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O W now to him who feels the smart of love

Time's leaden hours to fweet poffeffion move !
His wing'd defires out-strip each tardy morn;
Eager he cries- long-wilh'd for day be born,
When to my heart soft vows shall Mira tie,
And love's own laws the priest shall sanctify !
Dull lingering days revolve, and nights fucceed,
And still on love's fond dreams I hapless feed.
The throbs of passion, and the heart-felt pain,
The hope far distant, and the longing vain
The figh unfeigned, the bosom's troublous swell-
Ah! what are these ?- say lovers, ye can tell !

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What shall divide the pair whom love hath join'd,
And heaven hath form’d with sympathy of mind ?
Shall grov’ling fortune bafely interpose,
To part those hearts where mutual passion glows ?
Forbid it love !- For raiment, house and food,
These brows shall be with honeft sweat bedew'd.
Early each morn I'll wake the cherub bealth,
And cheerful industry's best prize is wealth ;


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We'll bound our wishes in a temp?rate round,
Yet shall our table be with plenty crown'd ;
No friend, nor stranger, will we send away '
Without a meal, and glass, discreetly gay;
Neat elegance shall deck our little store,
And fair economy Thall keep the door
How shall the proud with wonder theni behold
Our blissful lives without a hoard of gold !

Oh then ! my Mira, love-inspiring fair,
Who with thy swain should then in bliss compare ?
Not only that thy beauty's pleasing charms
Shall fire my panting soul with love's alarms
Nor that thy cheek which sames the peach's bloom,
And ruby lips that breathe divine perfume,
Enchant me all ; nor yet thy spotless breast,
Which gently heaves, can make me wholly blest.
'Tis that thy manners, void of guile and art,
Speak the internal goodness of thy heart ;
Tis that thy sweetness heightens ev'ry grace,
And dove-like innocence adorns thy face.
'Tis that thy soul is warm’d with virtue's fire,
Merit can love, and real worth admire !
Can view a coxcomb's tinsel and despise,
And sense, without a * figure, truly prize.

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* But to the world no bugbear is so great, As want of figure and a small estate.

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Can with thy lover feel unfeign’d desire,
And own that passion which thy charms inspire.
Nor blush at these, thou dearest, lovely maid
These shall attract, when beauty's bloom shall fade;
When all the radiance of thy form shall die,
These, with fresh lustre, shall thy age supply ;
Enhance our love when sprightly youth is past,
Improve with years, and all our lives shall last.






Spoken at a Performance of SOLEMN Music and

ORATORY, in the Hall of the College of Phila


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N Wisdom's lore the těnder mind to frame,

The youthful breast to fire with virtue's flame, The thoughts to raise, the passions to control, And plant each godlike purpose in the soul ; To Science this illustrious field's affign'd, To beam the rays of knowledge o'er mankind For this were plan'd the noble laws of art, T' unfold the embrio powers of the heart ; To guide each movement to its native goal, And scan the fystems of this mighty whole !


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Heav'n has on man the reasoning gift bestow'd,
And in his breast sublime ideas sow'd;
But as it fares with rich luxuriant land,
When left to chance, nor tillid by culture's hand,
For fragrant flowers the rankling weeds arise,
Poison the plains and all their charms disguise';
So when the thoughts are in a lawless state,
Which in the mind's fair garden vegetate,
Soon shall intentions foul pollute the breast,
Like noxious weeds that flow’ry lawns infeft.

Not more distinguish'd in creation's chain
Is man, by reason, o'er the bestial train,
Than man from man, by education made,
When native sense by Science is array'd,
When ev'ry faculty matur'd by skill,
Obeys the dictates of the sapient will ;
Then, led by Science, fancy wings her fight
Round the wide world, or to the realms of light,
Extracting wisdom from each scene below,
Or foaring 'mid the radiant planets glow ;-
Where, wonder struck ! she finds their sparkling

But bright reflections from the solar blaze !
And views with steady eye those wandering stars,
That fright the world with prodigies and wars !



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