Iands, &c. and his Honour Andrew De geley, and Richard Kinsman, were ordered for veaux, Clonel and Commander in Chief of the execution on Friday the 15th of August. Expedition, &c.

SATURDAY, Aug. 2, 1. “THE Government-house and public stores This morning cloted a very long and fatiging to be delivered to his Britannic Majesty. sellion at the Old Bailey, which commenced on

11. The governor and garrison under his the 23d of laft, July. command to march to the Eastern fort, with all Şir Robert Taylor informed the Court, that he the honours of war; remaining with a piece of had received a note fron che unhappy persons cannon and two shots per day, in order to hoilt who were to have sentence of death pailed on his Catholic Majesty's flag. Provisions for the them, praying that the custom of suttering Jack truops, sailors, and lick in the hospital, to be Ketch to tie their thumbs together, previous to made at his Britannic Majesty's expence, as ailo their being brought into Court, might be difveliels prepared to carry them to the Havanna, pened with. The theriff, with that humanity particularly a vetlel to carry the Gover.vor to Ey which has distinguithed him during the time he rope.

has been in office, directly ordered the prayer of III, All the officers and troops of the garrison their note to be complied with. belonging to his Catholic Majeity are to remain About ten o'clock, Mr. Harrison, Deputy. in pofTellion of their baggage and other effects. Recorder, ascended the Bench, and William

iv. All the veilels in the harbour, belong- Wynne Ryland, who, on the 26th of July, was ing to his Catholic Majesty, are to be given up, convicted of uttering bills on the Hon. Eat. with every thing on board the said veisels, to his India Company, knowing them to be forged, Britannic Majesty.

was brought to the bar (unfettered.) On his V. All effects appertaining to Spaniards to being alked the usual question, “ What he had remain their property, and the Spanish mer. to say why sentence of death hould not be patled 'D chants to have two months to setile their ac- on him?" he delivered to the Clerk of the As

raigns a paper, as follows: (Signed) ANTONIO CLARACO Y SANZ. « I dare not arraign the sentenco of my Judges; Ą. DE VEAUX.

but as I have been found guilty on presumptive New Providence, April 18, 1783.

evidence only, and am conscious of my own inWEDNESDAY, 30,

nocence, I humbly beg that my case may be laid The commission was opened at Oxford, Mr. before his Majesty, in order that I may once Justice Nares pretiding at the Crown Bar, when more live through his mercy, as I have hitherto Matthew Mills, for a highway robbery, was ca- existed by his bounty," pitally convicted, and received sentence of death. The Deputy Recorder then, in a short but Edward Thorn, and Giles Clements, for steal- pathetic speech, full of good sense, pointed out ing baçon; Samuel Perry, for stealing wheat; to the prisoner, the heniousness of his offence, John Baughan, for stealing blankets ; John Hat- and exhorted him to make the best use of the y ton, for ttealing leather; and Richard Wingate, Thort time he had to live. for obtaining money under false pretences, were Mr. Ryland, who was dressed in mourning, sentenced to be transported to America for seven bowed first to the judge, and afterwards to the years--and Thomas Jobson, alias Johnson, for court, and then retired. itealing a parcel from the Worcester coach, con- The following prisoners were then brought to taining Bank bills and cash to the amount of the bar, and received sentence of death: John two hundred pounds and upwards, was ordered Edwards, for personating a failor, and receiving to be transported to the coait of Africa for seven his prize-money; William Harpur, for horfc years.--Mills is reprieved,

stealing; James Levers alias Davis, Thomas THURSDAY, 31.

Burgess, William Smith alias Leveredge, Ed. Ended the allizes for Northamptonshire, when ward Elson, William Spong, George Gahagan, four prisoners received sentence of death, viz. 1. R. Atkins, James Bowen, and John Lloyd, Samuel Digby, for a burglary in the house of for robberies.- Forty-five were convicted of fcMrs. Anne Jeyes, of Milton-William Wright lonies, and fixty-fix acquitted, Baggeley, for breaking open the house of William At Wincheiter, twenty prisoners received sena Innes, of Towcetter, and itealing thereout seve- tence of death, viz. John Marshall, for the murral articles of plate, and other things- John ther of his wife-J. Penfold, T. Osmond, and Knight, for stealing a lamb, the property of Mr. Elisabeth Dean, for sheepítealing-W. Brown, Manning, ot Little Houghton (a member of the J. Branegon, R. Bruce, J. Williams, J. Brady, Northampton Alsociation--and Richard Kins. J. Croffgrove, J. Murry, J. Coimolley, M. Tarmin, for breaking open the shop of John Che- ney, alias C. Brady, W. 'Eyers, and w. Field, ney, of Nareby, and itcaling three pair of shoes, for highway robberies--). Hambleton and John a calf's skin, a piece of rough leather, and a Jenkins, for burglary--). Champ and J. Jennings, hap-knife.- Thomas Dunkley, convicted of alias S. Dolman, for horfeitealing--and William m.inftaughter, was tined iol. and discharged.- Stretch, for stealing ten hogs. The fix followWilliam Woolley, alias William Harris (a Ne. ing were left for execution, viz. John Marshall, gro) for stealing a black filk cloak and a pair of J. Murry, J, Cormolley, J. Champs, M. Tarney, collon stockings, were ordered to be sent to hard alias C. Brady, and J. Jenkins: the reit were labour on the Thames for two years.--Five were reprieved. delivered by proclamation; and four acquit- At Southampton, the first that was arraigned ted.

was a Spaniard, for itabbing and robbing a man Digby and Knight were' reprieved before the in Orchard-Street; but, for want of sufficient Judges left the town; and William Wright Bag. evidence, and doubts arising whether the man


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(who is fince dead of the small-pox) was not the but were reprieved before the Judges left the city, first aggreffor, the prisoner was acquitted. The all except William Emmerson, John Field, Thonext put to the bar, was Charles Larford, for mas Spencer, and Mark Saltonstall. The two the murther of Daniel Dunn, a young recruit. last are to be executed next Saturday, on BeaconAfter a chain of evidence, which was thought to hill, near Hallifax. George Ward, jun. John be satisfactory, he was found guilty, and received Gray, Catharine Savage, William Carradice, sentence of death, to be executed on the Monday Benj. Haigh, and Paul Mason, found guilty of following; but Jack Ketch being that day, em- grand larceny within the benefit of the itatute, ployed in his occupation at Winchester, the judge were sentenced to hard labour and imprisonment, was under the necetlity of respiting Lartord till according to the enormity of their respective of the next day, before which tome circumitances fences. John Swift, for killing Mary Swift in (that did not appear on the tryal) transpired much a ftate of infanity, is to be kept closely confined in Larford's favour: a meeting was, therefore,' in the place of his last legal settlement. Thocalled on Monday of the coroner's and petty mas Bett, found guilty of man-Naughter, was juries, to consider of those circumstances, when fined is. and discharged. it was resolved that one of each jury should wait At Chelmsford, ended the summer aflize fot upon the judge, to beg a further respite till this the county of Effex, when fifteen prisoners re. matter could be investigated, and by the inter- ceived sentence of death; eight of these were re. cession of Serjeant Kirby, our Recorder, the prieved before the Judge left the town, and the learned judge seeing the propriety of the request) following seven remain for execution, viz. George granted a respire for three weeks.

Spradbury and William Fox, for horse-stealing; The aflifes for the city of York closed, when John Staines, for a burglary; William Jones, John Capes and John Ryley, for burglary, and alias Johnson, alias Chasterman, a jeweller by George Haigh and Thoinas Tinsley, for sheep- trade, William Thomas, a London hair-dresser, stealing, received sentence of death, but the Richard Jones, and Robert Jones, for highway two lait are lince reprieved. Anne Holdsworth, robberies. for grand larceny within the benefit of the statute, Eleanor Hudd, capitally convicted, as above. to be publicly whipped, and afterwards kept to mentioned, for the murther of her bastard child, hard labour in the house of correction here for was executed at Filherton gallows, near Salisbus two years.

ry: she was a poor ignorant woman, about 40 WEDNESDAY, 6.

years of age, and persisted in her ignocence. Ended the aflizes at Salisbury, when ten pri- Messengers were sent away to the Courts of feners were capitally convicted, viz. Eleanor Brunswick, Mecklenburgh, Hanover, and other Hudd, for the murther of her bastard child, at Courts, to notify the safe delivery of the Queen, Winsley, near Bradford—Matthew Gardner and and the birth of another Princess, John Wheeler, for robbing Benjamin Ribbeck, The remonftrance from Scotland (fee page on the highway, near Warminster-William 176) relative to the order of Council, for a quaPeare, for robbing the mail between Marlbo- rantine of 40 days being observed by all veifels rough and Chippenham, on the 4th of February, from Dantzic, &c. (lee page 170) was laid be1782—Stephen Powell, for robbing John Brooks fore the King in Council at St. James's, and on of 4s. on the highway, in the parish of Avebury

SATURDAY, 9. - James Dunning, or burglary, at Warminster A messenger was dispatched from Lord North's Mary Pope, for burglary, at Clayford—William office, with assurances from government, that all Vallace, for itealing a mare, the property of their fears and apprehensions relative to the proBenjamin Marih, at Warminiter-Robert Tay- per fupply of corn from abroad would be oblor, for stealing a mare—and Jeoffry Purcell, viated. for house-breaking, at Bromham.-The fix laft [Same day's gazette contains his Majesty's order were reprieved.

in council, that the quarantine at present sublift. THURSDAY, 7.

ing upon all ships and vessels coming from DangThis morning, at a quarter betore one o'clock, zick, or any other port or place in Royal and her Majesty was lately delivered of a princess, Ducal Pruilia or Pomerania, fo far as respects at her lodge at Windsor; an express arrived at thips laden with corn or grain, be taken off; twelve o'clock at the Secretary of State's office, and that all ships and vessels already arrived, or with an account of the above event, which was that may bereafter arrive from those places, laden immediately afterwards announced to the public, with corn or grain, be permitted to discharge their by the firing of the Tower and Park guns. respective ladings without unpacking,' opening FRIDAY, 8.

and airing, and without performing any quaThe affizes for the county of York were fi- rantine; provided the proper officer, on musternished at the Crown-end, when William Em- ing the crew, shall find them all in health; merton, alias John Jackson, alias John Kitchen, that none of the crew have died, or been fick of for itealing cows- William Field, Timothy Hel- any contagious distemper during the voyage; lewell, John Withart, and Thomas Wainwright, that the ship hath not had communication with for burglary-Thomas Spencer, Mark Saltonstall, any fhip or vefsel from any infected place; and and Esther Taylor, for robberies committed by that there are no enumerated goods on board, them, in taking meal and corn at Hallifax during other than the bags or sacks in which the said the late riots-Richard Nicholson and John corp is contained, or mats made use of solely for Holmes, for horse-stealing

John Musgreave, the purpose of dunnage.] for house-breaking in the day-time, no person at Glouceiter aliises, which were not conbeing therein, and James Pinkncy, for theep- cluded till ten o'clock at night, the twelve fol. Healing (in all twelve) received sentence of death; Lowing, being capitally convicted, received fentence of death :-James Bryan, Robert Dee, more than one instance, in the course of this William Smith, James Turner, and James trial, from evidence, which has been directly Lane alias Jones, for theep-stealing-John Miles, contradictory; not presuming, however, to fix for horse-itealing-John Blancher, and Daniel an imputation upon the witneiles, on either fide Kitley, for house-breaking-John Webb, for in particular, this being a point, upon which stealing a mare- - John Long, Job Nicholas, and the Court Itill entertain considerable and painful


Thomas Caffin, for burglary; but they were all doubts." reprieved except Bryan, who is left for execution.

MONDAY, II. John Mayo, and Thomas Haynes, for several John Marshall was executed, near Winchester, thefts, and John Davis, for itealing a porunan- pursuant to his sentence, for the wilful murther teau, with several articles of apparel, were or- of Mary his wife. He, ever after his condemna. dered to be whipped --William Williams, James tion, perfitted in his innocence, both at the saNichols, and James Saniger, were ordered to be crament, and at the place of execution. transported for seven years—William Dee, for At Sheerness, four of the searaen who be. receiving stolen goods, was ordered to be trans- longed to his Majesty's ship Raifonable, and who ported for 14 years—Richard Pegler, for secreting were condemned to die, by the sentence of a William Peare, was burnt in the hand-Wile

court martial held on them, at Chatham, in the fiam Pavey, for stabbing his father-in-law, is to month of July laft, were disposed of in the fol. be imprisoned two years and John Gardener lowing manner, in order for execution: the for a traud, was fined is. and six months impri- Scipio, Dictator, Carnatic, and Thetis, were the sonment-"Twenty-two were acquitted— Four- thips appointed for this solemn scene;, one bereen discharged by proclamation—and twenty- ing ordered to be executed on board of cache three ordered to remain.

But the man who was to receive his punishment His Majesty having confirmed the sentence of on board the Thetis, was reprieved juit before the Court-Martial on the tryal of Lieutenant- the signal was given. The other three were Colonel Wall, who was acquitted of the princi-' hange, by being drawn up to the yard arm at pal charges alledged against him, the following the firing of a gun; a yellow flag was flying from is a copy of the letter written by the Military each tip during the execution. Judge Advocate to the Lieutenant-Colonel, in At the atlises for the county of Worcester, coniequence thereof:

which began this day, Thomas Wardle, was * ŠIR, Horse Guards, Aug. 9, 1783. found guilty of the willul murther in March last,

“ HAVING had the honour to lay be- of Mr. Webis, a farmer in the parish of Northfore the King the proceedings of a General Court field, by beating out his brains with a large stick, Martial lately held here upon your tryal, I send and afterwards throwing the body into a Marle you enclosed a copy of the opinion of the Court pit, on his return from our snarket. Immedi. Martial upon each article of charge and com- ately after his conviction, the judge, in a most plaint, respectively, together with their sentence aweful and pathetick speech, palled sentence on upon the whole; which fentence his Majesty him, to be executed on Thursday lait, and his body hath thought fit to confirm, and to direct the to be hung in chains on the farther part of fanie to be carried into execution. His Majeity Broomsgrove Lickey, near Northfield. Wardle was pleased, at the same time, to attribute the during the whole of his tryal, and when taken Jenity of the sentence to the generous feelings of from the bar, appeared totally uncuncerned at

the individual meinbers of the Court-Martial, his approaching fate. His lordship gave strict which disposed them to show all indulgence con- orders to the jailor to permit no person to visit listent with justice to a defendant, against whom him, except the clergyman and his relations.they perceived such numerous charges to be in- The following also received sentence of death, viz. dustriously amailed, some of them groundless, Thomas Hartland, John Williams, and John and others much exaggerated.

Timmins, for sheep-tealing--Sarah Davies, for " It is proper 1 should also acquaint you that shop-lifting-John Sincox, for horse-Itealinghis Majesty has honoured me with his command, and John Harrison, for house-breaking. Hartto express to Captain Roberts much displeasure land is left for execution; the reit are reprieved. at his having presumed to bring before a Court- -Edward Henley, Thomas Collins, Thomas Martial various complaints of personal grievance Ratcliff, and Philip Davis, for divers thefts, orexhibited againtt his furerior officer, none of dered to be transported to America for seven years which he has been able to maintain by evi- --Elisabeth Gilberts, for receiving itolen goods, dence. I am, Sir,

fined 10l. and imprisoned one year-Tho. Davis, " Your most obedient humble servant, alias Smith, to be publickly whipped-Seven were

“ CHARLES GOULD." acquitted, and leven discharged by proclamation Lieut. Cl. Joseph Wall.

Three, being ill, were ordered to remain till next “ In relpect of those articles, wherein Lieut. 'afsizes and leven to remain according to their Colonel Wall has been found culpable, the Court reipective fentences at former setlions, adjudge, that be be reprimanded by a declaration

TUESDAY, 12, of bis Majesty's displeasure, in public orders, and This being the birth-day of his Royal } lighness ibus such reprimand be a?norified to the officer the Prince of Wales, who enters into the 22d commanding in chief such of bis Majesty's forces, year of his age, their Majesties and the heir apas are stationed on ibe coift of Africa, in order parent received the congratulations of the nobility, to his making the fame known to the garrison or &c. at Windsor. garrisons under bis command."

WEDNESDAY, 13. “o”The Court cannot forbear to express the The Deputy Recorder made the report to his concern and distress which they have telt, in "Majelty in Council of the (wenty-two capital


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convi&ts on whom fentence of death was pro- Majesty's order in Council, that the quarantine nounced last April fellion, when his Majesty at present sublisting upon all thips and velles was pleased to order the following for execution coming from Dantzick, or any other port or place on Wednesday next, viz. Thomas Davis, John in Royal or Ducal Pruflia or Pomerania, be takea Bitton, George Adams, alius Peat, alias Peach, off; and that all ships and verleis already arJames Grant, William Smith, Richard Pratt, rived, or that may hereafter arrive from those John Fentum, and John Morella.--Charles Al places, be permitted to discharge their respective ten, Thomas Arnold, John Deafon, Abraham ladings, without unpacking, opening, and air. Gouzey, John Ruagers, Edward Parrott, Wilo ing, and without performing any quarantine; Jiam Chadbourn, Thomas Ing, Ben amin Fene provided that the maiter, or other person taking tum, John Simfield, Anne Clarke, John Little, charge of such ship or sellel, do tirit make oach ant Thomas Rodgers, are respited during piea. before the Custom-house officer or chief magis. fure; and Charlotte Waison is pardoned. trate at the place to which fuch thips are bound,

His Majetty hath been pleated to grant his that their crew's are free from all intection, and mott gracious pardon to James Innocent and that they have not had communication with any

Moreing, eno prisoners who have been thip or vessel coming from any infected place. contined a considerable time in Newgate, and At the alfizes for the county of Nottingham, indicted for felonies, but being deaf and dumb, four prisoners received sentence of death, but have were incapable of taking their tryals.

all been since reprieved. At Exeter aflizes last week twenty-three pri- At Leicester allizes, two prisoners received senfoners were capitally convicted, and received tence of death, viz. Thomas Fretwell and George Pentence of death, viz. John Grindade, for the Leedham, for a highway robbery. tobbery and murther of the Rev. Mr. Gilbert At Hereford allies, four were condemned for

Yard—John Cunningham, for the murther of sheep-stealing, but reprieved; one was sentenced . John Pratt-Patrick Burn, Waiter Dillon, Si- to be transported for seven years; eight to be mon Masters, James Murphy, Amos Barnes, whipped and imprisoned for different terms; and George White, John Hayden, Simon Burn, eighteen acquitted, or discharged by proclaination Edward Cavenough, John Pidgeon, Simon Fra- About ninety convicts under sentence of trania fer, Patrick Dogherty, and Timothy Moss, for portation in Newgate were put on board a close highway robberies-David and Anne Murch, lighter at Black-Friars, which carried them to George Bickford, Richard Mann, Elisabeth the Swift transport, Captain Pamp, bound to Rumbellow, Elisabeth Rowland, and John Linh- Nova Scotia. man, for sheep-ftealing--and Thomas Bolton,

SUNDAY, 17. for house-breaking.–Eight were ordered to be The following form of prayer and thanksgiving transported for seven years, viz. John Paddy, to Almighty God, was read in all churches, Robert Pugh, Elisabeth Cartler, and Henry chapels, &c. &c. within the bills of mortality, Harvey, for different thefts, and William Ha- on the safe delivery of the Queen, and happy milton Field, for franking several letters, by birth of a princess: counterfeiting the hand-writing of James We- Almighty God, the strength of those who myts, Esq. member for Sunderland.

put their trust in thee, we yield the most humble At Lincoln artizes, fix prisoners were capitally and hearty thanks, that thou haft vouchlafed convicted, and received sentence of deathi, viz. to support our gracious Queen under the dangers Edward Perplar and William Dale, for coun- of childbirth, and to bless her with anodier terteiting fixpences. Matthew Willon, for steal- Princess. Perfect, we beseech thee, the res ing a brown mare.-Thomas Bolton, George covery which thou hast begun in her; give hes Andrew, and Thomas Shaw, for hcep-itealing. strength and fure conndence in thee; and restore The four last were reprieved.-- Three were or- her to the prayers of our sovereign and his peodered to be whipped and imprisoned for different ple. Look down, O God, with an eye of kindterms.

ness on the new born infant. Preserve her to be At the aflizes for the county of Cambridge, an addition to the comforts of her royal parents, one was sentenced to twelve months imprison and an instrument to thy glory. And, that the ment, and tive were acquitted.

numerous offspring, with which thou hast bletled At Oskham, there was no business whatever; them, may all contribute to the fame ends, lead to the honour of the county, not a prisoner in them by thy providence through the dangers of continement.

infancy; aid thein with thy restraining grace SATURDAY, 16.

amidst the temptations and inexperience of This being ihe birth-day of his Royal High- youth; and fill them with all Christian virtues. bels Prince Frederick, Bishop of Osnabruck, Finally, we pray thee, of thy goodness to them who now enters the 21st year of his age, their and to this nation, to continue to protect and Maeities received the compliments of the nobility preserve our most gracious King and Queen; on the occafion at Windsor.

bless them with length of days, that they may lee. This Jay's Gazette, in consequence of a letter their children's children; and, this ijie endedo from the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Dal- make them partakers of thine everlasting kingsymple, his Majesty's miniiter plenipotentiary at dom, through the merits and mediation of iny Walau', Itating, that, notwithltanding the re- Son, Christ our Lord.-- Amen." ports that had been spread, the plague had not

MONDAY, 18. appeared in any part of Poland ; and that, ac- This evening, about nine o'clock, the terror of cording to the iait letters from Cherion, no the superstitious, and the curionty of the philosymptoms of that disorder had been discovered sopher were exci!ci by a very uncommon phchoteri fince the beginning of June, contains his menon. A globe of fire, or tous other lumiaus

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matter, was visible in the heavens, for some time. merchants residing in that city and Leith; fetIt was seen at various places, and, as we have ting forth in subitance, “ That the order of reason to think, from the accounts already re- Council in the Gazette, for a quarantine of ceived, over the whole island. Hitherto we have forty days being observed by all vessels from been able to trace its course over the following Dantzick, Royal and Ducal Prussia, and Poineplaces only. Exactly at nine, it seemed near rania, while it evinced the attention of governChelmsford in Essex, to break from a cloud, in ment to prevent the dreadful consequences of the N. W. quarter, in appearance, about the size peltilence, at the same time would be productive of a full moon, and took its direction horizon- of direful effects, relative to cargoes of foreign tally towards the S. E., several smaller meteors, grain; that such was the situation of the city of of different colours, shooting from it, in its course, Edinburgh and neighbourhood, that there was and the whole hemisphere to illuminated by a not a sufficient supply of corn in granaries to blue irradiation, that objects were visible at many serve three weeks; that all dependence was laid miles distance. It passed over Ingatestone, Brent- on the expected arrivals, the utility of which wood, and Rumford, a few minutes after, and would be defeated, if the quarantine was rigidly over the metropolis about a quarter after nine, enforced.”. These facts were submitted, and having the same appearance; and was seen a left with his lordship. few minutes after on Sunbury Common. The Aug. 4. The Lord Provost, the Lord Advo. evening was remarkably terene, immediately cate, and a numerous and respectable meeting, before and after, without thunder, lightening, or convened at the Goldsmith's-hall. Dr. Cullen rain.

and Dr. Black attended, and gave it as their opiAny further account of this luminous body, or nion, that there was very little danger of the the natural causes to which it may be ateribed, pestilence being conveyed in grain... A very amfrom any of our philofophical correspondents, will ple opinion was afterwards lubscribed by these be peculiarly acceptable.

physicians. A letter was immediately prepared, Upwards of 60 prisoners, convicted for trans- to be signed by the Lord Provott, itating the portation at the several county allizes, were facts already mentioned, and accompanying the brought to town, and put on board a ship at memorial from the merchants, and opinion of Deptford, for Africa.

the Professors, to be transmitted by express to TUESDAY, 19.

the Right Hon. Lord North, Secretary of State From the LONDON GAZETTE. for the home department, to be by him presented St. James's, Aug. 19.

to his Majesty and Privy Council, praying that ON Sunday lalt one of the King's messengers such relaxation might be allowed in the disa arrived here with the ratification of the Provi- charge of all cargoes of foreign grain, as the di, fional Articles, figned the 30th of November Strelied situation of the country so loudly called lait, which was exchanged on the 13th curt at for. Paris, between his Majesty's Plenipotentiary and Edinburgh, Aug. 6. A charter has paffed the Plenipotentiaries of the United States of the Great Seal in favour of the Royal Bank of America.

Scotland, to increase their capital to 300,000l. William Peare was executed at Fisherton, near

Aug: 13. An express arrived here from Lon. Salisbury, for robbing the mail near Chippenham. don, with orders to allow all ships laden with His body was afterwards taken and hung in chains

grain to dispense with performing quarantine. on a jibbet, near the place where the robbery was

In consequence of this, a number of ships with committed.

corn, which were lying in Inverkeithing Bay, THURSDAY, 21.

performing quarantine, arrived on Thursday and This being the birth-day of his Royal High- Friday at Leith. ness Prince William Henry, his Majesty's third Aug. 14. The Hon. Keith Elphinstone was fon, who now enters the 19th year of his age, unanimoully re-elected Member of Parliament there being no levee nor court'at St. James's, for the county of Dumbarton; having vacated their Majesties received the compliments of the his feat on his late appointment to be Chama nobility on the occasion at Windsor.

berlain to the Prince of Wales for Scotland. FRIDAY, 22. The report was made to his Majesty in

IR EL A N D. council, by Mr. Deputy Recorder, of the capital convicts under sentence of death in New

Dublin, July 25 gate, when the following were ordered for execution on Friday next, the 29th instant, viz. parliament of this kingdom, which itood William Wynne Ryland, John Ferdinando Lloyd, prorogued to the oth of September. And anoJohn Edwards, James Brown, alias Oatley; ther proclamation for calling a new parliament, James Rivers alias Davis, Jacob Ringrofe At

to be held in Dublin on the 6th of Septeinber kins, Thomas Burgess, and William Spong. James Bowen, William Smith alias Loveridge,

Members returned for the ensuing parliament: and George Gahagan were pardoned-William

Borough of Newcastle. Harper, ordered to the hulks for three years, and

David Latouche, the younger, Esq. Edward Edson for four.

John Latouche,


Town of Drogheda.

William Mead Ogle, Esq.
July 31.

John Forbes, Esq.
THERE was presented to the Right Ho-

City of Limerick. nourable the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, The Right Honourable Edmund Sexten Perry, # memorial from a number of gentlemen and Thomas Smyth, Esq.


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