Farm Credit Act of 1940, Hearing Before a Subcommittee of ..., 76-3 on S. 3509 ..., May 7 ... June 7, 1940


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Page 2 - Treasury is authorized to use as a public-debt transaction the proceeds from the sale of any securities hereafter issued under the Second Liberty Bond Act, as amended...
Page 19 - Such bonds shall be fully and unconditionally guaranteed both as to interest and principal by the United States...
Page 290 - States, and such guaranty shall be expressed on the face thereof, and such bonds shall be lawful investments, and may be accepted as security for all fiduciary, trust, and public funds, the investment or deposit of which shall be under the authority or control of the United States or any officer or officers thereof.
Page 2 - All redemptions, purchases, and sales by the Secretary of the Treasury of such notes or other obligations shall be treated as public debt transactions of the United States.
Page 126 - Notwithstanding the provisions of section 32 of the Emergency Farm Mortgage Act of 1933, as amended...
Page 289 - First. To issue, subject to the approval of the Federal Farm Loan Board, and to sell farm loan bonds of the kinds authorized in this Act, to buy the same for its own account, and to retire the same at or before maturity.
Page 114 - ... and no payment of the principal portion of any installment of any such loan shall be required during such five-year period if the borrower shall not be in default with respect to any other condition or covenant of his mortgage.
Page 289 - ... as security for a loan, examining and certifying the title thereof, and making, executing and recording the mortgage papers; and in addition may allow said agents not to exceed one-half of...
Page 251 - East State Street, Peoria, 111. Pure Milk Association, 608 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, 111. Pure Milk Producers' Association, 853 Live Stock Exchange Building, Kansas City, Mo. Pure Milk Products Cooperative, 111 King Street, Madison, Wis. Richmond Cooperative Milk Producers' Association, 516 Lyric Building, Richmond, Va. St. Joseph, Mo., Milk Producers' Association, Inc., 308 Ballinger Building, St.
Page 2 - Such obligations shall be in such forms and denominations, shall have such maturities, shall bear such rates of interest, shall be subject to such terms and conditions, and shall be issued in such manner and sold at such prices as may be prescribed by the Commodity Credit Corporation, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury.

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