O thin who hearest payer & searchest the heart, graciously hear our

prayers, & make our hearts right with thee. Grant that our devont meditations exercise happy influence

lives, & that the instrucdions which we hear from the word may constantly increase our wisdom,

wisdom, nourish fiety, strengthen faith, I lead us

to know there the only time God & Jens Christ whom then hast sent. May such exposition of Holy Scripture as shall be according to ito real spirit & meaning, be received into candido teachable minds, it carefully applied to the regula. time of our desires & affections, I like good seed

good ground bring forth fruit an hundred fold to the hornant glory of the

name, through Jerus blind Saviour. AMEN

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( Alighty God, giver of all temporal & spiritual good, grant unto us the beseech thee, so to speak, so to hear, & so to learn that the word of blinist may richly in all wisdom, that our mind may be enlightened,

drell in us

fritte confirmed, our dispositions in proved, our good resolutions strengthened, & our way director anto eternal life, through j. 6. eur. ford. then..

This eas printit in the Fifth edition]


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that in wery

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Christ. thnighting Goot, who has given mate us thy Sm Jena threint from heaven, give it us also the quickening

that grace,

w may be disposed to hear & enabled to obey binne ting

become his disciples not in nam only but in died. than in enemender to his guidence the minds which he comes to enlighten & the souls which he sent to inve; & so follow him in this world that in

.& thin may reign with him in the moret to and

Am. shall be the loner & the prein for

C Prislet in 'Filte editia]

beseech then, tlmighty God, condition

look to the disposer of our lit, & rely this for the welp & foron that in all our designs

ank they grozi be sennill of the presenti

be malit to adan

meny of vitae tribine, the Tore per vete na oken

pronment, to that at last we may by the

Hieron 4 receivet to thin'stimul joz, tars

is all awwaus we would hthont in all our w

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* ... Almightī fotinho kuand wey motion of our lies & every thought of our heats, forgive me pray this our offences, cleanse as from

our secret faults, & let sin have no more dominion over us. Help to renounce all that is wil, & cleave to all that is good, &to make the thire approbation the objects of our supreme regard, so that we fail not at last to attain that cternal happiness which thou hast promind to thine obedient servants, therghe Isus bhund our Lord. Amen.

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those things



find at last a


who by

Divine Sonship. O God, who when the fuliers of time was come, didst send forth thy son, made of a woman made under the law, that might be redeemed & receive the adoption of sous, grant that by following him in doing

which please thes, receive the spirit of the son intour hearts, crying Abba Fether, & may secure the fatherly approbation & love, & being faithful unto death, may

a crown of life of
Resumection of berist

ttee remarul tin

blessethife finnertal "ila, ruixus

up, we beseech then from the death of sin to the life of righted selenmess; & cause us

to set our affecting na dalag

, above, to love what their lovest, Vedenie want thina Chart formiset; theatro amid the sundry & manifold changes of this world, our hearts may surely

there be fixed where tome jong to be format, then it last chanzza afforvach

. be able to say wilt thinne afstle, 0 Deather, there is the sting! Gouve, where is the vict

the ory! And thanks be to God who giveth victory, though Loty Sorino Jering

bhrista fuen

of the Son

ed, me many

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er my

support &

Example of Christ. o God, who has sent ty con

Christ to of salvation, the unto us a perfect example of a holy life, give

as disernment thee, to understand his character, give

1 grace bibe his shiit, give

in windon t stren

& strength & perseverance to obey his unsaandments, & eolay his virtnes, & to walk in his steps, so that at last we


may his promines , & became fellone heirs with him in the heavenly kingen. We ask in his now to their werlasting praise. Amen.

mortality & Change Alinghty God, who art the only sure trust of they freil & perishing weatures, mercifully grant that while all things fade & die around us, & me also are feeding todging, derive perpetual strength from the word & promises, so that so that our souls may

be touched by decay, but many safely be kept through h all outward langes

metó ikaitance of glory aying wredesting in the heavenly kingdom, through Tic.

Thanksgiving O God, who givest us all things nickly to enjoy, tort never mary of giving, grant that they bounties may be acknowledged by our gratitude that they mercies man followed by oberence, that the manifoldt wnstant goodness man

preise, the traine not only of our lips but of our hearts & lives, to that

found mothy to preise & serve thee in the life etimal, through 1.6.0r Lord. Amen

me may

Lord. Amen.


be answered by our prein,


may і

Grant, o God, Father Almighty, that as often
praise they name

name, t hear the world, our

render to thee the worship of sincere devotion, tour minds


be stirred by holy thoughts & moved by worthy purposes; so that our lives may be more & more conformed to the will & to the holy life of our Saviour, & wa


be prepared for higher't surer service in the temple above, through Jens blist mar Lond. Amen.



o Good, whis art the source of all life & light, send down, we beseech ther, they holy Spirit into our hearts, that they may breathe after holiness, & be purified after they likeness, it become obedientit onbmission to they will; & that we may

taught by

that most holy spirit to see thee in all things, I love the in all things,

evermore to rejoice in the manifestations of thy presence, & the dealings of the providence, the comfort of they true word, through J. b. our Saviour. Amen.

o Goro, formations of light! sheet into con hearts, we berceel ther, the light of the truth

thee in all tingo, that rest which thon only const impart, & loving & obeying thee in all things, may find that peace which the world cannot give , but which thon givest freely to those who ask in the name it as

disciples of they dear son 1, b. our Lord. Ame

& grace,

that we seeing

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