Learning, pleasure, wealth, and fame,
All cry out, It is not here !!
Not the wisdom of the wise
Can inform me where it lies,
Not the grandeur of the great

Can the bliss I seek create. 2 Lord, it is not life to live,

If thy presence thou deny;
Lord, if thou thy presence give,
"T is no longer death to die.
Source and giver of repose,
Singly from thy smile it flows;
Peace and happiness are thine,

Mine they are, if thou art mine. 3 Whilst I feel thy love to me,

Every object teems with joy ;
Here, O may I walk with thee,
Then into thy presence die.
Let me but thyself possess,
Total sum of happiness!
Real bliss I then shall prove,
Heaven below and heaven above.



For Divine Help.
I HELP, Lord, to whom for help I fly,
And still my tempted soul stand by

Throughout the evil day!
The sacred watchfulness impart,
And keep the issues of my heart,

And stir me up to pray.
2 My soul with thy whole armour arm ;
In each approach of sin alarm,

And shew the danger near! Surround, sustain, and strengthen me, And fill with godly jealousy,

And sanctifying fear. 3 Whene'er my careless hands hang down, O let me see thy gathering frown,

And feel thy warning eye;
And starting, cry, from ruin's brink,
Save, Father, or I yield, I sink;

O save me, or I die !

4 In me thine utmost mercy show,
And make me like thy Son below,

Unblameable in grace ;
Ready prepared and fitted here,
By perfect holiness, to appear

Before thy glorious face.

45. C. M.

WATTS. A Prayer of the Afflicted. -- Ps. 102. 1 Hear me, O God, nor hide thy face,

But answer lest I die :
Hast thou not built a throne of grace,

To hear when sinners cry?
2 My days are wasted like the smoke

Dissolving in the air ;
My strength is dried, my heart is broke,

And sinking in despair. 3 As

on some lonely building's top,

The sparrow tells her moan,
Far from the tents of joy and hope,

I sit and grieve alone. 4 My locks like withered leaves appear ;

And life's declining light
Grows faint as evening shadows are,

That vanish into night.
5 But thou forever art the same,

O my eternal God!
Ages to come shall know thy name,

And spread thy works abroad.
6 Thou wilt arise, and show thy face,

Nor will my Lord delay
Beyond the appointed hour of grace,

That long expected day. 7 He hears his saints, he knows their cry,

And by mysterious ways
Redeems the prisoners doomed to die,

And fills their tongues with praise.

46. 7s M. WESLEY.

Learning of God. 1 LORD, that I may learn of thee,

Give me true simplicity ;

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Thy sovereign light within my heart

Thy all-enlivening power display. 2 For thee my thirsty soul doth pant

Whilst in this desert land I live;
And hungry as I am, and faint,

Thy love alone can comfort give.
3 More dear than life itself, thy love

My heart and tongue shall still employ;
And to declare thy praise will prove:

My peace, my glory, and my joy.
4 In blessing thee with grateful songs
My happy life shall glide away;

The praise that to thy name belongs,
Hourly with lifted hands I'll pay.
5 In all I do I feel thine aid ;

Therefore thy greatness will I sing,
O God, who bid'st my heart be glad,

Beneath the shadow of thy wing.
49. L. M. · 61. C. WESLEY.

Helpless, yet Happy.
1 0 Thou, whose wise, paternal love

Hath brought my active vigour down,
Thy choice I thankfully approve,
And, prostrate at thy gracious throne,
I offer up my life's remains,

I choose the state my God ordains. 2 Cast, as broken vessel by,

Thy will I can no longer do;
Yet while a daily death I die,
Thy power I may in weakness show,
My patience may thy glory raise,
My speechless wo proclaim thy praise.


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L. M. 61. MME GUION.

Surrender of the Soul.
1 Peace has unveiled her smiling face,

And woos thy soul to her embrace;
Enjoyed with ease, if thou.refrain
From earthly love, else sought in vain;
She dwells with all who truth prefer,
But seeks not them who seek pot her.

2 Yield to the Lord, with simple heart,

All that thou hast, and all thou art ;
Renounce all strength but strength divine,
And peace shall be forever thine ;
Behold the paths the saints have trod,
The paths which led them home to God.

51. 7s M. 61. J. NEWTON

The Child of God.
1 Quiet, Lord, my froward heart,

Make me teachable and mild ;
Upright, simple, free from art,
Make me as a weaned child :
From distrust and envy free,

Pleased with all that pleases thee. 2 What thou shalt today provide,

Let me as a child receive;
What tomorrow may betide,
Calmly to thy wisdom leave :
'T is enough that thou wilt care ;

Why should I the burden bear? 3 As a little child relies

On a care beyond his own ;.
Knows he 's neither strong nor wise ;
Fears to stir a step alone;
Let me thus with thee abide,

As my Father, Guard, and Guide.
4 Thus preserved from worldly wiles,
Safe from dangers, free from fears,
May I live upon thy smiles,
Till the promised hour appears,
When the sons of God shall prove
All their Father's boundless love.

52. C. M,

WATTS. Prayer and Hope. - Ps. 76. 2 Soon as I heard my Father say,

"Ye children, seek my grace;' My heart replied without delay,

I'll seek my Father's face. Let not thy face be hid from me,

Nor frown my soul' away ;

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