiment. I rank and file at his own expence, the new-church at Norton, wounded.

to which he gave bells and an organ.---12. Joha Detachments of the 15th and 16th Hanoverians Scott, Eig. oi Amwell, in Hertfordshire, one in one regiment. I rank and file killed. of the people called Quakers----13. The moBengal trups.

ther of Charles Woltran Cornwall, Esq. Speaker 24th regiment repoys. Lieutenant Grueber, i of the House of Commons.--15: Kichard

jemidar, i drummer, 8 rank and hle, killed. Spenter, Esq. of Great George-striei, WenminCaptain Williamson, i tebedar, î jemidars, itur. William Gregory, E'q. deputy mister 18 rank and tilt, wounded. Licutenant Och- of his Majesty's Mini- 10. Suddenly, after terloney, wounded and prisoner.

returning froin church, at St. Anne's, Scho, Cuafi iruops.

where he had been at the marriage of his daughMajor Cotgrove, coinmanding the 4th brigade, ter, Sir William James, Bart. His remains dailles.

Here intcrred in Eltham church, in the laine


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vault with those of his beloved and affectionate Charleton-Horethorn, in Somersetshire, the friend and relation, the brave General Goddard, Rev. Mr. Taylor, vicar of that parish. late commander in chief of the forces of the Honourable the Eatt-IndiaCompany, on the Malabar coast.-Sir William was, himself, early in the

BANKRUPT S. fervice of the Company, first as commander of the Guardian Noop of war, afterwards as commo- chant.-William Argent, of Great Warley, dore in the Protector, a frigale of 44 guns, in Eflex, farmer.- John Hawkins, of Fridayagaintt Angria, that very formidable pirate, who street, London, merchant. Francis Holmes, of had many years alarmed all the European itates, Warwick, grocer.— James Gowen, of Sundere particularly the Dutch, from whom he had taken, land, near the tea, grocer-John Lane, of Site in one engagement, three ships of force, 50, 36, tingbourne, in Kent, apothecary.. -Robert and 16 guns each. This Aliatic robber had Taylor, of Southwark, dealer in horses.-Lawfecured himself in the fortress of Geriah which rence Lee, of the Minories, London, pinmaker.-was deemed impregnable, when Sir William William Miller and Charles Silburne, ot Miles's James, in concert with Admiral Watson have lane, London, wine-coopers and partners ing, immediately before, reconnoitered, and Daniel Fitch, late of Kilburn, in Middlesex, taken the foundings of the coat, led the at- jeweller.-Robert Mather and Anthony Mather, tack, which proved victorious. The capital, of Wooler, in Northumberland, linen-drapers the country, and large navy of that desperate and haberdashers, copartners in trade.- James depredator were subdued and destroyed, and Tozer, the younger, of Kentiibear, in Devonshire, the most dangerous nest of pirates thai ever in- dealer.- Robert Andrews, of Bristol, innholder feited any part of the globe entirely extirpated. and stable-keeper.---George Marih, of Winters Sir William afterwards returned to England, down farm, in the parith ot Ether, Surrey, dealer and was distinguished by the generous proprie- in horses.- John Clarke, of Rowington-Green, tors, who repeatedly and constantly honoured in Warwickfire, wheelwright and timbera him with their approbation of his conduct, on merchant.-- John Dutton, now or late of Locha frequent elections, to the important office of a bury, London, merchant.-William Bennett, director. He was several times in the chair, late of Sheffield, in Yorkshire, cutler.-Ralph and had the happiness to plan, and recommend Frost, late ot Depden, in Suffolk, tirnber-merto administration, the last expedition against chant. John Pearlon, of Manchester-Iquare, St. Pondicherry, which was executed with so much Mary-la-Bonne, builder and mason.- Edward fecrecy and celerity, that it was conquered be- Carter, of Drury-lane, tailor.- Patrick Kelly, fore the French had an account that it was in. late of Ostend, but now of Upper Marybonevested. For this important service Sir William street, mariner.- William Crawford, of Holbourn, received the thanks of the Company, and a fer. St. Giles's in the Fields, merchant.- Robert vice of plate; and his affection, gratitude, and Syers, late of Liverpool, merchant.-John Jones, fidelity to his matters and benefactors remain- oi Shrewsbury, tanner.- Robert Haydock, now ed unthaken till the last moment of his life. or late of Liverpool, shipwright. - Francis Sir William was an elder brother, and deputy Wheeler, of Lewes, in Sussex, money.scriveneromaster of the honourable corporation of the James Farloe, of Birmingham, dealer. William Trinity-Houte, a governor of Greenwich-Hoi- Garniss, of the Minories, London, llopseller.--pital, a member oi the Royal Society, and re- Robert Philps, of Bristol, baker.-Henry Cook, preientative in the present and latt parliament, of Wells, in Somerletihire, mealman.- Jonathan ior West-100. He is succeeded in title by his Weit the younger, of Barnsley, in Yorkilire, eldest fon, whom he had by his second wife, an money-scrivener.--Jacob Foster, of Princesa Indian lady, before he obtained the baronetage, Atree:, St. James, Wettininiter, innkeeper.-who is a captain of Sepoys in the India Coin- Charles Wigley, of Spring Gardens, St. Martin pany's service at Madras, now Sir Richard James, in the Fields, toy and hardware-inan.--Thomas Bart. and the first of that country who succeeded to Relph, ot Salisbury-Square, London, an English baronetage.--- Dec. 21. At his house chanto-William Dent, and John Dent, of the in Grosvenor-square, of the goue in his itomach Strand, Itationers and copartners.--Henry Bura John Radcliffe, Esq. of the Priory, at Hitchin, in tenihaw, of Lewes, in Suflex, money-scrivenci.“ Hertfordshire, member of parliament for St. Al- Thoma: ibbedion, of Skircoat, in Halifax, Yorkbans: he was a licere friend, andacharitable honeit hire, merchant.-John Titcenfor and Ralih man; he was the last mal: heir of the Radcliffes, Tittenfor, of Rzading, in Berks, copartners and who poslelled the Priory from the diffolution of dealers. William Dibley, of St. Mary, lamreligious houses in King Henry the Eighth's time: beth, in Surrey, ladler.- Edward Thorp, late of he married one of the liters of the present Earl Lumbard-itreet, London, watchmaker. Wile of Carliile.-22. In the Sitt year of his age, liam Suffolk, late of Prir.ces-itreet, Soho, carthe Rev. Robert Wright, A. M. minister of penter, upholder, and auctioneer. -Ralph St. Botolph, Aldgate, rector of Otton Belchamp, Jackson, of Snow-hiill, London, and vicar of the united parishes of Bulmer and John Fielding, of Paternoster-Row, London, Walter Belchamp, in Etlex, and many years

bookseller.--George Sympson, of the Minorics, librarian of St. Martin's in the Fields ---Lately London, cordwainer.---Joseph Burnett, o Christthe Rev. Mr. Courtney, elder brother to the church, in Surrey, dealer in corn and wals. Rev. Mr. Courtney, of St. George, Hanover. Thomas Piimpton, of the Strand, holiersquare --- Lately James Charles Shotto Doug- Samuel Handalyde, late of Snow-hill, London, do, Elq. of Jamaica, second ton of the late hardware-man.-Stephen Grant and John Pato Sir John Douglas, Bart. of Kelhead. A tifon, late of Downs-itreet, Piccadilly, brickLond. Mac. App. 1783.


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Lipscombe, of Peckham, in Surrey, coach-malho Rikeinin Surrey. Rev. Joan Tuiker Noth,


layers and plasterers, and copartners.-- John chester, shoe-makers.Oliver Dawes, or Hay Bradburn, of Tavistock-row; Covent-Garden, Gate, Salop, victualler. - William Tingey, tailor.—Thomas Braaitton, of Ugley, in Etrex, of Woolwich, Kent, linen-draper. Benjamin dealer (by the name and defcription of Thomas Arrowimith and Thomas Arrowsmith, oi Upton Bramiton, of Ugley, in Effex, victualler). upon Severn, Worcester, cyder-merchants.Charles Calcutt, late at Poulton, in Wilts, mer- Thomas Clark, grocer, of Southampton, chant.-- Francis Coita, late of Exeter, Itarch- William Taylor, of Whitechapel-road, Middlemanufacturer, but now of Lambeth, Surrey.-- sex, draper. - William Shell, late of Williams John Caruther, of Norcott, commonly called street, Adelphi-buildings, Middletex, coal-merSjuthall, in Middlesex, horfedealer.-- Thomas chant and wharfinger. Benjamin Bennet, of Barton, of Manchester, whalebone-cutter.- Little Bandy-leg-walk, Southwark.- William Oswell Truefit, of Woodstock-mews, Woodítock. Morgan, late of Paul B.ker's-court, Londoing ftreet, St. George, Hanover-square, ttable-keeper. coal and wine-nerchant.- -John Greenwood,

James Moseley, late of Mary-la-bonne-lane, late of Tottenham, in Middleiex, deale .Middlesex, coach-matet.- Robert Lowes, of Clarke Müller, of Sherringham, in Nortolk, Hexham, Northumberland, money-scrivener.- miller. Peter Daniel, now or late of Colchester, Eflex, money-scrivener.---John White, of Torrington-itreet, Middlesex, victualler.. -- William


EV. , r. of Woodman. -Arthur Boyer and Robert Kenyon, both bale of Liverpool, merchants. William Rey- 1.01 Harbeiton, co. of Pemroke, dio. of St. nokls, of Liverpool, grower. Arthur Whit- David'aRev. Thomas Avely age, v.of Henow, comb Waller, of Carillrooke, in the Ife of Co. of Bediord, dio. of Lincoln.--Rev. Jola Wight, me.Iman. -Samuel Bigrive, of Bed. Wooldridge, v. of Totnes, como Devon, dio. of ford, grocer.

William Will, o: ihe university Exetero-Rev. Richard Kaye, D. L. Sub Alof Oxford, vintner acu ccttee-house ke per- moner and chaplain in ordinary to his Ja elty, priton Court, of Hounifhich, London, Maxde urry of the cathedrai cherih of Lincoln vice dretter and cheesemoner - Thomas K kwick, Rev. Dr. Richard Cuit; alto relidentiar;'s place of Weithansabbtv, in Eilex, coal-murch int.-- in the laid cathedral church.- Rev. Mr. B. ker; John Kinilow, ide of Little Suffolk-stress, St. r. o Helmton and v of Welwick, both in YorkMarlin in the fields, desier. -Thomas Jane, shiro--Rev. William Dealury; v. o. Binop now or late of the pariih of Auft, in Giuuc iter. Wilson, in Yorkinire.--Rev. Mr. Fly, ininter thire, innholder.- George Pothacary, of East- of 'Trinity-Chweh, Little Minories; a minor Breni, in S-merleuthire, dealer.---- Richard canon of St. Paul's Cathedral, vice Rey. Mr. biddle, ot Park-lirect, Southwark, plumber and Gibbons, deccaled.--Rev. Edw. Stone, A. M. planer- John Bradley and Robert Bridley, of rector of Hortendon Bucks; root Hartwell, lame Abingdon-itreet, Weitmintter, coal-merchants 00.--Rev, John Carr, A. M. r. of South-Stoke, and copartners. Willian Lorkinion, now or near Arundel, co. of Suflex, dio. of Chicheiter.-. late of Fleet-itreet, London, muichant.--- Da- Rev. Herbert Randolph, B. C. .. Prebend of nie! Mathilon, of the Haymarket, wine-mer- Chute and Cheesenbury, in the cathedrai church chant.-----Ebenezer Reynolds, ot St. Catharine- of Sarum, vice Rev. Juin Randolph, D. D. square, near Iron-rate, wholesale hardware man refigned. Rev. Mr. Hutun, vicar of St. Lawrence and jeweller.---Thomas Preston, now or late Jewry, by Guildhall; chaplain of Guy's Hor. of Mancheller, butcher.------Edward Lane, of pital vice Rev. Dr. Finch, retigned. Rev. Birmingham edge-tool-inaker. - John Wild Thomas Parke, A. M. Feliow of St. Peter's kinton, of Berners-street, St. Mary-la-bonne, College; roof Statherne, co. of Leicetter, and money-Scrivener. Anthony Percy, of Can- dio. of Lincoln - Rev. John Simplon, vicar of terbury-iquare, St. Olave, Southwark, wine- Acklam; r. ot Root, Lait-Riding, vice Rev. Sir merchant. Robert Gamer, late oi Little New- Mark Sykei, Bart. decealed.- Rev. Matthias port-itreet, St. Anne, Sohn, grocer.----Peter Rutiand, vilar of Sheldvich, Kent; living or Rodolphus Utermarck, and James Lewis Adam, Cooling, near Roshuter.-Rev. Mr. James Bune ooth late of Moortelus, merchants.-----Robert neman; chuch oi Cargill, preibytery of Perth, Christian, late of Bristol, but now' a prisoner in vice Rev. Mr. James Gow, decealed.--Rev. the King's-Bench prison, linen-merchant. Grithth Gardiner ; v.of Ratcliffe, Leiceitenshire. Thomas Prichard, Jate of Builth, in Brecon- Rev. Thomas Lewis Obcirne; v. of Stumjord thire, maltitur.- Joseph Gardner, late ot Lin Hyam, Sulfex.-Rev. Thomas Williams; v. of verpool, bread-baker.- Richard Wilson, of Alphiiton, laid co-Rev. Peter Gunning; Thice Cranes, Queen-treet, Cheaplide, London, r. of Deventon, Glou eiterthire.- Rev. Thomas bottle-merchant.---Hemy Facey, of Alugate, Ward, prebendary of the cathedral of Chetter; London, linen-draper. James Dean, of Woods v. of Netlon, vice Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Ward, street, Cheaptide, London, factor.- -Pontus resigned.Rer. Daniel Maclane; to the r. of Lindroth, late of Kingiton upon Hull, mer- Warehorne, Kent.--Rev. Luke Thompson; to chant llaac Ayton, of Great Yarmouth, in the r. of the two united moieties of Thuring, Norfolk, baker. John Dave, of Queen's Yorkshire.-Rev. William H. Roberis; to the Camel, in Somersethire, dr.ger and maluter.— living of Broadwas, Worcestershire- Rev. Wm. John Frothead, or James-street, St. Paul, Co- Swift, M. A. of Merton College, Oxford; o vent-garden, brickmaker.---John Orton, of the living of Stoke-Prior, lame co.-Rev. David Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk, inn-holder. Scurlock; to the r. of Merthyr, in CaermSamuel Fletcher and John Fletcher, of Man. thenching --Rey. John Clayton; r. of Kilred nie,


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