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O God, Father thinghty, we rejoice

that in the micht of the troubles of surows with which in this world, there hast affonded us helps & consolation, & revealed to as the way of peace. We bless the for all the strength

derive from the holy word, from its aiminating fromines, from the sustaining example of the son

our Saviour. We rejoice the blessed hope of everlasting life made knownto us in the Gospel. He rejoice in the prospect of a world of rest & joy beyond this machtchange & tears. We pray thee to enable up to that are

final home, that looking there,

be purificat, oor good resolution confirmed, our weakness drengthened, & in may with patience the set before us,

home, the mansion house of a - Falter, thongle

our Lord. Amen

ever to look

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grace to live that we.


Grant, thnighty God, that we well improve the time which them in the windon shalt see fit to lend us. Give us

may not fear to die; | so to conduct ourselves in this world, that we not dread

•passage to another; so to prepare ourselves for great change that it may that it may never come upon

us unawares; I so to walk before thee here that in be ready to meet thee hereafter, when thin by thy Son shall come to be


of the old of the

& inspire the hearts



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Foreva nutifullin ufeira

young with the time spirit of dvolie, overence thaty. May

please thee, our wood senise thee, tour actions be performed as in the right. May

live seng

thee who art invisible it finally be brought into the

uz medalo porezente ti belalt, tinz, serve the premiere;

hich we ask in the name & as disciples of of Penn Christo w Sanomastimen Horley Xeborimal Gordon or the host amuzand turbo

I spring besuch thin the spirit of prazert mpplication, that we man understand what is good for us,t follow after

some, conforming to this pleasurn, submitting our lives tothy law; sanctify our hearts, tiat o imary serviciu thy nam ...; i giver te humilitate, chefiamen I servants, wat also been the hope of confidence of sous,

muy they think grana i de bonnes handicate tolting

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live to thee &


furtual wife. Ahunghedo Cart gount ms ting Cooly Spirit, that we

live & not die; that we may to they Son, a life of holiness & righteousness , in failt in hofe, & in charity; renouncing the thoughts & desires of the carnal mind, & the hunger ,

death; t ever looking forward to the pure life Ilta licarembe

, worét, xem uns penkutla rozes slich thou hast prepared for those who love & obey the, then

trongl Jens mort. Where

Close of a year.
O God, who hast brought

it as to the close of this year in peace, accept whatever in its passage according to they will & in hour of they name;

forgive whatever me A they low, &


not against us our missions & transgressions; help

truly to praise thee diligently to serve . thee for the time to come, that a new year man find us imbued with pur. poses of holinen, it when our time is all finished we man

be called its inheritance of elimmel jin e glory, though J.C.our Lood- Aman.

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