VOL. PAGE Woodspurge, The

D. G. Rossetti.

251 Word, The

W. W. How. iv. 199 Word was brought to the Danish king.

iii. 346 Words for the “Hallelujah Chorus”...Brownell. viii. 171 Wordsworth, On a Portrait of...E. B. Browning. vii. 69 Wordsworth upon Helvellyn! Let the cloud..... vii. 69 Wordsworth's Grave, From

W. Watson. vii. 74 Work

.H. van Dyke. vi. 415 World, The

Lord Bacon. iii. 151 World, The

.F. W. Faber. iv. 284 World and the Quietist, The

M. Arnold. vi. 430 World, art thou 'ware of a storm ?.

viii. 338 Worn Wedding Ring, The .W. C. Bennett. ii. 438 Would I were lying in a field of clover

vi. 429 Would ye be taught, ye feathered throng. vii. 110 Would you know why I summoned you together. ix. 14 Wouldn't it jar you, wouldn't it make you sore. ix. 394 Wounded to Death

..J. W. Watson. viii. 375 Wreath, The... . Meleager. Trans. Hardinge. v. 255 “ Wreathe the bowl”

.T. Moore. i. 387 Wreck, The


v. 416 Wreck of the Hesperus, The...H. W. Longfellow. ix. 186 Wrestling Jacob

.C. Wesley. iv. 79 Written on a Fly-Leaf of Theocritus

M. Thompson.

vi. 358 Wroth waxed Thor, when his sleep was.

vii. 284 Wynken, Blyrken, and Nod one night

i. 102

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Y. Yarn of the “Nancy Bell,” The...W. S. Gilbert. ix. 301 Ye banks, and braes, and streams around.

iii. 329 Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon

iii: 12 Ye blushing virgins happy are

ii. 34 Ye distant spires, ye antique towers.

i. 244 Ye little snails

352 “Ye mariners of England”. .T. Campbell. 407 Ye nymphs of Solyma! begin the song

iv. 97 Ye sons of freedom, wake to glory!

viii. 145 “Ye who live"

iv. 438 Yea, Love is strong as life; he casts out fear iii. 304 Year after year

ii. 307 Year of Jubilee, The

. Anonymous. viii. 411 Years, years ago, ere yet my dreams

ix. 207 Yellow Pansy, A

.H. G. Cone. vi. 179 Yes,- I am poor, Callistratus! I own

vi. 327 Yes, this is Wicklow; round our feet

v. 127 Yet, () stricken heart, remember, O remember.. iii. 428 Yet once more, () ye laurels, and once more. iii. 446 You ask a verse to sing (ah, laughing face!). ii. 47 You bells in the steeple, ring out your changes..

i. 204

You charm when you talk, walk, or move.
You had two girls -- Baptiste
“You have heard,” said a youth to his.
You know we French stormed Ratisbon
You lay a wreath on murdered Lincoln's bier...
You meaner beauties of the night
You must wake and call me early
You, Nebuchadnezzah, whoa, sah!.
You needn't be trying to comfort me I tell.
You say, but with no touch of scorn..
You see this pebble-stone ? It's a thing I bought.
Young Ben he was a nice young man
Young Friends

. Shakespeare. Young Gray ead, The

.C. B. Southey.
Young palmer sun, that to the shining sands
Young Rory O’More courted Kathleen bawn.
“Your horse is faint, my King, my Lord! ”
Your wedding-ring wears thin, dear wife;..

S. T. Coleridge.
Youth and Love

.P. J. Bailey. Yussouf

.J. R. Lowell.

VOL. PAGE vii. 40 ix. 178

ii. 112 viii. 230 vii. 25

ii. 8 iii. 202 ix. 380

i. 128 iv. 139 ix. 402 ix. 271

i. 344 ix. 132 vi. 277

ii. 172 viii. 206 ii. 438 i. 263 i. 252 vi. 279



Zara's Ear-Rings

.J. G. Lockhart.

ii. 265

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