earnest desire and humble

may be proper objects of prayer, that thou wouldst thy favour and blessing, enable us to resist and both in this world and that overcome temptation. which is to come; through May neither the allure Jesus Christ our Lord. ments of vicious pleasure, Amen.) nor the difficulties of a virtuous course

deter us

ALMIGHTY God, give from the practice of our us grace, we beseech thee, duty. To whatever trials to keep thee and thy comour integrity may be ex mandments continually beposed, may

have fore us; to live as in thy strength to preserve it un sight; to walk in thy fear; corrupted ; that, having to make ourselves the obendured temptation, we jects of thy love. May our may receive the crown of principles of duty be firm; eternal life which thou hast

our regard to thy laws promised to the righteous constant; our desire of by Jesus Christ our Lord. obeying and pleasing thee, Amen.

the first desire of our souls.

May all that we do, be PIETY AND MORALITY. done to thy glory ; that

when this transitory life is WE beseech thee, O over, we may enter into most holy God, to endue thy joy, and continue to us with a spirit of unfeign- worship and serve thee for ed piety toward thee our ever and ever in thy heavMaker, with upright and enly kingdom; which we charitable dispositions to- humbly ask in the name ward our neighbour, and and as disciples of Jesus with humble and contented Christ our Lord. Amen. minds in every condition of

and to conduct us REPENTANCE. continually to higher degrees

of wisdom and ALMIGHTY and most excellence; that, being merciful Father, who thoroughly purified from

knowest weakness, all vicious habits and pas- and art acquainted with sions, and heartily disposed every action of our lives, to every good work, we and every secret of our




hearts; we acknowledge and our powers of resistin thy presence our im- ing temptations increased. perfections and sins, and Relieve the infirmities of fervently pray that thou our minds and bodies ; wouldst be gracious unto grant us such strength as us, and forgive us, and re our duties may require, member our iniquities no

and such diligence as may more. And as we know, improve those opportunithat without striving to be ties of good that shall be holy as thou art holy, we

afforded us.

Deliver us cannot expect thy favour, from evil thoughts; give we pray that thou wouldst

us true repentance for the not leave us to ourselves, sins of our past lives; and but wouldst assist us by we draw nearer and thy holy Spirit, and grant nearer to the grave, inunto us true repentance. crease our faith, enliven Help us to renounce and our hope, extend our chaforsake all that is evil, and rity, and purify our decleave to all that is good, sires; and so help us, by and to make thee and thy thy holy Spirit, that when approbation the objects of it shall be thy pleasure to our supreme regard; so call us hence, we may be that we fail not at last to received to everlasting attain that eternal happi- happiness, through Jesus ness which thou hast prom Christ our Lord. Amen. ised to thy faithful servants. Hear us, O Father, and LORD of life and death, send us answer

and all worlds, peace, through thine infi- give us to know the value nite mercy in Jesus Christ


of of all


of our fleeting years. our Lord. Amen.

While we have time, let

us improve it as we ought; TIME, DEATH, AND ETER let us not forsake thee in

life, nor fall from thee in

death; and O keep us, we GRANT, O Lord and entreat thee, from that heavenly Father, that as second death, which must our days on earth are mul

come upon the heedless tiplied, our good resolu and impenitent. Thou tions may be strengthened, who openest, and no man


shutteth, open to us the before thee our God, ang doors of thine own pe- before the world we may culiar abode, and permit manifest that we are reus to dwell with thee, ligious, not in name and where weakness, danger word only, but in deed and and death shall find no truth; and may be trained room. Grant this, O Lord, up for everlasting life and forị thine infinite mercy's happiness, through Jesus sake, through Jesus Christ Christ our Lord. Amen. our Lord. Amen.




humbly thank thee for the O GOD, by whose gra- privileges of religious worcious providence we have ship and instruction which been led to the knowledge we have at this time enjoyand worship of thee, the ed. Forgive whatever thou one true God, and who hast seen amiss in us, and hast appointed the public whatever may have been ordinances of religion for said contrary to the truth our improvement in piety and to thy holy word. Acand virtue; we give thee cept the sincerity of our humble thanks for the devotions, and cause the privileges of this day; and good seed of thy word to we beseech thee to enable spring up, and bear a us to manifest our thank- hundred fold in our hearts fulness to thee, who guidest and lives.

Teach us to us by thy counsel, by a dil- love thee more and serve igent performance of all thee better, day by day; the duties of piety, right- that when our days on eousness, and mercy, that,

earth are ended, we may keeping faith and a good be received to thine eterconscience, and living in nal joy, through Jesus all godliness and honesty, Christ our Lord. Amen.





While the Minister is reading the following Sentences, or

such a portion of them as may be convenient, the Wardens shall collect the usual Alms for the Poor.

LET your light so shine and the prophets. Matt. before men, that they may vii. 12. see your good works, and Not

every one

who glorify your Father who is saith unto me, Lord, Lord, in heaven. Matt. v. 16. shall enter into the king

Lay not up for your- dom of heaven; but he selves treasures upon earth, who doeth the will of my where moth and rust do Father who is in heaven. corrupt, and where thieves Matt. vii. 21. break through and steal ; He who soweth little but lay up for yourselves shall reap little ; and he treasures in heaven, where who soweth plenteously, neither moth nor rust doth shall reap plenteously. Let corrupt, and where thieves every man do according do not break through nor as he is disposed in his steal. Matt. vi. 19, 20. heart; not grudgingly, or

Whatsoever ye would of necessity; for God that men should do unto loveth a cheerful giver. 2 you,

so do unto Cor. ix. 6, 7. them ; for this is the law While we have time let



us do good unto all men,

of God in him? 1 John, and especially unto those iii. 17. who are of the household Give alms of thy goods, of faith. Gal. vi. 10. and never turn thy face

Godliness is great riches, from any poor man; and if a man be content with then the face of the Lord that he hath ; for shall not be turned away brought nothing into the from thee. Tob. iv. 7. world, neither may we

Be merciful after thy carry any thing out. I Tim.

power; if thou hast much, vi. 6, 7.

give plenteously; if thou Charge those who are hast little, do thy diligence rich in this world, that gladly to give of that little; they be ready to give, and for so gatherest thou thyglad to distribute; laying self a good reward in the up

in store for themselves day of necessity. Tob. a good foundation against iv. 8, 9. the time to come, that

He who hath pity upon they may attain eternal


poor lendeth unto the life. 1 Tim. vi. 17, 18, Lord; and look, what he 19.

layeth out, it shall be God is not unrighteous, paid him again. Prov. that he will forget your xix. 17. works and labour that Blessed is the man who proceedeth of love, which provideth for the sick and ye have showed for his needy; the Lord shall dename's sake, who have liver him in the time of ministered unto the saints, trouble. Psal. xli. 1. and yet do minister. Heb. I have shown you how vi. 10.

that ye ought to support To do good, and to dis- the weak, and to rememtribute, forget not; for ber the words of the Lord with such sacrifices God Jesus how he said, It is is well pleased. Heb. xiii. more blessed to give than 16.

to receive. Acts, xx. 35. Whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother Then the Minister shall say, have need, and shutteth up his compassion from Let us pray for the whole him, how dwelleth the love church of Christ.

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