Journals of excursions in the Alps

James Duncan, 1833 - 376 pagina's

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Pagina 54 - Do not all charms fly At the mere touch of cold philosophy ? There was an awful rainbow once in heaven : We know her woof, her texture ; she is given In the dull catalogue of common things; — Philosophy will clip an angel's wings.
Pagina 148 - a sneer at the establishment on the Saint Bernard, for having, he says, cut down the "Bosquet de Julie"—"with brutal selfishness, that the ground might be enclosed into a vineyard for the miserable drones of an execrable superstition
Pagina 145 - de Myre, as tutelary patron of these establishments ; by degrees the name of the devotee was joined to that of the saint, and after the canonization of Bernard, his name superseded that of all others, and has continued attached to the hospice since 1123. The attempt of Constantino to destroy the worship of Jupiter
Pagina 18 - After ascending about an hour and a half from Motet, we attained the summit of the Col de la Seigne, about 8000 feet, where an alpine view of extraordinary magnificence burst upon us. We looked upon Mont Blanc, and along the course of the valleys which divide
Pagina 148 - line of demarcation ; and the excellent brethren of Saint Bernard had not only all their property within the state of Sardinia taken from them, but they are actually taxed by this state for the use which they make of the summer pasturage of the vacherie. Very little property in land
Pagina 159 - feet of water passed through the breach, or 300,000 feet per second ; which is five times greater in quantity than the waters of the Rhine at Basle, where it is 1300 English feet wide. In one hour and a half the water reached Martigny, a distance of eight leagues. Through the first 70,000 feet it passed with the velocity of
Pagina 160 - cottages swept away, and the damage done in the two hours of its desolating power exceeded a million of Swiss livres. All the people of the valley had been cautioned against the danger of a sudden irruption ; yet it was fatal to so many. All the bridges in its course were swept away, and among them the bridge of Mauvoisin, which was elevated
Pagina 21 - skirts the forest of St. Nicolas. There are no chalets in the Val Veni, but several granges, in which the great quantities of hay made in the meadows and slopes of this valley are stored. The forest of Saint Nicolas, which we traversed on our way to
Pagina 143 - if not the temple, had long been established upon these heights. From the fragments, however, which have been found of the temple, it appears to have been a Roman work of a time probably not earlier than that of Augustus.
Pagina 149 - their resources are small, and in aid of them collections are regularly made in the Swiss cantons; but this has been sometimes abused by impostors who have collected as the agents of the hospice.

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