of 21.

the crew,

urging that his tryal might be then proceeded on; Croiby, Peckham, Clarke, Sainsbury, Kitchen, and he made an affidavit, denying any knowledge Gill, Sanderson, and the theriffs, with the or privity in the distribution of the papers; but Deputy Recorder, City Counsel, Remembrancer, the judges were unanimoully of opinion, that Town-Clerk, and about 100 of the Commonunder the circumstances of the cale the tryal Council went to St. James's with the following ought to be postponed till the next great seflion, address to his Majesty on the safe delivery of the when the special jury might come to try the cause Queen, the birth of another Princess, and his without any prejudice on their minds.

Royal Highness the Prince of Wales arriving at An express arrived from Rye, in Sussex, to the the

age Lord-Mayor and Theriffs, with advice that the To the KING's Mf Excellent Majesty. convicts, consisting of 153, who were latt thipped The humble Address of the Lord-Mayor, Alderoft for Nova Scotia, &c. had riten upon

men, and Commons of the city of London, in run the vefici on shore, and all escaped, except one Common-Council aflcmbled. man and a woman.

“ May it please your Majesty, FRIDAY, 5.

“ WE your Majesty's mot dutiful and At the Court at St. James's, the 5th of Sept. 1783. loyal subjects, the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, and Present,

Commons of the city of London, in CommonThe KING's Moft Excellent MAJESTY Council afsembled, humbly beg leave to approach in Council.

your Majesty with the fincereit congratulations HIIS Majesty in council was this day pleased to on the birth of another princess, and the happy order, that the parliament, which itands prorogued recovery of your illustrious contort. to Tuesday the oth day of this initant Septeinbet, “ We would express with more than ordinary should be further prorogued to Thuriday the 16th effusions of joy our feelings upon this occasion, day of October following.

that Providence has been pleated to answer the It is this day ordered by his Majesty in Coun- prayers and withes of every order of your Macil, that the embargo at present subtiiting upon jeity's loyal tubjects in preserving the invaluable ships and vessels laden, or to be laden, in the lite of our gracious Queen-a lite 10 cminently ports of Great-Britain and Ireland with prović uleful, and 10 conipicuoully exemplary! tions be taken oft; and that the several regulations “ We earnetiy hope that the ihrone, thus contained in his Majesty's order of the 18th of adorned, may be itrengthened and blessed by every Auguit, 1780, Thail ceale and determine. addition to your royal house, and that a long

W. FAWKENER. and ejfy reise may be accompanyed with every SATURDAY, 6.

domeitick telicity. Copy of a letter received by the Lord-Mayor, this " At the same tiine, we beg leave to congramorning, at half paf nine.

tulate your Majesty upon his Royal Highness the St. James's, Sept. 6, thirty minutes Prince of Wales having attained the age of 21 pajt eliven, P. M.

years, and hope that he being called to the great “ My Lord,

council of the nation, may contribute to its "I HAVE the honour to acquaint your profperity, protection, and safety: Jordship, that Capt. Warner is jutt arrived with To which adurels his Majesty gave the fola the Preliminary Articles between his Majeity and lowing antwer: the States-General, ligned at Paris, on the 28 curt. “ | Return you my hearty thanks for as also the Definitive Treaties with France and your dutiful and loyal congratulations on the Spain, figned at Versailles the 3d curt. by the happy recovery of the Queen, and the birth of Duke of Manchester, his Macity's ambafiadour another Princess, and upon the Prince of Wales extraordinary and plenipotentiary, and the re- having attained the age of 21 years. spective plenipotentiaries of the laid courts and “ Nothing can be more acceptable to me than States.

thele testimonies of atiection to me and my fa“ The Definitive Treaty with the United mily, on the part of my faithtul lubjects: it is States of America was also figned at Paris the 3d the warmeit wiih of my fiert, and has been the curt. by David Hartley, Eių. his Majesty's pic- contant object of my life, to promote their nipotentiary, and the plenipotentiaries of thote honour and happiness.' States, and will be brought over by Mr. Hartley They were all very graciously received, and had hinfelf.

the honour of killing his Majesty's hand. I send your lordship immediate notice of

THURSDAY, Il. these important events, in order that they may Various reports of a contagious disorder haring be made publick in the city without lots of time. broken out among the cattle in Derbyflıire, having

“ I am with great cipect, My Lord, caulid contiderable alarm, a metlénger was fent “ Your lordihip's molt obedient humble servant, off from the Secretary of State's office, to enquire

“C. J. FOX." into the truth of it, who is tince returned with the Right Hon. the Lord-Mayır.

agreeable intelligence, that it is now nearly ceated. TUESDAY, 9.

This evening David Hariley, Etq. arrived with This day's Gazette also contains the above in- the Definitie Treaty between his Majesty and formation.

the United States of America, which was signed Both Houses of Parliament met at West nin. ar Paris the 31 curt. by him, as his Majesty's ster, pursuant to their lait prorogation and uere plenipotentiary, and by the plenipotentiaries of further prorogued to the 16th o: October, by The United States. Lul Mansticid, their 1pcaker.


About seven in the evening, the ceremoThe Lord. Mayor, wiivided by Aldermen dy of chriftening the young princess was pero


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formed at St. James's palace. The peers and PRELIMINARY ARTICLES OF PEACE
poereises, foreign ministers and their ladies, between bis Majesty the King of Great-Britain,
assembled in the Queen's drawing-room some and their High Migbtinelles the Statcs-General
time before the ceremony began, and from of the United Provinces.
thence were introduced into the grand council- In the name of the Most Holy Trinity,
chamber, where the Queen was lying on an THE King of Great-Britain aid the States.
elegant bed of white sattin, under a superb ca- General of the United Provinces, animated by
nopy of crimson velvet, embroidered with gold. a delire to put an end to the calamities of war,
On the right side of the bed itood his Majeity have authorised their respective plenipotentiary
and the Duke of Cumberland; at the feet, his ministers to ligu a declaration between them for
Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Princess the suspension of hoftilities; and being willing
Royal, and Princess Augutta; and on each side to re-eitablith between the two nations union
the whole of the royal children, arranged ac- and good understanding, to neceflary both for
cording to their age. The great ministers of the good of humanity in general, and for that of
itate, the King's and Queen's attendants, foreign

the States-General and their respective subjects, minitters, peers and peereftes, formed the outer have appointed for this purpose, viz. on the part circle. The service on this occation was read of his Britannick Majesty, the most Illustrious by Dr. Moore, the Archbishop of Canterbury. his Excellency George Duke of Manchester, his The Prince of Wales, Princess Royal, and Princ amballador extr-ordinary and plenipotentiary 10 cefs Augusta were the fponfors to the young

his Mont Christian Majesty; and on the part of Princess, who was named Amelia?, in compliment their High Minhtinettes the faid States-General to the Princess Annelia, the King's ani, wh),

their Excellencie, Mathieu L'ER venon dc Berkwe inderitund, was one of the fpoufurs, repre

enrude, and Gerard Branden, their ambaitasented by the Princess Royal.

dours extraordinary and plenipotentiary.. SATURDAY, 20.

Who, having duely communicated their full

powers in form, have agreed upon the following The Archbishop of Canterbury, with the rest

Preliminaries : of the bishops, met in Wertminiter-Abbey, it

Article I. As soon as the Preliminaries shal! being the finit convxation-day, by royal mandate,

be bigued and ratined, fincere and constant trendtince the deceate of the late archbilhop, and were further prorogued to the 17th oi October thip th.:Jl be established between his Britannick

Majelty, his estates and lubjects, and their High The sellion ended at the Ol-Bailey, at which

Mightinefies the States-General of the United

Provinces, their eitates and lubjects, of what58 convicts received judgement of death; 97 were lentenced to be traníportid to America, 73 of

ever quality or condition, without exception of whom had been capitally convict, d, but received place or person; fo as that the high parties conhis Majesty's mercy: three were ordered to hard

tracting ihall pay the greatelt attention to mainlabour on the river Thames; two to be kept to

tain between them, and the states and subjects, hard labour in the houle of correction ; 12 to be

this amity and reciprocal correspondence, with

out hereafter permitting, thai, on the part of the publickly and seven to be privately whipped; fix to be imprisoned in Newgate; and 32 were dif

one or the other, any hostilities be committed by

sea or land, under any poblible pretext or caute; charged by proclaination.

and they thall avoid caretully every thing which MONDAY, 22.

may alter the union to happily re-ettublithed, Charles Thomas, William Matthews, Tho- being aftiduous, on the contrary, to procure reximas Millington, David Hart, Abraham Hyams, procally, on every occation, fuch means as may and Chriftopher Truity fix of the convicts who contribute to their glory, interests, and mutual efcaped from the transport vefich, were executed advantages, without giving any fuccour or !!! Oat Tyburn.

tection, directly or indirectly, to those who do TUESDAY, 23.

any prejudice to one or other of the high conLast night one of the King's metTengers, de tracting parties. There shall be a general oblispatched by his Grace the Duke of Mancheiter, vion of all things committed or done fince the arrived with the Most Christian and Catholick conumencement of the war which is about to be Kings ratifications of the Definitive Treaties of finished. peace, figned the 3d of this month, which were Article 11. With regard to the honour and exchanged with his Grace, against those of his salute by sea, given by the vessels belonging to Majesty, on the 19th at Verlailles, by the am- the Republick to those belonging to his Bricanbafiadour and plenipotentiary of their Moit Chri- nick Majesty, they shall be continued respectiveItian and Catholick Majelties.

ly, in the fame manner as was practised before On this occation the Tower and Park guns the commencement of the war which is about to were fired this day, at one o'clock.

be tinathed. By accounts from most parts of England we Article Ill. All the prisoners taken on either learn, that there has not been for many years so part, both by land and sea, and the hostages fine a harvest as that got in at present. The appointed or given during the war, and to this advices from EfTex, Suffolk, Wiltihire, the Ile day, thall be restored without ranfom within fix of Wight, and Norfolk, give the most favourable months or more, reckoning from the day of the relations of a plentiful crop. Cumberland and exchange of the ratification of the Preliminary Northumberland have been rather backward, but Articles; each power defraying the expenses the produce of the lands has been exceedingly which thall be incurred for the tublistence of the fertile, and in most parts of Yorkthire it has in- priloners by the lovereign of the country where Iwered the farmers warmeit withei.

they may be delined, according to the receipts LOND, MAG. Sept. 1783.


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and other authentick titles which shall be pro- Article X. His Britannick Majesty, and their duced by one or other part; and lurety thall be High Mightinesses the said States-General, pregiven reciprocally for the payment of the debts mise to observe sincerely, and in good faith, all which the prisoners shall have contracted in the the articles contained in, and established, by the ftates where they have been detained until the present Preliminary Treaty; and they shall not recovery of their full liberty; and all vetiels, luffer any contravention direct or indire&t by their whether of war or commerce, taken after the fubjects; and the above-mentioned high con. expiration of the terms agreed on for the ceila- tracting parties do guarantee, generally and letion of hostilities, shall be likewise restored, with parately, all the stipulations of the present as. all their crews and cargoes, and they shall pro- ticles. ceed to the execution of this article immediately Article XI. The ratifications of the present after the exchange of the ratification of the Pre- Preliminary Articles, expedited in due and good liminary Treaty.

form, thall be exchanged in this city of Paris Article IV. 'The States-General of the United between the high contracting parties, in the space Provinces yield and guarantee to his Britannick of a month, or Tooner, if it can be done, reckon. Majesty the town of Negapatnam, with its de- ing from the day of lignature of the present are pendencies; but, seeing the importance which ticles. the States-General attach to the poilellion of the In faith whereof, we, the undersigned, their said town, the King of Great-Britain, as a mark amballadours and plenipotentiaries, have signed of his good will towards the States, promiles, our hands, in their naine, and in virtue of our notwithitanding the ceilion of the place, to se. full powers, to the present Preliminary Articles, ceive and treat with them for the restitution of and have appended our leals. the faid place, in case the States Thall have an Done at Paris, the second day of September, equivalent to offer.

1783. Article V. "The King of Great Britain Mall

Signed (L. S.) MANCHESTER. restore to the States-General of the United Pro.

(L. S.) L'ESTEVENON VAN vinces Trincomale, with all the other towns,

BERKENRODE. forts, harbours, and eitabliments which in the

(L. S.) BRANTSEN. courte of the present war have been wonquered in any part of the world, whether by the anns of his Britannick Majelty, or those of the Englith

IR EL A N D. East-India Company, and of which they shall be pofteiled, in the entire state in which they found THE following is the copy of a letter from them.

Mr. Secretary Hamilton to M. D’Ivernois, Article VI. The States-General of the United one of the commissioners of the Genevans, at Provinces proinite and engage not to moleft the Dublin : navigation of the Britannick Tubjects in the

Dublin Castle, Aug.18, 1783. Eastern seas.

" SIR, Article VII. As there are differences between

“I am commanded by my Lord Lieutenant to the English African Company and the Dutch acquaint you, that he has signed a warrant to Eat-India Company, relative to navigation on the proper officers, to make out the draft of a the coast of Africa, as well as concerning Cape commillion to be submitted to his Majesty for his Apollonia; in order to prevent all caule of royal signature, appointing the several noblecomplaint between the subjects of the two na- men and gentlemen who are to be entrusted with tions on thoic coasts, it is agreed on both sides to the settement in this kingdom of the colony of name commiilioners, who ihall make the proper Genevans, as also the draft of a royal letter, arrangements.

granting the sum of 50,oool. to those commisArticle VIII. All countries and territories, lioners for that purpose. which may have been conquered, or may be con- “ His Excellency has also given further diquered, in any part of the world whatever, by rections to the Prine Serjeant, Attorney and Solthe arms of his Britannick Majcity, or the States- licitor-General, to prepare a draft of a grant General, which are not comprehended in thele of a charter of incorporation for the laid colony, articles, on account of cellion or restitution, thall and drafts of such bills to be laid before Para be restored without difficulty, and without a de- liament, at their next meeting, as íhall be requisite mand of compentation.

for effecting the several purpotes desired. Article IX. As it is necessary to assign a fixed “ His Excellency bas, at the same time, come epoch for the reititutions and evacuations to be manded me to atsure you of his cordial disposiinade, it is agreed that the King of Great Britain tion to the new settlement, and of his intention Thall cause Trincomale to be evacuated, as well as to forward every measure which shall be neceifary all the towns, places, and territories of which for the protection and encouragement of the his armies have taken poteflon, and' of which colony, with as much despatch as the necessary he is in poletion excepting that which is yielded forms in a business of lo inuch importance will by these articles to his Britannick Majesty, at the admit I have the honour to be, with great reLaine ume that the restitutions and evacuations gard, Sir, your's, &c. are made between Great Britain and France. The

(Signed) States-General thall rettore, at the same time,

"J. HAMILTON." all the towns and territories, of which the necel- Sept. 2. The Lord Lieutenant illued a prosary order that be lent by each of the contract- clamation for proroguing the parliament, tom ing parties, with reciprocal patsports for the ships Saturday the 6th init. to Tuelday the 14th of waich are to carry them, immediately after the ran October next. titication of thele preliminary articles.



“T'Heider? Nag ur and the Bedanore Country


are carried on with unremitting ardour. The From the INDIA GAZETTE, Mar. 22, 1783. Aga of the Janiflaries is deposed, because he reCALCU T T A.

fuled to comply with the alterations in the disExtract of a letter from Madras, March 3. cipline of the troops, ordered by the Grand His day the guns fired for she capture of Vizir. He is succeeded by Kouli-Kiaga. We

are aflured, from all quarters, that marches, en. by General Matthews. By this success three campments, the formation of magazines, and battalions of seapoys, taken with Colonel Bail

ali the first movements of war, are already enlie, have been liberated, and added to the British tered upon both by Ruflia and the Porte. army."

Petersburgh, Aug:f 1. The following is a Extract of a letter from ibe Government of Ma

translation of the manifetto published by order of dras to their subordinate feilments.

the Einpress, upon the occasion of her troops en“ General Matthews, on the 27th of January tering the peninsula of the Crimea, the Cuban, laft, took pollettion of Bedanore and Candapore,

and the island of 'Taman; which countries are without firing a gun, and the whole country,

thereby declared to be annexed to her Imperial except Mangalore, yielded in contequence. in Majetty's dominions: the former of the above forts were three battalions

WE Catharine the Second, by the Grace of Col. Baillie's feapoys, who were released;

of God, Einprefs and Sole Monarch of 1500 cavalry have been taken, and many pieces

all the Ruitias, &c. &c. &c. of cannon from the different foris; also three OUR laft war against the Ottoman Empire 50 gun 1hips. General Matthew's det vibes the having been attended with the most signal lucGauts as a strong barrier between him and the

cefle, we had certainly acquired the right of reMyfore country, the entiert ascent lesen mile. unung to the territories of our empire the Criforward, and all the patles fortifiel. Capt. Do

1.42, of which we were in poflettion: we, huwnald Campbell, who was a prisoner in Heider

ever, hefitated not to facrifice that, with many Nagur or Betanore, was font out to General other conquets, to our ardent defire of re-estaMatthews to make terms, which were immedi- blithing the public tranquillity, and of confirming ately granted, · That the manager should con

the good undeftanding and friendship between tinue in the same appointment

as under Heider.' our empire and the Oitoman Pute. This mo“ Col. Macleod, as usual, behaved nobly; he

tive induced us to itipulate for the freedom and attacked the rear of the enemy, and made a

independence of the Tartars, rhom we had regreat flaughter of them, with fome lofs on his duced by our arms; hoping to remove for ever, lide. Capt. Haflop, of the Royal Artillery, was

by this means, every cause of differfion, and even wounded in the leg by a cannon ball.

of coolness, between Rufia and the Ottoman “ A detachment is gone against Mangalore, Porte, exposed too often to thete inconveniencies which is expected to fall immediately; alter

by the form of government which then sublifted wards the army is to move for Syringapatam."

among the Tartars. Col. Jackson commanded the torming party

Great as were our sacrifices and our efforts for against Onore, and 2;00 of Tippoo-Sahib's peo

realizing those hopes, they were food, to our ple were killed or taken in the fort. Heider- great regret, considerably diminished. The reite Nagur, a very strong tort, alfo yielded; in this leliness natural to the Tartars, fomented by insiplace were found 8000 stands of new arms, and a

nuations, the source of which is not unknown tɔ very great quantity of powder and thot, and us, cauled them easily to fall into a snare laid by other itores. Prior to the capture of Bedanore, foreign hands, which had fowed amongst them the Col. Matthews had taken poilellion of three so

feeds of disturbance and confusion to such a degun fhips, and one of 64 guns, almost ready gree, as to induce thein to labour for the weakene for launching. These thips had been built by ing, and even the total ruin of an edifice which Heider's orders, under the direction of a French our bencticent cares had erected for the happines ship-builder, and the capture of them will give of that ration, by procuring the liberty and in the highest pleasure to the govern

hent of God,

dependence, under the authority of a chief elect. who were very much terrified at leider's naval ed by themfelves. Hardly was their Khan estapreparations.

blithed according to this new form of governa Advices have been received over land from ment, before he faw himselt deprived of all ava Fort-William, Bengal, dated the roth of March thority, and even obliged to deiert his country, lait, which contirn the accounts of the treaty

to give place to an usurper, who would again with the Mahratta flate being concluded on the

Tubject the Tartars to the yoke of a dominion from 17th of May, 1982, and ratified at Fort Wil- which our beneficence had released them. The liam on the 6th of June following; that it was

greater part of them, as blind as they were ige completely ratified hy the Peihwa and ministers norant, had lubonitted to that ufurpers the reit, at Poona, on the 20th of December; and that thinking themselves too weak to rcuit, would in the original counterparts of the treaty were finally fallibly have yielded to his yoke; and thus we interchanged, with every, publick formality, be

should have lost the fruits of our victories, and tween Mr. Anderson and Madajee Scindia, on the principal recompence for the faeribices which the 24th of February lait.

we willingly made at the last peace, if we had not instantly taken under our inmediate protec

tion such of the well-diffoled Tartars, who, prizFOREIGN A F FAIR S.

ing the blessings of their new political existence, HOUGH the plague ftill continues its ra- lamented their being forced to lubinit to the usure

vages in the metropolis and various other per who had cxpelled their lawful Khan. By parts of the Turkish empire, warlike preparations thus cfle Atually protecting them, we furnished

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them with the power and the means of choosing a that in money, according to the most moderate new Khan, in ihe rooin of Sahib-Gheray, and of calculations, amounts to upwards of twelve milestablithing an administration analogous to this lions of rubles. To these particulars is to be ftate of affairs. It was to attain this end that our added another of the utmoit importance, both in military forces were put in motion; that a confi- its object, and with regard to its consequences : derable body of our troops were ordered, noi- we have just been informed, that the Porte has bewith tanding the severity of the season, to enter gun to lay claim to the exercise of sovereignty in the Crimca, where they were fubfifted at our ex- the Tartar dominions, by sending one of their pence, and obliged to exert the power of our officers, at the head of a detachment of troops, arms for the support of the good cause, in order to the Inand of Taman, who has even proceeded to recall such of the Tartars as were eitranged to cause the officer to be publickly beheaded, who from it by their revolt. The publick is not igno. was sent to him by the Khan Schaghin-Geray, rant that a rupture between Rullia and the Otto- with a commillion only to enquire of him

what man Porte had very near ensued upon this occa- were the motives for his arrival in that illand; fion; but, thanks to the Divine alliitance, we disa and what evidently proves the nature of the milpored matters in such a manner, that the Ottoman fion of this commandant of the troops is, that he Por!e again acknowledged the independence of made no difficulty in declaring openly to the inha. the Tartars, and the validity of the election of bitants of Taman, that he looked upon them as Schaghin-Gheray, their lawful sovereign. Not subjects of the Porte. This decisive, though unwithitanding all the inconveniencies above-men- expected step, convincing us of the inutility of the tioned, as long as we were sustained and animated sacrifices we had made upon the last peace, annuis by the hope of re-establishing the repole neceilary in consequence the engagements we had conto the advantage and preservation of good neigh- tracted with the sole intention of firmly eita. bourhood with the Oitoman empire, we regarded blishing the freedom and independence of the the Crimea according to the tenout and letter of the Tartars, and fufficiently authorizes us to enter treaties, as a free and independent country, con- again into the enjoyment of those rights which we tining ourself solely to appealing the troubles had lawfully acquired by conqueft; the more so, which prevailed amongst them: from our love or as it is the only means remaining for us to secure peace we found in this conduct a sufficient recom- hereafter a solid and permanent peace between the perice for the great expences incurred by it; but two empires. Animated, therefore, with a lincere we were toon urdeceived in this respect by the defire of contirming and maintaining the last peace fresh revolt occationed in the Crimea lait year, the concluded with the Porte, by preventing the conencouragement of which always flowed from the tinual disputes which the affairs of the Crimea fan.e lource. We have been obliged, in confe- produced, our duty to ourself, and the preservaquence, to have recourse again to considerable ar- tion of the security of our empire, equally demaments, and to cause troops to enter into the mand our taking the firm resolution to put an Crimea and the Cuban, whole presence is become end, once for all, to the troubles in the Crimea; indispensable for maintaining tranquillity and good and for this purpose we re-unite to our empire the ordei in the adjacent countries. The fad expe- peninsula of Crimea, the land of Taman, and rience of every day demonstrates more clearly, all the Cuban, as a juft ir.demnification for the tha: is the fovereignty of the Oltoman Porte in boites fuitained, and the expences we have been the Crimea was a perpetual source of difcord be- obliged to incur in maintaining the peace and wel tween our two empires, the independence of the fare of these territories. Tartars exposes us to subjects of contention no In declaring to the inhabitants of those counless numerous and important, since the long fervia trica, by the present manifesto, that such is our tude 19 which that people have been accustomed imperial pleature, we promise them, for us and has rendered the greater part of the individuals our tu ceilors in the Imperial throne of Rullia, incapable of valuing the advantages of the new that they shall be treated upon an equality with situation procured for thein by that independence our ancient subjects; and that, in taking them of which we fought to give them the enjoyment; under our high protection, we will defend againit and which, laying us under the necessity of being all people their persons, their eftates, their temalways armed, occasions not only great expences, ples, and the religion they profess; that they but also exposés our troops to inevitable and con- Thall enjoy the most absolute liberty of conscience, tinual fatigues.

without the least restriction, in the public exercise The efforts they made to extinguish the flame of their worship and their ceremonies; and that of discord, in luscouring the well-intentioned of not only the nation in general, but also each inthat cation, exposed them to the viclerces of the dividual in particular, thall participate in ali the feditious and ill-intentioned, whoin we were willing advantages enjoyed by our ancient subjects. But to leave unpunished, in order to avoid even the we also expect from the gratitude of our new Shadow of an act of fovereignty, so long as we fubjects, that, touched with these favours, they could cherish the least hope of at length reltoring will be sensible of the value of this fortunate regood order, and preventing by this means the volution, which removes them from a convulsed erlential intereits of our einpire írom being in- state of disturbances and dissensions to one of enjured.

tire security and perfect tranquillity under the proLutto our great regret all these measures, dic- tection of the laws; and that, striving to imitate tated bolely by our lo:e of humanity, tended only the submission, zeal, and fidelity of those who to bring upon us loitus and damages, which we have long had the happiness of living under our have the more funcibly at heart, as they attested goverainent, they will render themselves worthy our subjets. The loss in mea is no: to be ap- of our inpcrial favour, beneficence, and proteca preciated; we will not attempt to estimate ii; tion.-Given ai our imperial residence of St. Pe


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