however, has been niggard to him. of Ranger, there are parts which we are He has neither the perfon, voice, nor confident he may perform better tha look of a gentleman. His face is any other player now on the stage. ugly; his eyes brown and staring, and No new plays have appeared as yet bis manner seems the copy of a half- on this Theatre, nor are any announced pay buck, rather than of a fine gen- We hope, however, that the enfuirg tleman, which Ranger certainly is. month will be the reverse of the preWe mean not, however, to speak con- fent, and give us new plays by old temptuously of Mr. Ward's abilities. actors. Although they are not equal to the part

STATE PAPERS, TREAT r of perpetual Friendship and Alliance betoveen the Hon. EAST-ISDIA

COMPANY and the PESHWA MADHOO Row PundIT PURDHAN, lett!! by Nir. David Anderfon on the Part of the Hon. Company, in Virtue of ihe Pouets delegated to him for that Purpose by the Hon. the Governour-General and Councii appointed by the King and Partiament of Great-Britain to direct and control allire political stairs of the lion. English Eai-India Company in India; ard by Mata Rajah Subadar Madhes Row Scindia, as Plenipotentiary on the Part of the Prbu a Madhoo Rozü Pundit Purdhan, Ballajee Pundit Nann Furnatese, and the whole of the Chiefs of the Mahratta Nation, agreeably to the following Articles, wbich shall be for ever binding or ikeir Heirs and Succeffors, and the Conditions of them to be invariably cbjcrved by both parties. ARTICLE I.

the request of Madhow Row Scindia, consent to IT

T is Nipulated and agreed between the Hon. relinquish their claim to the said country in fa

the English East India Company and the vour of the Pethwa. Peshwa, tlirouch the mediation of Madhoo Row V. The country which Secajee and Futty Sing Scindia, that all countries, places, cities, and forts, Guickwar gaye to tne English, and which is including B. ficen, &c. which have been taken mentioned in the 7th article of the treaty with from the Peihwa during the war that has ariden Col. Upton, being therein left in a itate of tince the treaty settied by Colonel Upton, and fufpenfc; the English, with a view to obviate have come into the potention of the English, thall all tuture disputes; now agree, that it shall be be delivered up to the Pethwa. The territories, restored, and it is hereby tettled; that, it the forts, cities, &is to be restored, Thall be deli- said country be a part of the establithed rerria vered within the space of two months from the tory of the Guickwar; it shall be reitored to period when this reaty ihall become complete the Gwick war; and, if it shall be a part of the (as hereafter described to such perlons as the Peshwa's territories, it shall be rettoied to the Pethwa, or his minister Nana Purnavese thall

Peibwa. appoint.

VI. The English eng.:ge, that having allowed II. It is agreed between the English Company Ragonaut Row a period of four months, from and the Pothwa, that Salleite, and three other the time when this treaty thall become complete, islands, viz. El phanta, Caranja, and Horg, to fix on a place of refidence, they will noli which are included in the treaty of Colonel atter the expiration of the laid period, afford Upton, thall coatinue for ever in the postellion of him any support, protection, or altistance, cor the English. If any other islands have been taken supply him with mency tor expenfes: and in the courie of the present war, they thall be the Pehwa on his part engages, that it Ragonaut delivered up to the Peihna.

Row will voluntarily, and of his own accord, III. Whereas it was stipulated in the 4th article repair to Maha Rajah Madhoo Row Scindia, and of the treaty of Col. Upton, " That the Pelhwa quietly rende with him, the sum of 25,000 rue and all the chiefs of the Mahratta State do agree pees per month thall be paid him tor his mainteto give to the Erglish Conspany for ever, all right nance, and no injury whatever thall be offered to and title to the city of Baroach, as full and him by the Pethwa, or any of his people. complete as ever they ccllected from the Moguls VII. The Hon. English Ealt-India Company or otherwise, without retaining any claim of and the Peshwa being desirous that theirre pe tive chout, or any other claims whatever; so that the allies tovall be included in this peace, it is hetedy Inglith Company thall poflets it without partici- mutually itipulated, that each party shall make pation or claim 01 any kind." This article is peace with the allies of the other, in the manner accordingly continued in full force and effect. herein arier specified.

IV. The Peshwa having forinerly, in the treaty VIII. The territory which has long been the of Colonel Upton, agreed, by way of friendship, established Jagheer of Secajee Gwickwar, and t give up to the English accuntry of three lacks Futty Sing Guickwar, that is to say, whatcter ci rupees near Barosh, the English do pow, at territory kutty Sing Gwick war porleiled at the


commencement of the present war, shall here- XIII. The Pe!hwa hereby engages, that he will after for ever remain on the usual footing in his not luffer any factories of other European nations Pcfleilon; and the faid Futty Sing thall, from to be established in his territories, or thoie of The date of this treaty being complete, pay for the chiefs dependent on him, excepting only such "the future to the Peinwa the tribute as usual, as are already eitablished by the Portuguese; and previous to the present war, and fall perforin he will hold no intercourse of friendship with any 1uch lervices, and be fubject to fuch obedience, cther European nations: and the Englith on their as have long been estabuitted and cultomary. No part agree, that ihey will not attord afiitance claims shall be made on the said Futty Sing, by to any nation of Deccan, or Hindoitan, at enthe Peihwa, for the period that is pait.

mity with the Pelhwa. IX. The Pelhva engages, that, whereas the XIV. The English and the Peshwa mutually Nabob Kleider Ali Cawn, having concluded a agree, that neither will afford any kind of altreaty with him, hath disturbed and taken pof- fistance to the enemies of the other. 1eflion of territories belonging to the English XV. The Hon. the Governour-General and and their allies, he fhall be inide to relinquish Council of Fort-William engage, that they will them, and they shall be restored to the Company, not permit any of the chiefs, dependents, or and the Nabob Mahomed Ali Cawn. All pri- subjects of the English, the gentlemen of Bomfoners that have been taken on either side during bay, Surat, or Mudras, to act contrary, at any the war thall be released, and Heider Ali Cawa place, to the terms of this treaty: in the same fhall be made to relinquish all such territories manner the Pethwa Madhoo Row Pundit Purdhan belonging to the Engiiih Company, and their engages, that none of the chiefs or iubjects of the allies, as he may have taken potention of lince Mahratta Siate th all act contrary to them. the gih of the month Ramzan, in the year 1180, XVI. The Honourable, Eat-india Company being the date of his treaty with the Peinwa; and and the Peshwa Madhoo Row Pundit Purdhan, "the trid territories shali be delivered over to the having the fullcit conidence in Maha Rajh Su

English, and the Nabob Mahomed Ali Cawni, badar Mudhoo Row Scindia Bhader, ihey have within fix months after this teaty being com- both requested the said Maha Rajah - be the plete: and the Englith in tuch cale agree, that mutual guarantee for the perpetual and invariable *io long as Heider Ali Cawn Niall afterwards ab- adherence of both parties to the condicions of Itain from hostilities againit them and their allies, this treaty; and the said Madhoo Row Scindia, and so long as he thall continue in friendthip with from a regard to the welfare of both itates, hath the Pethwa, that they will, in no respect, act taken upon himself the mutual guarantee. If hottilely towards himn.

either of the pirties shall deviate from the conX. The Peshwa engages, on his own behalf, as ditions of this treaty, the said Maha Rajah will eiwell on behalf of the Nabob Nizam Ali Cawn, join the other party, and will, to the utmoit of

Ragojee Boufala, Syna Saheb Souba, and tire his power, endeavour to bring the aggreilor to a i Nabob Heider Ali Cawn, that they shall in every proper underitanding. * respect, maintain peace towards the English and XVII. It is hereby agreed, that whatever

their allies, the Nabob Alopbul Dowlah Beha- territories, torts, or cities in Guzzerat were der, and the Nabob Mahomed Ali Cawn Beha- granted by Ragonaut Row to the English, preder, and thall, in no relpect whatever give them vious to the treaty of Col. Upton, and have any difturbance. The Englith engage on their come into their puifeilion, the restitution of own behalf, as well as on the behalt of their al- which was stipulated in the 7th article of the laid lies, the Nabob Alophul Dowlah, and the Nabob treaty, thall be reitored, agreeably to the terms Mahomed Ali Cawn, that they hall in every re

of the said treaty: fpect maintain peace towards the Pethwa, and his This creaty, confisting of seventeen articles, allies the Nabob Nizam Ali Cawn, Ragojee is settled at Sulley, in the camp of Maha RaBoufala, and Syna Saheb: and the English tur- jah Subadar Madhoo Row Scindia, on the 4th ther engage on their own behalf, as well as on the of the month Jemmad ul Saany, in the year 'bchair of their allies, that they will maintain 1187 of the Hiegera, corresponding with the

peace allo towards the Nabob Heider Ali Cawn, 17th of Nay, 1782, of the Christian æra, by under the conditions specified in the oth article the said Maha Raja, and Mr. David Anderion. of this treaty.

A copy hereoffhall be sent, by each of the aboveXi. The Hon. the East-India Company and named persons, to their respective principals at the Peshwa mutually agree, that the verleis of Fort-William and Poonah, and on both copies each snall offer no disturbance to the navigation being returned, the one under the seal of the of the verleis of the other: and the vefsels of Hon. the East-India Company, and signature of each shall be allowed access to the ports of the the Hon. Governeur-General and Councilof Fortother, where they shall meet with no moleita- William, shall be delivered to Maha Rajah Madtion, and the fullest protection shall be recipro- hoo Row Scindia Behader, and the other under cally afforded.

the feal of the Peshwa Madhoo Row Pundit XII. The Peshwa, and the chiefs of the Mah. Purhan, and the signature of Ballajee Pundit ratta State hereby agree, that the English thall Nana Furnavele, thall be delivered to Mr. Anenjoy the privileges of trade, as formerly in the derion; this treaty thail be deemed complete Mahratia territories, and thall meet with no ant ratified, and the articles herein contained ihall kind of interruption: and in the same manner, beur me binding on both the contracting parties. the last-India Company agree, that the lubjecis (Written in the Mahratta character, by kagoo of the Pethwa thall be allowed the privileges of Bhow Desian.) “ In all 17 articles, on the 4th, without interruption, in the tenitories of ot Jemmad ul Akher, or the oth of Jeyt Adeck, the Taglith.

in the Shukui Pattuh, in the year 1182." 3. Mag. Sept. 178;.


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Subscribed in the Mahratta character, by Ma.

hajee Scindia, on the same day:
Agrecd to what is above written.


J. ANDERSON, Alluitant to the Einbaffy.

“ Subscribed in the hand-writing of Naza Furnavese." Done by me Ballajee Inardict, es the 15th of Mohurrum, in the year 1183 Dan cember 20, 1782) under the small seal of the Peinwa, ratified also by Scindia, the 2 11t of Rabo bie ul Owal; counter part subscribed by Ms. Anderson, the 24th of February, 1783.

ARTICLES of PEACE lately ratified between GREAT BRITAIN and the

Republick of HOLLAND. TH HE King of Great-Britain and the Slates- rantom, within fix weeks at farthest, to be con

General of the Republick of Holland, ac- puted from the exchange of the ratificatori tuated by an equal detire ot ending the calami- the Preliminary Articles: each power beingre ties of war, have already authorised their rc- 1pectively obliged to retund the advances that spective plenipotentiaries to lign a reciprocal de- may have been made for the futtenance of Es claration for the lufpenfion of hostilities; and prisoners by the lovereign of the country where willing to re-establish among both nations a per- they have been detained, pursuant to the receipis feet harmony, nu lets necetsary for the good of and other authentick titles that shall be produced humanity in general, than for the welfare and on both sides; and proper securities ihall be prosperity of their particular subjects and do- given reciprocally for the payment ot such deco iminions, have appointed for this purpose, that is as the prisoners may have contracted in the Sures to say, his Britannick Maicity, on his part, his where they have been detaimed, till they obtain Grace George Duke and Count of Manchetter, their full liberty; and all the thips, men oft &c. &c. hisambaladour extraordinary and ple- as well as merchantmen, that may have been cap nipotentiary at the court of his Mott Christian tured fince the expiration of the terms agreed Majesty, and their High Mishtineilies the laid upon for the cotlation of hostilities ac sea, it States of Holland, on their part, their Excellen- likewite be ruttored bona fide, with all their cies Mathew L'Eitevenon de Berkenrude, and equipages and cargo, and the execution ther of Gerard de Brantzen, likewise their respective shall immedia:cly take place from the exchaage amballadours extraordinary and plenipotentiaries, of the ratitication of this Preliminary Treaty. who, after having mutually communicated their IV, The States-General do renounce, in fi. respective tull powers, have agreed upon the fol- vour of his Britannick Majelty, the town of New lowing articles:

gapatiram, with the deperden les chercof, and a Art. 1. Immediately after the ratification of ihe rights and properties belonging thereto; but, the preliminaries, a firm and sincere friendship considering the importance a inexed by the States Mall be restored between his Britannick Majesty to that place, the King, to show his cordial dishis dominions and lubjects, and their High position towards the laid States-General, proMightinesles, the States-General, their dominions miles, notwith'tanding the said ceilion, to treat and fubjects, of whatever quality or condition with them for the reitit.tion of the said town, they may be, without excepcion, either of places whenever they thall offer a proper equivalent. or individuals; infomuch that the high contract- V. The King thallrettore to the States-Geneing partics thall use their utmost endeavours to ral Trinconal, as well as all other towns, formaintain the said good understanding and mi- treile:, ports, and settlements, conquered ouring tual correspondence between themselves, their the courie ot this war in any part of the world, derinions and Tubjects--no perion on either by his arm, or by those of the English Eaitlido Mall hence:orihi be fultered to commit any India Company, provided they be in his poilersort of hostility by tea or land, under any calle fion, and every thing to be delivered in its preor preteníe whaiever; and gscat care thall be sent condition. taken, that nothing in future may disturb the VI. The States-General promise and bind union happily re-established-nay, every op- themselves never to moleit the navigation of the portunity thall be reciprocally embraced that may subjects of Great Britain in the Oriental leas. tend to their mutual glory and inics itt--no pro- VII. Sume ditputes between the African En. tection nor afliiance thalí be given either directly glih Company, and the Dutch East-India Comor indirectly, which may turn to the prejudice of piny having avisen, rcpecting the navigation on either of the high contracting parties, and a ge- the coast of Africa, as well as on the subject of neral oblivion fall take place, crucerning ubat the Cape of Appolonia: to cut off all fource may have palca before, or fince, the beginning of of complaint between the subjects of both na. the warjuit ended.

tions on those coults, it is agreed, on both sides, 11. With regard to the honours and the fa- tilat commilioners fall be appointed to make lute at lea by the thips of the republiek before proper arrangeinent, relative to the above difthose of his Britannick Majetty, in lame cuitum Thall be reciprocally tollowed as was practifed be- VII. All countries or territories that have fore the war just tei minated.

been, or may be conquered in any part of the III. All prisoners on both sides shall he set world by the arms of the King oi Great-Bricain, at, and itc hetave taken on given derin: a, wi! Jy by think of the Sote-General, with the Wat this tim silved wil.oni oui belly particularly ctproticed in the prvient



Articles, either by way of cession, or of restiru- in the present Preliminary Articles; and they tion, it is reciprocally agreed to restore without will not lutter any of their relpective subjects, difficulty, and without requiring any sort of either directly or indirectly, to act contrary to compenlation.

their mutual agreements and conventions; the IX. It being necessary to fix an epoch for the said high contracting parties mutually warranting evacuations and reftitutions that are to take all the itipulations of the present articles. plice, it is agreed that the King of Great-Britain XI. The ratifications of the present PrelimiThall order the evacuation of Trincomale, as well nary Articles, expedited in good and due forın, as of the other towns and territories conquered thall be exchanged in this town of Paris, bis by his arms, and in his present poffeilion (ex- tween the high contracting parties, in the space cepting what is given up to his Britannick Ma- of one month, or sooner it poiable, to be comjerty by the Articles) at the fame epoch that the puted from the day of the signature of the present reftitutions and evacuations between Great. Articles. Britain and France Mhall come to pass. The In witness whereof, we the under-written, States-General thall at the lune tiine reitore the their amballadours and plenipotentiaries, have towns and territories their arms may have taken figned with our hands in their name, and in from the English in the Eart-Indies. In con- virtue of our full powers, the present Preliminary fequence of which, proper orders thall be trans- Articles, and have cauled the fame to be lealed Initted by each of the high contending parties,

with our arms. with reciprocal passports for thips that shall con- Done at Paris the ad of September, 1783. vey the fame immediately after the ratitication (Signed) of the Preliminary Articles.

(L. S.)' MANCHESTER. X. His Britannick Majesty and their High (L. S.) L'ESTEVENON VAN BERKEN. Mightinelles promise to obterve fincerely, and in

RODE. good faith, all the Articles contained and lettled (L. S.) BRANTZEN,

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BRITANNICK MAJESTY, and the Most CHRISTIAN King. Signed at Ver.
Jailles, the 3d of September, 1783. As published by Authority.
In the name of the Most Holy and Undi- Illustrious and Moft Excellent Lord Florimond,

vided Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Count Mercy-Argenteau, Viscount of Loo, Ba-
Chott. So be it.

ron of Crichegnee, Knight of the Golden Fleece, E it known to all those whom it shall or BE

Chamberlain, actual Privy Counsellor of State to may in any manner concern: The Most his Imperial and Royal Apoítolic Majesty, and his Serene and Mort Potent Prince George the Third, Ambassador to his Moft Christian Majetty; and by the grace of God, King of Great-Britain, her Majesty the Empreis of All the Rusias, the France, and Ireland, Duke of Bruntwick and Moit Illustrious and Most Excellent Lord, Prince Lunenbourg, Arch-Treafurer and Elector of the Iwan Bariatintkoy, Lieutenant-general of the Holy Roman Empire, &c. and the Mott Serene Forces of her Imperial Majcity of All the Rultias, and Moit Potent Prince Louis the Sixteenth, by Knight of the orders of St. Anne and of the the grace of God Most Christian King, being Swedish Sword, and her Minister Plenipotentiary equally detirous to put an end to the war which to his Moit Christian M.

Lajesty, and the Lord Aia for leveral years pait afflicted their respective do- cadi de Marcott, Counteilor of State to her Imminions, accepted the offer which their Maje- perial Majesty of All the Rullias, and her Minitter fties the Emperor of the Romans, and the Em- Plenipotentiary to his Most Chriftian Majeftypress of All the Rusias made to them, of their In confequence, their faid Majesties, the King of interpofition, and of their inediation : but their Great-Britain and the Most Christian King, lave Britannic and Moft Christian Majeities, animated

named and constituted for their plenipotentiaries, with a mutual defire of accelerating the ri-etta- charged with the concluding and signing of the bluthinent of peace, communicated to each other Definitive Treaty of Peace, viz. the King of their laudable intention; which Heaven fo far Great-Britain, the Most Illustrious and Most Ex. Helled, that they proceeded to lay the founda- cellent Lord George, Duke and Fart of Mantions of peace, by digning Preliminary Articles at chetter, Viscount Mindeville, Boroa of KimVertailles, the 20th of January in the present beloon, lord lieutenant and custos rotulorum of year. Their faid Majeities, the King of Great the county of Huntingdon, actual privy counBritain and the Mont Christian King, thinking it fellor to his Britannick Majetty, and his ambalincumbent upon them to give their Imperial Ma- fadour extraordinary and plenipotentiary to his jetties a tignal proof of thcir gratitude for the Most Christian Majeity; and the Most Christian generous citer of their mediation, invited them, King, the Most Idustrious and Moit Excellent in concert, to concur in the completion of the Lord Charles Gravier, Count de Vergennes, great and falutary work of peace, by taking Baron of Welferding, &c. the King's counsellor part, as mediators, in the Definitive Treaty to in all his councils, cuininander in his orders, be oncluded between their Britannick and Most Preideat of the Royal Council of finances, counChritian Majeities. Their said Imperial Maje- fellur of ttate military, minister and secretary of fies having readily accepted that invitation, they staie, and of his con unanus and firences: who, bave named, as their representatives, viz. his after having exchanged their relpeetive full powe Mujeity the Emperor of the Romans, the Most ers, have agreed upea the tollowing Articles :

2 2 2

Article peace and



Article I. There shall be a Christian, universal, all their crews and cargoes. And the executiei and perpetual peace, as well by sea as by land, this article thall be proceeded upon immedister and a lincere and conttant friendship Mall be re- after the exchange of the ratincations of to ettablished between their Britannick and Mort Christian Majetties, and between their heirs and IV. His Majesty the King of Great Britza's successors, kingdoms, dominions, provinces, coun- maintained in his right to the island of Ner. tries, subjects, and vallals, of what quality or foundland, and to the adjacent itlands, 21 de condition Coever they be, without exception ei- whole were aliured to him by the thirteeach nther of places or persons; so that the high con- cle of the Treaty of Utrecht; excepting = tracting parties shall give the greatest attention itlands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, which 22

the inaintaining between themselves, and ceded in tull right by the present treaty o b their dominions and subjects, this reciprocal Moit Christian Majeity. friendship and intercuurle, without permitting V. His Maje.; the Moft Chriitian King: bereaiter, on either part, any kind of hoitilities order to prevent the quarrels which have hitbeta to be committed, either by lea or by land, for arvien between the two nations of Englai 2 any caule, or under any pretence whatsoever: France, contents to renounce the right or 7. and they mall carefully avoid, for the future, which belongs to himn in virtue of the ais ad every thing which might prejudice the union article of the Treaty of Utrech:, iron C h appily re-established, endeavouring, on the con- Bonavista to Cape St. John, fituated on trary, to procure reciprocally for each other, on Eattern coast of Newtounuland, in hity degree every occalion, whatever may contribute to their North latitude; and his M.jetty the King mutual glory, interefts, and advantage, without Great-Britain contents, on his part, that is giving any afërtance or protection, directly or buthery aligned to the subjects of his Moit CTindirectly, to the who would do any injury to Itian Majesty, beginning at the said Cape St. Jeder, either of the high contracting parties. There paling to the North, and descending by thall be a general oblivion and amnetły of every Weitern cont of the island of Newfoundland, na! thing which may have been done ur committed, extend to the place caled Cape Raye, fituared in before ur face the commencement of the war forty-leven degrees, nity minutes latitude. The which is juli ended.

French fithermen thall enjay the tithery which is . II..The Prvaties of Westphalia of 1648; the alligned to them by the prefent article, as they Treaties of Peace of Nimeguen of 1678, and had the right to enjoy that which was affigned to 1679; of Rtwick of 1697 ; those of

them by the Treaty of Utrecht. of commerce of Utrecht of 1713; that of Baden VI With regard to the fishery in the Gulf of 1514; that of the Triple Alliance of the of Sr. Laurence, the French ihail continue to Hague os 1717 ; that of the Quadruple Alliance exercite it, conformably to the fifth article of the of London of 1718; the Treaty of Peace of Treaty of Paris, Vienna of 1738; the Definitive Treaty of Aix- VII. The King of Great-Britain restores to 12-Chapelle ot 1748; and that of Paris of 1703, France the island of St. Lucia, in the conditioa ferve as a ballis and tourdation to the peace, and it was in when conquered by the British arms; to the present treaty; and for this purpose they and bis itannick Majetty cedes and guaraaties are all renewed and connrmed in the bottorin, as

to his Nuit Chrutian Majelty the island of Tobuwell as all the treaties in general which subgited go. The Proteitant inhabicants of the said iftarü, between the high contracting parties before the as well as those of the fame religion who ihail haie wa', as if they were herein interied word for settled at St. Lucia, whilst that island was ancha word; fo that ihey are to be exactly observed for pied by the Brivili arıns, shall not be molettes in th: future in their tull tenor, and religioully the exercise of their wortbip; and the Britith irexecuted by both parties, in all the points which habitants, or others, who may have been lubjects thall not be derogated from by the prelent Treaty of the King of Great Britain in the aforelaii of Peace.

islands, thall retain their pollefsions upon the III. All the prisoners taken on cither side, as fame titles and conditions by which they have well by land as by sea, and the hostages carried acquired them; or else they may retire ia tull away or giren during the war, and to this day, fecurity and liberty, where they shall thixk fil, Thall be restored, without rantoi, in six weeks and thall have the power of felling their estates, at latest, to be computed from the day of the ex- provided it be to subjects of his Mott Christian change of the ratifications of the present treaty; Majesty, and of removing their effects, as well as each crown respectively discharging the advances, their persons, without being restrained in their which fall have been made, for the fubfittance emigrations, under any pretence whatsoever, erand maintenance of their prisoners, by the Sc- cepi on account of debts, or of criminal profecuvereign of the country where they shall have

tions The term limited for this emigration been detained, according to the receipts and al- is tixed to the space of eighteen months, to be teited accounts, and other authentick vouchers, computed from the day of the exchange of the which ihall be fuinished on euch lide: and furie ratifications of the present treaty. And for the sus Thall be reciprocally given for the payment of better fecuring the modeftions of the inhabitants the debts which the prisoners may have contract- of the aforecaid land of Tobago, the Most Chia ed in the countries where they may have been itian King inall itlue Letters Patent, containing desained until their entire release. And all thips, an aboliuon or the Droit d'Aubaine in the ind as well men of war as merchant thip, which ided. have been takun face the


of the VI!.. The Mt Chiristian King refores to terus agreed upon for the ceftation of hostilitia Grn-B:2:10 th grids of Grerada and the by lea, inail likvisite teilwind bold foc, with

, , S.


...) . والمعلمون ان فنکام، لا .. ،، من فهم منها ܕ!1

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