Dictionary of twentieth-century British cartoonists and caricaturists

Ashgate, 2000 - 254 pagina's
British cartoonists and caricaturists are renowned worldwide. This indispensable handbook for all who have an interest in cartoons offers a unique 'who's who' of all the major artists working in Britain in the twentieth century. Extensively illustrated, the book provides information on the work of contemporary artists such as Steve Bell, Gerald Scarfe, Posy Simmonds, Ronald Searle, Trog, mac and Larry as well as such past masters as David Low, Vicky, H.M. Bateman, Illingworth, W. Heath Robinson and more. There are nearly 500 entries, which concentrate primarily on political cartoonists, caricaturists and joke or 'gag' cartoonists actively working for the main Fleet Street national dailies and weeklies from 1900 to 1995. Each entry is cross-referenced and provides a concise biographical outline with an account of the artist's style, influences and preferred medium. Where relevant, the entry includes suggestions for further reading and notes solo exhibitions, books illustrated and works held in public collections.The Dictionary of Twentieth-Century British Cartoonists and Caricaturists offers an insight into the lives of satirical artists working during a century that provoked cartoonists and caricaturists to a pitch of comic and artistic invention that has rarely been matched.

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