wilfully prevaricated in representing them; and therefore may hope I shall not want many Excuses : But if I have committed any Mistake, I shall willingly be corrected ; for I my self would amend it, if I knew it.

But I would not have you think, that I am provoking you to a Reply, with any Intention of Writing any more upon this Subje&t : For if what I have said in Defence of our moft Holy Faith be right, there will be no need of it : But if'in any Thing I have err'd, 'tis better to rely on the Goodness of those in Authority, to whom I humbly submit my self, to forgive such Fault, than to repeat it, by attempting to ju

stify it.

Nov. 21. 17202



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Was surprized to find in the Prints, an
Advercisement of your Letter to me
concerning the ETERNITY of the

Son of God, and of the Holy Ghost,

before I had received such Lecter from
you, or heard of your Intention to
write ic :

But now I have read it, I must chank

you for the Justice you have done me, 2 Pet. ii. 1: in ranking me with those, who will not deny the Lord that bought Plal. them ; and I trust in him, char nothing shall ever remove me lxxxix.26. from this Rock of my Salvation ; and I am very sorry thac any Rom. ix. in this Age have made him to themselves a Rock of Offence.

33. I wish I could as well deserve the Compliment you make jam. ii. me, p. 13. and that I and others did shexo our Faith by our 18. Works then that worthy Name by which we are called would not Rom. ï. be blasphemed, at least we should give no Occasion for it : And 24. tho’ I am very far from imputing to you any such Faults, yet i Tim. i. if you consider how many of your Followers have put away & 19. good Conscience before they made Shipwreck of their Faith, and Letter to what Tendency your Doctrine has to produce the same Effect Bishop of in others, you may find Reason to change once more your Opi. London, nion, and to conclude, that This, which you now profess, p. 18. was never taughc by our Saviour, who brought Life and Immor. 2 Tim. i. tality to Light, and came into the World, and sent his Apostles 20. to turn Men from Darkness. to Light, and from the Power of Satan Acts XX] to God.

18. But before I say any more of this, or proceed to the Subject of your Letter, I must observe some Paffages in your Introduction ; viz.

1.' That what Mr. Seacon lately publish'd, was writ, as it p. s " were, in Vindication of my Proceedings in the House of Lords : Nɔw I assure you, he did not know of my Incention to make



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that Motion, which I did there ; nor did I know that he had any Thoughts of writing on that Subject ; nor did I ever fee it till it was in Print. I fay nor this as an Excuse for it ; it needs none, and I am well pleas'd with it ; and I must add, thar how unfortunate soever. I have been in falling under the unjust and malicious Censures of the World, I never have em ploy'd any Advocates to plead my Cause; I committed my Ways to God, and, Thanks be to him, he has brought forth

my Righteousness as the Light, even in the Opinion of those, Pfal.xxxv. who in their Turns had been my Enemies, and had laid to my

Charge Things that I knew not. Besides, in this particular Cafe I needed no Defence ; for surely, in a Christian Assembly, 'ris no Fault to be a Chriftian; and they themselves, who oppos'd the Clause which I offer’d, declar'd their Readiness to subscribe it, and objected only, that it was not proper to the Bill then

before the House. P. I.

The Clause which, you say, you had a great Hand in preparing, was never offer'd to the House ; so I had no Opportunity of opposing ir, as most certainly I should have done : bur indeed I never saw it. Some Lords did in private Discourse-tell me, that such a Clause had been put into their Hands from you ; and I am unwilling to tell you how they treated it.

3. You stile the Clause which I offer'd, a new Athanasian Test to be laid upon Christians, whereby, with the People call'd Quakers, they were to profess, &c.

If you mean that this is a new Test, as being then first to be introduced into our Law, you are much mistaken. For all the Clergy, cc. who are to subscribe our 39 Articles, do fully and expressly affere the same Doctrine ; and all who come to, and communicate with our Church, either do own the same by joining in our Creeds and Licany, or they do most grofly and infamously prevaricate with God and Man.

I will not fuy, you are also mistaken in your Infinuation, that this Test propos’d was taken from the Quakers ; for I am confident you know that it was impos’d upon cheni as the Condition of their Toleration, and very reasonably sure : For when Indulgence was to be granted to Disfenters, 'twas intended only for Christians, and therefore it was necessary to have some As. Turunce of their Faith; so that it was a very ill-founded Contempe chat you cast upon us, as if we had learnt our Creed from Quakers; and I think it is fo too, to call it an Athanasian Test: For, great and glorious Champion as he was, of the true Primitive Christian Faith ; yer if we have no other and greater Author of our Faith than Athanasius, I and all Mankind


so far, as that he is not a sufficient Ground of our Faith, nor would it have been the Rock on which our Saviour built his Church.


P. I.

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must agree



But if, after all

, you mean, by New, only that the Faith we profess, is not what we learnt from Christ and his A poftles, and was also profess'd by the Primitive Christians : This is the Question between us, and I come now to consider it, after I have made one Request to you; viz.

That you will nor think me so vain, as to imagine my felf capable of managing this great Controversy as I ought; and that therefore you will not determine it (I will nor say by the Proofs I shall produce, but) by my weakness in urging them for the best Cause may fúffer by an unskilful Advocate. Ali chat I promise my self 'is, that what I shall offer will appear more than fufficient to justify me in the Faith which I profess; and fince we are obliged to give a Reason of the Faith and Hopé Per. in that is in us, and you have singled out and challenged into the is. Lists me the most unfit of all others, I may in Justice demand of you, and all others, into whose Hands these Papers may come, not to impute to me any proud Conceir of my own Performances in a Subject, which we all agree ro be incon prehensible. I have never yer_affected to be an Author, even in Things which I might pretend to be vers'd in, tho'I have been sufficiently provok'd ro ir : But in the Cause of God, I may say, as in the Case of Treason, every Man is an Officer; and therefore I rely upon the Candor of Mankind, at least to forgive jn me, what God will accept, the Offer of a Widow's Mire.

I shall now stare what I take to be the true Christian Faich, and whar, I think, you have declared in your Letter to be yours.

We both agree, that there is but One God, Eternal, Immutable, &c. But the Church of England, and indeed all the Christian Chúrches in the World, and with them I an unworthy Member, do assert and believe, that in the Deity there are Three Persons nécesSarily existing, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Coeternal and Coequal.

You assert, That the Son is a Creature made by God the Fa- P.25, 29. ther, by his own Will, when he thought fit, viz. a little before P. 35. the Creation of this World, begotten or born after an ineffable manner ; and that the Holy Ghost is a Creature too made by the P.17, 12,

35, 35. And you sum up all in this peremptory Affertion, 'That the P. 38. Light of Nature and common Sense is strong against the Athanafian

Doctrine; the Testimonies for it comparatively few and uncertain, i but those against it very many and very pregnant.

This I thall examine, and hope to defend our Doctrine against so bold a Charge, and shew that your Doctrine is liable to these very Objections.

And here'I must observe, that you are secting up a new, but a very improper and inadequate Rule, by which we are to determine this Controversy : For tho' that which may be known Rom.i.19.


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6 Son.

Eph. iii.


[4] of God, is manifest to us, yet furely the Light of Nature, Flesh Matt. xvi. and Blood, could never have discover'd to us Christ the Son of the 17, 18... Living God; This great Mystery of Godliness, God manifested in 1 Tim. iii. the Flesh, which, even after what has been reveald of it, still 16. furpasses our Comprehension.

But if the Light of Nature, and even the Revelation, which

God made to the Jews from Heaven, could not make the coHeb. X. I. mers thereunto perfe&, but there needed a Second Dispensation Ver. 20. by which we are sanctify'd ; are we to be turn'd to these weak Gal. iv. 9. and beggarly Rudiments for our Instruction in the Knowledge of 501X42 the Lord Jesus, which pafseth Knowledge, and as to a Rule,

by which we are to judge of the Revelation which God in 19. the latter Times has given us, by speaking to us by his Son, Heb. i. 2. and neglect the true Light, which lighteth every Man that cometh John i., 9. into the World?

However, if we must be fathoming this Abyss of the infinite Wisdom of God, methinks those, who attempt it, should frame such a Scheme, as is, at least, consistent with common

Sense, how different soever it be from the Revelacion of God Matth. vi. in the Holy Scriptures; for if even the Light (of Nature) that 23.

is in thee be Darkness, how great is that Darkness!

I ask therefore, 1. If our Saviour be but a Creature, how can Divine Wore

ship be paid to him agreeable to the Light of Nature? Or how Rom. i. 20.

can we change the Truth of God into a Lye (which is the ACcount the Apostle gives of ic) agreeably to common Sense :

And this in spight of the many express Texts of Scripture, and Gal. iv. 8. the first Commandment, in doing Service to one, who by Nature is

For no Excellency whatsoever, short of the Godhead, can Isa. xlii. 8. encicle any person to Divine Worship; for God will not give bis

Glory to another; and what the Angel said to St. John, is no less Rev. xix. true in this case, See thou do it not, for I am thy Fellow Servant ;

worship God. So that if he be a Creature, he ought not to be worshipp'd ; or if he must be worshipp'd, he must be God.

You may perhaps give me a short Answer, viz. That you do not think our Saviour Christ a proper and dire&t Object of

Divine Worship. Some of your Quotations come very near to P. 1. it ; and you expressly fay, and even boast, that you

make the Holy Ghost the direct Obje&t of any Doxology at all.' The Foundation of which must be, because you reckon him to

be a Creature; and this Reason holds with yon in the Case of the Pfal.xcvii. Son also. But I am unwilling to carry my Suspicion so far,

because this Worship of Christ is not only permicced, but comHeb. i. 6. manded even to the Angels ; Let all the Angels of God worship Letter to him. And you acknowledge that some of the Scripture-Doxothe Bishop logies are directed to the Father and th: Son jointly, fome to of London, ' Jefus Christ only, p. 9, 1o.

2. AC

Ver. 25.

no God.




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